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1/ THREAD: The Spiritual Dimensions of #QAnon - In order to understand this, you need to transcend your own thinking, or expand your thinking and take the 40,000 ft view, as Q is fond of saying.
2/ By this, I mean to say that it doesn't matter what you, I or we believe. It matters what *they* believe. And *they* can believe some very silly things. Elites gobble up the new age gobbledygook like podestas at a pizza party.
3/ Let's assume the elites are very much in line with the Pike Doctrine of duality - that there is one God (Adonai), and another god (Lucifer). This can mean that there are no other gods, or Lucifer is using other deities as a culturally specific avatar.
4/Long story short: Lucifer holds the keys to power in this dimension, and if you want a spot in the pyramid, you'll have to make some sacrifices. Figuratively, and literally.
5/ And so the elites pursue their place in the great pyramid structure built on various systems of control including money, energy and the social sciences. In order to join this structure, you must provide a means of mutually assured destruction.
6/ Let's say you enter the pyramid through the world of finance. You will be asked to do things on a basic financial level that violate your conscience - funding wars, crashing currencies, creating human suffering for profit.
7/ Eventually you prove your worth to the higher ups because you're willing to do what it takes to earn a profit. Your conscience has been sufficiently seared, and you're ready to take that first step up the pyramid of control.
8/ In order to take that first step up the pyramid, you must provide the higher ups with assurance. This could be as simple as sending some nude photos, or getting marked in a way that could come back to haunt you, should you break rank and leave the pack.…
9/ In short, you must prove that you are blackmail-able. The height to which you rise in the pyramid is limited only by your willingness to be blackmailed. You must prove your worth through increasingly reprehensible activities.
10/ This is the glue that binds: blackmail information. It is a keystone of sorts. The information they have on each other is what keeps the power structure together.
11/ If you were a primary collector of this blackmail information, imagine how powerful you would become.…
12/ We already know that one three letter agency was used by a certain president in order to collect blackmail information, while protecting his secret proclivities.…
13/ Or imagine if you were a spouse of one of these blackmailed people, would outsiders even believe you if you came forward as a whistleblower? Your content is so far outside the normal person's frame of reference, they cannot integrate it.

14/ Remember the rule of the pyramid: The heights to which you ascend is directly correlated to the level of degeneracy you are willing to participate in. More degeneracy = more initiation = more knowledge = more power = more control.
15/ As a member of this secret group, you would need some way to convey membership to insiders that is totally oblivious to outsiders. So you hide your inclinations in hand gestures and symbols that have one meaning to outsiders, but another to initiates.…
16/ Instead of recruiting from the base of the pyramid, you could also target current elites who can step into this power structure at a higher level because they are already heads of their own pyramids.…
17/ Remember - the pyramid is a system of control: Banking, Energy and Social Sciences (Roths, Saudis, Soros). It's a system of control to keep you in a fear based state. Remember that word - FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real.

18/ Think for a minute about all the human suffering in the world. Pollution. Earthquakes. Famine. Disease. Cancer. War. Child abuse. Human trafficking. Torture. Suffering. Agony. Tears. Sorrow. Who is the Harvester of all this Sorrow?
19/ What is this pyramid harvesting, exactly, and for what purpose?
20/ Consider for a moment the words "Power in the Blood". Many religions involve blood sacrifice. Why?…
21/ What happens to your body when you experience trauma? Does your blood get infused with extra hormones as your fight/flight response is triggered? And if someone was consuming that blood, how do they benefit, spiritually and physically?

22/ Have you ever thought about the entire supply chain of your meat, for example? Most people can't stomach watching animals being slaughtered, yet we can dine on steaks, totally oblivious to the underlying realities of our food supply chain. How?
23/ Or, have you ever thought about the irony of how the toys and clothes you buy for your children were probably made by a child in another country? How do we reconcile this incongruity?

24/ Can you see the conflict of interest when companies that contribute to disease are also providers of remedies and cures? GDP goes up faster if you're treated for the rest of your life rather than cured.…
25/ The three sides to the pyramid outlined by #QAnon are: Banking (Roths), Energy+Tech (Saud) and Social Sciences (Soros). What do all three have in common? Energy. Or, more specifically, your life energy.
26/ Take Money for example. Money doesn't exist. Money is now debt. Debt is a claim against wealth. Fiat is born of nothing. It is an entry into a ledger. Money is artificially scarce because of interest. So you are forever chasing $$ to pay debt.
27/ Money is a claim against your life energy. You trade your life energy for money to repay debt plus interest. Central bank interest rates (Roths) determine how easily you can repay principal plus interest.…
28/ Energy (Saud) - Oil is simply decayed biomass that reached the planet, accumulated, died off, and was trapped in sediment. It is, in essence, a store of energy, or sunlight that was captured by ancient biomass.
29/ You might think that #Peakoil is a thing of the past, but consider that new discoveries are stagnant while production continues to climb with population. No wonder we are seeing slavery and human trafficking emerge again.
30/ One side of the pyramid (Saud) controls the production of energy via OPEC quotas. The price of oil and gasoline goes up, and you expend more life energy to get $$ to buy oil energy. Saud controls how easy/difficult it is for you to leverage internal combustion.
31/ The third side of the pyramid: Social Sciences (Soros) influences the collective thinking process. This determines which ideas are acceptable and not. Entire governments can be overthrown with a well crafted ideological color revolution. Chaos = Cash.
32/ What LITERALLY sits on top of the pyramid? The benben stone. Made from granite. Covered in gold leaf to reflect the rays of the sun.
33/ What is a keystone? It the central stone that sits on top of an arch, and has the added properties of locking all the stones together. How? Through the force of gravity.
34/ Capstone, Keystone, Cornerstone - all very similar, each serving a different purpose.
35/ #QAnon gave us the definition of keystone. Key, as in NSA. Stone as in "We the people".…
36/ The NSA knows all. It has all the emails. #QAnon asked why Rogers met with Trump - this is why. He brought Trump up to speed. Everything is known, but the details are likely so shocking that the public won't be able to process it. Hence the bread crumbs.
37/ When the elites have a "problem", such as a dead girlfriend or boyfriend, or some other damaging bit of info, who do they turn to in order to fix it?…
38/ Blood. Red Cross. Blackmail. Fear. Adrenachrome. Loosh. What are they harvesting, and why?
39/ I'll tell you why. This world is and has been ruled by an ancient Babylonian cult of toddler gobbling cannibals who worship their god who is emboldened by the energies released through violence. Order from chaos.…
40/ How many tens of millions of innocents have already been sacrificed to this god?
41/ You can literally see this ancient god manifest as one of his loyal servants is triggered by the name of Jesus.

