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Dear fellow teammates,

As one of the few only surviving international organizations that have their roots firmly in Hong Kong, we will not back down.

We will double down on our fight for Hong Kong in the US, UK, Europe, Japan, and via @ipacglobal.
2/ We know that going forward will be difficult and would require sacrifices that we cannot fathom before, but we are sure that when we look back in the future, we will be proud to say that these are the finest hours of the #HongKongers.
"Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong." team thanks you for your trust and support. We hereby announced that we have just passed our 1.6M goal on our gofundme.

We will keep fighting for Hong Kong till the day Hong Kong is liberated.

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[I was just disqualified from LegCo election, despite being the biggest winner in #Hkprimaries]

1. Few minutes ago, I was just disqualified from running in the upcoming LegCo election in #Hongkong, even though I got the highest vote share in the primary, w/ 30000+ votes obtained
2. The excuse they use is that I describe #nationalsecuritylaw as a draconian law, which shows that I do not support this sweeping law.
3. Despite 610,000+ #Hongkongers voting in #HK’s primary, #Beijing now staged the biggest-ever crackdowns on the city’s election, by disqualifying nearly all pro-democracy runners, from young progressive groups to traditional moderate parties.
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1. Today is the last day for our pro-democracy primaries. Over 230,000 #HKers have already cast their votes yesterday, well exceeding the original target turnout. With this significant turnout, I am really proud of everyone who has queued and waited in the summer heat.
2. One day more for our last free election, our new target will be 500,000, which amounts to 30% of votes in pro-democracy camp and 10% of the total registered voter in #Hongkong.
3. With 500,000 HKers casting their ballots amid #Beijing’s threats and sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw, our determination would send a strong message to the world: #Hongkongers will not surrender. No matter how repressive the regime goes against us, we will not bow to tyranny.
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[In response to Australia's new policies on #HK]

1. When #China is imposing the new sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw on the city, Australia’s new visa policy serves as a vital safe haven for freedom-loving #HongKongers amid political persecution under China’s new Orwellian law.
2. It is also reasonably understandable for the Australian gov to incentivise businesses back to Australia since the new #NSL poses a worrying threat to freedoms and safety of ex-pats, investors & travellers in HK, especially when the law covers foreign individuals, NGOs & media.
3. Under the vaguely defined terms, individuals, once identified by Beijing as wrongdoers, may face indefinite detentions, secret trials, covert surveillance, communication interception, warrantless raids of premises, asset freezes, or even extradition to China’s courts.
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Risks & uncertainty are mounting for #HongKongers.

Beijing has adopted, & is already implementing, a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw that effectively invalidates core #1C2S-promised protections.…

Beijing sold #HongKongers & world a tragic bill of goods.

Now under assault: HKers’ most cherished freedoms.

Over: #HongKong’s official-touted status as #AsiasWorldCity.

See #HongKong #WatchFloor for updates & NEW #POLICY RECS:…
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🚨 I've decided to put together a THREAD of prominent voices for #HongKong from around the word. Start with U.S. politicians. Note how @RepGregSteube is saying (as I read it) the newly-revealed #HK #NationalSecurityLaw will "threaten democracy around the world." 👇👇👇
[2/n] @HawleyMO: "Question now is whether Beijing will use this as a pretext to jail pro-democracy leaders."
[3/n] @RepJimBanks highlights how the #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw "prohibits 'collusion' w/ foreign govs or institutions, which could target those who've lobbied the U.S. Congress for sanctions."
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“Policy Options to Impose Costs on #Beijing’s Coercive Envelopment of #HongKong: Version 1.0”

#NatSecLaw negates #SAR’s judiciary & freedoms

Our #ChinaSignPost™ 洞察中国 report (#102) offers analysis & recommendations…
#HongKong’s long-deteriorating situation has come to a head.

Today, just b/f #July1, Beijing imposed a popularly-opposed #NationalSecurityLaw negating the Special Autonomous Region’s judiciary & freedoms.…

Dissidents are vulnerable; everyone is at risk.
#Beijing has abruptly abandoned binding commitments & reassurances, which underwrote #HongKong’s handover from Britain in 1997, & its subsequent special treatment by the United States & other nations.

