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"Across #China, the police are buying technology that harnesses vast #surveillance data to predict #crime and #protest before they happen."… #Panopticon #Bentham #startups
1/ "The latest generation of technology digs through the vast amounts of data collected on their daily activities to find patterns and aberrations, promising to predict crimes or protests before they happen."
2/ "It takes extensive evasive maneuvers to avoid the digital tripwires."
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Home Office (HO) has decided to put GPS tags on refugees who were set for #RwandaDeportation and also on those arriving on boats. Here is my interview in @Independent very clearly highlighting as to why electronic tagging must not be used:…
A thread (1/10)
(2/10) Tagging is highly intrusive & experienced as punishment. And it is indeed a punishment in the criminal justice context. On top, HO is going to combine it with 'curfew orders' and 'exclusion zones'. So people will be confined and will not be able to enter/leave a location.
(3/10) Also, HO is not clear as to for how long people will remain on tag. Failure to comply with tag+restrictions is a criminal offence! In 2016, The Court of Appeal said HO had no power to impose a curfew under EM powers or general powers under Immigration Act 1971
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1/ Worldwide, a #poultry-origin disease is causing high mortality in wild birds. The disease is called highly pathogenic avian #influenza (#HPAI). It is important to record the scale of wild bird mortality in order to help prevent such disasters in the future. Here is a thread.
2/ In general, HPAI viruses emerge in intensive poultry production systems by mutation from relatively innocent viruses (aptly called ‘low pathogenic avian influenza viruses). Of 39 known HPAI mutation events detected, 37 are from such poultry farms.
3/ The cause of the current wild bird mortality is the descendant of a HPAI virus that emerged in a commercial farm of domestic geese in Guangdong, China, in 1996. The virus spread widely across poultry farms in Asia, and then spilled over into wild waterbirds.
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

56.27% BA.2.12.1**,
22.94% BA.2,
3.74% BA.5^^,
3.69% BA.2.3,
3.50% BA.2.12,
2.92% BA.4^^ and
2.72% BA.2.9

**S:L452Q; ^^S:L452R/F486V


#OmicronUpdates 06/05/22
#OmicronVariantUpdates #UnitedStates 06/05/22

Top circulating lineages: BA.2.12.1, BA.2*, BA.5, BA.2.3, BA.2.12, BA.4 and BA.2.9

Proportion of BA.5/BA.4 is increasing

* includes recently designated BA.2.x.y
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Today the European Commission will publish a proposal for a new law which will make the interception, analysis and monitoring of *ALL* digital communications (messengers, forums, direct messages etc.) mandatory.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam
Let me be clear - this is ILLEGAL under EU Treaties and Case Law under the principles of proportionality and necessity. This new law will turn the EU into a surveillance state.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam #childsexualabuse
500 million citizens will be subjected to complete blanket surveillance - the impact on privacy will be profound. Everything we have fought for since 1949 - our values, our principles, our democracy and our human rights, will be undone with the scratch of a pen.
#privacy #csam
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🧵Wordt digitaal contant geld programmeerbaar, en gekoppeld aan je identiteit? Artikel van @JannesvanRoermu op @FTM_nl… #FTM #Techthics #Masssurveillance #MassaSurveillance #ControleMaatschappij #ControllState #surveillance 1/6
📍 Wereldwijd werken centrale banken aan hun ‘eigen’ digitale munt, als equivalent van contant geld. Die kan het beste worden gecombineerd met een nieuwe digitale identiteit voor iedereen, menen veel beleidsmakers... 2/6
...Critici zijn bezorgd over de mate van controle en surveillance die zo’n systeem biedt. ‘Veel technocraten zijn zich van geen kwaad bewust. Ze zullen het met de beste bedoelingen fout doen.’ 3/6
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(1/6) In the new RDG organisation, The Blue Horse Squadron will be our Fire Support squadron. It will contain 4 x specialist Troops, with expert #soldiers in each field.

