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Poor people debate, they cannot put any money where their mouth is, they need to convince many other poor people to be economically relevant

Rich people invest, build, shape the world. The result is not always good, but there's a result, that's something

There may be more than one cause-effect relationship. Certainly not an easy task. But Bizantine discussions w/ ultracrepidarian poor people seems one of the worst ways to waste a life. Don't do that.

Stop talking - opinions
Start building - reality

The new name for responsibility is ownership. Own your life. Honor your words.

For serious issues, a doctor may patch you, don't try surgery at home. Diet, exercise, habits,…, health & well-being: that's on you.

Take action, you owe it to yourself.

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Trump asked the Saudis to turn up their production by 2 million barrels a day as if:

- It was a knob they could be easily adjusted even if the oil was available.
- KSA isn't already at peak production they have never surpassed 10.5 million barrels a day. What they do now.
Gahwar oil field (biggest in the world) in Saudi Arabia discovered in early 30s has been continuously used since then. They have to pump millions of gallons of sea water into one side of it to push the oil out the other. Unless you think Oil can renew itself KSA is at #PeakOil
Here is a thread I created on #PeakOil based on an excellent article I came across but I've been studying the concept since I was a teenager. It won't be the only cause of America's decline but it will be one of the biggest and most dramatic.
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THREAD: 1/ Alberta's Economy - How we got to now. #ableg #abgov #Alberta
2/ Forget your idealizations about Peter Lougheed. He was a great man. This story begins in the late 1990's with the Federal Liberals under Jean Chretien and his Minister of Natural Resources, Anne Mclennan.…
3/ Anne Mclellan (@DalChancellor) likely had a greater impact on the trajectory of Alberta's Economic prosperity than any other politician in history. OK, maybe we'll place her next to Saint Ralph Klein, God Rest His Soul.
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1/ THREAD: The Spiritual Dimensions of #QAnon - In order to understand this, you need to transcend your own thinking, or expand your thinking and take the 40,000 ft view, as Q is fond of saying.
2/ By this, I mean to say that it doesn't matter what you, I or we believe. It matters what *they* believe. And *they* can believe some very silly things. Elites gobble up the new age gobbledygook like podestas at a pizza party.
3/ Let's assume the elites are very much in line with the Pike Doctrine of duality - that there is one God (Adonai), and another god (Lucifer). This can mean that there are no other gods, or Lucifer is using other deities as a culturally specific avatar.
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