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1. 🚨 #ICYMI The Open Society Justice Initiative, an operational program of the Open Society Foundations, an international network founded by business magnate #GeorgeSoros filed a COMPLAINT FOR CONJUNCTIVE RELIEF against the CIA, NSA, DOD and ODNI.
2. In 2017 Soros transferred 18 Billion Dollars to the Open Society Foundations…
3. On 12/4/18 The Open Society Justice Initiative submitted #FOIA requests seeking disclosure of “all records relating to the killing of #JamalKhashoggi, and #CIA’s findings on & assessment of the circumstances under which he was killed and the identities of those responsible.”
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How does Jamal Khashoggi hate Jews? Let me count the ways.
@IgnatiusPost @lawrence_wright @khanfarw @camcath @mulhim12 @chrislhayes @saudiarabia @UN @Maribel_FdezG @GoblinShop @KarenAsche @princesse_rasta @rbrary9
Not all of Jamal Khashoggi's #antisemitism has been deleted.
Jewish child: "My father told me your Arabs are murders and terrorists."
Palestinian child: "My father told me nothing. He was murdered by your father."
Jamal Khashoggi claims that for 2000 years, Jews forgot all about Jerusalem.
#antisemitism #JamalKhashoggi (Warning: Bing is bad at Arabic translation)
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Biggest misconceptions about #JamalKhashoggi:
1. "Journalist"
-He was never a journalist.
2. "Democracy advocate"
-Lifelong hardened Islamist who supported Al Qaeda & wished Israel would "die by force" via Hamas.
3."Brutally murdered" via "bonesaw"
-More likely botched rendition
Clarification: Khashoggi was a "journalist" years ago but for state-run entities that did not allow him to write freely. During this time, he simultaneously worked as an intelligence operative for KSA, before he fell out of favor with the monarchy.
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Mattis was a deeply flawed defense secretary: Recent fawning evaluations are hard to square with his record

Two very recent examples; Backing up the false claim there was no "smoking gun" on Khashoggi's murder, and support for the border deployment stunt…
You may remember me being pretty angry and insulted when Mattis chose to stand with Saudi Arabia over the murder of #JamalKhashoggi
At least Mattis provided statements in these two cases; throughout his tenure as secretary, the Defense Department became considerably less transparent than it had been under his predecessors.

“This is the worst relationship I’ve seen”…
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#TrumpRussia @RepAdamSchiff @olgaNYC1211 A lot of people think @realDonaldTrump is a #Grinch, but just look at all the wonderful presents he gave to his BFF #VladimirPutin
1/When Trump shrugged off brutal murder & dismemberment of WaPo's #JamalKhashoggi and disputed Saudi Crown Prince #MBS's role, #Putin loved it and responded by giving #MBS celebratory…
2/Similarly, @realDonaldTrump said that even though Russia may have murdered dissidents, journalists, and others critical of #Putin, it wasn't a problem because "it's not in our country."…
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53 journalists have been killed in line of duty worldwide this year.

Read their names and stories in the following thread. #pressfreedom
Unknown assailants on January 13 killed veteran journalist Carlos Domínguez Rodríguez (77) while he was driving through the city of Nuevo Laredo in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state near the Texas border.

Suspected source of fire: government officials…
Jefferson Pureza Lopes was assassinated on the night of January 17 in #Brazil’s Goiás state, located southwest of Brasilia.

