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The key takeaway from the #VPDebate2020? Same as for the #PresidentialDebate2020:

#Trump admin refuses to commit to democracy.

The correct answer, in #America, #Pence, to "what would you do if your #president attempts a dictatorial coup," is "I would pitch his authoritarian ass out the White House door myself."

Dodging that question is damn near as good as #treason.
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Dear 8th Grader,

I am writing to you because I want to interrupt the patriarchy before it socializes you to become the white woman who interrupts the Black woman so that the white man can speak. #VPDebate2020
I am writing to you because I want you to know the importance of telling a man to shut the fuck up. 
I am writing to you because I want you to know the importance and power of being dangerous when you ask the right questions; questions that challenge, not comfort oppressors.
I am writing to you because I want you to know that “getting along” & “uniting” & “being civil” w/white supremacist patriarchy makes you complicit in its crimes. We must never “get along” w/fascists. We must never “unite” w/white supremacists. We must always “argue” w/patriarchy
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I wrote a letter to the 8th Grader whose question was asked at the #VPDebate2020…
And if I’d seen this last night, I would’ve also told the 8th grader:

Do the opposite of what Megyn Kelly says.
h/t @rerutled Tweet by Megyn Kelly: Take it like a woman. Don’t make fac
Read the letter and other essays I’ve written for FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter here 👉🏽👉🏽

It’s free and if you can pay you’ll help me to keep it free always!
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Harris Lie # 1

Biden will eliminate #Trump Tax Cut.

Harris said no.
Biden said yes.

Tax cuts are not for the big corporates only. My family owns a small business and it definitely helped us.

Harris Lie #2

Will the #BidenHarris admin ban fracking.

Harris insisted they won’t.
Both Biden and Harris said they would ban fracking.

Harris Lie #3

Trump didn’t denounce the KKK & White Supremacy. He called them “Fine people” & “He told them to stand down”.

POTUS #Trump disavowed both groups numerous times.

He told the #ProudBoys to stand down. PB are multiracial.
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About the 8th grader’s question to #PenceHarrisDebate:

Someone send her my book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls and disabuse her of “civility” and “unity” when we’re fighting fascism and patriarchy. Fight!

And profanity is politically important.
It is imperative to understand how civility, decorum, manners, and the like are used to uphold authority—patriarchy, whiteness, other forms of privilege. We are urged to acquiesce as a form of maintaining that authority.… #PenceHarrisDebate #VPDebate2020
No unity or civility with fascists or white supremacists. I refuse to “get along” with anyone who doesn’t recognize my humanity. Fuck the patriarchy

#PenceHarrisDebate #VPDebate2020
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Amy Coney Barrett is Five-Star General of the Footsoldiers of the patriarchy.

She is a religious zealot. No one should be dragged into a “I’m religious too!” when talking about her.

If Amy Coney Barrett was a Muslim by @monaeltahawy… #PenceHarrisDebate
If #AmyConeyBarrett is confirmed, anyone who is not a wealthy, conservative, cishet Evangelical man will be fucked.

In other words: anyone who is not like Mike Pence.

#PenceHarrisDebate #VPDebates

Ha! That fascist fuck #Trump has nominated three for SCOTUS!

And for federal courts these are Trump’s judges - overwhelmingly white men fill federal benches. And Black men fill federal prisons #PenceHarrisDebate #VPDebates
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COVID can cause pink eye, btw

Rub it. Do it. Doesn't it itch so badly? Rub it.
Ohhhhh. It's feeling so dry and itchy now, isn't it? I just rubbed my own eye, felt awesome. Try it.
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Part of a classified @DefenseIntel report that says in *February* that a vaccine won’t be ready for a *Year*. They knew there would be no vaccine any time soon in Feb. #VPDebate #VPDebate2020
Sources risked quite a bit to get us this information. It’s the same information that Joint Chief of Staff saw and that SecDef was briefed on.
Yet they made no move to aggressively push for social distancing and mask wearing.
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Ok, cut the mic if you’re going to let Pence filibuster. You just cut off Harris. #VPDebate2020
I didn’t know I was tuning into a #PenceFilibuster instead of a #VPDebate2020
Hey @SusanPage - You need to enforce the rules and tell Pence to stop interrupting Harris. We had enough of this garbage last week.
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#BREAKING Harris blasts US Covid response as 'greatest failure' in presidential history

Key dates in the lives of US incumbent Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic party presidential candidate Kamala Harris

#UPDATE Kamala Harris assails Trump's response to Covid-19 as a failure in a high-stakes debate with Mike Pence against the backdrop of the president's own infection
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Kamala Harris and Mike Pence are minutes away from facing off in tonight's #VPDebate2020.

Our Verify team will be live fact-checking tonight's biggest claims from both candidates and answering your questions.

Tonight's 90-minute #VPDebate is moderated by @USATODAY Washington bureau chief Susan Page.

"I am here to enforce the ground rules," Page said. 9 segments of 10 minutes each is expected, with 2 minutes to answer "without interruption."

Here we go:
First up: How each candidate plans to handle COVID-19.
@KamalaHarris is first, mentioning both the timeline of discovering the disease and sharply criticizing the Trump administration's response.

Here's one of those claims that our Verify team checked:
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We are strapping in now to live tweet tonight’s vice presidential debate.

Here’s our thread from last week’s presidential debate.

We hope tonight’s debate proves more insightful!
And...we’re underway!

You can watch tonight’s debate on @cspan at

By what do *you* expect to grow outraged this evening?

(FWIW we send our best to @KamalaHarris and—despite our differences—hope that she hands Pence his behind on a plate)
Kamala comes out swinging, forcefully laying out the profound costs our country has endured during this pandemic due to the reckless negligence of the Trump administration.

She correctly notes the president’s continuing failures, and commits to making a vaccine free for all.
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10 Facts about #MikePence before KAMALA wipes the floor with him: A THREAD.
#VPDebate #VPDebate2020
1. Mike Pence wanted to force women and families to have funereal services for abortions or miscarriages.
2. When Mike Pence spent 12 years in Congress and never passed a single bill into law. He only authored THREE, none of which ever made it out of committee. #MikePence is a bad investment.
3. #MikePence tried to tell people that cigarettes don’t kill you but children in daycare (aka working moms) were a detriment to society. Yes, he thinks daycare is worse for you than cigarettes.
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I’ll be live-tweeting the debates tonight. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to watch, but in case you don’t have the stamina, I’ve got your back. 🥰

I’ve never live-tweeted anything before, and I’ve never made a Twitter thread. What could possibly go wrong? 😆

Just practicing adding one tweet to another.

So far, so good.
Look at me go!

The debates don’t start for another hour and forty minutes, and I haven’t even made my first typo yet.

Phew, chile! Let’s get this party started.

#KamalaHarrisVP #PenceHarrisDebate
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