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I’m not black but I do get brown in the summer so pardon me if I seem to be speaking out of turn here.

I have a black niece I love with all my heart & am disgusted with her idiot mother pushing her into the #BlackLivesMatter Marxism crap!

I will explain to her from a different

It was democrats who infused slavery into America. It was democrats who tried to destroy the Union to keep this abominable institution in place under cover of “States Rights”! It was democrats who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and segregation. It was democrats who nearly
defeated the Civil Rights and Voting legislation of the sixties.

And yet, thru deliberate miseducation and outright indoctrination, black citizens have largely blamed and continue to blame old, white fat republicans for the shitty state of minority quality of life and political
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Wayfair again.
Either their tech is mind-bogglingly bad, they are massively price-gouging OR they are a money laundering machine.
(2nd pic is from google search results)
h/t email.
link to listing in next tweet. ImageImage
Link to the overpriced toilet:…
just sayin.
I checked to see if she's been found and don't see anything.
She's from Washington:… Image
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@realDonaldTrump threatens to militarize America if governors don't comply w/ bringing the national guard in? martial law?


protect yourselves we r given the right to bare arms to protect ourselves from our own govmnt…
take a gander at the next illuminati playing cards
strtng w/ 'Upheaval' which is the riots in my lower thread here

mind u, these came out in the 80's
#BlackLivesMatter #GreatAwakeningWorldwide


it leads to destruction of our world that is yours
make it as beautiful as your soul
#BlackLivesMatter #WakeUpAmerica………
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今日の安倍の辞任発表が2年デルタであった事を友人のyoutuber @andweknow と共に確認致しましたのでお伝えします☺️🍿
我ら 人類
@intheMatrixxx @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump
Qドロップ/Qmapにしばしば登場する “Sum of all fears”(恐怖の総和/トータル・フィアーズ)という映画のタイトルがあります
(あらすじ)…朝鮮半島で作られた核爆弾が ボルチモアを吹き飛ばし大統領は脅迫を受けた。その後ウクライナで別の兵器が作られているのを発見し..

実は数時間前 トランプ大統領の演説の最後に流れた歌はなんとこの"ネッサム・ドルマ"でした
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On the final day of DNC, here's my full thread on "everything" D party stands for I posted about in the past. Starting here....all roads lead to the D party. Share the thread.
The history of the DNC Logo. Host city theme leading to 2012 "united around Obama" - their King. 2016, ironically signifying 'freedom'. 2020: A target in "D" pointing to US map in O...'targeting America'. They want their control back.
The warnings about the Fifth column going back decades.
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Reading viewer letters about their awakening to how the word really works. Ep 2
This is a @bitchute exclusive!
Be sure to subscribe while you're there.
*meant to type "world" but "word" works, too. 🙏
see the very bottom line on Twitter's censorship attempt? you can click the word 'continue' and guess what? it lets you continue. Image
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Eugenics .. Gates, the WHO, Gynuity, Tetanus Vaccine, etc.
This woman exposes how Western Predators are attacking Africa with their "public health" program.
via @YouTube
PS I love her. I want to meet her. Someday 😍
obviously I mean in a purely platonic and sisterly way. :)
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Will Sommers was Henry VIII’s court jester.

This Will Somer runs a pretty good line of counterQ propaganda bullshit with a few creative flourishes to drive HIS AGENDA - dismiss & discredit #Q #QAnon

QAnon hijacks #savethechildren hashtag: report #FoxNews
@FoxNews has never gone into the details of #Qanon, #QResearch, #QArmy or any of our most popular and prolific analysts.

Timing is very interesting here. @FoxNews puts a more professionally sounding and looking hit piece together only after Twitter & Facebook go on a vile jihad
against these now silenced fine Patriots.

I’m certain there are three Q adherents within the ranks of FoxNews on air personalities but I will not out them. The time isn’t right.

Regardless of the media outlet, those tryna diminish the Q Movement always go after the people and
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Mess with the best, die like the rest.
[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.
[44] remaining.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Save the best for last.
Q Image
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Michael Fickess - 7.07.20 @ 12:19 AM


I saw William J. Seymour in the Spirit tonight and he was holding a large key ring with golden keys on it and I heard the Lord say to me, "William J. Seymour has the keys." 1/
As soon as I heard this, I felt it was a strategy to combat the enemy's plan to sow racial hatred, fear, and division in this nation. I was immediately reminded that the Azusa Street revival that begin in Los Angeles in 1906 defied every racial barrier and ... 2/
created a diverse expression of the kingdom of heaven on earth--a testimony that stood against the prevailing segregation and racism of the time. It is clear that the enemy wants to remind us of every old wound and new wound right now to stir up fear and hatred. 3/
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#NWO 🤡🕷️🕸️
What does #Soros Xi [C]h[i]n[a] #Bush Kissinger Putin Russia Israel UK #Ukraine Roths MOS #RedCross OSS/ C_A #CFR and #OpiumWars have to do with everything?
#DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊#QArmyTeam @POTUS

40K View ✈️

👉THREAD read & R/T🐸

H/t @EyeDropMedia meme
1.#China was always the [#DS] cabal US economic and Military replacement #DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊
George #Soros Announces #China Must Lead The #NWO H/T @RedDragonFly for Link… via @yournewswire

Full vid interview
2. Did Ya know? #Darktolight
In 1969 #Soros created t #QuantaumFund Main Investor was a #Rothschild 🧐
Quantum Funds…
Soros to close Quantum fund to outsiders…
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The Vril Association, or Luminous Lodge, was the first German nationalist group to use the swastika symbol as a symbol of Eastern and Western cohesion.