Lopes was at his home in Edealina, a town of around 4,000 people, when 2 men with motorcycles shot him dead as he was watching TV.…
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Time did the right thing today by awarding #TimePersonOfTheYear to journalists. It inspired me to look back at how @UN_SPExperts have emphasized the epidemic of attacks on journalists/ism just this year
following are just some of the attacks on journalists we highlighted. a core fact is that most attacks, and most abuses of human rights, are not held accountable.
the @Time 'award' takes place against the backdrop of @realDonaldTrump's attacks on truth
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4362: Mohammed bin Salman regarding the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #MBS #MohammedbinSalman #JamalKhashoggi #Murder #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Analysis #SaudiArabia
1/ Mohammed bin Salman, together with other heads-of-state, will be meeting later this week in Buenos Aires at the G20 Summit. The Saudi leader made his first public comment regarding the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on 24 October 2018.
2/ What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of the Crown Prince's behavior during this event.
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1. @washingtonpost If you want to honor #JamalKhashoggi, demand a proper murder investigation be carried out by the @FBIWFO. He was a DC area US national. It's @FBI jurisdiction not @CIA that is not law enforcement. Find his killer. And don't presume Turkey was not involved.
2. A Turkish government official (Istanbul marriage office) sent him to the KSA consulate. He needed more paperwork. The list is not hard to find. It's what you'd expect. Why didn'T he have it? Why not get in US before going to Turkey? @washingtonpost @nytimes @ap DO YOUR JOBS.
3. I have great respect for the hard working professionals at the @CIA. I have nothing but contempt for @Trump public relations trolls that have infested our govt. Did #JamalKhasoggi live in VA? Then VA prosecutors should investigate. Subpoena Kushner. Ask if he spoke with MBS.
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#Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman,suspected to have ordered murder of journalist #JamalKashoggi, launched unprecedented crackdown vs women’s rights activists in May. Those activists have been tortured & one has tried suicide 3 times… h/t @SherifaZuhur
Some of the activists (none of whom have been formally charged or given access to lawyers) have been subjected to psychological or physical abuse while in custody, including electric shocks, sexual harassment, sleep deprivation and beatings. #Saudi
“In one reported instance, one of the activists was made to hang from the ceiling, and according to another testimony, one of the detained women was reportedly subjected to sexual harassment, by interrogators wearing face masks.”… #Saudi
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Workers in Ahvaz are protesting the Iranian regime for current situation and chanting “Palestine and Syria are the cause of our misery.”
People are protesting the regime for its expenditures in the region which has crippled the economy.
Protests are becoming more political. Protesters in Ahvaz are chanting “death o the oppressor.”
They are referring to A.Khamenei and Rouhani cult who have the power in Iran.
More than half of Ahvaz population are on the streets chanting “death to the oppressor and down with the dictator.”
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Treasury Sanctions 17 Individuals for Their Roles in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi | U.S. Department of the… WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s O […]" #JamalKhashoggi #SaudiArabia…
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Treasury Sanctions 17 Individuals for Their Roles in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi | U.S. Department of the Treasury…
#JamalKhashoggi #SaudiArabia

WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Saud al-Qahtani, his subordinate Maher Mutreb, Saudi Consul General Mohammed Alotaibi, and 14 other members of an operations team for having
a role in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. These individuals are designated pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13818, which builds upon and implements the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, to target perpetrators of serious human rights abuse and corruption.
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.@guardian's correspondent،@SaeedKD deleted all his pre tweets,linking #JamalKhashoggi death to his interview with him about @IranIntl,&other tweets threatening Salman of KSA.Deleting impression he was in danger.IRI's ambassador also claimed IRI is protecting him.Any explanation?
Tasnim news agnecy run by the IRGC claims @guardian's correspondent, @SaeedKD is held in one of safe houses by police in the UK .It appears Tehran is running the show here. So far no explanation from Guardian.
Are IRGC&IRI ambassador cliams true?@ukhomeoffice @metpoliceuk
It seems @guardian's journalist was in contact with Iranian officials about his source. On 4th of NOV, Rouhani's advisor claimed that The Guardian will reveal its source in a week time. Which @SaeedKD's tweets confirm the possibility of Saaed's ties to the Iranian regime on this.
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Ever wondered why #JamalKhashoggi’s case became so unnecessarily prominent in the media while the disappearance / possible murder of Head of #Interpol is barely visible? Strange, isn’t it ?
Here’s the answer in an excellent deep dive research by @PoliticalShort and @BPattySSG on @SecStudiesGrp tracks how it was done.
(For a month, Americans were being manipulated with details coming from “unnamed #Turkish sources.”)…
“The #Turkish government successfully used an information operation to elevate the case of #JamalKhashoggi’s disappearance into a major international incident with strategic implications.”
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How to End U.S. Support for Saudi Arabia's war in #Yemen:

STEP 1: Call your U.S. Representative in Congress and ask them to cosponsor the War Powers Resolution: "H.Con.Res 138."

