Harris Lie # 1

Biden will eliminate #Trump Tax Cut.

Harris said no.
Biden said yes.

Tax cuts are not for the big corporates only. My family owns a small business and it definitely helped us.

Harris Lie #2

Will the #BidenHarris admin ban fracking.

Harris insisted they won’t.
Both Biden and Harris said they would ban fracking.

Harris Lie #3

Trump didn’t denounce the KKK & White Supremacy. He called them “Fine people” & “He told them to stand down”.

POTUS #Trump disavowed both groups numerous times.

He told the #ProudBoys to stand down. PB are multiracial.
Harris Lie #4

Harris deflected from court packing question & lied abt nomination of a SC Justice by Pres. Lincoln.

Lincoln did not nominate b/c the senate was not in session NOT because it was an election yr. He did when they returned.

Harris Lie #5

She claimed the work she did is a model of what our nation needs to do & will under Biden’s admin.

Well, this is a fraction of her work & record as the CA AG. Is it something America wants?

#vote wisely!
Kamala put 19 times more Black Americans in prison for minor offenses than she did Whites and Hispanics.

Let that sink!

No wonder she referred to herself as “the first INDIAN senator”.


Harris Lie #6

Harris said that POTUS #Trumo called our servicemen “losers”. This was based on the false Atlantic story.

All the people who were with the POTUS, including John Bolton who does not like him, have confirmed that was a lie.

Harris Lie #7

#COVID19 started in China & is a world pandemic b/c both 🇨🇳 & WHO lies.

Harris said the #Trump admin lied. But when we said Fauci lied abt masks, Dems said facts change as we learn new things about #Covid_19.

Same goes 4 this admin.

When POTUS took this seriously and limited travels, Democrat leaders were outraged. They called him a xenophobe & gathered in places like China Towns & places. They invited Americans to join them


POTUS provided the states hit hardest w all they needed & built them temp hospitals, some didn’t utilize all.
As of now Dem run states have nearly 2/3 of the #COVID19 fatalities.

The worst managed & weakest Governors:
NY 504K cases, 33.5k deaths
NJ 214K cases, 16.3K deaths

#COVID19 infected 7.78M Americans, H1N1 infected 60.1 Mil & lasted 16 months.

Obama’s experts said not having 1 of the greatest mass casualties was pure luck.”We did everything wrong”.

13-18K died. 80% under 65.

Did you have to #WearAMask?


• • •

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7 Oct
#WearAMask they say. #WearAMaskSaveALife the Democrats preach.

But really? Do they? Because that’s not what science says and they no it. No data that Masks save lives but they keep repeating it, only for you!

@MaxineWaters didn’t even have one on hand and was given a new one.
Masks for thee, not for me!
@CuomoPrimeTime caught again with no mask. Oh yeah, & he said he had #COVID19. Who knows though since he was out and about in PUBLIC, WITHOUT a mask while infected with #Coronavirus.
#WearADamnMask Chris!

#WearAMask @GovernorVA @RalphNortham said to all. Made it a law.

#Virginia you have been fooled.

Where is your mask Ralph?
#WearADamnMask but not just on camera. You too had #COVID, no?

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30 Sep
This is for all the leftists liars, race baiters and ignorant followers of the Democrat foot soldiers on social media platforms.

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28 Sep
I’m not interest in the details of how Trump used legal tools provided by the system to pay less taxes. In my book, that makes him smart.

But I am interested in seeing all Biden’s medical records & results of an independent drug & cognitive test.
The @TeamTrump & @realDonaldTrump should seriously consider nytimes needs to be seriously sued!

It’s amazing how they lie a few days before the debate but are not held accountable.

#Vote to save America from Socialist and their foot soldiers. Image
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25 Sep
Anyone who can take a moment to think intellectually & look the following cases honestly ( not emotionally) will have to reach a similar conclusion. Not saying they ended as they should have, but look it from both sides.
1. #BreonnaTaylor
2. #GeorgeFloyd
3. #JacobBlake
Dated a career criminal w a justified arrest warrant. He gave her address as the last know residence & was seen there on surveillance. Her name appears to’ve been on the warrant
Police knocks on the door but is immediately shot at. LEOs shoot back in self defense.
Her current boyfriend shoots the LEOs who knocked & made their presence known according to witnesses. He is declared innocent as he stated he shot in self-defense.

The officers also shot back in self-defense, they did NOT go to her apt to kill. So why is the officer at fault?
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19 Sep
If you know just how important this election is and how America is at a fork, listen and pray because she needs you and she is at the mercy of our votes. If Dems win, our freedoms cease to exist.


This’s for the busted heart
This’s for the question marks
This’s for the outcast soul
Lost control, no one knows

Sing it for the can't-go-back
Sing it for the broken past
Sing it for the just found out
Life’s now upside down

If you're lookin' 4 hope tonight, raise your hand
If you feelin' alone and don't understaand
If you're fightin' in the fight of your life, then stand
We're gonna make it through this hand-in-haand

This’s for the second chance
This’s for the new romance
Sing it for the loved in vain
Overcame, it's not too late
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17 Sep
Harris/Biden campaign just came out of the closet.

If you vote Blue, you’re NOT voting 4 Joe, you’re voting for the candidate w 0% support & 0 delegates who did NOT win the nomination.

#VOTE against socialist like your life depends on it because it does.
Can you tell she was alerted to the supposed gaff?

#vote RED 🔴
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