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This is going to be a long thread, basically a recap of events, mixed in with my opinions, using logic and reasoning, as it relates to the IC, Dems, Trump, MSM, foreign agents and Hillary.
We need to travel back to 2006 with Alexander Downing and Hillary. Downing worked a deal for Australia to give Hillary's foundation millions of dollars (pay to play).…
At the same time working a deal w/ Russia selling/buying uranium (Rosatom parent of Uranium one)…
A brush up on both here:…
More pay to play here with Russia, Uranium one, Kazakhstan, Rosatom and Hillary Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State in 2009.…
Move forward to 2011. Alperovitch founder of CrowdStrike, declares "Shady Rat" to be Chinese while working w/ McAfee, but takes out the word "China" from report. This is important, he knows China is a major hacker but later it's all Russia.…
More of the China hacking Story. Keep in mind China is invested in both Bill and Hillary and Obama.…
More info about China and the Clinton's in next few threads.…
One last one the Clinton's and China relationship, but there are many out there.…
We know China has directly influenced the US gov't w/ donations, but also indirectly w/ lobbying, to get great trade deals. They're also expert hackers. Whom did China invest in & want to win the election? The Clinton's, which they bought or Trump a person who wanted fair trade?
As @BretBaier reported, then retracted (to later win the Taishoff Award) about how more than 5 entities hacked Hillary's home server.…
Why do I bring up Hillary's home server? There are many reasons (I will point out more later) but for now I am talking abt China's role. My opinion* China was part of those 5 entities that hacked Hillary's home server. This is a major development brought to light by Bengahzi.
By investigating Benghazi it was found Hillary had a home server that she did all her State Dept work on. This is a major breach of law/rules. It had to go away. But how? Enter the Dragon or should I say the Bear....
As I said in 2011 Alperovitch declared Shady Rat to be Chinese. Why? BC we all know China was/is a major hacker. He omitted China from report but is that all there is? Nope. Symatec & Eugene Kaspersky said Alper. was using flawed methods to determine Shady Rat.
He used the APT (as he did with Russia) to determine it. "It could be any hostile states ... he only saw China, and he found China." They claim. Hmm sounds familiar to the DNC supposed hack doesn't it?…
In 2011 Alpero leaves McAfee to start CrowdStrike, with support from Pincus Warburg. Timothy Geithner is a top dog there. Tim's father worked with the Obama's mother @ Ford Foundation & his mother worked w/ Mitt Romney's Father, George, He is also in the CFR and Bilderberg Group.
More of CS people.."Shawn Henry, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) executive who led both the FBI's criminal and cyber divisions, was hired to lead sister company CrowdStrike Services, Inc., which is focused on proactive and incident response services."
More on CS "In July 2015, Google invested in the company's Series C funding round,which in total raised $100 million. To date, CrowdStrike .. a valuation more than $1 billion. Investors include Telstra, March Capital Partners, Rackspace, Accel Partners and Warburg Pincus"
Who is Telstra? "is an Australian telecommunications and media company...Telstra is Australia's largest telecommunications company...In July 2011, Telstra Digital launched "CrowdSupport"," Funny Australia comes up again...
Moving forward 2013, Guccifer hacks Sid Blumehtal, aide and friends with the Clintons, exposing the Libya/Banghazi debacle, as well as Bill Clinton's Doodles in Dec 2013. He's arrested in Jan 14 by Romania. He is visited by numerous US gov't agencies.
Important revelation abt Sid and Cody Shear w/ Libya exposed by G1..…
Another fact Bill Clinton's doodles, G1 hacked, weren't (as far as we know) in the Library archives. So where did they come form? Theory: The Clinton's home servers.…
Now how does G1 tie in here? Look at the dates. 3/31/16 G1 is extradited from Romania, after talking to FBI, Secret Service, Cyber Command, to the US. G1 claims he hacked into Hillary's server ...
