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@CGasparino @EleanorTerrett

We know for a fact that Hinman met with @ConsenSys’ lawyers & the co-founder of @ethereum and founder of @ConsenSys, @ethereumJoseph, on Dec. 13, 2017.

This meeting took place during the very height of the ICO prosecutions by the SEC.
We know for a fact that Ether held the world’s first ICO in 2014 - 3 years prior to the first Hinman meeting. We know that there were 3-4 more meetings before the Hinman Speech, including on June 8, 2018. We know Ether investors helped write ✍️ the speech (we have the videos).
We know on June 8, 2018, AFTER meeting the SEC, Joe Lubin PREDICTED that some projects were going to receive bad news from the SEC.

We know @Ripple was one of those “projects.” But a year before the SEC sued Ripple, it filed its most successful ICO enforcement action.
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I accidentally tweeted before I finished: but here’s a few more thoughts to consider:

What about the thousands of #XRPHolders who acquired XRP for non-investment purposes? What does the SEC say about that: 👇👇 Image

What about the thousands of #XRPHolders who acquire the minimal amount of XRP to utilize the #XRPL and the DEX to purchase #CSC or other tokens? Or the thousands that utilize it as a bridge / transfer asset?

For those of you who think I’m making this 💩 up, read for yourself what the SEC alleges: 👇👇👇 Image
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Remember when @ethereumJoseph tried to argue @Ripple and #XRP weren’t competitors to #Ether? That was a definite signal that #XRP was, in fact, viewed as a threat. In 2018, when Lubin made that assertion, #XRP was battling #Ether for the #2 spot behind #Bitcoin

Now read this👇
I don’t represent @Ripple. I do represent, however, 58K #XRPHolders and calling #XRP a “useless token” is both idiotic and untrue. Having that much animus against #XRP AFTER #Ether was given a regulatory free pass nonetheless proves #XRP was and still is perceived as a threat.
@CGasparino’s tweet below👇 is part of the #Ether free pass timeline. It was Andrew Keys who slipped up and told Gasparino that the Brooklyn Project’s efforts were approved by the SEC. One would assume a free pass would generate more grace and confidence in those who benefited.
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Some more Early #eth juice from the Lips if @VitalikButerin this time - 3/22/14 - with Gavin Woods at small event -VERY LOW Sound but the Q is about Taxation ...
VB's response: "so for tax treatment, 1st of all, we are going to get #ether legally recognized in Switzerland, ...
we're hoping, ...but we are UNDER way for getting #ether legally recognized in Switzerland as a currency which basically puts it on the same status as #btc & national forces over there (in swiss) so what we are hoping for is pretty much that #eth gets the same legal treatment
like #btc has on the laws" ...."there is a difference btw the LEGAL STATUS of #btc & the STATUS of certain BICOIN ACTIVITES, in general, all the LEGAL NOISE is very heavily focused around Bitcoin Exchange" --- @digitalassetbuy @JohnEDeaton1 @TAIGxrp --check 1:27:45 Seconds...
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William Hinman gave Ether a free pass regarding its ICO because he adopted the decentralization argument fed to him by prominent Ether investors.

That’s a fact, not an opinion. Nancy Wojtas was there and she speaks the truth. @CGasparino @EleanorTerrett @LizClaman @TeamCavuto👇
Hinman never explained exactly what about Ether’s “decentralized structure” caused sales of Ether to fall outside the U.S. securities laws. Its
3 1/2 years later and market participants and investors still don’t know how to define “sufficient decentralization.”
@Ripple fought hard to get any evidence related to the SEC’s analysis of Ether, #Bitcoin and XRP.

If Ripple can show the #XRPLedger is equal or more decentralized than the Ether Network, Ripple could win based on fair notice.

But what does “sufficiently decentralized” mean?
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What do sport, entertainment, and #cryto have in common? @SorareHQ

The NFT company has just raised $680 million in Series B at a $4.3 billion valuation making it one of the fastest-growing Euro startups 🤑 🇫🇷

Here is what you should know about it 🧵👇
1.What they do? 1/3

Created just 3 years ago in Paris, the company has grown tremendously betting on #NFTs.

