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“The jail is the largest mental health institution in any community,” Sheriff Daron Hall said.

The #OpioidCrisis has thrust the most pressing issue facing jails around the country to the forefront: #MentalIllness. (Thread👇)…
On any given day, there are about 750,000 people in jails across America.

Drug addiction and mental health-related issues are often coexisting and it’s difficult to parse out which is driving which.
Hall said the deinstitutionalization of #MentalHealth hospitals that started in the 1960s hasn’t worked and instead has sparked today’s problem.

“The reality is we didn’t really deinstitutionalize it, we just re-institutionalized it into jails and prisons,” he said.
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#HipHop artist and Palast Investigations team member @JevinLamar lost his cousin in the #DaytonShooting. In response, Lamar wrote a song called “Still Holding On."… #Dayton #Ohio #DaytonStrong #GunControlNow #TeeJayMcNichols #BlackLivesMatter
@JevinLamar ... @JevinLamar grew up in #Dayton, #Ohio where his life was not always easy. He spent time in a homeless shelter for teens. Now he's using this song to raise money for that shelter. It's called #DaybreakDayton.

Download the song or make a donation at:
@JevinLamar “If I wouldn't have went through that experience, I wouldn't be in the place that I am today,” says @JevinLamar. “They gave me food and shelter — and they cared. They really cared.”… #DaytonShooting #DaytonStrong #GunControlNow #BlackLivesMatter
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The @HouseJudiciary hearing on so-called "assault weapons" has ended and I have a few thoughts (in no particular order). First, you can watch the full hearing here:… @GunsReporting
@HouseJudiciary @GunsReporting 2/ The @HouseJudiciary cmte heard from 7 witnesses today, including:
✅the Charlottesville, VA police chief
✅an #ElPaso, TX trauma doc @TTUHSC
#Dayton, OH Mayor @nanwhaley
✅Pro shooter @Di_3GunGirl
✅A Former @ATFHQ agent
@HouseJudiciary @GunsReporting @TTUHSC @nanwhaley @Di_3GunGirl @ATFHQ 3/ The cmte did not hear from Christopher Koper, a criminology prof @GeorgeMasonU who is a noted expert on the "Assault Weapons Ban," which was in place in the U.S. from 1994 - 2004:…
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OK, #TeamPete - it's time for some real talk.
Recently, I've been seeing a lot of grumblings about the media and their coverage - or lackthereof - about our guy @PeteButtigieg.
@PeteButtigieg I get the frustration, but as someone in the media field, I'm telling you, there's no conspiracy or cabal out to sabotage Pete's campaign. Not within the world of credible news and info media anyway. Leave those conspiracies to others.
@PeteButtigieg Instead, let's follow the #RulesOfTheRoad and turn our frustration or negative energy into even MORE grassroots efforts. If you've paid attention to the mobilize site, you'll notice organizers are setting up all kinds of things you can join to help/get involved.
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Well, @BlstrsOnMyFngrz, next time you send a trolling tweet which both misapprehends the usage of "oxymoron" AND makes false claims about weaponry in defense of guns over humans, don't send it to someone who writes for a living and has a cache of receipts instead of guns.
You might want to read up on how assault weapons are indeed used, @BlstrsOnMyFngrz.
Here's a detailed piece on the data:
Nobody knows exactly how many assault rifles exist in the U.S. – by design…
And here's data on the #Dayton and #ElPaso shootings--and the assault weaponry used.

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1/ A photographic look at the Trump visit to University Medical Center in #ElPaso. He visited there after the 7th worst #massshooting in US history. Targeting #Latinos, the attack killed at least 22 and injured 26. Pictures from Dayton included.
2/ Trump is vilified by many in El Paso for his border war, and his venom and prejudice appears to have helped inspire a white nationalist to target Latinos and commit mass murder. He planned to visit hospitalized survivors, but none would meet with him. So, what to do?
3/ What Trump is accomplished at is flipping the script. In a remarkable cache of 40 pictures on its Flickr feed, the @WhiteHouse bombarded the media and social media with exclusive images of his #ElPaso visit after excluding the press from covering it.
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LGBTQ people are threatened in life and disrespected in death.
#RIP #JordanColfer

.@HRC mourns Jordan Cofer, a transgender man, killed in the #Dayton mass shooting.… via @HRC
This is about Connor Betts' sibling, Jordan Colfer, written by a friend.…
#ConnorBetts stole the lives of 9, among them his own sibling.
He also stole that person's opportunity to live their life fully, openly & without fear.
Ohio lawmaker #CandiceKeller said LGBTQ people were to blame for mass shootings. I wrote we're more likely to be victims.
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#MassShooting perpetrators all share common negative themes in their lives.

These are “inadequacy and isolation.”

In a society dominated by masculinity, those who are isolated and inadequate feel especially weak.

It’s also why mass shooters are mostly men.
Not all #MassShootings are politically motivated.

In the case of #Dayton and the #LasVegasShooting, it’s hard to nail down a specific motive.

