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Anyone else starting to see a pattern at @Marvel lately? Are all their superheroes surfing the #LGBTQ “rainbow wave” or are their writers just out of fresh ideas?

#LGBTQMCU #MCU #comics #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #marvelisoverparty
It’s not ALL gay. Galactica has a daughter and she’s pregnant...

The silver age of comics wasn’t even this dumb.

#facepalm #marvelisoverparty #Marvel #marvelcomics
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.@RevolutBusiness used @PPS_er to provide bank details in the past. I've sent a transfer to old Revolut's acc number (which is PPS number). Money is missing. Revolut told me "wrong no, we cannot help, contact PPS". I did. Today PPS said "Contact Revolut, it's their acc no". WTF..
1) 26th Jun 2020 - I've sent money to Revolut Account using PPS provided acc details
2) 3rd Jul 2020 - money not there, contacted Revolut. They told me that nothing they can do, I need to contact sending bank
3) Many attempts from @SVB_Financial to recall transfer, all denied
4) Notified Revolut that the transfer is not being recalled... They finally gave me the name of their partner in crime, PPS. I got told I need to contact them as Revolut doesn't work with them anymore
5) 17 Aug 2020 - I've contacted PPS fraud team
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“Why do companies ask data structure&algorithm questions? It’s not like you’d use this day to day...”

At my past 3 companies - Skype/Microsoft, Skyscanner, Uber - I needed to use them to write some code, and *especially* to understand things. Here’s some examples. A thread.
At Skype, building Skype for Xbox One, the platform was missing a bunch of basic libraries. We built a navigation framework on top of WinJS that needed to keep track, and in some cases, traverse the DOM tree. #Trees, #DFS, #BFS
Also at Skype, one of the devs was obsessed with performance. For the contact list sorting, he built his own algo. I used the O(n) approach to tell him why this was silly. Then built a faster version. Then we benchmarked the built-in sort which was faster #sorting #facepalm
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I have yet to a see a streamer who is able to stream consistently without getting excessively racist.

Don't stream! Record.. edit... and then put the video on.
In Australia, they actually had an official program where white settlers would "marry" (if you could call it that) women from the first nations to "breed out" the indigenous "genes"

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It is really way past the time, the American left outgrow Chomsky.

The latest truth out article was pretty bad in ways I can't even explain.…
It's the leftist version of "stronger better bridges."

How are people going to confront corporate-state power is the challenge.

"The kinds of activism that worked in the past" wtf does it even mean?
Then there is the absolutely misleading and irresponsible "bothsidesing" about US and Russia and the nuclear treaty.

There is no credible case that Russia has not lived upto it.
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Ah, I see the new narrative will be to blame the state (aka civil service) if brexit isn't marvellous ... of course, if it is marvellous then that will be entirely down to Gov of the day / Biz despite "the state" ... yawn.
... as one of those "reformists" behind the "better for less" paper (2010), it helps if people understand the importance of the civil service and why "business" and the imported dogma of outsourcing had created a mess ...
... critical in improving Gov are two key components - transparency and challenge - which is why Spend Control is so important.

Gearing up a narrative of "let us blame the state if brexit fails" is such a #facepalm
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The legend TVG created the ragam Thendral தென்றல் - sa ma1 da1 sa - sa da1 ma1 ri1 sa - in yesterday’s concert I planned on singing this, ended up adding pa to both aro/Ava, the result was sa ma1 pa da1 sa - sa da1 pa ma1 ri1 sa - decided to call it Pudiya Thendral புதியதென்றல்
At the Indian Fine Arts I wanted to sing the Dr BMK creation Mahati, ended up singing the wrong Ga - so another raga was born - sa ga2 pa ni2 sa, sa ni2 pa ga2 sa - after much discussion/thinking decided to call it Murali #ragaevolution
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Čokolády v blockchaine alebo Čo vie a čo nevie blockchain?

Vlákno 🔽🔽🔽
Nedávno sa prehnala internetom nenápadná správa, že slovenská čokoláda Lyra sa spojila so slovenskou blockchainovou firmou Decent a vyrobili prvú blockchain čokoládu.…
Keďze bežný "Franta uživatel" netuší, čo je to blockchain, a už duplom nie čo je to blockchainová čokoláda, začítajme sa, čo o tom píšu samotní *autori*. Bude to dlhšie, ale vydržte na konci čaká sladká odmena...

(zvýraznenia sú moje)
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#FacePalm Bariatric
More kids should get weight-loss surgery, even some preteens, pediatricians say… via @statnews
@statnews Bariatric surgery = nutrition deprived forever.