Focusing on virtual #SportCards, Sorare lets its users collect cards of your favorite soccer players. Each of Sorare’s card has a pic of the player + some basic info
2. What they do? 2/3

But Sorare lets you also build your dream team and play in a #fantasyFootball league ⚽⚽⚽
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#XRPHolders 🆚 @SECGov 🆚 @Ripple


Mar. 23, 2017: Clayton agrees to recuse himself from voting on any matter related to his law firm’s (Sullivan & Cromwell) clients;

Nov. 30, 2017: Lubin & Consensys announce the Brooklyn Project
Dec. 13, 2017: Hinman has a meeting w/ Lubin & Consensys and lawyers from Sullivan & Cromwell (Clayton’s law firm);

Dec. 14, 2017:
Matt Corva of Consensys (along w/ lawyers from Sullivan & Cromwell) state that they are building an alliance with the SEC;
Jan. 25, 2018: Clayton meets with Andreesen & Horowitz and instructs them to put together a group and write up a memo. Perkins Coie, a member of the EEA, leads this group of Ether investors;

Mar. 12, 2018: @bgarlinghouse speaks publicly about Ripple using #XRP to replace SWIFT;
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#China central bank declares #virtualcurrency-related business activities as illegal. No legal tender/crypto exchange; exchange between virtual currency; token issuance; derivatives; providing info; others. Crimes punished. BUT no ban on #crypto…
Other key points on #China notice to prevent and manage risk of “hype” in #crypto trading: “overseas virtual currency exchanges providing services to Chinese residents through the Internet are also illegal financial activities.” Chinese working at those outlets held responsible.
More on #China notice on #crypto: those who violate social order or customs will bear the financial loss themselves. Those who are suspected of violating financial order or endangering financial security will be subject to investigation. #virtualcurrency…
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Who was on the 63 emails that included a draft of the speech?

Where is Hinman’s public calendar?

Who purchased large quantities of #Ether between December 2017 to June 13, 2018?

$10k in #ETH ICO = a net worth more @GaryGensler👇
@ethereumJoseph received 9.5% of #ETH as a co-founder.

Everyone knows @VitalikButerin and Lubin held an ICO through crowdfunding which was without a doubt an unregistered securities offering.

Where was @SECGov?

Where is outrage from those that attack @Ripple & #XRP?
One River bet $1 billion on #BTC and #Ether in October 2020. Two months later on his last day at the @SECGov, Clayton directs the enforcement action against @Ripple and #XRP. Twelve weeks later, Clayton joins One River.

Clayton’s law firm represented Lubin and #Consensys.
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Consider the following:

Clayton and Hinman worked closely together before the @SECGov. Clayton brings Hinman on board to join him and the #SEC.

Joe Lubin @ethereumJoseph is co-founder of #Ether and founder of #Consensys.

Clayton’s law firm represented Lubin and #Consensys.
Hinman’s law firm was on the Board of the #EtherAlliance and represented clients involved with the #Ethereum Foundation.

Hinman met with Lubin and Consensys prior to his June 14, 2018 #BTC and #Ether are not securities speech.

Lubin was part of the Hinman speech conference.
In October 2020 One River makes a $1 billion bet on #BTC & #Ether.

2 months later on his last day at the SEC Clayton directed the filing of the enforcement action against @Ripple @bgarlinghouse & @chrislarsensf asserting the ridiculous claim that even Today’s #XRP is a security
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A @SECGov 🆚 @Ripple 🧵

For the first time ever in a non-ICO case, the @SECGov is asserting that the digital asset itself - #XRP - is a security.

That absurd argument not only violates common sense but it’s in direct contradiction of over 70 years of case law and precedent.
In the #Howey case in 1946, there were two contracts in play between the investors and the W.J. Howey Co:

(1) a purchase and sale contract for the Orange 🍊 Groves;

(2) the investors signed a service contract hiring Howey to handle everything (from planting thru selling).
The Supreme Court found that the entire “scheme” taken together constituted a securities offering.

The Supreme Court NEVER said or implied that the oranges 🍊 were securities.

73 years later in 2019, the SDNY handed down the #Telegram case.

