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While #Russia slaughters civilians in #Ukraine I hear that some in #Germany including advisors to Chancellor #Scholz are looking for a quick way back to business as usual.
This is totally unacceptable - & needs to be changed ASAP or many more will die 🧵
Ignoring intelligence reports, advisors are apparently briefing that the war will be effectively over by October. That would be convenient for them as it offers a way to go back to business as usual with #Russia & avoids unpopular high fuel costs in winter but it’s dangerous BS
that will sell #Ukraine short & leave us all at risk of #Putin’s next vicious attack. After Plotner’s indication last week that he prioritises relations with #Russia over clear support to #Ukraine, this week advisors are trying to sell a dodgy prognosis on the war.
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Last week was a significant (and worrying) one for those who watch U.S./Western interactions with #China and the #UnitedNations, for three reasons.

First, and most widely discussed, the High Commissioner for Human Rights's visit to #China turned into a (100% predictable) public relations mess. [2/5]…
Second, #China joined #Russia in vetoing a U.S. sanctions resolution on #DPRK, signalling a break with previous (uneasy) accommodations among the P5 on North Korean issues. [3/5]…
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The imperative that we must not waver in supporting #Ukraine is reinforced by a factor we often overlook in our #West-centric bubble:

#Russia is not isolated globally.

Pushing back against Russia thus 1) takes extra effort & 2) is of strategic importance beyond #Ukraine (1/11)
For proof that #Russia is not isolated, look toward big parts of Asia, LatAm, Africa, Middle East. Voting patterns at #UNGA. Who hasn’t joint sanctions against #Russia. How media beyond the "West" reports on the war in #Ukraine. And most of all: Look at #China and #India. (2/11)
Let’s take #MiddleEast: Sure, there’s few staunch supporters of #Russia (Syria). Most "sit on the fence": Reluctant to join sanctions; Saudis/UAE won't pump more oil; Even #NATO ally (!) #Turkey & closest US ally #Israel tread cautiously due to security concerns vis Russia (3/11)
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#Russia #USA


Vovan and Lexus present a prank with the 43rd #US President George W. #Bush on behalf of the «President of #Ukraine».

#Prank with George Bush. Part 1 - #NATO expansion
Prank with George #Bush. Part 2 - The #war of the #West against #Russia
Prank with George #Bush. Part 3 - Information #war
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The #Biden administration, #EU and much of the elite in the West think that that they are using #Ukrainian blood to weaken #Russia.

Just some central bank stimulus, money out of thin air, providing support & weapons to #Ukraine whose soldiers will do the actual fighting.
Some may even see parallels, in how American industry supported the Soviet destruction of the Wehrmacht. The Russians provided the endless blood to win WWII. If not they at least cynically use the #Ukraine media craze, built on illogical conclusions derived from false premises
to leverage their uninformed citizens' good will (or shallow need to virtue signal) to meet their strategic geopolitical ends. If a whole lot of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers die in the process, perhaps all the better they say.
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1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read.
2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
3/ Most pipelines either distribute incoming seaborne supplies to inland consumers (e.g., refineries), or they route domestically produced oil to seaports where it is loaded on #tankers.
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The #West continue to fill the pockets of @Zelensky, who has $850m stashed offshore and no incentive to negotiate for peace as arms & money pour into #Ukraine. Let #Donbas go with #Crimea and stop pushing for #WWIII. The West must obviously want #war with #Russia.
#AnnaMoskwa has zero comprehension of #geopolitics. She wants the #EU to penalize countries that use roubles to pay for #Russian gas. To think that refusing to buy Russian #energy will bring #Putin to his knees pleading for mercy is just absurd.…
#Zelensky has over $800m in offshore accounts while demanding $7bn/month in aid. The #IMF cut off #Ukraine because it is so #corrupt. You cannot do business in Ukraine! NOTHING @ZelenskyyUa says can be verified independently and he will say whatever to keep the money pouring in.
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @SenatorWong, @DrSJaishankar, @JoaoCravinho, @stephenharper, @Cold_Peace_, @vtchakarova and @samirsaran

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#RaisinaDialogue2022 #TerraNova
.@Cold_Peace_: What stands out for #Indiaat75 is that it is a stabilising actor. It is fairly remarkable that #India has risen quickly. In stark contrast to China's position, India is treating other countries with respect and has been a friend of the #West.

.@Cold_Peace_: It is very important to distinguish between criticism in #freepress and government policies. The #US government policies have been consistent in the last two decades. All countries want to do more business with #India.

