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Tired of @chainlink Tokenomics FUD? Ready to start thinking for yourself? If you're done with being a follower and ready to DYOR this🧵is for you. 1/25 @ltoadnft #notfinancialadvice Image
What is tokenomics (token economics)? You can find a few different definitions but it really means; will the token go up based on the design of how it is used. Some tokenomics are gimmicks like "token burn" why would you need to "burn" something that is already in high demand?
Imagine burning a rookie Michael Jordan basketball card just so the remaining ones would be more valuable because "now there's even less". Sounds maybe a little silly no? If there's true DEMAND why you burning it 🤷‍♂️
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With promising new projects promising cross-chain capabilities, many people overlook the OGs in the space and what they're doing: Enter @chainlink, building #CCIP.

And they've already got a major player using it: @swiftcommunity

Here's how it'll be a game changer 👇

#CCIP stands for Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol, and it allows developers to build Omnichain-capable dApps.

This means that the days of having to integrate every single chain individually are over.

It opens up a myriad of possibilities for users too! All the hassle of having to use unsafe bridges/shady CEXes just to get into a new chain? Gone.

Here are some examples of how it'll completely change user experience in #DeFi:

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The next big thing for #crypto? Interoperability. In order to truly connect the entire world, different blockchains need to be able to exchange data and assets.

In this thread, we'll take a look at how close we are to achieving it, and who is helping us to do so!

While there are dozens of Layer 1s solving a myriad of different issues, you can't use both simultaneously or easily. A #web2 equivalent of it would be having to use one browser to access Google Docs, and another one just to purchase something on Amazon!

The worst part is that in order to use different chains, you have to send your liquidity around with either:

a) On-chain bridges, which are relatively unsafe (look at how many exploits we've had last year!)
b) Using centralized exchanges and spending unnecessary fees.

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All Federal Reserve Banks will adopt ISO 20022 on March 10, 2025.

This coincides with SWIFT mandating it’s 11,000 banks to adopt the program (right now it’s optional).

A 🧵 on ISO 20022, why it is important, the major players, and of @chainlink’s role.
To conduct business, financial institutions exchange large amounts of data with their customers and among themselves.

Such exchanges work if the sender and receiver have a common understanding of how to interpret the data.
Similar to how smart contracts eliminate the need for middlemen that introduces risk and additional cost, standard messaging platforms eliminate the need for human intervention to interpret the data.

Think of how much data needs processing...
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For those who missed it here are all of the slides from todays presentation on CCIP given by Head of R&D @ Chainlink Labs Lorenz Breidenbach, including a recorded demo of CCIP in action! #Chainlink #SmartCon2022 #CCIP ImageImageImageImage
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🥁Ta-da! The long-waited report on #Oracle from IOSG is here! Fresh-baked still searing! Let's unveil it together!
🧶Enjoy your threads

📍… Image
/1 What is oracle❓
Oracle is the bridge and window of on-chain and off-chain data and the aggregator of real world elements like data, info, asset, credit. In short, oracle is a middleware providing real-world data services for blockchain projects.
/2 Why significant❓
Oracle can be essentially referred to as the “trust-maintenance machine”. More trust is needed to be fed in from the oracle and the vast majority of blockchain projects cannot survive without oracles because it will directly make them blind.
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Here are some of my notes from todays @chainlink town hall featuring @SergeyNazarov , this is not in any particular order and it may not cover everything as it was filled with a lot of gems. #CCIP #DECO #Smartcon2022 $LINK
Sergey mentioned how cryptographic truth is changing the perception of value thus current and new applications will use chainlink as a building block when creating new decentralized applications. This inevitably makes chainlink become the standard while also making it a -
necessity instead of a luxury thus solidifying Chainlink’s position of becoming the main core computational resource for smart contracts. Valuable protocols cannot thrive without Chainlink, thus adding to the thesis of CL becoming/being the standard.
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Project Spotlight: @LayerZero_Labs

LayerZero is opening up the door for a seamless multi-chain world where users can transfer assets from one blockchain to another w/o worrying about bridges, wrappers, and middleware that make the experience unappealing

Thread 🧵

$STG Image
1/ It's indisputable that the blockchain industry will consist of many different blockchain networks communicating with each other.

There are many bridges trying to facilitate this functionality, however, it's presently a mess 💩

2/ The current way of bridging assets:

- Takes time
- Bridged version of the asset may not be compatible
- Multiple Clicks and interfaces required
- Need the destination chain's native coin to pay fees

What if we could instantly swap native assets between chains with low fees?
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1/ Version v1.1 of the #Chainlink core node software has been released! 🏗️

This update includes a number of key reliability, security, and efficiency improvements for Chainlink node operators.