Telegram was a typical ICO case.
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Tem que legendar esse vídeo do Vitalik admitindo que #ether 💩 é um valor mobiliário

Também vale lembrar que, antes do Ethereum, o Vitalik tentou levantar dinheiro para construir um computador que resolveria problemas do tipo NP-Completo em tempo polinomial.

Eu escrevi uma thread sobre computadores quânticos e complexidade computacional, nela eu expliquei que computação é uma ciência primeiramente teórica e posteriormente prática.


Isso quer dizer que para o Vitalik acreditar ser capaz de construir um computador do tipo que prometeu, ele deveria primeiramente resolver a computação necessária teoricamente, algo que ninguém nunca fez.

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It's time for some educational fun. It is important to always keep your wallet recovery phrase secret. If anyone gets access to it they have access to your coins. With that in mind, let's have some fun!
For this first-of-its-kind global treasure hunt, the rules are simple. Guess all 12 of our riddles and recover the metamask wallet. Anyone can send it coins so keep checking to see what is inside!
Wallet address 0x1d593097Ea77d546389fbfe73c3b59cff1f84873
Day one:
"A $Pussy likes catnip, a $DOGE likes a ____"
The first answer will be confirmed in our discord once someone guesses it. Good luck! 😉

#Crypto #cryptogivaway #treasurehunt #erc20 #education #Cryptoeducation #doge #thefutureiscrypto #Pussywallet
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📌🇦🇷@michael_saylor destacó el proyecto de ley #BTC presentado en Argentina➡️
📌🚽Inodoro paga monedas digitales por usarlo➡️
📌🗣️“#Bitcoin es el milagro matemático más asombroso”➡️
@michael_saylor Resumen de la semana
📌🇰🇷Corea del Sur pone en marcha su won digital➡️
📌💎Compran un diamante por más de U$S 12 millones con #cripto➡️
📌🇵🇾Paraguay vota su "Ley #Bitcoin"➡️
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📌🍿#Bitcoin llega a Hollywood➡️
📌🐋Las ballenas alcanzan récord de acumulación de #BTC➡️
📌🇧🇷Brasil aprueba el primer ETF de #Ether en Latinoamérica➡️
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As much as they are technologies, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other #cryptocurrencies are communities of users and developers. What is the profile and the motivation of cryptocurrency owners? Do they really #hodl? How does education etc. differ across cryptocurrencies? ⬇️[1/7] Image
Answers based on work with @David_III_L:…

#Cryptocurrency investors tend to be young, educated and high-income, are likely to have experience of using digital finance but do not seem motivated by distrust in fiat currencies or regulated finance. [2/7] Image
We look into the role of knowledge acquisition about the technology, finding it has limited impact. For example, in recent years a #GenderGap in crypto ownership has emerged, while knowledge has actually converged. #Cryptocurrencies #Banking #Bitcoin [3/7] Image
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1/ IT MAY SURPRISE YOU that, as a #bitcoiner, I think @BIS_org's proposed 1:1 capital rqmnt for #bitcoin is TOO LOW & view banks entering bitcoin trading as bad for banks & bitcoin's price volatility. The problem isn't Bitcoin--it's the banks.@ForbesCrypto…
2/ @BIS_org's capital proposal completely missed biggest issue w/ banks holding #bitcoin on-balance sheet: settlement risk. Traditional banks are simply not set up operationally or technologically to hold on-balance sheet assets that settle in minutes w/ irreversibility.
3/ Many spoke out that the 1:1 capital rqmt was too high. But the opposite is true. The Basel III framework isn't set up to assess settlement risk. It doesn't have to, bc there are all kinds of operational fault tolerance mechanisms built into traditional financial markets.
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Different hypothesis about the Chinese actions: What if they are seeing the outflows and #Tether's peg is about to break. By banning their financial companies from the crypto market they are ring fencing them from the potential fallout and perceived contagion. 1/2
#BTC #Ether
Also by closing the miners the are forcing them to cash out and pay their shadow loans and electricity bills to the state affiliated enterprises. Basically forcing a head to the exit doors while there is still time and liquidity to get some money out. 2/2
#Bitcoin #doge #USDT
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1/ SOME THOUGHTS on #stablecoins & the #crypto selloff, which are probably connected.