42/ Put yourself in Trump's shoes. You become President and the NSA hands you some info that is so shocking, the public wouldn't be able to believe it. The entire bureaucracy, while still full of good people, has been compromised by bad actors in key positions, with knives out.
43/ Your main weapon is the truth. Everything he tweets seems to be proven true with time. Every response by the media is the same: ridicule (as per Alinsky's Rules for Radicals).
44/ NOW, consider how #QAnon and Jesus are similar in terms of trying to redpill even their most loyal followers. I'm not saying #QAnon=Jesus. I am saying Jesus' parables were the memes of his time, especially in an oral based culture.
45/ Here's Jesus trying to #redpill his disciples with "The truth shall set you free". Disciples response: "LOL WUT? We've never been slaves, Jesus, wut r u going on about?" #Facepalm
46/ Our challenge is this. Jesus' memes were parables. In our age, we are dealing with shorter attention spans. Awash in useless information, our modern brains have a much narrower window of opportunity for red pills to lead to revelation. THEY have symbolism. We have memes.
47/ Faced with shorter attention spans, it is unlikely that a single #redpill will lead to an instantaneous awakening. Rather, it is like a medication that must build up in one's body in order to have an effect over time. This is what bread crumbs are.
48/ The best way to build up the redpill drug in the collective mind is to use the Socratic, Hegelian or dialectical method. We've seen this formula at work: Trump does something, media pounces, says it's not true, media forced to eat crow when it does turn out to be true.
49/ Remember Trump's slurred speech during the Jerusalem announcement? The media took the bait. Response: Trump will take a medical and release the records. Will his critics do the same? Ever wonder WTH Pelosi, McCain et al are on?…
50/ Every bread crumb is an invitation to go on a hero's journey. I'm referring to the literary device that's so prevalent in our storytelling.…
51/ Now that we got that out of the way, let's begin. #QAnon said "Pictures unlock deal that was presented (By HRC) that was declined (by Q's group)". The first picture posted is of Pope John Paul II. Also note the upside down cross.
52/ Who wears an upside down cross? (Keep in mind, it could be an optical illusion)…
53/ The 2nd photo posted by #QAnon is a painting by Swedish artist Mårten Eskil Winge, depicting Thor wielding his hammer, or Mjölnir, against the giants.…
54/ #QAnon's depiction of Thor's Hammer could be a literal reference to Project Hammer. What's that got to do with PJP2? The economic warfare that brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Reference this:… )
55/ For those who want to dig deeper, here's some source material on Project Hammer…
56/ Next up, we see photos of Hillary from the Life magazine interview. This interview springboarded her into the spotlight. It was her start. It was 1969.…
57/ That HRC Life Interview was just after her Wellesley commencement address, where this former Goldwater Girl basically came out as a social justice warrior. The newswires ere blazing, and LIFE followed up the story with an interview.…
58/ 3 weeks ago, #QAnon mentioned the Lord's prayer, Now, Pope Frankie wants to change the words. Coincidence?…
59/ Engage your autism... Pope JP2. Thor's Hammer. Young HRC (note the hands). Baby Chelsea. Skippy (ring) & Huma. Obama's muslim ring. Obama with Post American World book. HRC with Rockefeller and Are We Alone book by Davies. Angela Merkel's hand gestures - same as young HRC.
60/ #QAnon seems to suggest HRC offered to spill the beans on the Vatican Regime Change in exchange for some protections for Rockefeller, Bill, Chelsea, Barry, Huma, Skippy and others.…
61/ Remember, that picture of HRC is from LIFE magazine. She is making a finger pyramid gesture. While Merkel does the "hand vagina", or inverted pyramid. As above, so below. Male/female union will yield.....
62/ .... The two triangles in union will birth the Cube, or the black cube, as in Saturn, the black cube cult. Where is the world's most famous black cube? Mecca? Whih country? Remember: 40,000 ft view.…
63/ Before continuing, let's pause for a quick commercial break. Many thanks to the anon who made this.
64/ Why did #QAnon choose that specific painting of Thor? Look closer at his belt.…
65/ The swastika on Thor's belt was possibly a shout out to the altright's role in keeping HRC out of the office of President. Hollywood is already trying to re-craft the Norse narrative into a more politically correct format.…
66b/ Just doing a quick repair of the thread. The thread continues on...
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