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When @Milliganreports asked me in my #4Corners interview what I felt when I heard what happened to Paris, I said I felt sad. I was sad that Peter Kehoe was allowed to work with children in the first place. I was sad that Paris was subjected to his monstrous, sickening behaviour.
I was sad that when he turned to his school for help, they turned away, and supported the offender instead. I was sad that all of this happened alongside the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
I was sad, but now I am angry. We know that regret is no longer good enough. We know that lying low to the wall is no longer acceptable. I know, from being Paris' friend for 6 years, that regret and lying low to the wall do not heal the wounds that child sexual abuse inflicts.
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#JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange We express our grave concern for #Assange wellbeing, his detention and the draconian espionage charges. This case stands at the heart of #freespeech .@gianninasegnini signed
#Assange made an outstanding contribution to public interest journalism, transparency, government accountability. He is singled out and prosecuted for publishing information that should never have been withheld from the public .@noamchomskyT signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
Julian Assange charged #EspionageAct for publishing #WarDiaries State Dept Cables In a democracy, journalists can reveal war crimes torture and abuse without having to go to jail. It is the very role of the press in a democracy. .@edwyplenel signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
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hook into #4Corners right about now
here's australian spies wiretapping the government of timor leste to defraud them out of gas resources in the timor sea.
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Via @GeoffHanmer: "The introduction of the Building Code of Australia, now the National Construction Code (NCC) from the mid-1980s was driven by an agenda to increase self-regulation in the building industry... with the aim of reducing construction costs."…
"By 2004, the Productivity Commission had given deregulation a big tick. In a 2004 report it theorised billions of dollars would be saved by moving to a more flexible regulatory environment. It did not consider the cost of rectifying buildings." #Auspol…
For anyone who's interested, the full 2004 Reform of Building Regulation report is still available online. It certainly makes for some... interesting... reading in light of the recent problems with buildings. #Auspol

You can download it here:…
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Thread to counter claims by guests attacking Julian Assange and WikiLeaks on #4Corners episode

Hero or Villain: The Prosecution of Julian Assange | Four Corners

Contributors welcome - please reply with your research

Part 1 #4corners

Claim: Julia Gillard condemning placement of leaks on WikiLeaks website as an illegal thing to do (36:37)

Rebuttal: Malcolm Turnbull



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#4Corners Thread
1. Explaining Saudi Arabia’s DEPLORABLE laws against women in religious/cultural terms pathologises Muslims. Yes patriarchy, deformed and wacky interpretations of Islam, but make an effort to understand who created the problem in the first place, and why.
2. 'The West’ cries croc tears about the treatment of Saudi women. Honestly, they could care less. The Wahabi fringe sect survived because of an alliance with the Al Sa’ud family and the British, later the US (FDR’s infamous meeting w/ Saudi King in '45).
3. Kingdom of Saudi was established as an artificial state invented by colonial forces to serve the interests of Western imperialism especially when it came to oil.
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OK, I've been doing a bit more digging on @stuartrobertmp , you might want to listen up to this @ScottMorrisonMP

Late yesterday, Friday 12 Oct 2018, Stu said he had repaid $37,975.00 regarding his internet expenditure charged to the taxpayer for home internet.
#auspol #insiders
I decided to double-check Stu's figures, because quite frankly, I wouldn't trust Stu as far as I could throw him and I'm not real confident in the Finance Dept either, just quietly @MathiasCormann.
Stu was elected in 2007, MP for Fadden, QLD. He assumed office on 24 November 2007.

Robert served in both Abbott & Turnbull's Ministries, holding various portfolios including Minister for Human Services. Robert is currently Assistant Treasurer in the Morrison Ministry.
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@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #abcnews #TheDrum #qanda #mediawatch #Russia #RNBreakfast
Will #4corners present James Clapper as credible? He supported bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war.
Is trusting Clapper a lazy way of showing contempt for Trump?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #Russia
'Mainstream liberals who despise Trump and yearn to drive him from office hold up Clapper as a man of unquestioned authority, integrity and patriotism — but no such qualities are available these days.'…
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