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If the world actually cared about refugees, they would force the US & UK governments to stop the Neocon wars and stop creating more of them.

The fact that the world is not doing this proves that #WorldRefugeeDay is hypocritical virtue signalling.
If the world actually cared about the refugee crisis, the War Criminals who created the worst refugee crisis since WW2 would now all be in jail for War Crimes:-

John Brennan
Theresa May
Philip Hammond
etc. etc.
The current refugee crisis is one of the predictable & thus desired results of 18 years of Neocon Wars.
If the Neocons didn't want a refugee crisis, they wouldn't have invaded Iraq.

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq…
The current refugee crisis is one of the predictable & thus desired results of arming al-Qaeda supporting terrorists to turn Libya into a #FailedState; where terrorism, people trafficking & slave trading are now rampant…

The overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya flooded West Africa with weapons, which led to the rise of terrorism in Mali (AQIM), Tunisia & Libya (AQ & ISIS) and Nigeria (Boko Haram).

Terrorism is Big Business - Follow the Money…

One of the direct results of overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya, by arming & recruiting Al-Qaeda, was the 2016 ISIS terrorist attack in Sousse, Tunisia which murdered 30 Brits & 8 other tourists.
Why isn't David Cameron in jail for murder?…

ISIS & al-Qaeda terrorist groups are now prevalent in Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Mali & thousands of migrants & refugees from these countries attempt to cross into Europe every year…

Instead of empty platitudes on #WorldRefugeeDay people should be demanding David Cameron, William Hague & Theresa May be prosecuted for Terrorism.
They sent the Manchester Bomber Salman Abedi to Libya for terrorist training & brought him back.…
Gaddafi's weapon stores were used to arm Al-Qaeda terrorists to start & inflame the War in Syria…

If US & UK gov's were actually fighting terrorism they would not be allied with Saudi Arabia, which is the Wellspring of Terrorism with its Wahhabi Death Cult religion.

Wahhabi terrorists are being used to cause chaos & carnage throughout MENA, Europe & SE Asia

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk visited Libya in late September 2011 to celebrate turning Libya into a #FailedState with al-Qaeda terrorists.
They are Terrorists and Traitors who helped create the current Refugee Crisis.

In April 2012 & May 2013, John McCain met terrorists near Aleppo to arrange more arms shipments.
Pics of the 2013 visit were shown on Mainstream TV.

ISIS, al-Baghdadi, Jihadi Extremist Groups, Israel, Saudi Arabia and US Foreign Policy…

In late 2013 Obama sold 15,000 anti tank missiles to Saudi Arabia to pass on to Al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists in Syria.
This enabled major advances by the terrorists & created even more refugees…

The al-Nusra & ISIS terrorists who Saudi Arabia supplied with the 15,000 anti-tank missiles, given to them by Obama, then started making major gains in Syria reaching close to Damascus & invading Iraq from late 2013 - to restart the war there.

Obama encouraged (told?) ISIS to invade Iraq which they did taking Fallujah in January 2014 & Mosul in June unhindered

What the politicians and mainstream media never told you about the US engineered 2014 "crisis" in Iraq…

The conflict in Syria was NEVER a "Civil War" as portrayed in the Western media.
It was an invasion of radical Jihadi extremists from all over the Middle East, North Africa, Europe & Asia, armed, encouraged & funded by the US, UK, Saudi & Qatari governments.

The Neocons planned to use the tens of thousands of al-Qaeda type Jihadi extremists they had recruited & armed to turn Syria into a #FailedState like they had done to Libya, & then to use Syria as a base to terrorize Central Asia and Europe.

The US, UK & Saudi sponsored War in Syria using al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists created around 8 million refugees.
Most of the 5 million displaced externally went to Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan.
None went to the Gulf States who helped fund the conflict.

The Neocons & Globalists planned to use the 20+ million refugees they had created in their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria & Somalia etc. to destabilize Europe by encouraging mass illegal migration.

Fake Syrian passports were sold in Turkey for $200.

Mass Illegal Migration into Europe & the People Traffickers in Turkey & Libya profiting from the mass human misery created by the Neocon Wars, were encouraged by Angela Merkel and Brussels saying "Everyone Welcome" in 2015.

Around 80% of the "refugees" who flooded into Europe between mid 2015 & mid 2016 were military aged males, 16-40, who were escaping war & poverty in their own countries.

A lot of these were economic migrants using People Traffickers created by the Neocon Wars.

Russia entered the War on Sep 30th 2015 to stop the Neocons from turning Syria into another #FailedState.
With just 35 planes they started bombing hundreds of ISIS oil tanker trucks & oil fields.
ISIS revenues plunged & they started losing fighters & territory.

Despite protestations of "impending apocalypse" by Neocons, Globalists & Mass Media, Aleppo was liberated from Western backed al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) terrorists in December 2016.

Within just 6 months 600,000 refugees returned to their homes…

As further advances were made by the Syrian Army, with Russian help, in defeating the Western backed terrorists in South Western Syria, thousands upon thousands of refugees started returning to their homes in Syria from Lebanon.

ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists had occupied South Western Syria with US, UK & Israeli government help, arms, supplies, and medical treatment for the previous 5 plus years.

The one time ISIS accidentally fired into the Israeli illegally occupied Golan Heights while fighting the Syrian Army, ISIS actually apologized to Israel!

They didn't want to upset their benefactors and sponsors.

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