Want to know what they are? Read on…

@TheIronFist @3rdUKDivision @RoyalArmdCorps
#Future #Soldier
(2/6) #Sniper Troop will contain the Regiment’s snipers & #marksmen.

Trained in stealthy #Reconnaissance and able to kill high value #targets at extreme ranges, Sniper Troop are also responsible for Counter-Sniper ops, and are the Regiment's DCC marksmanship experts.

(Read on)
(3/6) #Surveillance Troop will contain the Regiment’s experts in the use of spotter #drones, #cameras and sensor equipment.

Masters of the ‘sub-surface Observation Post’ they are the Regiment’s OBUA (#Urban warfare) and #SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract) experts

(Read on)
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(1/6) Question: As we reduce from 4 to 3 Sabre (#fighting) Squadrons as directed by the 2021 Integrated Review, how should we best organise them in an #Armoured #Cavalry Regiment?

Answer: We need a radical change. (read on)
@3rdUKDivision @TheIronFist @DefenceHQ #Future #Soldier
(2/6) Question: In an evolving battlefield with cheap, ubiquitous #Drones, camera systems and real-time satellite imagery, does the traditional UK doctrine of '#Recce by #stealth' still have value?

Answer: Yes, but we need to be more prepared to fight for information. (read on)
(3/6) Question: What does an Armoured Cavalry #Battlegroup need to reconnoitre ahead of the Brigade Combat Team against a modern foe?

Answer: Mission depending, it'll need Amoured Recce, #Armour, #Infantry, Anti-Tk, and a variety of #surveillance and other capabilities (read on)
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Gastric intestinal metaplasia (#GIM) is a histological finding which may identify pts at ⬆️ risk for Gastric AdenoCa. Follow our #tweetorial on quality metrics for #GIM management brought to you by the #AGAQuality team

Gastric cancer 🔥 facts

3⃣rd leading cause of #cancer death worldwide

May be ⬆️ in persons with specific genetic, environmental and #dietary risk factors

May be ⬇️ when specific testing & endoscopic surveillance strategies are followed

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @Rajeev_GoI, @zapalak, Anne Neuberger, Vivek Lall, @NiNanjira and @KanchanGupta

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@KanchanGupta: #BigTech is now playing an interventionist role in democracy, #RedTech is being used for #surveillance and subversion, while #DeepTech is about criminality.

Anne Neuberger: In the ongoing #Ukrainewar, #socialmedia companies wanted to control the #information imbalance but that has caused public resentment over the lack of #transparency and access to complete information.

#Raisina2022 @orfgeotech
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NEW: You've never heard of them, yet there’s a good chance that "A6" knows an immense amount about you.

The company is one of many that purchases vast reams of location data, tracking hundreds of millions of people around the world by exploiting a poorly understood fact:
Countless common smartphone apps are constantly harvesting your location and relaying it to advertisers, typically without your knowledge or informed consent, relying on disclosures buried in the legalese of the sprawling ToS that the companies involved count on you never reading
Once your location is beamed to an advertiser, there is currently no law in the US prohibiting the further sale and resale of that information to firms like Anomaly Six, which are free to sell it to their private sector and governmental clientele
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Quelle HONTE ! Nous sommes surveillés : nos messages sur les réseaux sociaux sont surveillés en temps réel.
#Macron et son gouvernement font la GIROUETTE, LEUR POLITIQUE C'EST DU VENT.
#France #Macron
Surveillance des réseaux sociaux " social listening " par le gouvernement français.
Les Français et leurs opinions sont surveillés ‼️
Les documents mis en ligne par @amaterazu2408
Le gouvernement surveille les Français en faisant surveiller les réseaux sociaux en temps réel ‼️
#France #Macron
Documents mis en ligne par @amaterazu2408
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🗓️ vanaf morgen, 11 april 2022, vervalt het algemene advies om voor een #coronatest naar de #GGD te gaan

voor de meeste mensen is een #zelftest voldoende voor testen bij mogelijke COVID19 symptomen

het "zicht op het virus" vervalt daarmee deels

wat blijft:
-Testen bij klachten
-#Isolatie na positieve #COVID19 test
-#Quarantaine na nauw contact (tenzij vaccinatie en aantal andere regels)

