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Dear @BeckyQuick, (@andrewrsorkin @JoeSquawk)

Listen to yourself please. You said this issue was always in your inbox or feed. You said you tried to do research and looked into it. You’ve always presented as a conscientious journalist, so I believe that you did look into it.
If it was baseless, you wouldn’t have even asked Clayton the question. Becky, it’s not just about Bill Hinman and his conflicts of interests that are involved in the @Ripple XRP case. You know very well that there is, at a minimum, a gross appearance of impropriety.
Clayton’s law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, represented @ConsenSys and @ethereumJoseph. Jay’s former law partner became Deputy General Counsel of Consenys and Sullivan & Cromwell brokered Consensys’ purchase of Quorum and the #JPMCoin from @jpmorgan. 👇…
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Los documentos sobre Hinman en el caso de la #SEC 🆚 #Ripple fueron publicados, brindando grandes revelaciones sobre #Ethereum 👀


INVIERTE 3 minutos en esta lectura (IMPORTANTE) 👇🏻

#HinmanEmails Image
𝗣𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘀 𝗮 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗿 🤓

🔻 Hinman AFIRMÓ que el discurso era su opinión personal.

🔻 Su actuar fue extraño pero de momento no hay pruebas de corrupción o sobre qué pudo haber influido.

🔻 Varios altos funcionarios de la #SEC tenían dudas.

E-mails y borradores del discurso de Hinman (exdirector de la División de Finanzas Corporativas de la SEC) fueron PUBLICADOS, conmocionando la industria #cripto 🪙

El 4 de junio del 2018, Hinman escribió que no veía una "necesidad de regular #ETH como security (valor)"

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Why #Ethereum is About to EXPLODE 🔥

Read this thread to find the answer 🧵 Image
What is EIP - 1559 ?

➡️ EIP-1559 is essentially a proposal to change Ethereum’s fee structure. But it’s also known as Ethereum’s scarcity engine or
ETH’s burn mechanism

➡️ Ethereum fans should be happy because burning ETH makes it rarer, which can make it more valuable. Image
EIP 1559 and Deflationary Supply

➡️ Ethereum's EIP 1559 introduces a burning mechanism, resulting in a deflationary supply of Ether.

➡️ More #Ether is being burned than newly issued, reducing the overall supply of Ethereum.
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Let's take a deep dive into the intricacies of Internet Protocols (IPs) like TCP/IP, their history, and how these systems parallel to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

This thread is technical - buckle up! #InternetProtocols #Ethereum
TCP/IP, the backbone of the internet, has its roots in the ARPANET project of the 1960s-70s.

It's a suite of protocols for data transmission and routing. TCP/IP is layered, each with its specific tasks:

Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application. #TCP_IP
The Network Interface layer (eg, Ethernet) takes care of the physical transmission of data.

Internet layer (eg, IP) ensures data packets are routed correctly

Transport layer (eg, TCP) guarantees reliable transmission

Application layer (eg, HTTP) is for user interactions
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#Pulsechain, la #blockchain L1 destinada al éxito + El Air-Drop mas grande del mundo.

Pulsechain es una nueva cadena de bloques que planea traer consigo TODO #Ethereum (transacciones, contratos, tokens y todo Ethereum, duplicado en Pulsechain)
Tecnología subyacente
#PulseChain implementa un algoritmo de consenso de Proof Of Stake (#PoS) mejor al de #Ethereum.
Ya que en Ethereum hay pocos nodos debido a lo costoso que es tener uno y la mayoria de estos, estan regulados por la #OFAC.
#Pulsechain tendra como moneda nativa #Pulse ($PLS).
Pulse es #deflacionaria, tiene 0% de inflación.
Los validadores solo ganan de las comisiones por transaccion y el 25% de los fees se queman para reducir el suministro circulante.
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Dopo aver raggiunto 23371$ il $btc segna il suo TOP temporaneo, iniziando cosi una consolidazione. Ma le ema 12 e 26 sul 4h continuano a supportare il prezzo, e fino a che lo faranno, il pattern di HL +HH puo' continuare. Le perdiamo e passeremo al grafico settimanale.
"Il prezzo di #Ether segue la stessa tendenza di #Bitcoin nel fine settimana, salendo a $1,640, con un aumento del 4.5% negli ultimi 7 giorni e del 35% dal 31 dicembre.
Le altre crypto rimangono miste, sebbene AXS, e YGG, siano aumentate di oltre il 38% e 18%, rispettivamente.• La capitalizzazione di mercato totale si trova a 995B mentre il volume degli scambi è sceso del 16,1% a 52,8 miliardi di dollari.
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A #flashloan attack on @UpswingFinance resulted in the loss of ~22 ETH (~$35.5K)