Teens should be taught to eat healthy, nutrition rich foods in proper quantities, exercise daily, finde new outdoor physical activities to enjoy, & get 8 hrs of sleep nightly.
@statnews @BabeReflex_8 🤦‍♀️
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Less than a month is left to the commemoration of the #HitlerStalinPact, that opened gates to the Second World War in #Europe! Those two bastards created hell on Earth or #Bloodlands to use @TimothyDSnyder term. #NeverForget… via @guardian
@TimothyDSnyder @guardian The neglected history of the #WarsawUprising. "Churchill & Roosevelt wanted to keep Stalin happy, thus they endorsed his lies about @katyn1940. Roosevelt apologized to Stalin when the exiled 🇵🇱 govmt. demanded @ifrc investigation of the crime!"… via @WSJ
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Ce sondage est très instructif : près de 9 personnes sur 10 pensent que les autorités françaises ont "menti à la population en lui faisant croire que le nuage de #Tchernobyl s'était arrêté à la frontière" ()
Et si je vous disais que c'est un mythe? #thread
Si je vous demandais de retrouver une déclaration émanant des autorités françaises affirmant que le nuage n'est jamais passé sur notre pays car bloqué par des vents contraires, vous ne le trouveriez pas.
Tout simplement parce qu'aucune communication officielle n'a dit cela.
Cette croyance populaire tire son origine d'un mélange de plusieurs éléments biaisés ou sortis de leur contexte, et doit sa persistance tantôt à des médias en quête de scandale, tantôt aux humoristes, tantôt à certains politiques ou associations anti-nucléaires.
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1. Here are some bold statements on what I think culture is.
2. Here are some case studies I've selected to prove my statements.
3. Here is my conclusion that my bold statements are right.
... almost every business book on culture that I've read so far. The lot. Shocking field.
I do love those that wax lyrically about the importance of seeing through a cultural lens and then provide no mechanism of perceiving context.

The art of strategy / culture / leadership requires an understanding of context ... for answers read my book, no maps provided etc.
I didn't honestly expect to find a field that was loaded with more mystical thinking, magic frameworks and blahs than strategy ... but culture has certainly come up trumps here.
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When was the last time a company with a ~$4B mkt cap traded up on a quarter in which they 1) burned $1.0B (not a typo), 2) guided the next quarter to be much worse (-25% worse than both Q1 actual & Q2 consensus on top line)? Thread on the disastrous $NIO quarter. $NIOQ 1/
The most amusing part of the cash burn is that I estimate a "true" run-rate quarterly cash burn in Q1 was *only* ~$650M (still awful). From their 20-F, we know they spent at least $200M & more likely $300M+ of the gross proceeds from the $750M convert immediately $NIO $NIOQ 2/
What did they spend it on? ~$200M on "zero-strike call option transactions" in which the company bought back ~27M shares @ ~7.50 and an undisclosed sum on a capped call transaction. So they spent AT LEAST 27% of gross proceeds immediately and possibly closer to half $NIO $NIOQ 3/
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gaes ku mau cerita soal pengalaman ngeganti status dari kawin tercatat jadi belum kawin di kartu keluarga (nope, ga kebalik) sekalian ngasih kritik dan saran buat pemprov @DKIJakarta soal penanganan sentralisasi data status ini.
jadi desember kemaren ade sy nikah terus mau ganti statusnya di KK maka diurus lah ke pak RT. tau2nya di KK baru status sy ikutan berubah juga jadi kawin tercatat (like wtf, calon aja kaga punya gimana tau2 bisa tercatat??)
kata pak RT kantor kelurahan yang mencetak KK itu ga bisa ganti karena cuma dapet datanya doang, jadilah kita ke kantor suku dinas kependudukan dan catatan sipil (selanjutnya disebut dukcapil) jakarta timur buat minta ganti.
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So I wanted to encrypt some files. Thought about using 7z+password. Stackexchange folks said "Didn't review it but it should be fine. You can browse the code yourself". So I did. After a few mins I noticed they use 8byte "random" IV. Yes, half of IV is zeroes. But it gets worse.
Aside from the fact that 7z XORs plaintext with zeroes, I was curious about the "RandomGenerator" which generates IV. That's when I vomited. The first comments say "This is not very good random number generator. Please use it only for salt." It is not used only for salt.
Yes, it uses PID and time(null) as seed. Yes, this is 7zip's random generation code running on your computers in 2019. More "cursed" code below. #7zip #encryption #facepalm #randomness #entropy #RNG #crypto #cryptofail
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X : What do you think of ... mutter, mutter ... bexit.
Me : #facepalm. I want to read the whole agreement, mull it over and examine paths. I'll do that this weekend. There are all sorts of hidden gotchas in it.
X : Such as?
Me : Arghhhh.
from my notes last night, I'll just pick one. Combination of Article 107 TFEU, Article 127(6), Article 89, Article 174, Article 95(1) would mean that in effect it would be impossible for UK to have an industrial policy without agreement by the EC. There are lots of gotcha's.
With any negotiation, it's not the articles alone but the combination of articles that shows the real effect. I'll look at the weekend. Too busy today and my brain is not in gear enough (bit of a cold) for this.
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X : Oracle is more than databases.
Me : #facepalm. Learn to read between the lines. Amazon is going after the whole ERP / SCM space circa 2020. This is just signalling to the market.
X : I don't see why, this is just databases.
Me : #facepalm. Try launching cloud services in a space when your competitors can say "you don't even use your service, you rely on our products" ... Amazon thinks way ahead, it's in for the long haul, this was always coming.
X : Do you think we will see a decline of Oracle?
Me : No, not yet. They'll play a game of sweat and acquire i.e. sweat existing assets (e.g. synergies!), acquire to replace declining revenue, rinse and repeat. Lots of divs and share buybacks on offer to keep the price high.
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X : Do you believe there should be a people's vote on brexit?
Me : #facepalm. Look, Gov needs to present its deal which will be voted on (i.e. pass / fail Labour tests). If it fails, there needs to be a General Election. If, Gov refuses and hangs on ... then all bets are off.
... I'm not going to agree with a 2nd referendum without a mandate no matter how much badgering there is. That mandate needs to come from a general election. Step 1 - Gov presents deal / parliament votes. Step 2 - general election if vote fails ... after which we shall see.
X : What if Gov presents its deal, fails to get the vote and then refuses to call a general election.
Me : At that point, all bets are off. The vote on the deal, the single biggest issue of the Government is a confidence vote in the Gov. If it fails this, then it must stand down.
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Trump: Day 637
-Saudis Confirm Death of Khashoggi
-WH Accepts Saudi "Fist Fight" Story
-Claims Arms Deal Creates 1M Jobs
-DOJ Charges Russian 4 Conspiring
-Mueller Obtains Stone Phone Data
-EPA Unaware of UN Climate Report
-No Regrets 4 Body Slam Comment
Day 742 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 593 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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It's difficult to describe the bewildering amount of change in the technology space over the last decade in a single diagram ... however, undeterred I've tried to catch the fundamentals ...
Same patterns are occurring. In 2008, the future giants of media were Netflix (focused on the user, cloud and reducing assets) not the Blockbusters (focused on cashflow, building stores and data centres). Ditto today. The future giants of robotics are companies like iRobot.
It's always a hoot to go through those past Blockbuster presentations from 2007 to 2008 ... the self belief, the investment in assets, the hubris, the mindless strategy that was bereft of any understanding of basic economic patterns.
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So. It says in the 'Life in the UK' test book that 1066 was the last successful foreign conquest of England. Which neglects or fully anglicizes Matilda and 1139 and the regency invasion of Isabella in 1326. Oh also the very successful invasion of 1688-9.