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Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev:
"In an attempt to suppress #Russia, the Americans, using their proxies in #Kyiv, decided to create an antipode of our country, cynically choosing #Ukraine for this purpose, trying to divide what is essentially a single nation.
Finding no positive basis for bringing Ukrainians to their side, #Washington had long before the 2014 coup d'état instilled in Ukrainians the exclusivity of their nation and hatred of all things Russian.
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We are LIVE tweeting the Raisina AMA with @DrSJaishankar and @samirsaran

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch it LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: Three things keep me up at night — the shocks that the international order is experiencing, particularly in the past two years—the #COVID19 pandemic, #Afghanistan & #Ukraine, & the friction between the #West & #Russia, the #USA and #China

#Raisina2022 @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: You need to develop an operational matrix to respond to a changing world. In our case, especially since 2014-15, we have had greater clarity on how we engage the world—concentric circles, neighbourhood first, but also a conscious policy engaging the major powers.
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‼️.@mod_russia: According to the available reliable information, the Security Service of #Ukraine (SSU) is preparing another provocation to accuse the servicemen of the #Russian Federation of so-called war crimes with the mass destruction of civilians in the #Odessa region.
‼️.@mod_russia: It’s planned to dress one of the SSU units in the uniform of 🇷🇺 servicemen & make a demonstrative shooting of local residents. 🖼 & 🎞 footage of this action w/alleged "🇷🇺 atrocities" will be published by 🇺🇦 and Western news agencies to immediately promote fakes.
‼️.@mod_russia: The upcoming provocation of the #Ukrainian authorities demonstrates their inhumane attitude to the fate of peaceful citizens of #Ukraine and testifies to the complete disregard for all norms of #morality and international humanitarian law.
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Insight into #Russian #fascism (really just #narcissism/#NPD on a grand scale). English translation a pro #Russia blogger- usual dehumanization of #Ukrainians ("evil, not to be thought of as humans"). Notably, this monster lives in #Europe teaching #Russians how to hate & kill us ImageImageImageImage
Ofc it's characteristic of these propagandists - they preach #Russia, "#Russian world" its #fascism, oppose #Europe's values, teach #Russians of horrors of democracy, yet prefer to abuse the same #Europe's values.
How exactly some of the Western #Europe (well, not geographically, #Germany also is included) can allow itself to patronize &"teach" Eastern Europe on problems of #Russian aggression at their borders, when they do business with Russia and have no issue enabling such propaganda
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#Kyiv #Zelensky


The interesting "SS Galizien" patches of an #СБУ (Security Service of #Ukraine) officer in the #Kiev region were covered in the #British press.
But after all, these are the tame neo-Nazis of the #West, no one will go into this.

But another thing is interesting: Ukrainian neo-Nazism penetrated Ukraine's state power structures long ago.
Therefore, it is the Security Service of Ukraine that controls the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who not only freely commit war crimes against Russian prisoners of war, but also commit terrorist acts against the Ukrainians themselves with impunity.
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This video shared by #Ukrainian sources. Civilians wearing a white arm band, russian identification sign since the start of the conflict.
These men were interrogated by Ukrainian SBU accused of being with the #Russian & executed by #Ukraine force.
2/ Civilians wearing white band was a sign of them allegedly being with #Russia, used by #Ukraine Force. #Bucha Massacre is done by #Ukrainian Nazi. Theyve been holding civilians as hostages since starting of mission. It's been confirmed by other nations evacuated students too ImageImageImage
3/ People wearing and tied with white clothes were a sign of them being with #Russian. This #bucha Massacre is a false flag by #Ukrainian #Nazi.

#FalseFlag #fake #News #Ukraine #Russian Image
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THREAD| Key #narratives spread by Russian governmental organisations and #propagandists. #Russia’s ‘humanitarian assistance’, ‘Selfish West that does not think about the prosperity of the Global South’ and more ⬇️
🗣️Ukrainian people need humanitarian assistance but the #West sends them #weapons instead - says #Zakharova
💭Let’s make it look like we help people, care about the consequences, and let's try to shift attention away from the causes
🗣️There are #US-funded #biolabs in #Ukraine (see more at @StopFakingNews, @EUvsDisinfo)
💭Let’s appeal to all #conspiracytheories abroad to shift the attention, it seems to be working

#disinformation #RussianPropaganda
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The interview that Ukrainian oligarch Rinat #Akhmetov gave to #Bloomberg in writing is striking in its cynicism worthy of Dante's lower circle of hell. Image
#Akhmetov suddenly recalled the civilians of #Mariupol: 'They are dying of thirst and cold - this is #genocide.'