#isolatie mag na 5 dagen opgeheven worden, mits 24 uur klachtenvrij, en tot dag 10 voorzichtig zijn 😷


wat verandert:
- wie er nog wél bij de GGD mogen komen testen
- ons #ZichtOpHetVirus 🔎📊

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The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022, prima facie, fails to satisfy the tests laid down by the Supreme Court in the landmark decision in K.S. Puttaswamy (2017).
#CriminalProcedureIdentificationBill2022 #LokSabha #surveillance #privacymatters
The collection and processing of sensitive personal data such as biometric & biological samples for the purposes of identification do not, satisfy the test of proportionality.
The absence of any opportunity of hearing for persons refusing to allow their measurements to be taken highlights the failure to meet the State’s aim for promoting justice, as provided under Article 39A of the Constitution.
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Der #RKI-Wochenbericht vom 24.3.22 ist online!

Zusammenfassung im 🧵

In der letzten Woche erstmals mehr als 1,5 Million #COVID19-Fälle an das #RKI übermittelt. Die bundesweite 7-Tage-Inzidenz stieg im Vergleich zur Vorwoche noch einmal um 10 % an.
Weiterhin herrscht ein sehr hoher Infektionsdruck in der Bevölkerung. In fast allen Altersgruppen stiegen die 7-Tage-Inzidenzen erneut an ❗️

Die Zahl der durchgeführten Laboruntersuchungen ist wieder deutlich angestiegen - weitere Testkapazitäten noch vorhanden.

Der Positivenanteil der erfassten #PCR-Teste lag bei 55,7 %.
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"Smartphones" trump food. #DigitalID

Nov 1 2021, #CBDC India: "so every single person today, even if he's not able to afford all the 3 meals, is having a #Smartphone in his hand. And I must thank some of the Asian countries which actually revolutionize[d] the smartphone market"
"so these three: the #biometric identity, the no-frills savings account [], & of course the #smartphone, & the fact that data is so cheap in India was the one which actually set the ground... I think #Canada & India started on this journey of instant payments almost together..."
Jan 18 2021, Payments #Canada: "Design attributes for a retail #CBDC... introduction of a new channel for illicit activities, money-laundering, terrorist financing other socially undesirable behaviours."

#DigitalID #Compliance #Surveillance…
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"The erosion of meaningful culture, the domination of corporate & state media [] the loss of a knowledgable audience. And as one sees w/ the Russophobic response to Ukraine, the entire pandemic only served as a precursor to some complete mental collapse."…
"And perhaps the best place (or one of them) to start is with ideas of #autonomy, #AI, and #tech (#media). For #automation and the internet have both, in their own ways, contributed hugely to the layers of mystification surrounding everything in the #capitalist west today."
"#AI seeks to achieve the same control over mental processes that #scientific management sought to achieve over physical #labour [in 2nd industrial revolution] through a process of rationalization, fragmentation, mechanization and routinization."
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Geofence warrants help police find suspects using Google. A ruling could curb their use.…
If you are interested in geofence warrants, you should read the Chatrie opinion (linked in the article). A few interesting #surveillance tidbits: 1/8
Google filed an amicus brief contending that the geofence was clearly a search which violated the 4th Amendment. Interesting record for appeal. 2/8
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Feb 23 2022: "#WHO facilitates 194 member states to introduce digital #vaccination certificates... WHO will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future... It is intended to serve as a standard procedure..." #DigitalID
"#WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national & regional trust networks & verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future #vaccination campaigns..."

