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BREAKING: We got our hands on the leaked questionnaire the Biden Campaign is using to vet women to be his VP.

Some of these questions are tough.
Question 1: Have I smelled your hair?
Question 2: Have I given you or one of your relatives an unsolicited hug, sniff, or kiss?

(This would already disqualify a lot of people.)
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If you want to see a blatant example of hypocrisy, double standards, and partisanship in the Academy, read this article. Bottomline: Academics are pivoting to "temperament" instead of "sexual assault" as to why they opposed Kavanaugh

Excerpts below.

"Avery W. Katz, formerly a vice dean at the law school whom Columbia currently bills as a "Professor of Organizational Character," lashed out when Fox News pointed out that he signed the open letter in the Times calling for Kavanaugh's nomination to be pulled in 2018...

...amid sexual assault allegations. Asked whether he would object to Biden's appearance at the university, Katz responded that the question "didn't sound like a genuine inquiry" and seemed "argumentative." 😂

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I think this piece is accurate in the extremely narrow sense that there wasn’t a widespread hashtag but fails as cultural commentary.

A quick trip down memory lane to remind us what the conversation was related to #Kavanaugh & #MeToo back then.…
So, first off, Faludi seems right that there wasn’t a huge #BelieveAllWomen phenomena, although “believe all women” was bantered about by some.

But this ignores the rush to believe women without or before evidence in a way that has clear political goals.
Instead of Ford - whose allegations clearly split the country in terms of their credibility - let’s focus on Julie Swetnick, once represented by Michael Avenatti. Her testimony was what started the “gang rape” narrative.
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A lot’s been written about the double standard in how the media/liberals have responded to the Biden/Kavanaugh allegations. But here's a thread laying out just how pervasive that double standard really is.

Here’s a list of the 50 biggest hypocrites:

“I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. My heart broke watching her testify. She’s a hero – brave, compelling, credible”…

“The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing.”…

“I believe her. Many, many, many Americans believe her."…

“Sen. Schumer believes that Joe Biden’s answer has been sufficient and will work as hard as he can to make sure Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump...”…
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Tara Reade Russia thread time courtesy of @HKrassenstein
Bob Mueller warned us in his testimony that Russia was actively involved in the 2020 election. Tara Reade is undoubtedly Russia's golden gal.
Wendy Dale and the Missing YouTube video.
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1. Okay cool let’s talk about the “25 women” that have accused @realDonaldTrump because out of the gate @businessinsider is lying despite article being updated 6 hours ago. This thread will be updated case by case. #FactsMatter…
2. You can immedately cross #AlvaJohnson off your list🤣 Her case was thrown out months ago when video surfaced and proved she was lying (weird @andersoncooper never had her back) here’s the “assault” #BelieveWomen
3. Here’s what @businessinsider currently has for #AlvaJohnson
making it FALSE and @SarahHuckabee statement TRUE. Report that bitches.…
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I'm not GOP. I'm someone who can clearly see that when the DNC wanted to weaponize #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen they did and the minute the allegations are about their guy, suddenly that woman is a liar and we need to respect due process. It's the definition of a double standard.
As someone who's been sexually assaulted, I'm tired of feeling like a pawn in a game. We're victims when it's convenient. We're liars when it doesn't fit the narrative. The same people who will call out their political opponent will defend the exact same behavior in their guy.
Apply the standards consistently. And for fuck's sake, stop gleefully dunking on your political opponents over their hypocrisy around this. You're essentially expressing schadenfreude over sexual assault, and you're gross too because you don't give a shit about us either.
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@morningmika @JoeBiden So there’s a lot to unpack here.


First of all, if #BelieveWomen isn’t tempered with basic common sense, then it’s simply blind dogma, and thus quite dangerous and subject to horrible abuses, as I’ve said long before I ever heard the name Tara Reade.

Let’s compare the
@morningmika @JoeBiden cases of Biden and Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh: despite being an only marginally well known public figure prior to his nomination, he had not one but multiple accusers. His known, documented behavior, not to mention his judicial actions, all point to a distinct lack of respect for
@morningmika @JoeBiden women in general. Every chance he’s given to rule on women’s rights and their fundamental freedoms and right to bodily autonomy, he’s proven that he believes they deserve none of those.

We must also consider the consistency of the narrative around his behavior. Very different
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A lot people are tying themselves in knots trying to offer an interpretation of “Believe All Women” that simultaneously exonerates #Biden & maintains some kind of universal “believing.” It’s probably easier to just say that particular slogan should never have taken off.
Some folks are saying, “Believe all women never meant actually believe all of them. It meant always investigate what they’re saying.” That’s incorrect. If the slogan meant “critically listen to all women’s allegations” then that’s what the slogan should have been all along.
Like all slogans, #BelieveAllWomen was bound to implode with a very loud bang. What happens when the accused assailant is a woman and the victim a man? Should we believe the woman? What if she’s a white woman of privilege and she’s accusing a black man? Do we just take her side?
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Funny how when there’s sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh and Trump it’s all #BelieveAllWomen but once the flip got script on Biden suddenly it’s #IBelieveBiden and this shit:…
Proof that nobody cares whether you’re a flat out rapist so long as you’re one of them
Biden could shoot someone live on national TV and somehow they’d find a way to try the cadaver for slander
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Just to add to this, yesterday @NPR did cover the Tara Reade allegation against Joe Biden. But check out how they framed it, as compared to those against Justice Kavanaugh

Here's the NPR podcast talking about their story:…
Reminder: In the Dr. Blasey Ford allegations against Judge K, there was:

