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11 June 2022 - Between The Lines Rides Again...Almost

Today’s earlier analysis #ShestokasForIlAG generated a tremendous response. It got dramatically higher impressions numbers than I’ve been getting, lately. But the private response was off the charts.
2) The most important, though, was an extensive conversation I had with @shestokas. In it, he explained what may well be the ultimate reason his candidacy for Illinois AG is a national matter. I'll connect that conversation to my beloved polling site below.
3) One of the most important powers that the AG has in Illinois has to do with his function during elections. Consider the election corruption that the Chicago Machine holds sway over. Now, imagine an AG ready and willing to fight them to protect true vote integrity.
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1/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine

May 2012: then foreign minister @bobjcarr expelled Syrian diplomats after the US blamed Syrian govt for 'the Houla #massacre'.
#auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
2/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
An investigation into the #Houla #massacre pointed the finger at anti-govt extremists. But there was no debate by #auspol.
#ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
3/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
Few questioned MSM narrative on Syria: govt bad; US supported 'rebels' good.
But @TurnbullMalcolm raised questions.

Ref: ……

@bobjcarr #auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners
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@ggreenwald Yesterday, I could listen to @OksanaBoyko_RT's 2014 interview on #YouTube with former Australian PM #MalcolmFraser. Today, I can't. His sagacity and courage are sorely needed.#censored #NATO #insiders #LNL #RNBreakfast #mediawatch #abc730 #4corners @phbarratt
@OksanaBoyko_RT @phbarratt In 2015, a year after the coup in Kiev, Tom Switzer, from @RadioNational's #BetweenTheLines, wrote about Malcolm Fraser's views on #NATO, the #US, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea.
Wise observations, still.
@CISOZ @LowyInstitute @RodgerShanahan…
@OksanaBoyko_RT @phbarratt @RadioNational @CISOZ @LowyInstitute @RodgerShanahan Last week, anticipating #Youtube would censor RT, which would mean @OksanaBoyko_RT's #WorldsApartRT interview would be unavailable, I transcribed it.

Until the full interview is once again available, I'll tweet some of what the former prime minister said.
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29 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines

1st Polling Data and Graphs

It took over 4 hours this morning, working with the data, eventually generating and analyzing my graphs, with their support and resistance lines. Having finished, I have to tell you, I'm pleased with my work.
2) I wasn't for much of the time. My projective formulas long for 1,000s and 10s of 1,000s more responses. I dream to have respondents in every zip code in America. They grinded and ground with the chugging weight of too little data, and yet...
3) Step by step I was able to handle the thin fuel and crank up the engine, just enough to keep running till we go to the gas station and back. I'll explain a little more about that below, but let's cut to the chase. Our 1st prediction of the coming election is for Donald Trump.
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26 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Introduction

The Power of Just Five Questions

There are two types of questions, honest, and dishonest. Honest questions seek answers not yet known, with integrity and curiosity. Dishonest questions seek prescribed answers for wrongful reasons.
2) One of the ways that dishonest questions disguise themselves is by way of multiples. Many tens of questions, maybe even more than 100, this is a sure sign of dishonesty in questioning. When we seek the truth, we may only ask a few. BTL favors 5 or less.
3) A hallmark of dishonest questions is leaning. If you look, you can always see if a question has a leaning, or if it is sincere, open, actually seeking. How much do you like me? That's a leaning. What do you honestly think of me, no matter how negative or positive? No leaning.
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25 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines

Protesting Censorship

This past week, I posted a 5-question poll here at Twitter, and was looking forward to analyzing its results. There is some important information that was gleaned, until...
2) Until Twitter decided to delete the first question of the poll. The remaining four questions are still, for now, up, and I'll give you that link below. Here, guess what! I was able to find and save an image of the deleted poll question. This is it.
3) I imagine that posting the image above, I raise the odds that Twitter will suspend my account, and I am going to discuss that here. I have screen shots of all 5 questions now, so I no longer fear losing them. Here's the live link to the rest of them:

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24 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Analysis