"like an open orchid on the Internet" and that "it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody.", G1 is sentenced this is early May 2016. By the end of May he recants Hillary's hacking story and is sentenced. Hmm..nothing suspicious here.
Why do I bring all this up? BC my theory, among others, is the whole Russia hacking narrative was born born to deflect Hillary's home server being hacked, to not only protect her, but Obama.…
Again here, by Strzok to cover up Obama's involvement.…
Another question posed by @langdaleca, Where are the Podesta's Phish emails of the Clinton doodle hack? It happened during this time,he was phished on March 19, 2016. Was this a Russian Phish? What came out from this? Was the DNC hacked by Russians? Read on & look at the dates
It is reported that the DNC was hacked by Russia anywhere from Jan 2015 to Summer of 2015 with zero proof. Keep this in mind. It's also when G2 was in system, yet zero proof of this also. CS (CrowdStrike) says Russia begins mapping of directories at this time.
This makes no sense. It takes Russia a year to fully hack the DNC? Add in even if they did take a year, why not release all the DNC emails from all the DNC people? More on this to come.
Now in Dec 2015 CS came in to inspect DNC servers, specifically the voter file systems security breach. They find it was Bernie's people. So CS was looking for a security breach of DNC servers in Dec 15 but didn't find a Russia hack? Why didn't they load their "Falcon" program?
Or did they? How can a reputable company not find Russia at this time, if they truly hacked the DNC? Why does the IC take CS's word knowing this? It's akin to the FBI listening to an agent that failed their mission on the same subject. It's absurd to believe this.
Timeline time. Obama, like all President's wants to know the teams that the Presidential nominee have in place. President's know this can severely handicap an incoming Prsident's ability. It also shows who is on your team. <--key
Obama pushes the: Wwho is on the transition team hard, even changes rules for it. Funny how this coincides with the development of Russia narrative with Trump.
See thread here:

Obama was already trying to sabotage Trump beginning here. (also see how Hillary team wanted Trump to win in emails relating to these dates). The Trump blackmail/obama/Hillary obstruction begins.
Note in Dec 15 A trump dossier (not Steele dossier) begins by DNC, which is leaked by G2 thru DCLeaks on 6/15/2106. Timing of this curious bc on the same day of the DNC Dossier leak on Trump, which Damages Trump not the DNC, the Trump/Russia dossier begins. More on this later.
So what we have so far: Obama is pushing for Trump to name his transition team, a Trump Dossier in progress by DNC, CS didn't find Russian hacking with the DNC servers, CS is not a trusted source, China is a major player. and Obama is tied to Hillary's illegal home servers.
How can Hillary and Obama, who are besieged by the home server scandal, survive? Enter the 3 card monte Russia narrative.
In March 2016, remember Obama who is pushing for whom is on Trump's team, names Manafort and Papdopoulos on his team. On March 6 Papa is hired to improve Russia relations, also Fusion is approached by Perkins Coie to continue Trump research. Oh The coincidence.
*Quick add to last post Paul Singer, a huge Marco Rubio supporter started Trump research with Fusion. Steele was not involved here, as MSM wants you to believe
A week later Papa is approached (coincidence?) by a professor in Italy who has Russia connections that could win Papa favor w/ Trump team. (Papa is living in England, I will post why England didn't want Trump later).
Rubio drops from Presidential race at same time.
3/19 Podesta is allegedly phished. Almost all his emails are taken, as it happened with Climate Gate. Important all his emails taken, except ones relating to Bill Clinton's doodle's, @wikileaks. This is said to be Russia. Remember Russia took all his emails here, except those.
Opps..need to add this to timeline which happened earlier:
7/23 House select cmmtee asks for Clinton's emails
7/24 Paul Combetta aka Stonetear asks Reddit on how to delete email addresses
See here:…
3/21 Trump reveals Papa as advisor. Same day Papa meets w/ professor who brings "Russian female" who says she is Putin's niece, says wants to meet Trump to improve Russian relations.