But they both shared an isolation and a feeling of inadequacy.

People who knew them said they “kept to themselves.”
The #DaytonShooter was “quiet” and had “hit lists” full of women who’d rebuffed his advances.

The #LasVegasShooter was described as a private person, who was thought to have “desired notoriety” like his father, who was on the FBI’s “Most Wanted List.”

Inadequacy and isolation.
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I finally have a moment to breathe, so let me talk a bi about my life with trauma, journalism, and management. I've been managing for a few years now, but I still occasionally report. This week, I stepped in and did ops and work around #Dayton and #ElPaso
The USAToday network had more than 150 people (possibly 200) working on these stories in some way, shape or form. Our newsroom alone sent eight people to help, some of whom are still there. It was a monumental task and everyone took it in stride.
After we sent people to El Paso, I couldn't turn off. The thing about journalistic trauma is that it essentially means you are addicted to adrenaline. Your body has lived so long on it, that it is difficult not to, which is why you see people engaging in other risky behavior.
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When someone has no empathy for others it cannot be hidden. When someone can’t receive criticism without insulting the person giving it, it cannot be hidden. When someone lies about known facts & doubles down on them it cannot be hidden.

#Dayton #ElPaso

When someone says he’ll end America’s regime change policy then proceeds to advocate it for Venezuela it cannot be hidden. When he talks of pursuing an era of peace, understanding & goodwill then hires John Bolton you know he can’t be trusted.


When someone talks of condemning racism but has previously talked up division & fostered hate against non-white others you know that someone is a racist liar. When someone creates division constantly his words of unity are completely hollow.

#Dayton #ElPaso
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Trump doesn’t want you talking about THIS today, so he’s going to terrorize #ElPaso and #Dayton further. Because it’s ALWAYS about him #TrumpIsARacistRat pushing us into RECESSION: 👀
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1/5 In my lifetime, I can recall numerous times when a President has stepped forward not as head of the executive branch or to propose legislation, but as our healer and comforter-in-chief to bring together and reassure a weary nation. #healerinchief

2/5 They have provided a voice to our grief, as Reagan did after Challenger. #healerinchief #RonaldReagan

3/5 They have sought to unite and express resolve to stand together against "the forces of fear", hatred and violence as Clinton did in Oklahoma City. #healerinchief #BillClinton

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My heart breaks for the 22 people who lost their lives in #ElPaso on Saturday and for the 9 killed in #Dayton just hours later. It breaks for the hundreds who’ve lost their lives to senseless gun violence in Chicago, including this past weekend—the deadliest weekend in 2019 yet.
It’s past time we honor the lives of those lost not just with moments of silence, but with action.

Actions that strengthen our background check system and keeps weapons of war off of our streets and out of the hands of those who have no business possessing them.
But the cold, hard truth is that as long as the Senate is controlled by Mitch McConnell—and as long as @senatemajldr refuses to allow us to vote—he can block commonsense reforms.

This isn’t about courage, it’s about values.

It isn’t about will, it’s about votes.
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The #ElPaso shooter was inspired to by white supremacist ideology while the #Dayton shooter supported leftist ideology but there is not evidence to suggest that his actions were spurred by that ideology. Nuance doesn't lend itself to virality but I will attempt succinctness.
The difference between being violence inspired by ideology and violence perpetrated by someone who supports and ideology must be carefully delineated. The former was catalyzed to action by white supremacist ideas, while the later supported leftist ideas but there is no evidence
As of yet to suggest that those leftist ideas were what caused him to act. Ideas are powerful and the human mind is sometimes so complex that someone may not fully understand the nacence of their own motivations. Nevertheless, the distinction is important.
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#DaytonOhioShooting by Connor D. Betts?

#Shooter DIED 5 YEARS AGO.🤔

Same age, same guy pictured, same sister Megan.
‘Connor Betts’ 2014 Obitiatry Stirs #Dayton OH Mass #Shooting Fal_e F_ag Rumors On Social Media #QAnon #MAGA #GunControlNow #DaytonStrong…
How convenient!

#Dayton Shooter's Obituary (from 5 YEARS AGO) has been DELETED.

They're SCRUBBING the web in SLOPPY attempt to hide their MANUFACTURED crisis.

TOO LATE! #DaytonOhioShooting is #FakeNews. #GunControlNow BS FF

Save/archive EVERYTHING incriminating u find!
#DaytonOhioShooting FRAUDSTERS have successfully wiped the 5-YEAR-OLD obituaries of the #Shooter from source sites, but not before MANY people got screen-grabs.

