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@RBReich You're still worried about Russia's ability to propagandize a few computer-illiterate swing voters?
Did it bother you that #ObamaBiden supported the #MaidanCoup along with #NeoNazis who are still influencing the government in Ukraine?
thefreethoughtproject.com/neonazis-ukrai… #JoeBiden
@RBReich Snipers who killed scores of protestors and policemen on Kiev’s Maidan Square in February 2014, triggered a “democratic revolution” that overthrew the elected president, Yanukovych, and brought to power a virulent anti-Russian, pro-American regime.
@RBReich When a founder of a #NeoNazi party and repackaged speaker of the Ukrainian parliament visited Washington in 2017, he was widely feted by leading American politicians, including Senator John #McCain and Representative Paul Ryan.
@RBReich #JohnMcCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-Semitic #NeoNazi
@RBReich Former #Ukraine Pres. Poroshenko promised #JohnBolton that his country — once a plentiful source of coal — would now purchase coal from the U.S.
Once again, a regime change that generated a failing state stands as one of #McCain’s greatest triumphs
@RBReich Perpetuation of the conflict in eastern #Ukraine, where most of its #CoalMines are located, created a “gold mine" of income for American coal suppliers, & arms suppliers.
No wonder #JohnBolton got mad when #tRump messed with the potential for profiteering
@RBReich America is happy to export hundreds of thousands of tons of coal, & hundred of millions of dollars worth of lethal weapons to arms exporter Ukraine, because of their “war”.
When the “war” stops, Ukraine can use its own coal & make all of its own armaments.
@RBReich Just as #tRump was trying to stop Ukrainian investigations that would have helped the #MuellerTeam expose #TrumpDirt, Democrats are now trying to stop Ukrainian investigations that can expose #BidenDirt.
nytimes.com/2019/11/04/us/… #TeeterTotter #DickTaterTotter
@RBReich #Ukraine already tells us they need millions and millions of metric tons (of coal), said Trump.
Trump has promised to put American coal miners back to work. #Trump said he is lifting an #Obama-era policy of curbing US coal production.
@RBReich In spite of #ClimateAlarmists trying to eliminate global use of coal, replacing it with sunny-days-only panels, gigantic bird-killing propellers, and caveman fire pits, the real world, like #Ukraine, is happy to import our coal at premium prices.
@RBReich “Ukraine already tells us they need millions and millions of metric tons right now,” #tRump said in a speech after meeting with Poroshenko.
“We want to sell it to them, and to everyone else all over the globe who need it.”
reuters.com/article/us-ukr… #ClimateAlarmists #Coal
@RBReich The U.S. #InteragencyConsensus that promotes global warmongering in places like #Iraq & #Ukraine, forces those who have to live in the war zones to revert to #CavemanFirePit “technology” to survive, even though they could use their own coal, gas, & oil.
@RBReich Pompous militarist #AlexanderVindman
"In the Spring of 2019, I became aware of outside influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency," [continued U.S. warmongering against Russia]
@RBReich "Since 2008, Russia has manifested an overtly aggressive foreign policy, leveraging military power & employing hybrid warfare to achieve its objectives of regional hegemony & global influence." [exactly what the U.S. does] thefederalist.com/2019/11/01/don… #InteragencyConsensus #Vindman
@RBReich House Democrats have become OUTRAGED that #tRump would temporarily delay their flow of military aid to #Ukraine, some of which has been aiding #NeoNazis fighting against #Putin-backed mercenaries.
thehill.com/policy/defense… #JohnMcCain #JoeBiden #AlexanderVindman #VindmanTwins #DNC
@RBReich Hundreds of million$ in offensive weaponry & aid to the Ukrainian military makes it likely weapons have gotten into the extremist #NeoNazi regiment’s hands.
House Democrats wouldn't want to delay that while #Zelensky's new administration is tested.
consortiumnews.com/2018/11/17/blo… #Pelosi
@RBReich Apparently #Ukraine voters haven't appreciated the corrupt & sometimes #NeoNazi leaders supported in the past by #JoeBiden & #JohnMcCain.
So they overwhelmingly elected a 41-year-old comedian with little experience in corrupting government.
newrepublic.com/article/153650… #Zelensky #gop
@RBReich As #Zelensky's team confronts #Ukraine’s many, real problems, the country will find out whether its new president can do more than just pretend to play one on TV.
If his comedian-turned-politician counterparts around the world are any indication, Ukraine is in for a tough future.
@RBReich It’s always best to hear about other nations from those who know what they’re talking about — not from politicians in the U.S. with ulterior imperialist motives.
strategic-culture.org/news/2019/03/2… #Obamaism #JoeBiden #Bidenism #Zelensky #Ukraine #VindmanTwins #NancyPelosi #AdamSchiff #gop
@RBReich #Tymoshenko, the former "gas princess" who had been convicted & sent to prison for skimming from Ukraine’s gas monopoly had established herself as an anti-Russian Prime Minister & had been the preferred candidate of #ObamaBiden to win the May, 2014 election before the coup.
@RBReich #Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long to realize the #ObamaBiden objectives included two politically hot investigations: one that touched then VP #JoeBiden’s family & one that involved a lobbying firm linked to candidate #Trump.
thehill.com/opinion/white-… #gop #Pelosi
@RBReich #ObamaBiden, in February 2014, imposed upon Ukraine a very bloody coup, which he and his press misrepresented as being a "democratic revolution" that actually was instead, the start of another destructive Ukrainian dictatorship.
off-guardian.org/2017/03/24/wha… #Schiff #VindmanTwins #gop
@RBReich Here’s the February 2014 phone call instructing the U.S. Ambassador whom to place in charge of the new regime when the coup was completed), under the cover of authentic anti-corruption demonstrations that the Embassy organized on the #MaidanSquare in Kiev.
@RBReich #Poroshenko beat #Tymoshenko in the 2014 contest. He continued the ethnic cleansing campaign against the far eastern region of Ukraine where the elected President who had been ousted had received over 90% of the votes.
Thousands were killed or fled into neighboring Russia.
@RBReich #Zelensky played Ukraine’s Pres. on TV, in a series telecast on a TV channel owned by oligarch #Kolomoyskyi, who, as a U.S.-appointed governor in eastern Ukraine during Poroshenko’s Presidency, planned & oversaw in Odessa, on 2 May 2014, a massacre of opponents of the U.S. coup.
@RBReich #Tymoshenko was #ObamaBiden’s preferred choice to replace democratically elected #Yanukovych after the planned coup. #Poroshenko replaced him instead. She wanted to use nuclear weapons to kill millions of Russians.
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