"Digitization keeps the world running. Digital #vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this...The gateway will interact w/ other parts of the system already developed by WHO...This will also give hints for regional & national setups to be followed by the implementers."
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#RKI Wochenbericht vom 17.2.22 zusammengefasst im 🧵

Mit mehr als 1 Million gemeldeten Neuinfektionen in der 6. KW 2022 befand sich 🇩🇪 auf dem Höhepunkt der 5. Welle der #COVID19-Pandemie. Aktuell scheint der Scheitelpunkt dieser Welle erreicht zu sein.
Die höchsten 7-Tage-Inzidenzen wurden weiterhin bei Kindern im Alter von 5-14J (> 3.300 pro 100.000 Einwohnern). Auch in den höheren Altersgruppen stiegen die 7-Tage-Inzidenzen weiter deutlich an.
Die Zahl der Ausbrüche in medizinischen Behandlungseinrichtungen, und in Alten- und Pflegeheimen nahm in den letzten Wochen weiter zu.
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Small print. #DigitalID is to make #Ontario "one of the world’s most digitally advanced jurisdictions". $20 billion opportunity based on data from from various sources, including #DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada), McKinsey & WEF.

#Canada #Ford #Trudeau
Initiated in 2012, "DIACC members work in partnership w/ the Govt of #Canada." "In October 2020, the govt Ont. revealed 'Ontario Onwards: Ontario's COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Govt'. The very first item on the action plan revolves around the creation of #digitalID."
April 20, 2020: Thank you, PM Justin #Trudeau & Minister Chrystia #Freeland... We are encouraged by your decision to recognize #digitalID as an enabler of our economic growth... At the core of this [digital] infrastructure is a secure #digital identity,"

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For readers in India, a critical story breaking from @tomer_ganon of the @calcalist in Israel. Turns our #Pegasus was also used by Israeli Police to target not only activists and journalists, but also CEOs and politicians. #thread #surveillance
Here is an English report published in the @haaretzcom that details the @calcalist story for readers in India. Some of the names on the list will stun you.…
According to the Israeli media report, even the son of former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu became an unwilling target as his phone was infected. The phone was occasionally being used by the PM's wife. Imagine the level of security breach.
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Expediting digital identity amidst citizenry w/ #EyesWideShut.

Formalized in 1946, the "#FiveEyes" alliance represents "the largest #surveillance program in human history".

The Five Eyes: #US, #Canada, #UK, #Australia & #NewZealand.

I Spy (w/ My Five Eyes), 2016 👇
Curious overlap w/ world's highest #vaccine commitments per capital.

Dec 8, 2020: "RESOLVED: #Japan Is Ready to Become a Formal Member of #FiveEyes"…
Unprecedented #surveillance integrated w/ indelible compliance (via #DigitalID) will uphold the new global architecture. A #GreatReset, from class to caste.


A #NewNormal, the homogeneous society (I Spy w/ My Five Eyes clip, 2016).
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1/ Zur Erfassung von akuten Atemwegserkrankungen (#ARE) hat das #RKI 3 #Surveillance-Systeme!

Im 🧵 kurz erklärt👇🏻

1️⃣ Bevölkerung #GrippeWeb
2️⃣ Ambulante Versorgung (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Influenza (AGI) mit dem SEEDARE-Modul)
3️⃣ Krankenhaus-Surveillance (#ICOSARI)
2/ 1️⃣ #GrippeWeb: Hier wird seit 2011 die Aktivität akuter #ARE mit Informationen direkt aus der Bevölkerung beobachtet.

Was wird beobachtet?
▫️ Akute Atemwegserkrankung (ARE, mit oder ohne Fieber oder)
▫️ Grippeähnliche Erkrankungen (ILI, definiert als ARE mit Fieber)
3/ Vergleich geschätzte ARE-Raten für Bevölkerung in 🇩🇪 in den Saisons 2017/18 bis 2021/22 sowie die #COVID19-Rate (Anteil PCR-bestätigten Fälle in %), die aus den Meldedaten nach IfSG berechnet wurde (Stand Meldedaten: 12.1.2021). Image
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