The Viril Society presented the idea of ​​an underground socialist utopia run by superior beings who controlled the mysterious energy called the Viril force.

The novel Bulwer Lytton The Coming Race (1871), a novel, states that the Vril ya civilization lived in caves in
the center of the earth and that they would soon appear to reign over us.

The vril Association believed that whoever became a vril Master, would be his own master and the others around him and the world.
It was believed that the world would change and that "owners" would
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old friends want to save the world

(رشته توييت از تصاوير و ويديوها)

3) ImageImage
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New Human Update:

Friends, if you remember and read my tweet about the great solar flash,
In that tweet, I mentioned that with the arrival of this flash to Earth,

in a short time the Earth and we humans, who were in dimension 3, will enter dimension 5.
(What's the difference between 3, 4, and 5? Please read my tweet about the great solar flash.)

Researchers say Saturn and Uranus' solar flares have been affected, Jupiter has been
affected, and Neptune has been affected.
Mars shows signs, and we who live on Earth feel affected in many ways, and the Earth shows signs of being involved in the collision .
Friends , the poles are changing, and climate change, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes
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Todays thread Wed Jun 24, 2020
Some great themes
Is about The People's General.
They never thought she would lose.
Memes are important.
Welcome to the Digital Battlefield.
Take the oath.
MIL-CIV Alliance.
Barry Soetoro & Joe Biden 18 USC §2381 Treason &
§2384 Sedition Conspiracy
The People's General.
The Digital Soldier's General.
The Information Space General.
General Flynn, we are at your service and ready for battle, SIr!
God Bless our *** Gen Flynn!
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1. Thanks to @RealWriteWinger & @sdesla I've learned of a new swamp outlet:
They are extortionists sort of - using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to push businesses out of business unless they take the knee.
2. "B-Corp certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab"
#technology #SDGs
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Okay Americans and People everywhere. I’m never going to buy this crap.

#BlackLivesMatter movement was born on a lie. The grievances ar legitimate without a doubt.

Latest solutions are completely counter to improving security and safety in the cities.

I’m noticing @FoxNews
has taken to referring to all protests going on today as “George Floyd” protests.

Of course, race hustler Al Sharpton is planning a big day in DC in late August. Allows him time to fleece the foolish and extort the cowardly.

There is almost no talk about the extreme leftist
groups having hijacked the moment, so either the communist agitators have left the field out of fear, or they are hiding among the peaceful, or is it fearful, demonstrators.

The outrage against American law enforcement has spread across the world at about the same speed as the
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Parts :



Anshars is a unique ancient civilization with a density of 4 (meaning the fourth dimension)
They are human beings of the future.

#Qmap #QAnon #facts
In their main schedule and during the transition to the fourth dimension, they began to experience the "Mandela effect".

(Mandela's work is an unusual phenomenon in which a person remembers something different from how it happened (in fact, you have experienced an event,
but after a while when you want to define it, it happens in a different way. theorists believe that this proof is a parallel world.)
They returned to 17-18 million BC to reach their starting point to maintain their schedule.
Over time, a small group of them traveled to
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Q thread. Yes MI planned. Five steps ahead confirmed. Thanks for playing. Have a nice day. Trump tweet. [Antifa] organized and funding [D]&[F]. Light a fire and flush them out into the open. Those awake know. #WWG1WGA
How does [Antifa] play into our hands? The above MI reference is the absolute Biggest inside drop this board will Ever Receive. Planned.
POTUS action coming. They want race wars.... They want you Divided. For God and Country. Learn. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️✝️✝️
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Akashic records:

Some people refer to Akashic Records as a large library, and some to a large database.
But Akasha is higher than the dimensions in which we live.
I know, it's weird.

#QAnon #Qmap
#Fact ImageImage
In Akasha, every thought, idea, and action is stored in the past, present, and future.
Basically, Akashic Records is like a database of what's happening all over the world.
Akash's background is essentially a history of what is happening, will happen, or has happened. Image
Because it is higher in size, the rules of time do not apply to it. So the information from 2000 years ago is just as accessible to you as it was yesterday.

Researchers say that everything has its own record. Your soul has an record, your home has an record, your dog, even
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In two parts
The first part : 25 tweets.


Three Waves of Volunteers and New Land:
(Searchers - Builders - Miracle Workers)

#Qmap #QAnon #Fact
#WWG1WGA ImageImage
To make this point better, I used the contents If Jasmuheen’s book “The Law of Love & Its Fabulous Frequency of Freedom”

1.Lotus children
2.Nili children
3.Crystal children

During this century, different patterns of humanity have been born, and each model has a specific Image
LOTUS kids:
Children who are eager to find inner and outer peace and only with their own knowledge, and they begin their work by resorting to Eastern mysticism. Their mission was to be miracle workers and to lay the foundations for a new millennium of peaceful Image
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16 Parts :


Ancient Artificial intelligence (A.I) :

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science that involves the construction of

#QAnons #QAnon
#Qmap ImageImage
intelligent machines that are capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence.

Less than a decade after “Alan Turing” broke the German encryption device "Enigma" and helped the Allied Powers to win World War II, Alan Turing,a famous mathematician changed Image
history for the second time with a simple question:

"Can machins think?"

“Jeremy Achin”, CEO of DataRobot, began his speech at the 2017 AI Experience Conference in Japan with the following definition of how to use AI:
"AI is a computer system that can do things that Image
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series of tweets I've written about the contents of the Great Awakening Map

#QAnons #QAnon

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ImageImageImage
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