But it's no secret what really bothers this #oligarch.
System Capital Management Group is the majority shareholder of the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol.
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Having worked in Moscow when #Russia intervened in #Syria in 2015 & engaged RUS officials/experts on #Syria for yrs, I see 5 parallels in approach to #Ukraine vs #Syria

1. Sequential war
2. Encirclement/corridors
3. "Human shield" claims
4. Foreign fighters
5. CW claims

1. Sequential war: RUS recently termed 1st phase of #UkraineWar done, announcing focus on Donbas. In #Syria war, Russia had declared new phase in 2017, establishing de-escalation zones (DEZs) in Western parts, which freed up regime resources to take more territory toward the East
Once that was done, regime/Russia turned back & we saw sequential take-over of DEZs (E Ghouta, Homs, Deraa) in 2018 under guise of CT. Not at all to say that sequencing in Ukraine will be the same. Return of larger-scale fighting toward W Ukraine will depend on...
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Chinese journalist Liu Xin vividly assessed the #US position on #China with one phrase:
The #US president's administration has no "plan B" and is trying to scare #Moscow and Beijing with threats of more sanctions.

Beijing, on the other hand, opposes the imposition of restrictions that have not passed the #UN Security Council's approval.
The #US is trying to drag #China into the anti-Russian sanctions.

Time has shown that the efforts of the collective #West are not enough to force #Russia to back down.
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#UkraineWar #EU #US #West #Democracy

Lionel #Zinsou former president of #Benin

"Now all we hear about is this crisis, anti-Russian sanctions, oil, gas..... And do you realise what this #crisis means for #Africa, for example? Image
#Russia supplies us with grain and corn. All the logistics go through the Black Sea. And the African world is frozen in horror at what is happening. Terrified of what the #US and the #EU are doing.
You can't buy Africans with tales of democracy. They are only your tales for domestic consumption. Most of the African elite were formed in the Soviet Union - doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers, scientists.
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#UkraineWar #FakeNews
#Fake: the #West is not helping #Ukraine to conduct an information and propaganda campaign. Image
#Truth: Material on exactly how the information war against #Russia is being waged was published (…) by the #US resource
The Ukrainian regime, with the help of foreign consultants (…), has built an effective network of agencies that promote the necessary information, and partner media regularly receive a list of topics for coverage of various events.
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#UkraineWar #NuclearWeapons #UK #FakeNews

#Fake: The #West has never supported #Ukraine in its plans to get nuclear #weapons.
Truth: #British Defence Secretary Ben #Wallace has publicly admitted () that the United Kingdom is ready to support #Ukraine if it starts developing its own nuclear programme.
Mr #Wallace said this during a video call. The Defence Secretary thought he was talking to his Ukrainian counterpart at the time. But, unfortunately for him, it was the well-known pranksters Vovan and Lexus. 😄
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Space conference removes name of 1st astronaut Yuri Gagarin from event


Is the #West aiming to quickly erase #Russia from history alongside its numerous historical achievements?…
Sanctions were imposed on Russia ..., & they were not limited to banking & commercial restrictions. Along with living & long-dead artists, numerous competitions have enforced vengeful bans to ensure that nothing Russian escapes punishment, including cats & trees.
Western attitude towards the special operation revealed West's true intentions towards Russia, & what it really aims to get out of the pressure.
By banning everything that has to do with Russia & feeding the media with a Western narrative, West planted roots of Russophobia.
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🧵 Digital ID WEF Rollout

⚡Ukraine announced it will start issuing a CBDC which will be tied to their Digital Identity platform ‘Diia app’. All part of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda. Alex Bornyakov, Digital Transformation Deputy Minister & head of Diia City Project.
⚡UKRAINE - The State will now help all citizens who have lost their jobs with financial aid, eligible only if they have a Covid pass ID through the Ministry of “Digital Transformation” only the digital ID is required, the vaccine isn’t.

#Ukraine️ #DigitalID
⚡Ukraine government app (Diia)
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#Ukraine #West #EU #US

Former Ukrainian MP and presidential candidate Oleg Tsaryov:

The main assets in Ukraine belong to politicians and oligarchs. With media and administrative leverage they have robbed the country and cheated the people.
Below I have listed a number of odious characters from memory. None of them took a gun in their hands, all of them took their relatives out of the country and transferred money abroad.
All of them will gladly sacrifice the lives of ordinary Ukrainians in an attempt to hold on to their sources of income in Ukraine. At the same time none of them risk anything.
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