4/5/16 Strzok interviews Huma Abedin, she is given immunity abt Hillary's Home server. Why? Why didn't Loretta Lynch connive a grand jury instead?
4/12Fusion GPS hired Dems thru Perkins Coie.
4/12 Russian MFA connection emails Papa. Contacts all set. Russia alerts London embassy. (Theory MI6 spies know)
4/18 Papa Skype conversation w/ Professor and Russian Person. They discuss Trump team (cough cough) and meeting Russians. Lay groundwork for Trump/Russia meeting.
4/18 From initial Russian hack (2015) to this day there are few wikileaks DNC emails released per month, avg abt 5-6. Why? If Russia hacked the system why not release all DNC emails from the beginning and not just a few?
Not indicative of a malicious hack to release only a select few. But it is if you want a narrative. Yes, my theory, but based on logic. Also, only 7 DNC people's emails were released. Why not all of them? This would be 100% damage, as the supposed intent of Russians would be.
4/19 Boom...all of a sudden hundreds of emails are now found on DNC server. This is impossible, why logic. Following weeks it increases up to 1500 emails a day. I am to believe that the DNC had almost zero communication b4 this? Do you believe it?
Another big coincidence, that doesn't make sense, on 4/19 CS declares "Fancy Bear", a APT hack that is to describe method, not actors, enters the emails system. So at this date they didn't have access to prior emails? Name me a computer expert that finds this logical.
Oopps on 4/19 Jacoby (GPS Fusion's wife) meets at White Hosue, a week after GPS is hired by DNC, through Coie.
Bigger oopps.. on this day 4/19 DC Leaks registers Domain name. (yes same fake G2 who leaked Podesta and said, but is a lie, he hacked DNC)
Can you see the set up now?
4/20 Page says, " You say we text on that phone it can be were just venting." wink wink..
4/25 FISA attorneys & Baker meet at White House
4/25 Same day, Obama's OFA makes payment to Coie, 1 week after Jacoby meeting, 13 days after Coie hires GPS.
Now Obama knows who Trump transition team is, immediately meets with GPS people and gives money to GPS to dig up dirt on Trump's team and connect them to Russia. Keep in mind Hillary home server investigation is happening.
Oh yea on 4/25 Papa emails Senior Trump advisor that Putin is ready and meeting in London is ideal. Friendly England meeting ground, The same country Trump is in favor of Brexit, that their gov't is opposed to.
Keeps this in mind Obama on 4/10/16
We know this is a lie about what Obama said.
Obama knows he is cooked bc of Hillary's home server emails So the spying is set in place to contrive Russia narrative bc on 4/18 NSA Rogers begins probe into FISA 702 abuses, including Manafort.…
We also know this...…
If you have been paying attention, you have to pause and say, "Hey I thought Podesta phish was a scam. This release hurts Obama." Yes it does. But what happens bc of this email? Obama and Hillary are now partners in crime.
This happens, March 2015. Remember Hillary was supposed to win. These leaks in Oct 16 were to be washed away if Hillary won. If she didn't, Russia was the back up, to oust Trump. This is a coup, keep that in mind. Trump was a threat to the whole system. They underestimated Trump,
Back to timeline..on 4/26 Papa meets Professor who says he has dirt on Hillary, 1000's of emails of Hillary. Full stop. This means Hillary's home server is "potentially" breached. If this is the case. Hillary is instantly guilty and so is Obama. Con't..
Even if not true that Russia had Hillary's emails, it exposes the possible breach, the FBI knows this. Why didn't they charge Hillary after finding this out? Nope they went with Trump is in bed w/ Russia. Does this sound reasonable to you? How does Comey look now?
Fun time again....
On 4/29 CS releases report on Dec DNC voter breach hack.
also on 4/29 DNC staff picks up suspicious activity. Brought to Debbie WS, Amy Dacey, Andrew Brown, Michael Sussman a lawyer for Perkins Coie.
Question time. Whom in the DNC found this? What was the suspicious activity? You would think these would be pertinent facts, yet we do not know. Why not? BC there would be trail of accountability, that sucks when your plan is lie.
