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In honor of #Purim, here's my thread of 2 yrs ago where I explain why I say <ym'sh> after Trump's name that doubles as a class about the book of #Esther
Actually I see that the thread is old and there's a broken link somewhere, so I will reprint it in tweets below. Again, this is from June 20, 2018:
1/ Thread: Thoughts abt. the #TrumpCrisis, 18 months of living in a proto-dystopia that followed the 2016 campaign:

When this started I tried to limit how often I used Trump's name; he loves his name sooo much (see: everything he owns) that I felt saying it was giving him a gift
2/ Now I will use it & discuss it openly. He's not a greedy goofball (his persona when I was a kid), he's an evil monster openly against the Constitution, ethics, & much of natural law. Not hyperbole.

Using his name now feels normal & it's from Jewish tradition "yimach shemam"
3/ These are Amalek rules. CAVEAT: there is no more legal Amalek; no Torah sanctioned genocide is permitted so put that idiocy out of your head.

But all we know of Amalek applies to people like Trump. Which means we must label the evil, describe it, & add 'may it be blotted out'
4/ The clearest Amalek is Haman from the Book of Esther (Irony, the word Amalek is erased from that book). It was through analyzing a weird realization of Trump's American that made me recognize I need to apply the Name-Blotting to Trump (ym'sh)

[Again, this is from 20 Jun 2018]
5/ Insight is: I'm marveling in how many people (35-40% now, 48% or so in Nov2016) who are OK in supporting a clear racist. Right now, 26% or so support the #TrumpConcentrationCamps

I didn't know there were *that many* sick twisted bigots around.
6/ Many of these supporters of Trump are in positions of power. The heads of Fox, NationalEnquirer etc, are gatekeepers & when they say they're T's 'friends' I think it means they are just bigots who support his terror.

To back Trump today means you're fine w/concentration camps
7/ Even the NYTimes seems to pedal softly on his policies. Why? Considering how many 'liberals' turned out to be sexual-assaulting reprobates, I wouldn't be surprised if the NYT had bigots in the upper echelons

e.g. Lewandowski should be anathema, yet he's hired by Harvard & CNN
8/ These hard-Trump supporters are bigots; soft-supporters like CNN/Harvard must be OK w/associating w/these monsters.

Then you have the organized GOP. Who we hope will go down in history as supporting this anti-American monster (which is done using the Yimach Shemo dynamic)
9/ All of these bigots are the Amalek in our midst. People who hate the weak, who hate compassion. That comparison to Haman is clear. But here's were it meshes textually:

The war at the end of the Megillah is odd: Jews & their supporters defending against... who? Amalek. Where?
10/ EVERYWHERE. Right? Haman described Jews as scattered & not following Persian custom. But that was more accurately describing Haman & his violent genocidists, who lied to the king to kill His subjects for their own gain!

Haman, is filled w/narcissistic self-hate... familiar?
11/ Amalek uses hateful terms to describe in others what they are themselves. Just like the Trump supporters now. Even to the pizzagate accusations of child-trafficking which sound - to our horror - coming true as a result of the #TrumpConcentrationCamps
12/ Haman was scattered through Xerxes kingdom & only through their vile hatred were they exposed. Just as now, the loud, proud ethnic cleansers of the USA are boldly declaring their ID

Sessions, Tucker Carlson, Coulter are clear on this. But can we say the same for the GOP?
13/ Why doesn't McConnell stop this insanity? Paul Ryan? I still can't believe they love #TrumpConcentrationCamps but they certainly didn't react to them the way a normal person would

The #TrumpCrisis taught me this. There're soulless monsters all around. Trump has revealed them
14/ Some may claim I'm over-reacting or throwing around Nazi imagery or Amalek carelessly. Well, I was taught you don't need a gun until you REALLY REALLY need a gun. So too: don't say Nazi unless you REALLY need to

And that's what we've reached.

It's here.

Choose sides.
15 (from 2020): The above was written back in June 2018

The late scholar Mark Kleiman a'h (…) started following me after reading it. He was a mensch, a world class scholar, and his work kept me sane during the W-Bush years (especially 2005, at its bleakest)
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