For everyone in the international community, a quick word picture about what happend in #sudan:
⭕Imagine your contry was ruled by a military man(#Albashir) that came via coup for 30 years.
⭕Drove your economy into the ground and put almost your entire ppl in poverty.
⭕Whilst doing so this ruler violently cracks down on any whiff of opposition
⭕Systematically dismantles your constitution and institutions
⭕Replaces any decent govt figureheads with gutless yes men
⭕Starts a genocide/ethnic cleansing in an entire state of your country #darfur
⭕to carry out said genocide this military man decides to employ a militia(#janjaweed) of Chadian origins(who were originally bandits, and donkey/camel thieves) lead by a nomadic man (#hemidty) and arms them to the teeth and directs them at their target.
⭕this militia now goes and kills thousands, tortures uncountable numbers, burns their villages down and displaces an entire ethnic group. Not to mention looting their properties and raping their women. In the process this militia grows EXTREMELY powerful.
⭕Now this military ruler knows he cant control the literal demon he created so, he adopts them into his forces as a border security forces. At this point the EU gives said border security force $$$ to curb African immigrant's migration thru the Horn of Africa to EU countries.
⭕So after a while this border security forces is rebranded as the rapid security forces(#RSF) who are by now grown suuuper powerful and acquired many heavy artillery and a fleet of #toyota pickups and etc. etc. And their main objective is to secure the rulers from any descent.
Quick tidbit about the janjaweed/border force/RSF:
1-All these forces lead by hemidty have a long long history of recruiting child soldiers.
2-Janjaweed means "devils on horseback" in Arabic.
3- their tactics are kill, burn, loot.
*Imagine going out unarmed against that*
⭕fast forward a couple of years... The whole population is under financial burden, food shortages, no cash in banks( so you cant even cash a paycheck), long lines at the gas stations, inflation. Basically everything that could go wrong went wrong.
⭕any and all attempts of protests were rapidly shut down by... Yes Rapid Security Forces (+- other forces loyal to govt. figureheads). And for sure they spilled blood cuz in their fucked up heads its "why not, who'll hold us accountable"
⭕ again fast forward to December 2018. The ppl rise up and embark on nation wide PEACEFUL protests. They were met with again, you guessed it, violent govt. crack downs with loss of life and mass arrests (this is just the tip of the iceberg, im not even going into details).
⭕Eventually the revolution reached the military HQ and established a sit-in outside its gates calling for the fall of the dictatorial regime.
⭕eventually the revolutionaries toppled a 30 yrs old dictatorship that has roots deeper than you can ever imagine(#deepstate #keizan). So now that the head of the serpent was cut it it was time to clean up shop.
⭕BUT, life aint so easy the serpent grew many more heads in the shape of the Transitional Military Council (#TMC).
Headed at first by an unimportant yes man that was complicit in war crimes and he resigned within 24hrs cuz protesters said so..#BossAssShit.
⭕Enter the new TMC. Headed by a military yes man named burhan and his deputy hemity (remeber that nomadic militia leader/warlord). The TMC at this point is trying to negotiate with the civilians lead by the Sudanese Professional Association (#SPA) and other political movements.
⭕ meanwhile the RSF is EVERYWHERE in the capital, like the fucking biblical locust plague, on standby. That was alarming to say the least since everyone knew what those force's were but we thought we had the military on our side(plot twist coming).
⭕now every one is negotiating a transitional govt. and how long untill national elections and a lot of bureaucratic stuff. Mean while these TMC assholes go and meet some people they had no business meeting cuz they're not representing the Sudanese diaspora.
⭕now said TMC assholes return to sudan and order a MAJOR news organisation out of sudan(#aljazeera news) revokes their permit to record and deliver news + confiscates their equipment.
⭕Declares theyre halting all negotiations with the SPA.
⭕while this is all happening the people start noticing alarming movement of RSF forces. Clashes here and there. Keep in mind this is all during Ramadan and Everyone is fasting until the 29th of ramadan/ 3rd of june 2019.....
⭕On the 3rd of june during the holy month TMC gives the order to clear the sit-in using force. And a force of almost 10k descend on peaceful protesters using AKs, whips, their Toyotas and start shooting at everyone at the sit-in.
Literally everyone, old, younge male,female.even pregnant ladies and children were shot and killed. Women were raped. Bodies were burned or tossed into the Nile river. And suddenly all flow of information in and out of the country stopped cuz the TMC shut down the internet!!!
This is all in attempt to cover their egregious crimes from the world.
⭕Now the violence spills into the city and eventually the entire tri-city area of Khartoum, bahri and omdurman.
⭕Live gun fire everywhere, bodies on the street, multiple reports of rape and looting etc.
⭕ imagine the trauma of being stopped randomly on the street and getting beaten to within an inch of your life and knowing no1 is coming to save you cuz thats happening as you read this.
And i cant even begin to tell u that this is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG. #savesudan
Now i know what you're gonna ask, where is the military? To be put simply the military betrayed the entire nation. They were nowhere to be found, wouldn't protect the civilians or even give them safe haven within the walls of their barracks. Fucking cunts!
⭕Now imagine with me your entire country and country men and women, friends and family get held hostage by a brutal militia that uses child soldiers wants to rule your country.... fucking terrifying isn't it!
But im here to tell the world the people of sudan will either live free or die trying and that the greatest weapon in our arsenal is not a nuke or missiles. No, its the peaceful nature of our stand against certain death because we refuse to be a violent people.
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