The project has appeared inactive since Oct. 2020 and was attacked using price manipulation.

A thread👇 Image
It was a price manipulation attack caused due to the design flaw of the $UPStkn token - the _transfer function of the token.

The attack occurred in three key steps👇 Image
1) the attacker uses 18 swaps to lift $UPStkn's sell pressure. Also, during the swaps, the attacker swaps 1.31 Ether for 136,299.97 UPStkn. Image
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Solana $SOL trades below $10 for the first time in almost two years.

What went wrong, and why does it keep falling with FTX and Alameda out of the picture? 🧵 1/
The consequences of growing skepticism about Solana have been severe, with SOL falling from a peak of $259.96 to just over $9, a drop of 96%. 2/
While the platform saw significant growth and hype during the 2020-2021 bull market, particularly from venture capitalists, the departure of major projects to other chains and a dramatic drop in total value locked on the Solana chain have raised concerns. 3/
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@ethereum has a better chance of becoming money than #Bitcoin

This is hard for most people to grasp b/c they lack the technical skills to understand what makes #ETH so unique

Here's a simple explanation of the 5 reasons $ETH will become the dominant #cryptocurrency



I’ve spent most of my career in finance & economics, so I've long appreciated the potential of $BTC & $ETH as decentralized money

But I didn’t understand “tech”, so I took two 400-hour coding bootcamps

That’s when the 💡 went off and I started to see ETH in a new way...

$ETH has the potential to overtake $BTC and exceed $150K per coin for one simple reason:

👉 It’s going to be the native currency of the Internet

In other words, there’s a strong chance that it will be used as the medium of exchange for ALL online transactions
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The great thing about #crypto bear markets is that you don’t have to dig to find 100x opportunities

In many cases, the blue chips will get you there

In fact, here’s how the “bluest” chip of them all – #Ethereum – could reach $150K within the next decade Image

$ETH has the potential to exceed $150K per coin for one simple reason:

👉 It’s going to be the native currency of the Internet

In other words, there’s a strong chance that it will be used as the medium of exchange for all online transactions within the next 10 -30 years

Why do I say this? A few reasons:

• The internet is broken

#Blockchains allow us to create a better internet

• This new internet needs #cryptocurrency to function

• $ETH is best positioned to be that currency

• This will make #ETH worth >$150K

Let’s explore each
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The fundamental force of #ether price

The fundamental underlying force behind the price of ether is its widespread use as a means of payment.

If you are interested in the full story read the thread below .🧵👇 0/15
The cryptocurrency market is still immature and poorly capitalised characterised by violent market phases, if we zoom in and take a closer look things get even more chaotic: 1/15
There are cryptos that appear out of nowhere and come to have capitalisations in the billions and just as quickly disappear into the abyss (who among you remembers @bitshares ?).
But some survive and remain at the top of market capitalisation. 2/15
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#DeFi domina el mercado cripto según @chainalysis con 3.7 trillones en de $ transaccionados en 2022.

Otros datos:

➡️ #BTC solo representa el 10% de las TX globales.

➡️ Los usuarios ven a #btc para el largo plazo.

(Sigue) 👇 Image
➡️ La disminución en el "uso" de #btc según @chainalysis se debe a que las personas prefieren utilizar otros activos cuyas blockchains tienen un "mejor" performance.

➡️ Bitcoin se utiliza como medio de intercambio o reserva de valor.
➡️ #Ether se utliza más para trading, prestamos, juegos, nfts y otros.
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$AMC Value = Trillions, The #Abuse this stock has been put through is Unreal.

