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First up, opening remarks from @benjaminwittes
@benjaminwittes The crowd now hearing a preview of episode 6 of #Allies, out now:
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The #Crumbling #Empire & its #EU #Vassals are #Locked in an #Economic #War of #Attrition with #Russia, which it did NOT #Expect & against which it has NO #Plan on how to #Win it.
The #Increase of ever #More #Sanctions on #Russia are #Hurting both the #US & even more>>
the #EU-part of the #Empire more than #Russia,
in a steady #Rising way, creating more & more #Resistance against it, both in the #US as in #Europe.
In the #Battlefield- #War-#Theatre however, its clear that the #Russian #Allies are slowly, but #Decisively & #Grindingly>>
#Destroying the #Ukraine #Army & its #Infrastructure, that was #Constructed, #Armed & #Trained by the #NATO-allies in the 8 years since the #Maidan #Coup & #Start of the #Ukraine #Civil #War in 2014.
When the #Policy of #Fighting instead of #Diplomacy continues,
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A year ago today, Biden announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It ended at the Kabul airport where 1000s were left behind.

#ALLIES will tell the 20-year story of how the US failed its local eyes and ears in Afghanistan.

Listen to the trailer:…
From @BryceKlehm and @GoatRodeoDC, #ALLIES will take you, in 7 episodes, through the decades-long effort to honor America’s promises to its partners, and how that promise ended in catastrophe at an airfield in Kabul.
@BryceKlehm @GoatRodeoDC Premiering May 16th, #ALLIES will cover the time period from just before the invasion to now, and how veterans, advocates, lawmakers, and Afghans who made it to the U.S. continue to fight for those still in Afghanistan.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:
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Ok, ok... wait... hold on. I know what you're thinking. Why should I read this.


Ok, so, if Durham is right, this literally supports what we know, and at best, is meaningless, at worst, is horrifically damning for trump.…
In this article, Durham states that Clinton passed information to the CIA about Russians being in contact with the trump campaign. Yes, we knew this.

He goes on to say that they specifically named trump as the contact. Yes, that was laid out. We knew this.
The Clinton campaign reached out to federal authorities witj intel they obtained from foreign officials who were surveilling Russian activity. That is specifically how the feds got involved in monitoring the trump campaign directly. They followed known Russian asset.
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🇦🇫 ⚡🌐 The #Taliban have not yet met the conditions for recognition of their #government, the #US Special Representative for #Afghanistan Tom West said in an interview with the #Afghan 1TV channel. Image
He stressed that the #UnitedStates is not ready to resume the work of the embassy in #Afghanistan, but will continue to interact with the #Taliban in order to protect #American interests.
At the same time, he noted that the #Taliban are serious about fulfilling the terms of the #Doha agreement regarding the prevention of the use of the #territory of #Afghanistan against the #UnitedStates and its #allies.
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Why is it always one step to *suicide* in this debate? It's this completely lurid and ghoulish debating tactic that gets trotted out as a failsafe. A teacher wants to talk about whether a book is suitable for 9 year olds, and that's supposed to make people end it all?
Honestly, it's like "Hey maybe male bodied people shouldn't be competing in women's athletics," and the response is "I worry someone who hears this will conclude the world would be a better place if they killed themselves." You hear this so much that it's become normal.
Many women have noted that the only other people who consistently use this argument are sociopath ex's who manipulate women into keeping them in their lives: "Love me or my blood on your hands," etc etc
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Lt Gen John Shaw, #USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, on @ascendspace's "Leveraging Our #Allies in National Security #Space" panel: It shows that all of our nations are continuing to focus more on more on #space & focusing on it together. #BetterTogether
Shaw recognizes work of @18SPCS & American/allied #space professionals at Combined Force Space Component Command & Joint Task Force-Space Defense for their work in relation to this week's Russian #ASAT test. 🛰️ @UKTeamVandenbe1 #VandenbergSFB @psgarrison #SchrieverSFB
Shaw says #USSPACECOM will continue to do its mission: do our best to understand what is going on in our domain (100km & up w no upper limit); make it transparent to all other users; share data w allies/partners/world; make it as safe as we can for further activity in #space.
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#USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, Lt Gen John Shaw at @ascendspace on Russian DA-ASAT test: We are still characterizing this event. We expect the debris will grow over time. #Perigee, #apogee event will widen. "It will become a threat that we will have to deal with." #ASAT #Russia
Shaw: This isnt' the beginning of such activity. #Russia conducted a similar test in April, though it didn't target a #satellite. Russia is showing "disregard of the sustainability of #space."
Shaw likens tracking objects in #space to book version of #JurassicPark: Scientists had automated sensors to track dinosaurs & algorithm to count the expected number of dinos. Problem is, it didn't account for the population of dinos rising. ...
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Through the years, people have asked me what they should say as “comebacks” to verbal microaggressions. I usually tell them to respond with something like “What do you mean by that?” as a way of getting the person to reflect on whatever it was they just said. #AcademicChatter
Recently, a friend asked what to tell people as alternatives to microaggressions. I liked this question better bc it takes responsibility away from target (typically of marginalized group) & encourages enactor (typically of privileged group) to reflect on/ change their behavior.
Hope you find these helpful & that you reflect on things you say or do to others. If you think to yourself “This might be offensive or hurtful”, it probably is, OR you might want to steer clear of it, if you’re not ready for a challenging conversation or acknowledge your biases.
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Service thread with some observations on the draft election platform of #Germany|s #Green Party @Die_Gruenen (published 19 March)…
#Greens call for a more active #German foreign policy & above all for a strengthening of the #EU. Franco-German cooperation 🇫🇷🇩🇪 referenced along mside a #transatlantic approach. Issue of systemic rivalry with authoritarians highlighted.
#Greens describe the #transatlantic partnership as pillar of 🇩🇪 foreign policy, with #climate as core element. Recognition that #US will be less focused on European #security & that @Europe will need to do more. Good to see specific mention of security of
#Poland & 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹
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(1/6) ++UPDATE++ President Biden's #EO on #American #SupplyChains is out:…. The EO includes 100-day #supplychain reviews & sectoral #supplychain assessments to be compiled within 1 year
(2/6) The sectoral #supplychain assessments can be interpreted as a #WholeofNation approach to geo-economic risk assessment - and thus constitute a formidable methodological challenge ImageImage
(3/6) #Allies and partners play a role in the #EO but it seems that the details remain to be discussed Image
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It's Sunday, you're on Twitter. I'm pretty sure you have 5 minutes. Can you use those 5 min to speak up for our #transgender Montanans, who are targeted by 2 harmful and discriminatory bills, being heard Wednesday?
HB 113 would fine health care providers up to $50k for providing gender affirming care (seriously, following our national guidelines on this would be ILLEGAL). Medical care for transgender youth is evidence-based & has been shown to reduce their very high risk of suicide by 70%.
HB 112 would prohibit trans athletes from playing sports according to their gender identity. NCAA & others have rules & criteria allowing this, but MT wants a blanket ban to keep kids off teams for good. Trans kids are kids too, and deserve the health benefits of sports.
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The journey to pride has been a long one for me. 🌈