—No confirmed date
—No confirmed location
—Zero corroboration (in fact, refutation as to specific facts)
—Admitted political motive
—No police report

Didn't matter, "Believe all women", Justice K's guilty!
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Joe Biden accused of sexual assault by a former Senate staffer who worked for him. This is a huge mess for the Democrats based on the precedent they set in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. There is far more evidence against Biden here than against Kavanaugh:…
Biden was also an adult in a supervisory role at the time of this allegation as opposed to Kavanaugh being a high school kid. My position in all these cases has been to look at all the evidence and not believe anyone based on their gender. But Democrats argued #BelieveAllWomen.
The biggest issue here is that Democrats, including Biden, were completely wrong to embrace the idea that you should believe someone based on their gender. Biden’s own words trap him here. Precedents matter and should be applied evenly regardless of race, gender, or party.
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1. This is a shining example of why people think feminists hate men. So don’t bother using radfems as a scapegoat anymore.
2. This is a shining example of white feminism. This doof says “Men started slavery” as if most white women of the time were doing jack shit to end it.
The white suffragettes were only really concerned with getting wealthy white women the right to vote. They only cared about black people in so much as it furthered their own cause.
Getting white women political power was a bigger priority for the suffragettes than saving the lives of blacks people who were being mistreated.
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I want everyone defending Amber Heard to consider Johnny Depp had these texts the DAY she filed for a RO. He could have released them then and derailed her entire career. Aquaman, L’Oreal, speaking engagements- never would have happened.
He didn’t. He was protecting her still.
This is the reality of the power false allegations and #believeallwomen gives female abusers. The belief that women are always victims, that it’s improper to ask for proof of abuse and that it’s abusive for a man accused of abuse to defend himself allows this power structure.
The victim- often male, in false allegation cases- is hurt, confused, blindsided, manipulated to be sympathetic to their abuser, and often distracted with the real-life concerns of being labeled an abuser: job loss, social ostracism, the effects on their children-to fight back.
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Washington Post Displays Glaring Double Standard When Reporting Sexual Assault Claims…
It is now apparent that The Washington Post’s standard for reporting on cases of sexual assault is dependent upon whether the accused is a political target of their choosing.
Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax issued a statement Monday morning denying accusations of sexual assault from 2004. Fairfax said the allegations were investigated by The Washington Post last year, who found, “significant red flags and inconsistencies within the allegation.”
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THREAD: There’s all kinds of crazy things being said about voter fraud. Every time a GOP loses a race, people scream fraud. My response is, it depends.
The most common type of voter fraud is to fill out absentee ballots en masse. When that’s done, you see large blocks of votes voting straight ticket, and the turnout is excessively high. When compared to other counties, the turnout will be higher than all or most of them.
Another common type of fraud is to bus people in to a district where eligibility checks are either non-existent or extremely lax. You see this type of fraud going on in places like New Hampshire, where students are bussed in from Boston to tilt an election.
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Leftists/Democrats and their media propagandists have normalized lawlessness, violence, aggression, racism, sexism, and bigotry. They have trained blacks to attack blacks, whites to attack whites, women to attack women who don’t fall in line with what theydeem is acceptable.
Dems organize protests, (mob riots) of outraged, perpetual victims to attack, harass, and threaten, all in the name of restoring “civility,” civil rights, and protecting our “institutions.
The aggressive mobs’ astonishing, outrageous behavior is treated as acceptable and righteous and the master elites herald it as democracy in action. In reality, the zombie mobs are weaponized, oblivious puppets being used by elite corrupt politicians to keep the base in line.
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Looking forward to your tweet ‘eloquently’ telling GOP/GOP voters “FUCK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.” I cheer a sane GOP protecting presumption of innocence that Dems disdain. Dems are the party of angry, violent, bullying, deranged psycho mobs #ItCanHappenToYou
The blatant hypocrisy of Dems who say #BelieveAllWomen don’t believe @KeithEllison’s accuser, @RepKihuen ‘s accuser, @BobMenendezNJ sex with underage girls, and more. They want Dems elected no matter what-and in doing so, they say “Screw #MeToo
Charged with 9 counts of domestic abuse, @SenJeffWoodburn just won his primary reelection to take a 4th term… via @conmonitornews
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Nobody Believes All Women

Believe all women… unless they accuse the Left.…
The willingness of more Democrats to believe Bill Clinton’s accusers isn’t evolution, it’s hypocrisy.

Democrats covered for Bill Clinton as long as the Clintons were a viable political dynasty.
Only when Hillary went down in flames, and Bill Clinton seemed to spend most of his time playing with balloons, was it safe to start believing the same women they had been ridiculing and demeaning all these years.
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1/ Reading this piece was a total waste of time, except that it prompted me to try to check out something I've been curious about: are there, in fact, a substantial number of progressives who say that we should believe ALL women?
2/ My normal operating assumption is that there is not view so stupid that you can't find SOMEONE who holds it, so I assume that there are people who believe this one. But *lots* of them?
3/ I checked out the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen . It's almost entirely people on the right, being sarcastic. Random example:

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.@DNC, Whose No. 2 Was Accused Of Abuse By 2 Women, Demands Kavanaugh Investigation…
#BelieveAllWomen can be a touchy subject when your organization's no. 2 has been accused of abuse by two women.
There's no police report with Kavanaugh and thus nothing to investigate. However there is a police report involving Ellison.

There's one Kavanaugh accuser from ages ago. But there are two Ellison accusers. And the most recent one is... fairly recent.
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