#GunControlNow advocates are in HIGH PLACES & perpetrate MASSIVE hoaxes on the public. #Resist #FakeNews #Shootings
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It’s easy to wake up after a weekend like this and be unsure of what to do or how to act in the wake of such senseless violence. When I felt a little useless this weekend, I looked to our @BetoForNH team and saw how they #RefuseToDoNothing about hate and gun violence. A thread:
Many of our organizers come from Texas – some right from El Paso & the surrounding communities. When the news broke, they went to each other. They helped each other reach out to friends & loved ones who live or work near the Cielo Vista Mall. They checked in on our team in HQ.
Then, on their day off, the team went to the Latino American Festival in Nashua to share their love and their pride and their gratitude with immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees right here in New Hampshire. They just #RefuseToDoNothing.
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Trump’s tongue had a mind of its own during WH speech rejecting racism, bigotry, and white supremacy in wake of El Paso and Texas

2/ After advocating death penalty for hate crimes, Trump had to pause and force his mouth closed to prevent his tongue from thrusting forward

3/ Watch Trump’s tongue thrust immediately before Trump urges nation to remember those in #Toledo — which is 149 miles from #Dayton.

These were written remarks. On a TelePrompTer. In a speech praising Gov. @MikeDeWine (R-OH).


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Now that I'm no longer a political prisoner of Twitter's, here's a thread where I catch up on some stuff that I didn't have the freedom to post over the weekend:
The fuck are the odds that parents of the Parkland kids are in #ElPaso the day of a mass shooting AND ANTIFA had planned a 10 day "siege" of the town during the same time?…
Hitting about 48H after expiration of Q's #FF warning is convenient AF. Not long till Sommers, Rothschild, Collins or another professional drama queen straight up ties to Q.

Plus, there was someone in QRG last few days attention whoring HARD, threatening to harm innocents.
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Some thoughts on white supremacism and terrorism in the wake of #Dayton and #ElPaso. People are speaking out in force, insisting that this be recognized as the terrorism it is. Quite right, too. /1
But it is only very recently that American political discourse has othered terrorism, insisting that terrorism is something brown people do to white people and not the other way around. /2
The Klan and its white supremacist ideology were always construed as terrorist - not only by others, but by themselves. Here is the text of the 1916 Kloran, their handbook. Klan officers were called "Terrors." /3
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Toxic masculinity is lethal.

High school classmates of the gunman who killed nine people early in #Dayton, Ohio, say he was suspended for compiling a "hit list" of those he wanted to kill and a "rape list" of girls he wanted to sexually assault.…
Toxic masculinity is lethal. #DaytonMassShooting

White supremacist patriarchy is lethal #ElPasoMassShooting

In less than 24 hours, two white men shot dead at least 29 mostly Black and brown people.
White patriarchy - whether it’s “rape list” during high school type or “white people are being replaced by immigrants” type is lethal.

When the president is a white supremacist who has been accused by at least 21 women of sexual assault, white patriarchy is enabled from the top
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🇺🇸 Two American cities united by grief.

🕯️💐 Residents of #ElPaso, #Texas and #Dayton, #Ohio have gathered to pay tribute to the victims of two mass shootings this weekend.
2020 Democrats have blamed President #Trump's rhetoric for the mass shootings, saying his language against minorities promotes racial division and violence.

They have also called for tougher gun laws.

Read more here 👉
"Perhaps more has to be done, but this is also a mental illness problem," @realDonaldTrump said.

🇺🇸 The President has ordered flags in all government buildings to be flown at half-staff until sunset on August 8.
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In light of our first Pacific Rim style "double event" massacres yesterday, it's worth stepping back and asking what will solve this accelerating problem?

Because if the underlying problem doesn't get solved, we're going to have a triple event day before too long.
Setting aside (briefly) the white supremacy of the redhat auxiliaries who've now targeted black churches, synagogues, and now Latino shoppers, we have to start with the guns.

As in: how do we get them out of the hands of these kinds of dudes?
The answer, undeniably, is federal legislation.

State and city guns laws don't do shit because there's always a redder state nearby where any idiot can stock up, drive two hours, then sell off. (Hello, Chicago and northwest Indiana!)
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#ElPaso. #Dayton. A fucking garlic festival. It's been a (yet another) bloody week in America. And yet despite the death toll, the @GOP is once again deflecting the conversations we NEED to have about guns and white nationalism to video games and mental illness.
As a combat veteran, someone who loves video games, and someone suffering from mental illness, I have a LOT to say about this. So buckle the fuck up. I don't have time to fucking sugar coat anything.
I'm a former Marine. I saw some pretty nasty fuckin' shit in Fallujah '04. We all did. I earned my combat action ribbon through numerous firefights and patrols in Fallujah, Mahmoudiyah, Zaidan, and Ramadi. Almost died for it.
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$9.9K: What the @NRA gave to @senrobportman's campaign in 2016.
$242K: What the NRA spent on independent expenditures (like ads) supporting Portman in 2016.
$1.55M: What the NRA spent opposing Portman's challenger.
$3.06M: How much the NRA has spent on Portman since 1990.
@NRA @senrobportman Our question for @senrobportman is simple: when will you publicly urge @senatemajldr to put #HR8 to expand background checks to a vote in the Senate?
@NRA @senrobportman @senatemajldr We know what side you stand on @senrobportman — and it's not the people you represent and the victims in #Dayton.
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