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Bitcoiners & I are focused on the danger of two related DC printing presses:

I) One that prints money directed by the Federal Reserve.

II) One that prints the CPI at the @BLS_gov which *forces* billions of dollars in wealth transfers and which can disguise the printing of fiat.
We don’t always agree. I’ve no idea how Satoshi took aim at I) above. And I don’t yet know how to explain the importance of gauge theory to Gold (physical Gauge Theory), Prices/Quantities (abelian GT), Trade (non-abelian GT) and Utility (infinite dim GT):…
But we’ve been working together behind the scenes. I so appreciate @Breedlove22 coming to Chicago to witness what I hope will be the beginning of an attack on abuses of perhaps the second most dangerous printing press in Washington as inflation heats up.

Thanks #Bitcoiners: LFG.
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@kwerb 1/ Well said @kwerb. When I started writing in 2016 abt the dangers of leverage-based financialization in #bitcoin mkts for @ForbesCrypto, I was worried abt #WallSt banks bringing it. What I missed was that #crypto peeps wld beat the big banks to it—& wld do it MUCH bigger. How?
@kwerb @ForbesCrypto 2/ bc they did it offshore. They beat #WallSt to it bc (1) regulators held back big banks/regulated derivatives exchanges & (2) onshore firms are capped on leverage they can offer. Example: onshore US #BTC futures can be leveraged ~2.5x but offshore can be 20x (was 125x until…
@kwerb @ForbesCrypto 3/ …some offshore exchanges voluntarily reduced it to 20x after much criticism of the practice—deserved, IMHO—but 20x is still much higher than regulators would allow onshore). The recent bull market brought in many speculators (incl many w/ WallSt trading backgrounds). I’d…
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We don't need to explain shit. They need to do the hard work to understand.
You attack! Attack their weak spot! Own the framing.
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It was delightful having @duganist review @TokenTerrier's latest research paper, "Will Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin?"…

He's one of the sharpest #Bitcoiners, and an incredible trader and builder.

@duganist, made a 22% USD return in a single day, March 12th, the same day Bitcoin plunged over 40%, its largest single day decline in the past 6 years!…

Absolutely LEGENDARY!

Reading his book suggestion, "Way of the Turtle", was one of the highest ROE activities I've done in the past 2 years.…

From this book, I learned "trend following" as a trading strategy to complement my tools as a buy-and-hold investor.
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#Bitcoiners might seem to manifest religious traits, but its not because we saw a vision or read a holy book. We found this incorruptible scarce teleportable substance which is both physical and digital at the same time floating in cyberspace and we are trying to understand it.
We are finding financial sovereignty to be a liberating force for good of the people. It is a human right. No one single entity should be allowed the power to censor or steal another fellow humans stored up time or life energy, let alone bringing a whole population into poverty.
Hence why Bitcoin was born as a warning in a financial crisis, to make sure if this ever happen again, there will be an escape for the victims and dire consequences for the people in power. They will have to answer for their irresponsible actions. They will feel pain.
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1) Abro hilo. Ayer cerré mi primera operación en el mundo de las criptodivisas. Y como creo que están en un punto importante os dejo una reflexión de lo que opino. Que puede ser equivocado. O no. $BTC #Bitcoin
2) En primer me encanta la tecnología de las cripto. Creo que cambiará muchas industrias y la concepción de las cosas como hizo internet en su momento.
3) Clasifico a las #criptodivisas como un nuevo mercado financiero. Como las commodities, los metales, o los bonos. Debido a su naturaleza compleja, su poco histórico, su volatilidad y su riesgo para mí es como un bono basura elevado a la potencia que queráis.
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Let's dive into some bull vs bear dynamics in the markets, what are the key themes, opportunities & risks

This isn't an exhaustive list, i'd love to hear your thoughts on what is missing

As always, please always DYOR before trading

'Fed Put' is the overriding narrative for equities, although the actual Fed Put is with Treasuries, and Corp Bonds - as they are actually directly buying both of these

However, there are ways for newly printed money to enter the real economy and end up in stock markets...

...whether by stimulus "big checks" (and Robinhood etc) or the PPT, or other mechanisms, there is clearly a bid on certain risk assets, most notably the 'secular grower' tech stocks (MSFT, APPL etc)

The put:call ratio is way under 0.5 for S&P which is just like March 2020

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The World’s Last Hope to Fight the Dollar

My most important thread so far!

Have a read and comment! Thank you

1/This is a thread to all #Bitcoiners and #Ethereans. While tribal infighting is unabated, many parts around the globe are only just waking up to the fact that #Bitcoin and #Ether are the world’s best chance to ultimately fight the global dollar standard (by first promoting it).
2/Our world is ailing under a crushing dollar yoke. After the world wars, the dollar has started its meteoric rise to dominance. Not only did the United States hold most of the world’s gold reserves but also most of its productive capital.
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One of the most interesting little details of the Paul Tudor Jones letter no one is talking about is the co-author of the paper: Lorenzo Giorgianni. Details matter & this is why it's as important as the investment itself. So who is Lorenzo Giorgianni? Looking at his Linkedin:
"Prior to joining Tudor Investments in 2013, Lorenzo held several senior positions at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC (1996-2013),where he took a leadership role in the IMF’s efforts to revamp the international financial architecture & resolve financial crises.
He has been directly involved in managing financial crises in Asia, Argentina, Turkey and the Euro Area. Lorenzo has published academic research in refereed journals & authored numerous IMF reports on the international financial architecture, including the role of IMF lending,
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@aantonop, My team of #borderless, #permissionless #freelancers prepared a 3,500-word verbatim transcript of this talk. #Innovation for you.
@aantonop You further write: "It’s available under creative commons licenses; anyone can read and share the content for free."
@aantonop Finally, you write: More importantly, anyone can re-use, mashup, translate, re-invent and even commercialize this work."
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