I am proud to say I am a bisexual man working in sports media.

It shouldn’t matter, but we’re still in an era where it does - hopefully this helps others have less fear about who they are.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove🏳️‍🌈 #RainbowLaces Image
I grew up in a household where homophobia amongst other things was sadly common.

This meant I kept my feelings to myself out of fear.

Fear of abuse, discrimination, & being known professionally for my sexuality rather than my work.

Not any more.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove #RainbowLaces
I feel like I've found my true home & so much ❤️ in the #LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve realised that the best way to cause change is through visible representation, & that showing difference is a strength.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

🏳️‍🌈#LoveIsLove🏳️‍🌈 #RainbowLaces
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A #thread about #autistic #meltdown. One of the reasons I can suddenly and unexpectedly become overwhelmed is the difficulty I have monitoring how distressed I am. The tipping point when things kilter out of control is as much a surprise to me as it is to other people.
Emotional regulation is difficult when I’m not fully aware of how emotions are making me feel, until overwhelmed. And for me the ‘why’ is always important. My mind wrestles with possible explanations for feelings that are strong but confusing.
Like many #autistic people I find that past #trauma often intrudes on the present. Analysis and recognition of patterns is how I best understand human behaviour. Something happening now that maps onto ways in which I was bullied previously can be utterly terrifying.
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@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Rant incoming. This is exactly why I'm flipping pissed there's no attention on this b/c nearly everyone is assuming the wrong narrative. Press & politics aren't picking it up because they're AFRAID of it being an #LGBTQ+/#trans issue w/o looking past it & seeing the REAL story.
@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Cyberbullying has infected our community. These users carry very far-right beliefs w/ a very specific agenda: dump Trudeau, dump Singh, cancel The Social, praise Don Cherry, celebrate Adam Skelly (now) & TARGET OUR COMMUNITY. It's incredibly linear, systemic & super predictable.
@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Considering the political leanings and the fact that it's oh-so-coincidental that OUR community is getting heat, especially yours truly, I struggle to not imagine DW blowing a dog whistle especially considering his COVID beliefs & political leanings, including w/ Gary Marshall.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/30/2020…
Focus on Eurasia, Invest in Allies, Rethink Globalization - The American Interest…

