have to say, the most misogyny I have encountered is on #MedTwitter mostly from anon account doctors or anti-vaxx.

& tho I repost "The Female Lead" I have rare to no trolls or harassers. I have found @LinkedIn pretty female-friendly, in fact. Rarely get a weird message
My first run in was an all male group of doctors discussing IVF and ridiculing acupuncture as not evidence based but they had fragility to any aspect of IVF itself at all questioned or perceiving even tolerance of acupuncture as "quackery"
My point then was more a people in glass houses should not throw stones. There is a difference between clinical trials existing and #EBM as I know from having been on the payer side where business-minded clinicians' narrative advances ahead of science:…
That was from 2013. This is a bit more recent. Fact is all of it is kinda shady. The group of guys whose livelihoods seemed to be related to these types of things did not seem amused & were "where does she work"? It is a common #MedTwitter bullying tactic…
I drank the Kool-Aid but not too much. I was pragmatic..and figured it could be a huge money sink. I did not know they charge you first then give you script then you find out not $3K but $12K for meds & you are then stuck having paid for procedure

So, yeah, when I'm down $40K and experienced risks I was not prepped for in "female health" is yet seems to be controlled by men, I will feel I have a valid opinion to offer on IVF & fertility + my MPH was in clinical effectiveness. I get data…
Before reproductive endocrinologists start having a pile on about "Not #EBM) acupuncture, how about take responsibility for what unmeasured consequences of, non-EBM treatments they are doing called "science"?

Just saying fair is fair it:…
I am so used to a pretty safe, respectful professional space within @LinkedIn vs I repeatedly run into issues with super ego driven docs unwilling to be questioned on #MedTwitter

Whereas LinkedIn, I've successful raised money for this hackathon instead

Massive difference
While @LinkedIn helps me get to $20K fundraising goal for prize money in a female-led & antiracist #hackathon vs #MedTwitter gets each other fired over tweets. (Have I made reports to review committees? Yes if is faculty & trainees tell me they want to report but afraid).
Mostly now on Twitter I create long threads as a version of a “reflection piece” & an occasional #FF engagement. Prefer @LinkedIn as a woman & WOC physician who speaks frankly, likes data, & verified/vetted facts. I ❤️ learning. Many peers here for reputation management/metrics.
So on my “Female Lead” repost on @LinkedIn (covered in article of initial tweet)

I got >13K views

A sample below (all public)

A very thoughtful & robust discussion IMHO

What is not to like? #womeninleadership #womeninbusiness #womeninSTEM ImageImageImageImage
Compare to #MedTwitter “so and so is not allowed in this thread” and “don’t talk to her” by either gender that feels like I stepped into Mean Girls movie

Like, literally, this is #MedTwitter in a 2:30 min movie trailer (add upspeak for effect)

Sadly, the folks on here exclusively to counter anti-vaxx (apart from the ones using #TikTok & being creative) actually are almost indistinguishable, in methods, from their supposed foes

I ended down a hole pursuing #blackintheivory professionalism policing gone wrong
@AmerAcadPeds tells us to come online for #VaccinesWork but what protection when death threats? Then when @ZDoggMD was helping (I hear)

the “don’t talk to him/her” policing was ostracizing Zdogg

w/out helping the #tweetiatrician getting death threats…
All I know is I can’t keep track of these cliques. I went to an all girls high school & never learned this high school behavior of #MedTwitter

I just focus on learning, data, facts, transparency, standards - I speak frankly

I do great on @LinkedIn per metrics and the otherwise ImageImageImageImage
The other early experience I had on #MedTwitter was with a group of “Fed is Best” and OMG. Per them WHO is x, y, z (very anti-WHO) and there is even a belief breastfeeding “causes” autism

OMG. I just can’t

There are some things prefer not to know about peers’ non-EBM beliefs
I don’t win these “I need to get #SoMe metrics to add to my academic promotion packet” of #MedTwitter popularity contests

I am me. Messy, imperfect, out of boxes others drew, tweets too much me. (And maybe the wrong color ..just sayin’)

With due respect to surgeons (the nice ones..they exist!) #pandemic meant #MedTwitter was full of cranky surgeons & anesthesiologists unable to do their work

& obsessing on controlling via #SoMe (we all had cabin fever)

I worried about the babies like… ImageImageImage
by babies.. I mean trainees & med students (no disrespect intended)

anyhoo, #MedTwitter got super weird with even someone faking a death?