Now, sadly, Hong Kong’s identity & status lies damaged & altered irrevocably.
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[End of Hong Kong, Beginning of Reign of Terror]

1. #Beijing has just passed the sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw. It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before.
2. From now on, #Hongkong enters a new era of reign of terror, just like #Taiwan’s White Terror period in history, with arbitrary prosecutions, black jails, secret trials, forced confessions, media clampdowns and political censorship.
3. With sweeping powers and ill-defined law, the city will turn into a #secretpolicestate. #HongKongProtesters now face high possibilities of being extradited to China’s courts for trials and life sentences.
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[One year later, #Policebrutality intensifies]

1. A year ago,millions of #HKers flocked to streets to oppose #AntiExtradition bill & #PoliceViolence. It was the time when demonstrations, protests, strikes, petitions, forming human chains & singing #GlorytoHongKong were permitted Image
2. One year later, #Hongkongers and the world bear witness to #Beijing's growing direct control on the city’s vanishing liberty. Ordinary citizens are stabbed by pro-#Beijing mobs, smashed to the ground and arrested by #hkpolice just because they sing in public. ImageImageImage
3. This is the time when teachers are fired for refusing to censor students, and even a satirical show was halted for mentioning #policebrutality. Image
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[This year might be the last year of annual #TiananmenVigil in #Hongkong]

1. 31 years ago, Beijing crushed dissents with tanks and guns. 31 years later, Beijing is ripping out our democratic aspiration with a tyrannical law.
2. At the time when #Beijing is unilaterally imposing the draconian #NationalSecurityLaw upon #Hongkong, this year might be the last year that Hongkongers can talk about #TiananmenSquareMassacre publicly.
3. Even before this evil law is implemented, #HKgov has already tightened its grip by banning this years’ candlelight vigil for the first time in 30 years. To block #Hongkongers from joining the vigil, the venue was locked down w/ barricades, with thousands of #hkpolice deployed.
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Exactly 31 years ago at this moment, Chinese troops entered #Tiananmen Sq. after opening fire on peaceful protesters.

In memory of the 1989 victims, this is what Raymond Yeung, who lost an eye in a peaceful protest, has to say about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):
In June 1989, hundreds of souls in Tiananmen Square were lost in the fight for democracy from the CCP.

When bullets started flying and tanks moved through the streets of Beijing, Hong Kong became the last beacon of hope for freedom in China.
For 30 years, tens of thousands of #Hongkongers have kept candles lit in 4th June vigils to remember the fallen.

This year, the vigil is banned in Hong Kong for the first time ever, after a year of our #FightForFreedom and China forcing the #NationalSecurityLaw on Hong Kong.
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1/ Despite foreign doubts and #Hongkongers’ criticism, #NPC just passed #nationalsecuritylegislation. # China unilaterally imposes the law with its legislation entirely under a black box, with no legislative scrutiny and public consultation.
2/ Today’s decision is a direct assault on the will of #HKers. China is scrapping its promise of autonomy under the Joint Declaration, a legally binding international treaty, & burying 1Country2System when a #secretpolice agency can enforce #China’s laws within territory of HK.
3/ Up to now, #Beijing loyalists keep downplaying the adverse impacts on HK’s judicial independence & civil liberties. Under similar law in China, people seeking justice for #TiananmenMassacre, supporting HKProtest were sentenced to jail. It might kill HK’s democratic movements.
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As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw formally invalidating core #1C2S protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers & their future.

So I’m standing up a #HongKong #WatchFloor:

Stay tuned for updates!…
The clock is ticking toward an unclear, but clearly worrisome, future for #HongKong.

To shine a spotlight on these critical issues, I’m standing up this virtual #WatchFloor.

I’ll improve & update it to the best of my ability, & welcome suggestions via
As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw that in effect invalidates core #OneCountryTwoSystems-promised protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers.

Under assault: some of their most cherished values & freedoms.…

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This video has been deleted by Facebook several times. Is it really necessary for around ten policemen to gather to subdue only one armless protestor who had already been lain on the ground? Is it necessary to hit him when he had already been under control?
@arcanum_17 Here comes a better version (without the unrelated background music)🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Some #Taiwanese oppose granting broad asylum to #HongKongers if the latter do not demand independence - fearing large-scale resettlement of Chinese refugees on #Taiwan will make the country more vulnerable to PRC attempts to regain control of its citizens.
HKers are upset at being used as electoral props by @iingwen. Domestically in #Taiwan though, accepting Chinese refugees is fraught given the 1949 takeover & the lack of transitional justice since. #Taiwanese are trying to figure out just how much their struggles overlap w/#HK's.
I think the answer is a lot. But there is no simple consensus in #Taiwan about this - whether granting full legal rights to people who might fundamentally see themselves as Chinese or welcome unification w/a democratic PRC will erode Taiwan's hard-fought identity and independence
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1/ From anti-extradition law to anti-national security law, more than thousands of #Hongkongers took to streets to protest against this highly controversial law since the new law will kill future democratic movements, and murder any slight chance to seeking justice in the city.
2/ It's fiercely imposed by Beijing upon the will of #HKers, without legislative scrutiny. Even tens of thousands of #HKers showed their outcry against draconian law, #hkpolice crushed dissents with armed vehicles, water cannons, teargas & pepper balls but #YouCantStopUs!
3/ The proposed national security agency is like the #secretpolice branch in HK. The biggest concern is arbitrary & political interpretation of the law, When using the law in China, lawyers, reporters, NGOs, religious groups were accused of “inciting subversion”.
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1/ On the eve of HK's Tiananmen massacre vigil, Beijing is now scrapping its promise of #1country2systems by circumventing HK’s legislature and directly imposing the most controversial national security law #article23 upon Hong Kong.
2/ Although the law is highly contentious in #Hongkong, and widespread backlash broke out when #HKgov introduced the law in 2003, Beijing this time deliberately chooses to ram through this unpopular law by completely ignoring the will of #Hongkongers.
3/ This disputable legislation is promulgated without any legislative scrutiny, just by the direct promulgation by #Beijing authority. This new mechanism allows #Beijing to impose more China’s draconian laws without any legislature scrutiny.
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1/#China #bully seems to have recovered enough from #ChineseVirus & is back to its old #rowdy behavior of provoking border clashes in Sikkim…
With its Govt, #China can never be a friend. #Trump இந்தியாவை "மிரட்டி"யதற்கு கெட்ட ஆட்டம் போட்ட கோமாளிஸ் எங்கே😂
2/ After indulging in nonsensical acts, #China indulges in usual blabber, "committed to uphold peace", "on border issue, our position is clear & consistent" etc.
The provocation is because India thwarted dragon march by amending #FDI act preventing takeover of Indian entities
3/ Bully back to its #rowdy behavior. #China Govt is that incorrigible.
Refusing to see reason, take lessons is the hallmark of a dictatorial regime.
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【5.10 荃灣廣場】