Social Media and Political Polling

If you follow me here at Twitter, you know I am a Trump supporter, and also that I care about civil discourse, a meeting of the minds. The website below is built on that passion:
2) On that note, I humbly request that you sign up at my new website by email. Here's why. It is very likely that Twitter will soon suspend my account, precisely as it has to so many other conservative voices. Twitter decided, yesterday, to delete one of my polls. My 3rd poll.
3) I have a theory. My poll pointed toward answers, toward how to reunite our nation's political civil discourse. My theory is that Twitter is, itself, opposed to this goal. My theory is that Twitter is fueling, fomenting civil discord; NOT promoting civil discourse.
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21 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines

Collecting Data and Learning the JOY of Truly Listening

There is tremendous power for good in just these 5 questions.

1) Will you vote?
2) Who for?
3) Who should win?
4) Who will win?
5) How do you identify: D, I, or R?
2) I have already started with both business colleagues and family members, and I can't tell you the shocked amazement they have shown me. They all know where I stand, and are all afraid to talk to me about politics, well, those who disagree with me fear it.
3) While we're working on our website every day, even in just its current state, the site helps transform fear into fun, and wides eyes, and more. If you haven't been there yet, do check it out!
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17 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Third Analysis

We Show Our Work Here, Even When It Isn't Pretty

To get started, we finally have our first two analyses up here:
2) I have to share, SILLY ME! Today is the first day I have any data at all to share, and I only now noticed that, at our On The Record pages, we ONLY ask, but do NOT display the answers. What a ridiculous oversight on my part. Never crossed my mind till just now.
3) But my knees are bouncing under my desk as I type...drum roll...I have my FIRST DATA to offer. Now, it isn't pretty. I have no charts to offer, and the data is, well, really, really thin. I won't even try to tease any information out of it. But, I'm excited anyway!
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16 July 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Coronavirus #Rallying

It is Time for MAGA to Rally Trump

What one power, on our side, and what one fatal flaw on the other side led us to victory in 2016? There are always many contenders in answer to such a question, HRC was beyond terrible.
2) We had the best candidate ever. We were able to defeat the false reach of the fake polling, and the joint opposition of the MSM. We had a true message. And Trump perfected the delivery of that message day by day, rally by rally.
3) That last point, Trump perfecting our message from one rally to the next and until both the message and the messenger become a perfect, a perfected unity, that's my answer to the question I posed above. Trump rallied us, and oh my did we rally back.
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15 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Second Analysis

The Lay of the Land: Mapping Political America

While I made my formal call on 15 October 2016, this was the last image I published. Even on 8 November, no one seemed to know who would win. I did. Image
2) That is a very big claim. Knowing the winner on 8 November, through the data and the analysis, really did mean something. What did it mean? Allow me just one example. Through the night, I was on the phone with
@GenFlynn 4 times, ending at 2:30 AM.
3) Here is what @GenFlynn had to say on that count:

"Having received every one of Pat’s analyses throughout the Trump campaign, I can attest to their tremendous value.
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14 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines First Analysis

Where Do You Stand, On or Off The Record?

Before I dive in, I have to give TREMENDOUS thanks to my team. Although there are more, we have a core team of 6 extraordinary people. Team, I thank you!
2) We went live last Thursday, and have been working feverishly to make improvements. I imagine that process of development will continue for some days or weeks or longer. But, the basic functionality of our site has been happily adequate from the go live moment.
3) I'll describe what's going on in a moment, and how I came to be able to offer our first #BetweenTheLines analysis today. Right now, I have to talk about our mission, but I promise to be brief. In fact, I have a new pledge to give.
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How much of Toland’s ‘Clidophorus’ lie inside Strauss’s ‘Persecution and the Art of Writing’? #strauss #esoteric #exoteric #philosophy #philosophers
In PAW, Strauss never mentions Toland’s Clidophorus, notwithstanding the subject of both books is the same. Is that esoterically relevant? #strauss #esotericism #exotericism #philosophy #betweenthelines
It seems implausible that Strauss didn’t have notice of Toland’s work, so why the silence about it in his own work about the double doctrine? #esotericism #exotericism #strauss #clidophorus #philosophy
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