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Will anyone in Silicon Valley acknowledge the tragic death of this woman who was murdered by a man who stalked her on @Clubhouse?
If you are a reporter working on this story- I urge you to look into the emails this woman sent Clubhouse. I can almost guarantee you she sent dozens of emails that were most likely ignored.
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Here is how to monetize twitter (as a subscription business).

Twitter has many half-finished / standalone features and it's time to bring them together @elonmusk @Jason

/start 🧵
1. Tweetdeck (most obvious)

Make it 'the' platform for consumption and creation.

Consumption: Pro users experience ad-free. as simple as that.

Creation: Borrow ideas from typefully and others who are doing a great job focusing on creators.
I said, borrow - not 'kill them'.

Twitter is known for its anti-developer strategy. Don't amplify it pls.

Don't go after these platforms - just play fair and grow the ecosystem.
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#Amazon a dévoilé mardi « Amp » @OnAmp_ sa plateforme #audio live, concurrente d'un #Clubhouse ou d'un @Spotify GreenRoom, mais plus orientée pour des animateurs DJ qui souhaiteraient créer leurs propres émissions de #radio. @amazon accélère encore ds l'audio après les #podcasts Image
ds son application de #AmazonMusic ou #Audible, le rachat de #Wondery, de #Twich... Amp permettra aux utilisateurs de lancer leur propre émission en direct, à laquelle des auditeurs pourront se joindre et prendre éventuellement la parole.
Les animateurs pourront intégrer et mixer de la musique en temps réel avec leur public, ainsi que planifier et programmer leurs propres émissions. Les programmateurs pourront choisir leurs titres musicaux parmi une bibliothèque de millions de chansons sous licence d'Amazon !
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1/ Thread: $SPOT Deep Dive

80 pg. slide deck here 👉🏼

In this thread I'll walk you through my assumptions for the bear, base and bull case for Spotify.

The deck has seven chapters, starting with "SPOT AT A GLANCE".

With 172m paid subs and 381m MAUs $SPOT is the clear leader in music streaming (35% ms). SPOT is 2x the size of its nearest competitor $AAPL in terms of paid subs and has 2x the user engagement.

But so far SPOT never turned a full year profit + the stock dropped sharply TTM.

In music, $SPOT has to pay out ~2/3 of rev to rightsholders, its supplier base is highly concentrated (top 4 labels account for 78% of all streams).

To loosen the labels’ grip on economics, SPOT pushes into podcast adverts with 45-50% gross margin potential vs. 30% in music.
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The current episode of #ISISK probaganda #Voiceofhind. Few #ISIS operatives were arrested my #NIA in the recent past.
1.The threat of this poisonous ideology Is real for Hindus, Christians & Jews.
2.They have been raided on #whatsapp #FB & #Telegram.
3. New medium is #Elements
4. #Clubhouse is also used.
5. The strategy is to all align all the local/ regional Jehadi groups to the ideology of #ISISK.
5. Attack on religious places including #Shiashrines, targetted killings, recuriting more jehadis, probaganda thro active use of SM and eventually
*achive ISISK Caliphate.
6. For this objective they are okay to align with any regional/ anti national forces incl naxals/ separatists & hostile nation's agencies.
7. Later finish them or bring them in to their ideology.
8. Check the pointed finger of d Terrorist in the pic.
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Finally listed my Genesis #NFT “Diwali - Festival of Lights” for sale on @withFND! 🌐

I'm very excited!🥰🤩🚀
🙏🏽Thanks a lot @NFTMalayali - You all have provided a great deal of info & support.
#NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTs

Happy #Diwali to all 🪔…
Layer Breakdown video of “Diwali - Festival of Lights”
Now available on Foundation | Reserve price 0.25 ETH.

Link to Foundation profile 👇🏽

#nftcollector #NFTCommunity
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In this thread you will learn about 9 key services for FACE identification by photo.

I will show them using a photo of Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation) taken in the early 90s as an example.

#osint #socmint

The first thing you should do is just try searching for the file in the Yandex.Images service. In my opinion, this is the best service in the world for reverse image search.
Sometimes it is quite enough to answer the question, "Who is this?

Now it's possible to try to search for a person's profile in the Russian social network VK ( 1,109,563,766 faces in database).

But this method doesn't work very well with known personalities...

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What has IFF been up to in the last month?