HUGE news last week & it matters far more than @elonmusk or @binance news. A long thread 👇:
2/ First, #Tether finally disclosed how it invests reserves & it was a big negative surprise (not previously knowable at this level of detail). This news probably contributed a lot to #crypto selloff since Wednesday.
3/ Why? Because now risk managers at #crypto hedge funds almost certainly will require haircuts on #Tether, which means traders had to sell #crypto to reduce their total risk exposure.
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1/ @Anchorage: The First Federally Chartered Digital Bank

In January, the US government gave there largest stamp of approval for crypto currencies like #Bitcoin

Here is my full analysis of the company poised to disrupt the banking system
2/ Cryptocurrency has exploded over the past 5-10 years.

Most people are familiar with #Bitcoin, but there are many other digital assets such as #Ether, #ZCash, #FacebookDiem, etc.

The space changes rapidly, and it requires significant levels of agility and expertise to keep up
3/ Founders @nathanmccauley and @diogomonica have over 20 years of security expertise.

Both led security within payments at @Square in the nascent stages

They recognized the upcoming challenges of securing digital assets.

In 2017, @Anchorage was born.
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1-A constant question I receive from people is

..what is the significance of empty houses in a #BirthChart?!

Does an empty house in your chart mean, that no action will happen there?

And are these meaningless?! (1/8)

2-Or does it mean that every house should have one planet?!

This is how #Astrologers look at it

Most charts have a handful of empty houses.

No chart has all the houses filled up with #Grahas. (2/8)

3-Clearly, those houses that have the most number of planets in your chart

..tell you that these house significations,

..or #Bhavas will play an important role in your life (3/8)

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My final prediction on the US presidency: I give Biden a 90% chance. There is a decent amount of pro-Biden groupthink, but the arguments do really seem robust.

In general people seem to tell the truth to pollsters (which is quite surprising!).…
... and they are saying that they will vote Biden.

The 10% uncertainty mainly accounts for the chance that pollsters won't do their job properly and will collect biased samples.

Now I really hope Trump actually loses because I am going to look like an idiot if this is wrong.
My value add here is that I read the arguments that the experts gave for their position and I can't find a flaw in their reasoning. And I often do disagree with experts ("epistemological trespassing").
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Deciphering the Five Elements
What we know is a drop and what we don’t know is the ocean.Our Vedas are an ocean of knowledge and today I am trying to explain just a drop. As we all know everything is made of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Image
These elements are not as easy as we think.
#Earth is not a planet
#Water is not that we drink
#Fire is that we use to burn
#Air is not just what we breathe
#Ether is not the sky

With the help of Vedas and Holy Scriptures, I will scientifically try to prove that the real Image
form of five elements and their sequence in creation of the universe is – Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and #Earth.Ether converts into Air, then Air converts into Fire, then Fire converts into Water and lastly water converts into Earth. To explain it further, let me give it to Image
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"Aura: a crystalline magnetic field called OVID"
Edgar Cayce 1877-1945

human's bio-shields social-distance.

Hush-tags : COVID19, 5G.

MUST WATCH this video, it was posted since 2013.

The Healing Power of Gems and Crystals
Take care of your crystal.
Cleanse and clear, make it shine like a star.
notice your energy field and maintain your shield.

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There is still a massive misconception I see regarding #Chainlink. Unpopular opinion (amongst non-marines) The #LINK token is AT LEAST as much 'oil' as #Ether is. The "customers" of $LINK are not defi users. It's all defi protocols consuming any kind of data
There are people saying Chainlink isn't growing. Chainlink doesn't have a big userbase. Chainlink network usage is dead. I am looking at Aave, Synthetix and co. and thinking "what the fuck r u talking about?" The total value locked and the userbase of all of these defi protocols
ARE Chainlink customers. THIS IS Chainlink usage. It is below all of these defi protocols when it comes to the pyramid. It is *more* foundation than anything else. When total value locked for $SNX and $LEND goes up x100 within the next 2 years then this is directly growing #LINK
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