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Funny how the more brainwashed a person is, the more forceful they tend to push their "opinions" on people without proper facts and research to back it up.

Their regurgitated morality comes a barrier to growth, because it is not based in a natural understanding of cause and
effect. Instead, it is based on artificially skewed perspectives that cannot hold up to the rigors of time. The resulting mess of emotions, self righteousness, and rage are then just a ticking time bomb.

Justifications also get to be interesting as well. You know that there are
quite a number of people who get to the other side actually proud at how well they "won" at life by skillfully manipulating and taking advantage of others?!?!

So, I know it seems like the next life will never come, but it always does. Do you think that they create endless
genders, or constantly and carefully adjust every pronoun, or follow every latest trend in morality as it comes straight from cable TV comedians?

Sorry, they are very old, and have far more real world data backing up their ways than any talking point ever will.

So you want to
know how things really are? Well I will tell you anyways. The more blind and forceful the judgments are, and the less grounded in real thoughtful inspiration, the more strict the rules will be.

For those that are mature, for example, we get a 3d printer, and can research and
design different varied types of clothing we can custom make to our hearts content. For those in lower levels, you get a choice between the blue, white, or pink outfit (I forget the exact colors, and style options, but it is very very limited). Don't like that, then enjoy your
sackcloth outfit. Haha. Not joking about that one. Yes, make them annoyed enough with misbehaving, and enjoy your nice new sackcloth wardrobe.

The point is that one way or another, people need to learn to think for themselves, understand the difference between real value and
inspiration, and how to truly become a good person. I do know people who think that those not in designer outfits and expensive brands are literally worse than pigs. I am not saying it is a sin to have an expensive bag or outfit, but if it is that much of an issue where others
are looked down on for their outfit choices, and where one's own worth is buoyed up by bobbles, then get used to choosing between any one of your three available outfits you can choose from.

Time will not be mocked. It may seem that consequences will not come, but they always
will. It can be pleasant or very unpleasant. If you think this life is long, wait for the consequences. Nothing is worth being short sighted.

Sorry for the ramble/rant. All too often "normal" morality paints us as fools, or worse. While we know better, it still is not fun
Being labeled as a completely crazy nut. I know eternal laws and practices better in most ways than any single person on the planet before me (not to brag, but to illustrate a point), but still I am the odd nut who is truly and honestly the subject of great pity by people who
cannot even manage their own sanity. Literally, the normal head of sales who everyone publicly looks up to, actually is barely holding on to her own sanity while believing that I am more than a bit nuts.

Oh well. Such is life as MAGA/truthers. I can promise that this will not
last forever. Next year is the one where it is set for the tide to really turn. Eyes will start to open.

When I say the consequences take a very long time, they do. No matter what the world may think, do what is right now, and later on, very public exhaultation will replace the
constant shaming of the unjust. Also, very public humility will come to those who need it, who have boasted themselves up.

It is best to just love each other. Those who honestly do have reason to boast do not because of love for others. I do sometimes mention my qualifications
for writing here, because I do use a very obvious air of authority here. I do have authority, and do need to occasionally mention that to give proper context, but I am not a boastful person. MAGA are generally not, but we are not too much of a wilting flower where we step aside
when injustices are rampant.

Sorry I go on too much.

Consequences are very long, and will come. Best to have love first, and do the work now to honestly grow and help the world around us. Better to plant good than bad
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