Doctors are weird - known fact, apparently

was hanging out in @AmerAcadPeds so long I was unprepared

+Goldfarb “pronoun” stuff - what? ImageImage
Whereas this is what is in my @LinkedIn feed. I love it. #technology #equity #healthpolicy #WomeninBusiness - I learn what is getting funded and then can do a better job knowing how to raise money for causes ImageImageImageImage
And if I can make a difference in how someone in the C-suite thinks like this here on @LinkedIn

that unlocks 💰💰💰

All my tweeting & writing #MedEd curricula.. it’s nice and all

I happen to keep writing curricula for free as unpaid faculty

But that is not sustainable Image
That post is this #podcast by @becker_sbecker
I connected with Scott Becker via @LinkedIn itself
Now need to schedule my 3rd appearance
after this one stayed at #1 for nearly a full year (now at #4)
Despite how verbose I am, kept it to 12 min…
I also love that on @LinkedIn, a platform of decision makers with control of millions to billions of 💰, opportunities to share my reach with a #Blackqueen like @askdrfatima

because maybe some of her awesome work could get better funded? Maybe she’ll get another speaking invite? Image
What access do we have
that we can share
in a way to get💰💰💰 to the right ppl?

I am a former regulator payer so I also am willing to identify harm & waste - to free up 💰💰💰needed to redirect to equity

Cuz budgets are not limitless. To grow one may need to cut another
When I say identify waste, I mean this

This is a brain pretzel:

there is a “anti-fraud/waste” business narrative of some in compliance

that is an expansion of business model like below
that is itself waste
(policing food stamps)

Manufacture fear/anger vs “welfare queen”
There are types of policing both:

1-harm (blocking access to food stamps + forcing additional testing on those below poverty line)

2-waste (money spent to pay vendor “catch” something not even present)

If Harm + waste = cut ASAP

Vs these not good cuts…
Cuts are coming.

I just saw the tweet that ORs are closing again as hospitals get overwhelmed again.

Two periods of no/reduced surgeries in the same fiscal year?

That guts the entire #healthcare #businessmodel. #COVID19 #pandemic…
We know Black doctors & academics face this

(I face it much less but still experience some)

The more exposure of decision makers on @LinkedIn to #blackexcellence

the better chance to protect from cuts or to grow & protect (from biases) if “I know her”…
I recently spoke with a Black male executive - he asked me why I was getting yet another degree

But given what @askdrfatima describes in the article above, he got it

If I were to align with flawed system incentives as so called “model minority”, no need

do right thing need 💰
As a community health pediatrician, I could only do as much as I could get done.

Some kinds of access, like “an elite MBA” puts me next to people who can increase impact & scope

and/or allow autonomy as a start up founder

What if I could be like…
So when you get asked via a platform like @LinkedIn for a #podcast like this with @Ackermanjay of @reveleer ...…
Suggest the name of an accomplished, credentialed, brilliant #blackqueen and #blackexcellence doctor-researcher so that you can expand opportunities for all @askdrfatima @reveleer @Ackermanjay

I learned SO much listening to this! 🧠 💪🏾 👩🏽‍🏫👩🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏽‍🔬…
My chat with @ETSshow on @LinkedIn as a doctor

I was glued to #MedTwitter as pandemic rising for up to the minute updates - and I transferred that info to #LinkedIn which earned me my most recent “Top Voice” award…

• • •

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20 Oct
I'm always amused by sales or marketing or communication professionals attempt to sell to me how I need their help, how I need their protection, etc or it could be "mutual benefit" to connect. Oh, then what is your rank for what you are paid to do and attempting to charge me for? ImageImage
Why am I able to outpace, by far, sales, marketing, and communication professionals? What is it they are teaching you wrong in school and/or you are unable to apply for success in real life?