Swap_0.00002 #Ether For 112,241,171,790.9004535839937579638
#AMC on #Uniswap V2 From #Uniswap V3 Router 2 --> Wrapped #ETH er

$APE #APE #AMCSTOCK @SylviaRey @BossBlunts1 @AMCbiggums @KatStryker111 ImageImageImage
2.) Throwback 👇 Image
3)⚠️#Synthetix A New Financial Primitive enabling the Creation of SYNTHETIC Assets. Unique Derivatives & Exposure to Real-World assets on the #blockchain
@Burim8203 Thx bro!💎 @BossBlunts1 @AMCbiggums @SylviaRey @erikfinman @PeterRHann1 @cvpayne @CEOAdam @EduardBrichuk @rattoy2 ImageImageImage
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// Đ€ĆŘ¥ƤŦƗŇǤ €ŦĦ€Ř //

This thread will cover the founder @visionofviii, co founder @CValley_ and one of the hottest projects to drop this year, the almighty @ether!

What we know so far and how to contribute to the strength and integrity of Ether as a collective ⬇️ Image
Starting with @visionofviii:

- Has a successful @SuperRare profile, spanning 4 pieces with combined sales reaching 25.52069 ETH

- Has multiple collaborations with real world companies and web3 projects alike

- Looking to make his own mark on the NFT space with @ether Image
- Combining his passion for art and fashion together, Viii has solidified himself as one of the OG’s of “bridging the gap between web2 and web3”

- Notable mentions include The METAJACKET, RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1: Viii, [NIKE x Anime] among others! Image
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When #cryptocurrency projects distribute their native #tokens straight to their customers' wallets.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Important or insider knowledge, notably about the value of #digital assets such as #cryptocurrencies and #NFTs; a measure of an investment's return over and above that of the market or other benchmark.

[#web3 glossary thread]

Formerly used to describe any #cryptocurrency that wasn't #Bitcoin; however, #altcoin is now used to describe any new cryptocurrency with a low market valuation.

[#web3 glossary thread]
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Ya viene el #Merge de Ethereum y con él varias preocupaciones de parte de la comunidad, debido a las implicaciones que conlleva transicionar a PoS.
Recientemente en @TuneBlock hemos analizado algunos artículos sobre el tema 1/16
Acá dejo 2 artículos del livestream del lunes pasado. Si quieren saber más sobre lo que se comentó al respecto pueden ver la grabación en el YouTube de @bitcoinemb y escuchar el episodio sobre Forks de @TuneBlock en #Spotify 2/16……
Recientemente el caso de #TornadoCash nos abrió los ojos respecto al poder de los reguladores para censurar direcciones e interacciones de usuarios valiéndose de intimidaciones hacia diferentes empresas. 3/16
Más sobre el tema:
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46.000 personnes ont perdu un total d'un milliard de dollars dans le crash des #cryptos cette année.

Voici comment éviter d'en faire partie 👇
La #crypto attire les gens qui veulent devenir riches rapidement. Mais en vérité, vos investissements en #Cryptomonnaies ne doivent viser qu'un seul but :

Préserver vos fonds et rester investi sur le long terme !

Ça n'empêche pas de s'en mettre plein les fouilles en passant.
La gestion de portefeuille #Crypto est la compétence d'utiliser les bons outils et modèles mentaux pour améliorer vos rendements financiers.

Tout est disponible gratuitement sur Internet et leur utilisation n'est pas difficile.

Mais rester discipliné l'est !
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With the speculation around #TheMerge turning #ether into a #security, it's important to understand:
- what the conditions for ruling sth a 'security' are; and
- what this will mean for miners, DeFi protocols, and DAOs.

Context: #Ethereum is moving from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system, where ppl need to invest/stake in capital to validate new blocks. Anchored in the Howey Test, professor @AdamLevitin argued that this transition will likely turn ether into a security.
Howey Test validates whether a sales/transaction is considered a security and should fall under its law. Its validator components include:
1. Investment of money
2. In a common enterprise
3. With an expectation of profits
4. Solely from the efforts of the promoter/a third party
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For over a year, I wouldn’t accuse Hinman of violating the law. I only maintained that he may have and that the appearance of impropriety deserved an investigation. Since then however we’ve learned that @EMPOWR_us caught the @SECGov in a lie, trying to cover up the issue.
The SEC claimed there were no emails or documents responsive to @EMPOWR_us’s FOIA Request.