Here's a transparent thread on the RTI requests and appeals we filed with governmental authorities to protect your free speech, privacy, internet accessibility, and other constitutional rights in June 2021!
We filed 21 RTI requests, 2 first appeals & 1 second appeal electronically, on various matters pertaining to the digital divide in the vaccination policy, privacy invasion through facial recognition, MoUs to digitalise agriculture in India, and takedowns on social media.
With @PanopticIndia, we enquired about facial recognition technology, from @NHAI_Official and @AyushmanNHA on GPS imaging at tolls and Aadhaar-based facial recognition for #CovidVaccine. We also filed a first appeal with @BARC_INDIA challenging their vague response on FRT.
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Spotify just launched @SpotifyGrnroom (GR) to compete with @Clubhouse (CH), and here are my few takeaways.

#spotify #greenroom #clubhouse
1. UI/UX - Home Screen

GR has a boxy design & makes better use of the negative space. [also, love the green colour palette]

CH on the other hand has a very packed(one might say, clumsy) design, and fits many rooms in a page.
2A. UI/UX(Emphasis) - Font Size

GR in its UX is more subject-centric than speaker-centric.

See how the font size of speakers differs from the font size of the 'name of the room' in the images above.
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It's a true #womenintech issue that there isn't enough representation of all genders in the speaking pool. Easier to fix that
we cannot assume that the audience actually wants us there. A thread.
I know from experience that some audience members do not want a female speaker. We know from studies that female professors are judged more harshly in feedback. In my own feedback over the years, I've had plenty of malicious commentary from audience members. Memorable examples 2/
- why isn't she standing in front of the podium? I can't see her legs
- I like how I see her curves when she stands in the light in front of the projector
- isn't she a bit old for marketing?
and that doesn't include the ogling during the session when I present. Ugh😡🤢
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Wrote a little something about the rise and fall of #Clubhouse in #Turkey for @globalvoices…
In January, when students of Turkey's prestigious Boğaziçi University launched protests against a president-appointed rector, Clubhouse was one of the places where much of the conversation about the movement was taking place.
In a country as polarized as Turkey, and where much of the media is under government control, Clubhouse's rise to popularity was not surprising.
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Despite Andreessen Horowitz (who I revere) doubling down, I'm not particularly optimistic about #Clubhouse with $FB, Reddit, $TWTR launching live audio.

Here's why 👇
1) Live conversations are more attractive with creators or community.

It's why its generally more fun to meet new people in a mutual friend setting. And it's why, as a consumer, the platform isn't natively compelling without big names like @elonmusk or @chamath hosting a talk.
2) As a creator, Clubhouse provides by far the lowest ROI on your creation time and energy.

Creators can only make a living by entertaining or educating and reaching large numbers to subsidize the cost ($3 CPM, $9.99/mo, $99 per ticket, etc)
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Clubhouse wants to become the next big thing in social media. But that's easier said than done.

Why? 3 reasons.

1/3: While its rise has been impressive, #Clubhouse's audience is still a droplet in a sea compared to its competitors’. Image
2/3: There’s competition a-brewin’. Twitter has gone live with a similar audio-only feature called Spaces. Spotify recently acquired Clubhouse rival Betty Labs. Discord, Facebook, Slack and LinkedIn are working on live audio offerings too.
3/3: Clubhouse has its share of criticisms. Like its exclusivity, high barrier of entry and iOS-only presence. But also its content moderation policy, which is lax and user-driven.
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Thread #Clubhouse chats.
Since last night there is much excitement & curiosity about #Clubhouse chat of #PrashantKishore & various journalists about #WestBengalPolls
Here are various recordings
1: In which Sakshi Joshi asks Prashant about #MamtaBanerjee 's toilet habits.
2: In which #PrashantKishore admits that minority / Muslim appeasement had become a trend in Indian politics to acquire power & finally Hindus are awakening.
3: In which #PrashantKishore admits that #Modi is quite popular across the world and has a cult following. He also mentions that #Modi is quite popular in #WestBengal as well & there is an anti incumbency wave against #MamtaBanerjee
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@PaulBarba_ held a first @joinClubhouse room with @MuazmaZahid in the Data and AI club. The topic was "How to Curate a Good Dataset for NLP?"