Likely, the answer is: authenticity
Lived experience
Open communication
Yes, metrics matter
Yes, reputation needs to be protected
But as we see happening with Dr. Fauci, those who wish to suppress science-based information (that they find embarrassing or wish to hide) will malign the person speaking about verifiable facts. Blowback does happen.
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19 Oct
OMG. How amazing! Turn jumbled thoughts on #AI & #FutureofWork into vision, articulate, recruit superstar team, pitch to @MITvsCOVID19 & get included, hundreds sign up + #blackexcellence on systems thinking @MIT @MITSloan #Hack4theFuture #COVID19…
Mea culpa: Rulebreaker/boundary-defier of the cookie-cutter #marketing best practices (yet am a top 1% influencer status for #healthcare so 🤷‍♀️) yes, I admit we have a range of logos within a color family. If you are bothered, I invite you accept a diversity of colors ;-)
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19 Oct
Much of this is familiar: "This made me that Black, gay resident once again. The same attending ..called me by the wrong name.. confusing me for the only other Black resident in our program,,When I approached him about it privately, he 'didn’t want to speak about this.'"
I have never been in a setting where my name was correctly used without my being interchangeable with another BIPOC. Every single workplace, I am not me. My name is not mine. My identity is not mine. It is whatever others need from me that moment for their work/metrics.
What #Blackexcellence experiences on top of what all BIPOC experience, of being an object, token, dehumanized, is the long history of legal dehumanization through slavery that remains embedded today in institutions and cultures. That's why #BLM has to be said specifically.
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19 Oct
So true. The #pandemic has revealed whose inability to cope with disruption & loss of (false sense of) control results in their need to assert online control of others

I see so much uptick of low value & harmful policing behaviors. It is waste

We could solve problems at scale
I fully believe that those who harm others through control are suffering themselves. Most forms of abuse, including overcontrol and overpolicing are from own anxiety, fear, inability to feel safe -> control over others

But instead of spreading fear, could focus on solutions
It requires a tolerance of risk and growth mindset to thrive and stay creative in chaos, disruption

..amid constant failure of what should be trusted systems and authorities

Those who experienced the least harm from (even then harmful) systems are the most unable to cope now
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19 Oct
Stuff like this makes my day.. week
Teach girls & women to try & fail
Be brave, not perfect

(Women have joined the team then had to step away. I support their having tried)

I hate saying no

So if I could not support her to participate, created an alternate opportunity ImageImageImageImage
This is the @TEDTalks by @reshmasaujani… - as a South Asian woman I especially love this as both heritage & "model minority' teaches perfection (which is a fear-based goal, fear of failure with metrics that are external rather than internal mission/goals)
It is my personal mission to teach girls & for model for
women not to allow anyone to box them in or define the boundaries of their talent, achievement, humanity
Be messy
Try & fail
Start something & leave it unfinished
Write code that does not run
Be "too"..
..much Image
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18 Oct
My gratitudes for this week.
-Just got back and had 3 messages waiting for me from people who got things done on #Hackathon work. Also more money was raised. I can build a team, activate folks, & they will get things done... with joy.
-OMG the flowers were SO pretty today!!!...
..-My rent in Boston came down $400
-my classmates are waiting for me to arrive to do stuff together
-part of why I have so much stuff is each card and show program is a cherished memory but I can let go of the "stuff" and keep the memories
-I get to work with amazing faculty...
-I know I already said this but I came back to find work already done (albeit as assigned). Like OMG. It's beautiful. Like leave with anxiety, come back calmer, find work done. Minus the anxiety, could everyday end like this?
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