FBI is alerted. They want servers and are denied. How does FBI/DOJ allow this if this is a national security breach? What does FBI do instead? Investigate Trump. How does this feel in your space of logic?…
Wait here comes Comey to save the day.
On 5/02 Comey drafts statement exonerating Hillary b4 all the facts are in and investigating key witnesses.
More illogical BS. Why? Can you see a narrative here?
5/3 Trump wins Republican primaries.
5/3 Page texted Strzok and says "Now the pressure really starts to finish {Clinton email case}
Opps Paul Cobetta also on this day admits to lying abt using bleachbit to erase emails, but is not charged.
Thanks Comey/Lynch!
5/3 DNC contractor, Ali Chalupa, states she is connected to Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News to the Ukrainians.…
5/4 Sussman (from Coie) contacts CS
5/5 CS installs Falcon in DNC system. CS says it lite up as Russia as soon as it was installed. (funny why didn't this happen in Dec 15) Also they claimed to expel Russia on this date. Yet they don't tell Alperovitch until the next day.
More lies..if they expelled Russia on this day why are there emails leaked after this date?
Oh yea on 5/5 Page and Baker meet with Obama at WH.
Are you seeing the how the dates are coordinated?
And WaPo, owned by Amazon, who bought out Preet's brother's diaper business for 540 mill and also got a CIA contract for the IC to store data, for abt same amount came out with this.…
5/9 Cherly Mills interviewed by FBI. Immunity granted, (yes that again) her laptop destroyed (WTF evidence being destroyed) and limited searches of her emails.…
Between 5/13-17 Papa tells Aussies (Downer) abt Russia having dirt and the emails of Hillary.
5/15 CS Officially says it was Russia hack of DNC but still denies FBI access.
5/15 Fusion hires Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr's wife, to secretly work on Trump/Russia.
5/16 Comey distributes Hillary exoneration letter, b4 all facts are in, to FBI leadership. Why isn't FBI up in arms over this?
5/21 Trump refuses meeting w/ Papa & Russians (Wait he refused Russia's help, let's investigate him for collusion w/ Russia said no sane person ever)
5/23 Nellie Ohr applies for Ham license. (FTR I have one too)
5/24 Heather Samuelson (Clinton Atty) interviewed by FBI. What happens? Oh yea immunity again. She also decided which emails to delete on Hillary's server. Yes. that's a person to give immunity to. No suspicion here.
5/25 Last day of DNC Emaill leaks from wikileaks. Strange bc CS said they where gone b4 this and yet CS said they fully expelled Russia on 6/12. None of that makes sense. It's actually a full blown lie.
Ok back to theory. Almost all the emails released are related to Trump opp research and against Bernie. Those Trump oppo research hurt Trump not Hillary. Yes DWS and Donna were hurt. But what happened to them? DWS was hired by Hillary and you know what happened to DB.
So did the email really hurt Hillary? What was forgotten? Oh yes her illegal, criminal, home server. It also protected Obama. Do you see how this timeline shows the convergence of these 2 events?
Close to 5/26 Natalia Veselnitsky initiates Trump Jr meeting. This happens right after Papa efforts fail. How strange.
6/9 DTJ meets with NV. She offers zero dirt on Hillary. Funny, the whole meeting was based on this. This is not illegal BTW.
Also on 6/9 Obama meets with Bernie and endorses Hillary. Oh the timing.
6/10 CS tells all of DNC folk to leave laptops in office (Seth Rich) and over next 2 days installs new codes and software.
Before this DNC asked FBI to issue statement that is was Russia that hacked DNC. FBI said sure let us look at the servers. DNC balked at this. What does CS do in response to this?
They invite Nakashima from WaPo for a front page story to get msg out by anonymous sources.…
This was done on 6/4 but WaPo waited until they got the OK to release it. Why did WaPo sit on it? Nah no collusion here. So on 6/14 they got the OK from CS and DNC to publish it. MSM went crazy. An hour later CS published it's report.