Empower sued the SEC in federal court and discovered that there are in fact emails related to a conflict and the SEC was forced to turn some of those emails over.
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On page 24 of its opposition, the SEC attempts to split proverbial legal hairs by conceding #XRP is not a security per se (“this case presents no such question”), while simultaneously arguing all XRP, including XRP traded in today’s “secondary market … represents” a security. 👇
Remarkably, the SEC claims it is not arguing XRP is a security per se, but instead, arguing XRP is a representation of a security.

What does that even mean?

When does an asset transform from being an asset (🥃, an 🍊, 🦫 or #BTC) to also “representing” an investment contract?
The SEC must prove #XRP IS an investment contract. But the SEC unilaterally changed its burden to proving only a “representation” of an investment contract.

The SEC doesn’t get to make up the law in order to satisfy a political desire to regulate a new evolving asset class.
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A 🧵 about a few Facts and Dates proving the lawsuit 🆚 @Ripple & #XRP was a weapon:

1) In 2103 @chrislarsensf gives a presentation to regulators including the @SECGov,
@federalreserve, #FinCEN, etc, discussing his plan to utilize the #XRPL and how he intends to distribute #XRP;
2) Two years after that meeting, in 2015, FinCEN & DOJ enter into a settlement w/ Ripple declaring #XRP a “convertible virtual currency” and force Ripple to register #XRP sales w/ FinCEN - NOT the SEC - (the SEC is made aware of the deal and its terms pursuant to info sharing);
3) On June 13, 2018 SEC Enforcement Lawyers write ✍️ a legal memo 📝 analyzing #XRP under Howey and these enforcement lawyers DO NOT conclude #XRP is a security and it SO NOT recommend an enforcement action or a cease and desist letter against Ripple;
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La ley cripto de Panamá 🇵🇦 acaba de ser VETADA por el presidente de ese país, significa que por los momentos no se legalizará el uso de criptomonedas.

Triste enfoque y gran oportunidad perdida para ese pais.
Recordemos que la ley cripto de Panamá, entre otras cosas:

1. Legalizaba el uso de criptoactivos como #btc #ether y otros

2. Reconocía a las DAOS

3. Permitía la tokenizacion de minerales

4. Planteaba un proyecto de identidad digital basado en blockchain
Sin embargo el prólogo de la ley, señalaba que se utilizaría la tecnología #blockchain para hacer más transparente la función pública.

Y tal como lo dije en distintas conferencias, me parecía MUY RARO que el gobierno de panamá aceptara ese elemento 😉
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At Consensus and listening to @ethereumJoseph answer questions. The moderator is from @novogratz’s Galaxy Digital. Clearly, they are paying attention to Twitter and the claims of token concentration and the disguised whales as they move to PoS.
Joe Lubin was asked about the comment by @GaryGensler that Joe owned 10% of #Ether from the Genesis Block and was asked if he would disclose how much #ETH he & @ConsenSys owns. Joe declined providing his or Consensys’ holdings, but did say it’s never been close to 1/2 of 1%.
Three other interesting comments: 1) Joe claims he hasn’t accumulated any more #ETH since the Genesis Block but Consensys is accumulating leading up to the Merge;
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Bruce, maybe you have the time to spend on Twitter and count how many times someone is tagged. If I was tagged 10K times w/in the last week it wouldn’t change my availability. Quit acting like people are scared to engage or debate you based on your immediate timetable.


I actually have no idea what you want to talk about or debate. Is it whether today’s #XRP is a security? If so, I have written detailed 🧵s laying out my analysis on why it isn’t. Is it whether the #XRPL is centralized or decentralized? I’ve put out 🧵s on that as well?

Is it challenging my claim that Hinman violated criminal conflict laws or Title 5? I’ve laid that out in detail. Is it regarding the #Ether Free pass and the time line I’ve challenged anyone to dispute?
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