testing is going well...
wow their account of the first settlement of the Irish Pale is just offensive.
I am going to livetweet my experience of this 'history' book I am required to read.
#twitterstorians #badhistory #isthisjingoism #ihavelostallmydignity…
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Aujourd'hui, j'ai plein de trucs à faire.... En conséquence de quoi je vais faire des expérimentations en cuisine, bien sûr :D.

Je veux faire des bouchées vapeur, j'ai divisé ma farce en 4, et j'essaie plusieurs façons de les cuire. Ici : couvertes de riz qui cuira vapeur avec.
C'est normal, la différence de taille. J'en ai fait une trop petite, une trop grande, et quelques moyennes, pour voir les différences de cuisson de la farce.

Pour les autres 3/4 de farce, je ne sais pas encore ce que je vais essayer, c'est yolo (probablement du papier de riz) !
Première fournée, cuite 10mn vapeur et alors… Si ma farce est une tuerie (sérieux) et cuite en 10mn, le riz, ça n'a pas du tout marché :'D...

Il est croquant. j'ai remis une des grandes et une moyenne à cuire pour voir. Fournée suivante en papier de riz, plus prometteuse #KrCu
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1/ THREAD: The Spiritual Dimensions of #QAnon - In order to understand this, you need to transcend your own thinking, or expand your thinking and take the 40,000 ft view, as Q is fond of saying.
2/ By this, I mean to say that it doesn't matter what you, I or we believe. It matters what *they* believe. And *they* can believe some very silly things. Elites gobble up the new age gobbledygook like podestas at a pizza party.
3/ Let's assume the elites are very much in line with the Pike Doctrine of duality - that there is one God (Adonai), and another god (Lucifer). This can mean that there are no other gods, or Lucifer is using other deities as a culturally specific avatar.
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Doctoral dissertation in Education (@uhmanoa).…
Starts off with some great insights.
You should've trusted your instinct.
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