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1. Restoring Freedom of Movement of people isn’t just an itch that a few frequent travellers and seasonal workers want scratched.

For sure, it doesn’t bother everyone… (and some lucky people have Irish ☘️ passports already)
2. Don’t be anxious that it’s an itch that, if scratched, will stop people wanting to #rejoinEU.

(Because EU membership is so much more.)
3. Restoring Freedom of Movement of people is not just an itch to scratch because it’s a fundamental foundation stone that we need to embrace to ever have a hope of #rejoinEU.

It’s not an issue to be ignored and dodged.

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1. I’d like to correct a few myths about the European Union in relation to bureaucracy and red tape.
2. The purpose of the EU is not to create more bureaucracy. The purpose is to cut holes in the bureaucracy of member states to make it easier for members to do business with each other and be mobile.
3. Because it does that, they don’t want one member cheating and dropping production standards to gain an unfair advantage. That’s why there is some regulation of standards. (This is what they mean by a level playing field)
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What do the Tories mean by their championing of ‘Singapore-On-Thames’ post-Brexit freedoms bonanza? Thatcher kickstarted the turn away from Europe with her wish for ‘a kind of free-trade and non-interventionist Singapore’.
Singapore and Hong Kong are indicators of economic governance where the short-circuiting of democracy was the key to their successes. Singapore’s troubling working classes were bypassed in favour of bringing in foreign workers who could be hired, fired, and then deported.
The state shaped Singapore’s success, not the free market, it set up massive land reclamation projects around its coasts using sovereign wealth funds and ‘plugged in’ to multinational corporations. Singapore avoided years of development by bringing in tech and a foreign workforce
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1. I put a lot of effort into raising awareness of Freedom of Movement and the benefit of it and I help people make the case for better mobility arrangements after Brexit.

Mobility and immigration for non EU citizens is a country matter not an EU-wide matter.
2. If you don’t agree that change happen, that’s fair enough. But **please unfollow me**.
3. If we genuinely want change for the better we have to be willing to ask for it. (It’s neither exceptionalist nor cakeist to want your rights back or for general improvements)
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1. Here are my ideas on how the you can use Twitter to change the course of Brexit…

(Expect trolls from doing this so be prepared to ignore and block them)
2. This works because political parties use social media sentiment monitoring tools to analyse the public mood.
3. The aim of paid troll disinformation farms is

(a) to demoralise you,
(b) to ensure they get more tweets out than you that are negative about what you are calling for,
and (c) ultimately to destabilise society and make you think your fellow countrymen are idiots.
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1. A thread on taking back control of borders.

(Or not).

Unpacking the confusion.
2. The UK government claims to want to take back control of borders.

But did they mean control of settlement immigration? Or actual control of border crossings?

Do they even know what they want to control?
3. In reality, as a non-Schengen country, and as an island, the UK has always had full control of its border crossing points. UK is surrounded by water which helps. The only exception perhaps is the open Irish border but that’s down to the Good Friday Agreement not EU membership.
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1. The online abuse I’ve received in recent years has been quite phenomenal. It’s easy to block some of it out but it does get a bit wearing after a while. Nevertheless I want to help correct some of the deliberate disinformation perpetuated about Freedom of Movement and Europe.
2. Freedom of Movement of people isn’t the same as “uncontrolled immigration”. It matters to people all over Europe and it gives them freedom from abusive employment where visas are conditional on jobs.
3. Freedom of Movement ended purely because of UK government choices. Not because Brits voted for that. Not because UK left the EU and not even because UK left the EEA.
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Fascinating, BBC News. But did you know there was a #BrexitInquiry debate yesterday?

Following 180,000 petition signatures, there was the first ever debate in Parliament on Brexit damage costing the UK billions across all sectors.

No BBC coverage.

But "man drives miles"?...
It's really not hard to report this stuff @BBCNews. The Indy can do it - have a look:

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The debate about the impact of Brexit is about to start in Westminster Hall (at 16:30).

I will try and live-tweet stuff that catches my eye. Refresh the thread!

Meanwhile, you should be able to view proceedings online via Parliament TV at the link below.…
We seem to be live.

I can see around 30 MPs on screen. There may be more off-camera.
Proceedings open with a reference to the petition, and a reminder that it's still open for signatures. You can sign it at the link below.… Image
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Today at 4:30 PM, a parliamentary debate will be held on the consequences of Brexit. #BrexitInquiry

The debate comes after a petition calling for an inquiry into the handling of Brexit negotiations received over 175,000 signatures.
An online poll by Omnisis last week showed that 59% of 1,340 voters thought an inquiry should “probably” or “definitely” be launched, with just 25% against.

This shows that there is a clear demand from the public for answers on how Brexit negotiations were handled.
The petition argues that there was a lack of clarity and transparency during the Brexit negotiations, and that the public was misled about the potential consequences of leaving the EU.

Many people feel that the government has failed to deliver on its promises.
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"Cressida Dick {...} listed in Theresa May's resignation honours"

Now we see why the @MetPoliceUK are fighting to not investigate Vote Leave who are now a large part of the @GovUK and @Conservatives party! 🤔🙄

@metpoliceuk @GOVUK @Conservatives When asked about the delay into investigations being made by @MetPoliceUK into LeaveEU & Vote Leave at a London Assembly meeting 4 months ago!
Interesting to note that a file has been handed to the @CPSUK weeks ago in relation to LeaveEU but nothing about Vote Leave!
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@Peston @BorisJohnson 1/

Your journalist is broken.

It doesn't understand representative Parliamentary democracy and it thinks Parliament makes "pledges".

Please send for retraining or replace.

@Peston @BorisJohnson @ITV @itvnews 2/
It has difficulty understanding the role of Parliament and the executive and is inciting a coup.

Peston, Parliament can't be "traitors". 🙄
Parliament is sovereign.
How can it have a coup against itself?

Using words like "traitors" is not a good idea.
@Peston @BorisJohnson @ITV @itvnews 3/
Robert Peston writes for the Spectator

Cumming's wife is the commissioning agent for the Spectator

Peston's coverage hasn't been balanced since Cummings too over.

He is not being professional


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A completely inadequate response to the petition. How does this address:
- Overspending
- Lies spread by secret social media adverts
- misconduct in public office (referendum lies)
- Press and media (partic. BBC) lies and bias
We need a #BrexitInquiry…
This is not just about the referendum result, it's about ALL the abuses and wrong doings that have led us to a Government that wants to implement brexit
A BREXIT #PublicInquiry is needed, not a referendum inquiry.
Take the #SecretFacebookAds. A previous gov't petition response put forward the idea that it's okay for political campaigners to lie, because it's up to the opposition to challenge them. On that basis alone, the FB ads should be banned, you can't challenge a lie you can't see. /3
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It's #WorldKindnessDay
@nickynoo007 made the brilliant suggestion to #KillBrexitWithKindness
Here's my *stab*: thank you #Brexit for honing my power point skills. In gratitude, I'm posting my top-20 most popular anti-#Brexit/#StopBrexit memes (in no particular order).
1. One of the more recent ones on @DavidDavisMP hypocrisy over his failure to release the Brexit Impact Reports or sector studies or whatever they are, which he testified existed in "excruciating detail"
Release the #BrexitImpactReports #StopBrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
2. Never has this one on the #Tory Kakistocracy seemed more relevant with @michaelgove throwing #NazaninZaghariRatcliffe under a bus on #Marr to throw a political lifeline to his dangerously incompetent buddy @BorisJohnson
#StopBrexit #exitfrombrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
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