Details ... 1/x
- Dial (202) 224-3121 Mon-Fri 9 am -5 pm Eastern Time.

- Ask for your Member of Congress by name.

- Say: "Please cosponsor H.Con.Res 138 and end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen."

Details: H.Con.Res 138 is House Concurrent Resolution 138.…

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Thread by @HeshmatAlavi: "SHORT THREAD 1) A question for @nahaltoosi & @tparsi: How much does 's regime pay you to tweet & RT such teou feel after Sec. Pompeo talked about a variety of issues, but not Iran? 2) After 35 years, it has bec […]" #Iran…
@HeshmatAlavi @SecPompeo did talk about it as you predicted, but he also addressed so much more...
Thread by @HeshmatAlavi: "THREAD 1) 's @HassanRouhani being a hypocrite, saying he's "surprised" about the "organized crime" behind 's murdera look at 's own history of "organized crime." Sorry, your browser doesn't support embe […]" #Iran #JamalKhashoggi…
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1.) I'm going to remind the @RT_Erdogan regime of Turkey's dirty hands of silencing those who speak out against its corrupt regime!
They have killed 25 journalists & not a one has been talked about or even been a news story like #JamalKhashoggi…
2.) This Also Included a Syrian-American Journalist and Her Mother Murdered in Turkey 👇🏼😏
Where was the outrage @RT_Erdogan?…
3.) You remember this @RT_Erdogan?

Record number of journalists in jail globally after Turkey crackdown!

81 of them as of December of 2016!!

Why is #JamalKhashoggi so important? 🤔…
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#Iran's @HassanRouhani being a hypocrite, saying he's "surprised" about the "organized crime" behind #JamalKhashoggi's murder.

Let's take a look at #Iran's own history of "organized crime."
"In terms of politically motivated killing of dissidents, intellectuals, and opposition members, 1980-1998 represents the darkest & bloodiest period in the last 150 years of Iran's history. Thousands of political prisoners were executed in that decade."…
Three priests were brutally killed and mutilated by #Iran's notorious Ministry of Intelligence & Security (MOIS).…
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#SaudiArabia has committed numerous human rights violations. The murder of #JamalKhashoggi is by no means the only reason why the West should consider their relationship and in particular should #StopArmingSaudi #JusticeForJamal
On 17 June 2012 @raif_badawi was arrested on the charge of “insulting Islam through electronic channels”. He had a liberal discussion forum in Saudi Arabia. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes & a fine. On 9 January 2015 he received the first 50 lashes. #FreeRaif
.@raif_badawi is still in prison in #SaudiArabia. His wife @miss9afi and his children live in Canada and are Canadian citizens. The family has not seen Raif for more than 6 years. @miss9afi campaigns tirelessly for his release. #FreeRaif #RoyalPardon4Raif…
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Senior @hrw official @sarahleah1 is proud to appear at a MEMO event in honor of #JamalKhashoggi. MEMO is an Islamist website; its director is a well-known extremist, and the site often features antisemitic &pro-terror material.
I've written about Khashoggi's connections to MEMO here -- turns out that some of MEMO's reports on him &his own writings there expose him as a virulent Israel-hater &ardent Hamas supporter…
You can also read about the kind of events MEMO likes to put on here:…
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1) President Trump does politics.
I have to get to the truth.

Orange juice evening thread, #JamalKhashoggi
October 23, 2018.
2) This Khashoggi thing has become important for another reason.

I am here to get to the truth - I don't want a Deep State secretly running our lives.

That means: Not here to defend Trump - defend the government - defend the Jewish people or Israel - sell books.

3) I am also not here to explain Trump - explain the government - explain the Jewish people or Israel - explain my motives.

If you don't want to read my stuff, that's fine.
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I could not agree with President @realDonaldTrump more.

The Saudi actions in Turkey regarding #JamalKhashoggi were terrible, ill-conceived, and the worst cover-up in the history of cover-ups.
@realDonaldTrump President Trump is also right to work with Congress in a bipartisan fashion to find a tough and appropriate response to this barbaric act.

The world is watching.
@realDonaldTrump We must send a clear message that we will stand for our values. And those who follow the path set by Saudi Arabia will pay a heavy price.

It is also important is to send a signal to our enemies that America is strong once again.
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