Now on 6/12 @JulianAssange interview happens. Reveals emails abt Hillary are coming. Notice the dates here and WaPo and CS.
6/13 CS says now fully expelled. How is this a true fact knowing all that we know? Emails stop on 5/25 and CS said they fixed the problem b4 this.
Did @JulianAssange figure out emails had a tracing signature attached to them?
said multiple parties had access to DNC emails. Is this how he knew? He's no dummy.
6/14 DNC releases statement: Mentions Trump Oppo Research Dossier, "gained access to the entire database of opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump" Reread that. If intent was hostile to Hillary why reveal damaging Trump info?…
Notice WaPo narrative here and combine that with their CS collusion. Something is amiss.
Not really bc on 6/15 Fusion hires England's MI6 Steele.
Oh wait there is more.
6/15 Strzok changes wording on Comey document from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless"
See how this turns away from Hillary/Obama criminal activity to Russia collusion. 3 Card Monty here.
Also, G2 gives interview on this date. Bragging abt how the hacks were him and is @wikileaks source. How convenient.
6/16 G2 says go to DC Leaks for info abt leaks. (Although none of his leaks are in @wikileaks) . Also, these leaks are just donor info and the DNC's first Trump dossier. <--- remember that.
6/19 Papa offers to make "off the record trip" to Russia. (denied later, oh the collusion of denying Russian collusion)
6/20 First copy of Steele Trump/Russia appears. (That was fast only 5 days later after being hired)
6/21 Trump camp says no, again, to Russia meeting w/ Papa. (Dam those rats)
6/27 Lynch meets Bill Clinton on Tarmac. This is intentional. Why? BC it allows Lynch to recuse herself from convening a grand jury on Hillary and leaving it to Comey, which is not his job.
Reread that last post. Lynch wanted to be exposed as biased bc she knew what Comey was going to say.…
Don't believe me?
Page texts Strzok on 7/1 that Lynch is aware of plan to exonerate Hillary, no matter what investigation says.…
Also on 7/1 DC Leaks 1st release (from G2 lol) it is 300 emails of Repubs, including McCain, Graham, Backman...yea how damaging against Hillary.
7/2 Strzok interviews Hillary, with David Laurtman (works in NSD and DOJ and resigned later)
Hillary is not under oath nor recorded.
7/5 Supposedly first FISA denied
7/5 Steele gives FBI Dossier after this denial…
7/5 G2 claims again he hacked DNC
7/5 Comey recommends no charges against Hillary
7/5 Forensic evidence states DNC emails were copied not hacked
7/6 Lynch accepts Comey's recommendation (This is not how it works, read AG's and FBI's job description)
7/7 Seth Rich is murdered
7/7 Carter Page gives well known Russia speech
7/14 Papa is still trying Russia/Trump meeting, after numerous denials.
7/19 Steele writes 2nd Dossier memo. Implies Carter Page & Manafort Russia collusion. Week later WSJ knows this. How? Why?
7/22 Wikileaks releases first batch of DNC emails
7/22 Aussies alert US IC abt Papa Russia meetings regarding Hillary's emails.
Full stop here.
Aussie's say Papa has Hillary's emails but was changed later to Hillary dirt. Hmmmm. Why?
Aussies say they told IC bc of Wiki release but they knew b4 abt this breach, it was known in June publicly, yet they said nothing. This is not logical. It's a lie. remember Aussie Downing with the Clinton Foundation and Uranium 1? yea that's why.
7/28 Strzok opens case against Trump.
7/30 FBI opens investigation into Trump. Who's leading it? Strzok.
8/15 Strzok tweets abt "Insurance policy" against Trump
8/25 CIA director Brennan briefs Democratic Senator Harry Reid abt Trump/Russia. (He later lies abt this)…
There is more refer to here on dates…
Using your logic tell me how this wasn't all a conspiracy against Trump and to draw attention away from Hillary's home server and Obama.
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