There were a lot of interesting questions asked and at the end of the call lots of interesting people asked for follow up notes...
Below is a thread of the room - topic, intro, why this topic, 4 main tips. I hope this adds value to people and we can do this with more calls in the future. The call itself conveyed a lot more value but I tried to highlight the important bits!
Flagging this for the folks that followed in the call @AiTechDoc @EgboDaniel1 @BabaKirito @gboye_baba @zerotousers @LahijaniAli @talks @yalda2009 @trojkast @JMontoro3 @sroussey content to follow in the thread below
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¿Nos ayudas a encontrar 4 de los mejores referentes de #eSports en España?
Estamos organizando una nueva sesión de #EmpresariosDelFuturo para adentrarnos en otro de los sectores de mayor crecimiento en los últimos años.
Buscamos profesionales destacados del sector, abro hilo ⤵️
Agradecemos recomendaciones de profesionales con quienes deberíamos de contactar para participar en el debate mensual que organizamos en #Clubhouse, así aprovechamos para dar visibilidad del talento #eSport que tenemos en nuestro país 🙌⤵️
Con esta iniciativa de @CEAJE buscamos ser un halo de luz en el contexto económico actual, a través de personas y empresas innovadoras de nuestro país que están en crecimiento o construyendo modelos de negocio disruptivos 🚀⤵️
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Today's #clubhousetownhall thread starts here! 👇🏻
Starting with what happened this week in #clubhouse, highlighting Bill Gates, a walkthrough room for blind users, Mental Health Summit and a shout out to black creators on the last day of #BlackHistoryMonth. #clubhousetownhall
A few of the black creators name-checked in the recap were invited on stage to talk about what they've been up to. #clubhousetownhall
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More data on @joinClubhouse 📈

This is a snapshot of the audience based on social handles collected from June - October.

Building on this audience, we looked at the basics:

1. Demographics
2. Bio description
3. Media affinities

Audience data clustered using @AudienseCo 🔥
This below is a snapshot of the current audience. It's nice so see that it's more diverse and expanding well beyond the silicon valley insiders.

Curious where you gents fall on here: @sarbjeetjohal @jowyang @armano @furrier (it's one of two or both)
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今はまだ基本、録音NG 記録残らない #Clubhouse
たった1回きりの @DadaDstaff ライブのセットリスト:

・I'm Ok
(from "welcome to sha la la la la")…

・Sing with me…
(from "Touch Touch Touch")

DadaD @DadaDstaff たまにライブでやるunpluggedの演奏めちゃ良いので、unpluggedアルバムも出して欲しい。

こちらも大好きな曲"Day by Day"
#山下達郎 カバーもめちゃ良かった
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Thread sur #Clubhouse

On en parle de plus en plus, c'est la "hype" du moment.
Après 15 jours de présence sur Clubhouse (CH pour le intimes), je fais un thread avec les différentes infos / réflexions / interrogations. Ce thread sera alimenté au fil de l'eau.
C'est un espace social de conversation basé sur l'audio, uniquement l'audio 🎙️
Le service a été lancé en bêta en avril 2020 (pendant le confinement) et a levé 100M$ en janvier 2021 auprès d'Andreessen Horowitz @a16z 🔥 La valorisation de CH est de 1Md$ 💸…
Début février 2021, l'app compte environ 6M d'utilisateurs. L'audience a fortement augmenté ces dernières semaine et notamment avec la présence @elonmusk sur @JoinClubhouse


crédit infographie @bvajresh Image
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最後の最後にJapan ClubというClubを運営するTodd Porter が #Clubhouse におけるClubの意義について飛び入りトークをするかも知れません(このトークもJapan Clubのトークとして登録してもらいました)。

今の #Clubhouse は話し始めると人が集まってきて解散の繰り返し。
Club公認トークになると、こんな表示になるのか! Image
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1: Today I have listened in on #Clubhouse rooms with participants who

* have speech impediments after traumatic brain injury (TBI)
* are deaf / hard-of-hearing
* are blind or have visual impairments

Here is what I have learned:
2: Rooms are much more inclusive when people who speak always start by saying “This is NAME” and when they are done speaking clearly say “I am done speaking.”

Here is why:
3: A) Some people use closed caption systems that transcribe speech to text (or to e.g. a braille reader). Without expressed clarity on who is speaking there is just one stream of text without context, because these systems do not always differentiate voices.
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Hey trolls and apologists how do you feel about #China’s government already blocking Clubhouse? How long did it last?
In all seriousness. It’s actually a real pity. This seemed like a good platform for interaction between people. Oh well.
I mean really let’s all stop and think what’s just happened: the Communist Party of #China has blocked #Clubhouse. Why? Because ultimately it doesn’t trust its own people to speak to others beyond its control.
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