#american #allies #globalization
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Surely every serious national security strategist understands the distinction btwn Govts Geopolitical decisions and th military's detailed scenario planning & action program. A govt can decided on basis of expected value of outcome or worst case scenarios-the latter is paralyzing
2/ns The critical issue in China-India conflict is that,as of now (2020), #China controls the #escalatory ladder. So India's #National #Security Apparatus has to make assumptions about when and how #CCPpla will escalate, if it loses the first few steps on its escalatory ladder!
3/ns The worst case scenario for us is therefore the one in which after loosing previous escalations, #CCP China escalates to a full fledged war/attack on India, by shifting US-facing troops and highest quality equipment towards India. This has proved paralyzing for past Govts!🤔
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Worth using google translate to watch the #propagandalive as @Erkanomia is in #Moscow to cover the #Kremlin #Military parade #HappeningNow. Some ++good #OSINT & #IMINT in his #live & candid coverage. 😎
For example, while the #Moscow #Elite typically use a black #SUV with license plate ending in 88 (sometimes 888 for family of senior officials & oligarchs who must #Drive themselves), here we see the first of the latest #cars with new #licenseplatedata.

Close-up I made from the #Finland team's #photography showing @mod_russia's Army #celebrity #swag bags for the Diamond Jubilee #celebration of the #Soviet #WWII win... ignoring 1939-1941 🙄

The Hon Minister Mr Singh, #IndianArmedForces, is a special guest at #VictoryDayParade.
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#Allies- my sister gave "the talk" to her son. The one Black parents give that White parents don't have to. The one steeped in respectability politics.The talk that doesn't save lives, because it doesn't matter how nice of non-threatening you are if your skin color is your weapon
#Allies how can you help- well, she told him, if he ever needed help from an adult (when she was not around), run quickly out of the neighborhood and ask the local store owner for help. I'm thinking about all the houses with all the adults in it that my nephew would run past,
and I'm thinking surely there's an #ally in one of those. Maybe consider putting a sign on your lawn or window stating your ally-ship. And if a Black person knocks on your door looking for help, #DontShoot. #Help instead. Make that commitment. It could save my nephew's life.
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THREAD: I've been inundated in the past week by calls/msgs from Black & racialized educators (at all levels) struggling with what's going on- AGAIN. This isn't new; many of us never had the option to "not understand", "not know", to "sign off", "walk away", "do it btw 9-4" #ABR
If U are a non-Black or NOT #criticallyconscious Ed leader (that includes IBPOC folk)-U must understand that UR #silence in staff meetings is literally suffocating ppl. ur unwillingness to address what is happening to ur staff/communities is #racism #WeCantBreatheAGAIN
Ive heard a list of things happening all over the province
1) not addressing it and being completely silent
2) not addressing it bc they dont know what to do
3) asking Black & racialized folk to lead PD for staff but then not stepping in when there are racist responses
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Happy #VictoryDay from SSI! ✌️

On this date 75 years ago, we are celebrating the formal acceptance by the #Allies of #WorldWarII of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces marking the end of World War II in #Europe. ImageImageImage
Approximately 1.5 million Jews fought in the regular Allied armies. In many cases, the percentage of Jews fighting was greater than the percentage of Jews in the population.

About 500,000 Jewish soldiers fought in the Red Army during World War II.
120,000 were killed in #combat and in the line of duty; the Germans murdered 80,000 as #prisonersofwar. More than 160,000, at all levels of command, earned citations, with over 150 designated “#Heroes of the #SovietUnion”— the highest honor awarded to soldiers in the #RedArmy
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LIVE: @NavalInstitute is holding their 147th Annual Meeting virtually. @USNavy 🇺🇸 ADM Foggo will be the keynote speaker, talking about what the #USNavy is doing in @eucom @africom @NATO.

#Power4Peace #Open4Business #USNavalInstitute

Listen here:
"I encourage our younger #leaders – especially the Junior #Officers, Chief Petty Officers, and #Sailors out there – to join the debate, share your insights and innovative approaches. We have much to #learn from each other." - Admiral Foggo Image
"We face 2 strategic competitors— #China and #Russia, but we cannot forget other serious threats coming from #Iran and Violent Extremist Organizations. Competition can be good. It keeps us innovating and makes us better." - Admiral Foggo
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2/ #China unleashes #maritime power to press #EastAsia & #IndoPacific hegemony while #USNavy and US & other governments deal w/#coronavirus #pandemic:

#nationalsecurity #natsec #strategy
3/ #China combines #softpower w/ #maritime power in unrelenting pursuit of its international realignment goals even as – or because of – #coronavirus #pandemic rages through #SEAsia:

#nationalsecurity #natsec #strategy #IndoPacific
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