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1/ The more people who hold bitcoin the more valuable and useful it becomes.

BTC is orders of magnitude more useful today than when its price was $1 because it is more salable.

#bitcoin's value actually rises with more demand not just its price.
h/t @hodlwave. @BMBernstein
2/ This is why diversification is a very poor idea with regard to money.
With #bitcoin diversification is actually a value destroyer.

Indexation of Cryptocurrencies and rebalancing is a very bad idea for wealth creation.
3/ It may very well be that Stock to Flow is actually measuring #hodler demand.

Any over shoot we see in price is the Fomo nature of trading and undershoot is that absence of understanding which is slow corrected by hodlers.
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1/ Trading/Investing observations/education from TINA: I happen to know a thing or two about TA, having traded for many years. Let me pass along two important lessons in a bull market, which I believe #Bitcoin has likely resumed.
2/ I have heard some guys talking about their opinions on how #bitcoin ought to trade. How it is "over bought" and has to drop $X amount. 1. Bull markets can stay over bought for long periods of time. Just as bear markets can stay over sold for long periods of time.
3/ 2. Markets can correct over boughtness by price or by time. There is not "requirement" how a correction may occur. When you listen to either young or old Technicians please remember those two points when thinking about their advice. This is really for #hodlers who are
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1/ Looking back at Bitcoin Markets

I learned years ago the futility of trading on $BTC market. My strategy: stable $BTC income, business profits in $BTC, not owning fiat.

My thesis: $BTC markets have a pattern of discovering the increase in $BTC held by hodlers last resort.
2/ My first bullish signal was the slaying of Bear Whale in October 2014 (…).
The second was Backpage being Financially censored and ONLY accept Bitcoin. Tens of thousands of sex workers now need bitcoin. I believe they helped create 2015 $200 price floor.
3/ People closely involved in Bitcoin (e.g. the Bitcoin Embassy) saw Scaling Bitcoin 2015 coming, podcasts, Bitcoin core, roadmap, value-proposition (pre "maximalism"). Colored coins, multisig, sidechains, merchants, exchanges, etc. Many sold everything they could for BTC at 200$
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1/ Great morning for a tweetstorm updating the latest on the interaction of #WallSt & #bitcoin, drinking coffee from my new BitMug (thanks AC Fenton!) @brucefenton
2/ The most significant news--maybe most important news to date on the #WallSt front--was @tzeroblockchain's token generation event on 10/12 (a fully-compliant #STO on the public #Ethereum mainnet of true preferred stock, issued by an SEC registrant). Investor letter captures...
3/ ...perfectly the true benefit of owning #cryptoassets (which defenders of the legacy system love to ignore): investors have the option to opt out of the legacy system, which is unstable & unfair. Owners can either hold tokens at a broker/dealer OR IN A PERSONAL WALLET at...
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