今日有人呼籲市民到港九多個商場聚集,參與「全港和你Sing 抗爭前奏曲」。

攝 / Jimmy Lam @ USP United Social Press 社媒

#香港 #HongKong #HappyMothersDay



#HongKong #HappyMothersDay #motherday2020

15:28 海港城內


#HappyMothersDay #HongKong #motherday2020
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1/ Three #hongkongers were slashed by a pro-#Beijing mob with a beef knife, with wounds on her left chest and chin, broken ribs, lungs collapsed with blood, suffering from post-traumatic stress, when handing out leaflets at #lennonwalls last night
2/ But #HK Judge offered sympathy to the assailant, without slamming his cruel move during sentencing yesterday. Instead, he violated his impartiality by spending one-third of the time criticizing #HKprotests & comparing victims that just delivered leaflets as "terrorist army”.
3/ He even praised the assailant as "an involuntary sacrifice and a bloodstained victim hanging by his last breath”, while the victims, the ones truly laying in blood, were slammed as "ruthlessly trampled on his right to work, live and survive.”
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Sad to hear @GretaThunberg had got some symptoms and said it is “extremely likely” to have #coronavirus. But I’m glad that she's got better after staying indoors for two weeks.…
1/ The message she's sent is important - We are fighting a war of life and death. Under the threat of the #CoronavirusPandemic, everyone can be affected. It’s heartbreaking to see many countries now going through painful moments.
2/ During the 2003 SARS, people in #Hongkong have learnt a bitter lesson. Since then, #Hongkongers are super aware of how the virus spreads, take all protective measures and learn the deadly consequences of censored information.
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When #Beijing expelled 3 major US media outlets @nytimes, @WSJ & @washingtonpost to stop foreign media coverage on #HK & #China, Reuters reports at least 4000 top internal security forces, the PAP, have been joining #hkpolice on the frontlines, according to diplomat sources.
1/ The report echoes #hongkongers’ observation that many #mandarin-speaking officials have given commands to #hkpolice on the frontlines and taken place in the crackdowns of protests.
2/ Together with the expanding Chinese troops PLA in the city, #CCP is now deploying the largest security deployment in #HK, with 12000-strong forces. Both PAP and PLA are under the direct command of resident #Xijinping.
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In this worldwide battle against #CoronavirusPandemic originated from #China. we can fight together & overcome this war.

1/ For #HKers, we have learnt a bitter lesson during 2003 SARS outbreak with 299 deaths. Ppl know that the Chinese government often cover up the outbreak.
2/ Learnt from our experiences, #Hongkongers share some secret remedies to combat the virus - wearing masks, staying at home, travelling less and being critical about the government’s words.
3/ While HK leader #CarrieLam acts against medical experts’ advice & asks ppl not to wear masks, we simply disregard unscientific restrictions & secure mask supplies by ourselves. We even call for border seal with China to stop spread of #WuhanCoronavirus originated from #China.
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Amid #Coronavirus menace, pro-#CCP lawmakers today hold extra meetings to discuss #HKpolice pay rises, despite majority of #HKers’ opposing the rise. According to the poll, popularity rating of police hit a record low: 40% of population giving zero marks on police performance.
However, just on the same day of the meeting, #hongkongpolice carries new rounds of political persecution by arresting key pro-democracy figures including Lee Cheuk Yan, Yeung Sum and pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai.
Over the past two months, #hkgov has demonstrated its governance failure. When the civil society is busy ensuring our mask supplies overseas and helping #Hongkongers to stay away from the virus, #HKpolice opts to suppress all opposition to the police pay rise.
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