🧵 In this thread, we'll explore some key new features.
2/ Multi-Chain Support:

As a beta feature, Chainlink nodes can now connect to multiple EVM chains simultaneously, enabling the creation of cross-chain jobs.

This is part of the groundwork required for the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (#CCIP).
3/ EIP-1559 mode:

Support has been added for EIP-1559-style transactions, which can help facilitate faster confirmations and reduce gas costs during & after gas price spikes.

This allows node response times to become more consistent during network congestion.
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Some $LINK hopium from /biz. During times like these, it’s all you need to have.

How @chainlink aims at becoming "the only network that matters"

1/ All credits goes to @web3paradigm.

Re-written for the sake of readability (reading long posts on /biz is extremely annoying) and to avoid some vulgarities.
2/ “If you’re an oldfag and know all of this, you can move further. This is for the no-linkers and others who missed this all when it happened, and are still in the dark.
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1/ In his recent Future of #Chainlink presentation, @SergeyNazarov explored how the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) will power cross-chain innovation & an entirely new category of smart contracts.

A thread on the significance of #CCIP 🧵…
2/ CCIP will use Chainlink's highly secure OCR consensus mechanism, which already helps secure over $75B, and apply it to the problem of cross-chain communication.

This is not only about moving tokens across blockchains, but the communication of contracts between blockchains.
3/ The goal of CCIP is to move the ecosystem forward into a world of cross-chain smart contracts, the third major evolution of how smart contracts are defined.

1. One to multiple contracts on a chain
2. Contracts connected to external resources
3. Cross-chain smart contracts
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On @chainlink, @ericschmidt, @Google, AI and the network effect.
A not so short thread (n/31)👇🧵
1/ First things first, two facts: we know former Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Chainlink Labs @Smart_Contract as a strategic advisor; and #CCIP is due to be released this year, arguably Q1-Q2.

2/ We also know that #CCIP will completely transform the crypto space: we will transition from a world of enclosed blockchains, to a new cross-chain fully interoperable space, where dApps can seamlessly leverage the key aspects of every chain.
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Chainlink Staking: two subtle points you may have missed @chainlink

A short thread about $LINK Staking from a wise anon on /biz/👇🧵
1/ "When @SergeyNazarov discusses Staking as part of how nodes offer security guarantees beyond traditional IT security best practices, he specifically references proportional allotment of fees and future fees in proportion to amount staked.
2/ He then goes further and explicitly states that reputation (in terms of jobs completed and job value completed) will be downstream of staked value. More staking means more jobs which means better reputation and more jobs/fees.
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1/ Please see this link: As to why I love 🔥 @CelsiusNetwork Also, I earn Yield on $CEL 4.8% & around a 11% on $MATIC if you want to know where the $CEL is token gets it’s value & Y it exists, please see below 👇🏼
2/ This is where the $CEL token derives it’s value from + via Network Effects. I will discuss below 👇🏼 Why the $CEL token exists based on my own understanding.
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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"@chainlink Price Feeds were the ideal solution for our blockchain-based #CeFi exchange because their price data has extensive market coverage across all trading environments and robust infrastructure"

@CoinFLEXdotcom = Chainlinked…
"We’re excited to announce that @R3fiToken — will integrate #Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) starting with the #Binance Smart Chain soon to be followed with deployments to #Ethereum and #Polygon"

Randomly selected token winners…
"We’re excited to announce that @dolphinsfinance — Expert DeFi platform which aims to bring honesty and transparency in the Defi space— will integrate #Chainlink Price feeds in our lending/borrowing platform built on #BinanceSmartChain"…
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#Ayer mantuvimos una reunión por teleconferencia con la @cciposadas y nos presentaron diversas propuestas para abordar la situación del sector ante la crisis:

•AHORA MISIONES: ampliar el monto de compra y el tope de reintegro
•Alivio fiscal para las pequeñas empresas (+) Image
•Reducir temporalmente algunos costos como la Ley de Honorarios Mínimos del Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas
•Desarrollo de una plataforma de comercio electrónico que incluya rubros de toda la provincia, para ofrecer a los consumidores que compren desde sus casas (+)
•Acceso a créditos blandos del Fondo de Crédito de Misiones y otros organismos que se puedan sumar

Mientras nos quedamos en casa para evitar la propagación del virus, sigamos trabajando juntos para cuidar a todos los misioneros.

#EquipoMisionerista #CCIP Image
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