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Was #Mary, the #mother of #Jesus, based on the #Egyptian #Goddess #Isis?
Um, #NO, and here is why #Round #Two
When I wrote my previous article on the faulty comparisons between Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis, I didn’t realize that there was one aspect of the so-called Virgin birth comparisons that could be brought to bear by Jesus Mythicists, and I knew I had to
tackle it (one day both of these articles on Isis and Mary will be combined).
Major Debunking ahead.
Now and again in Egypt, there was a black bull born with a set of unusual characteristics: a mark of a vulture on its back, scarab shaped mark under the tongue, double hairs on its tail, and a white diamond shape on its forehead. This was known as the Apis Bull, aka Hapi, and it
was considered a god.
Indeed, it was considered a god incarnate, the embodiment of Ptah in life and Osiris in death. Most of the time it was left to die of old age, but at times they were sacrificed. All of them ended up as very oversized mummies. Now the Apis Bull was said to
have been born of a virgin cow that was impregnated by the god Ptah. This cow was worshipped as Isis.
Does this mean that Isis was a virgin?
Remember, as a goddess (long before she was incarnated into a vow), she had sex with Osiris while they were in the womb, and had sex
when they were married (in the mainstream myth, they sexually conceived Horus the younger). So just because Isis was thought to be inside a virgin cow doesn’t mean that she was considered a virgin.
Let’s do an intellectual exercise, shall we?
My brother, Justin Jackson, once bought a 1958 Del Ray car, one that had seen better days. Indeed, that’s almost an understatement; it had no paint, it hand’t been used in what seemed to be decades, it looked like the perfect candidate for a scrapyard.
But my brother bought it and restored it, and it became a shiny black car that could drive like the wind. My brother got rid of the car after a few years, but he loved working on it and loved to drive it. (The car in the photo is NOT my brother's car, but its the same model)
A short while ago, I went to visit my brother, and while there I saw him playing the game “God of War 2”. For those who don’t know, the God of War games are about a Greek god named Kratos, who fights and slays numerous gods and monsters. While my brother was playing Kratos, he
had control of the character; he decided where Kratos could go, decided what he was going to do, how he was going to fight and who he was going to interact with. For all intents and purposes, Kratos became my brother’s mind and will incarnate in game form.
Now, think about this…Kratos the character, never worked on a 1958 Del Ray. Indeed, in the story he lives in the ancient word, LONG before cars were invented. So, when my brother played Kratos, does this mean that his history with that Del Ray car never happened, that he never
bought and worked on that 1958 Del Ray?
No, it just means that he didn’t work on that car in a video game.
He worked on it in real life.
My brother might imagine himself to be Kratos while playing the game, but imagination doesn’t remove fact; he did work on that 1958 Del ray.
He just didn’t do so as Kratos, God of War.
Let’s use another example...
Jesus Christ is God the Son incarnate in human flesh. Though he lived on earth for only 30 something years, the Bible indicates that he existed long before his birth, indeed before time itself began. God had no beginning and has no ending, and God the Son is a part of the triune
nature of God. John 1:1-3 states that Jesus created everything that exists, long before he was born to Mary. Later, during a dispute with some of his fellow countrymen, he stated that Abraham rejoiced that he would see his (i.e. Jesus’) day, and that he saw it and was glad. When
his verbal opponents pointed out that he wasn’t yet 50 years of age (Jesus was in his late 20s to early 30’s at the time), and sarcastically asked if he had seen Abraham (pointing out that Abraham lived long before Jesus’ earthly time) Jesus responded by saying “Truly, truly, I
say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” They were about to stone him for this, but Jesus hid himself (possibly through supernatural means) and got away. (see John 8:56-59)
Now…why would they want to stone Jesus?
What did Jesus say to tick them off?
“Before Abraham was, I am.”
This is a direct reference to Exodus 3:13-14, where Moses asks God for his name. And how does God respond? What name does God give?
Later in verse 14, God says “Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you.”
Jesus is I AM THAT I AM.
Indeed, in Exodus 3:2, it states that Moses saw the Angel of the Lord appearing in the burning bush. In some cases the “Angel of the Lord” is a phrase for God himself (see Judges 13). This could not be God the Father, for the Bible states that no one has
ever seen God the Father (John 1:18, 1 Tim 6:16). It can’t be the Holy Spirit either, who is never shown to take on bodily form. Jesus, however, called himself “I am”, in reference to the story of God in the burning bush referring to himself as “I AM.”, an appearance of God
which is called the “Angel of the Lord”. We have to conclude that Angel of the Lord is actually God the Son, appearing long before he was born as Jesus, aka Yeshua Ben Yosef.
Why is this significant?
Because, when we take the Biblical evidence together, we have to conclude that Jesus is not only the creator (being there at the beginning of time), but that he was also the one who appeared to Moses in the burning Bush, the one who gave him his task to deliver his people from
Something he didn’t do while living as a flesh and blood man on earth…but something he did do nonetheless, long before he was physically born.
Jesus existed before he was born, and carried out such acts.
Are we going to say, however, that Jesus WASN’T the creator, because he didn’t create the universe while in Christ’s body?
Are we going to say that he didn’t talk to Moses in the Burning Bush, because he didn’t do so while in Christ’s body?
Remember, both creation and the burning
bush incident happened LONG before Jesus was born.
Are we going to say that Jesus is creator…and is not?
That he talked to Moses from the Burning Bush…and yet did not?
We just conclude that Jesus created the universe and talked to Moses before he was born.
Though he didn’t create the universe while in his physical body, this doesn’t negate the fact that Jesus DID create everything, that he is creator.
Just as the fact that Isis didn’t have sex
while incarnate as a cow (numerous cows in Egyptian history to be precise) doesn’t mean therefore that she didn’t have sex. She just didn’t have sex while a cow.
Or did she…
You see, the cows that gave birth to the Apis bulls were believed to be divinely inseminated by the god Ptah, who took on the form of fire. Inseminated, meaning he released his sperm in them.
Remember, folks, they didn’t have artificial insemination back then.
a god having sex...
...with a cow.
Since Ptah had sex with the cow...the cow was no longer therefore a virgin.
It got pregnant the way a lot of virgins get pregnant.
By losing their virginity.
Herodotus mentions a version of the tale where Ptah enters the cow by means of a flash of light (meaning lightning), but this doesn’t mean a virgin conception happened. Lighting and fire are closely associated with each other, with lightning considered the “fire from heaven”
since the beginning of recorded history. Thus, its not impossible that Herodotus is simply relating the same myth of Ptah impregnating the cow. True, Herotodus doesn’t mention sex in his account, but we don’t have evidence that he related the myth of the impregnation of the cow
in its fullness, and if gods could have sex while in the form of flame (Ptah) or a golden shower (Zeus), then why not lightning?
Thus, no evidence of a virgin birth or conception.
Sorry, but Mary wasn’t based on Isis.
Mary was historical.
So is her eldest son, Jesus.
Plutarch, "Isis and Osiris", 12
Herodotus, “The Histories”, Book 3, 28-29
“The Way to Eternity” Fergus Fleming, Alan Lothian, and Dr. Joann Fletcher (consultant), 67-69
“The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology” by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm, 268, 310
(The following is an article on the God of War game franchise. Forgive the use of Wikipedia. I will repent and put my face in the corner, LOL)
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