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Tired of @chainlink Tokenomics FUD? Ready to start thinking for yourself? If you're done with being a follower and ready to DYOR this🧵is for you. 1/25 @ltoadnft #notfinancialadvice Image
What is tokenomics (token economics)? You can find a few different definitions but it really means; will the token go up based on the design of how it is used. Some tokenomics are gimmicks like "token burn" why would you need to "burn" something that is already in high demand?
Imagine burning a rookie Michael Jordan basketball card just so the remaining ones would be more valuable because "now there's even less". Sounds maybe a little silly no? If there's true DEMAND why you burning it 🤷‍♂️
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I’ve been a big $NVIDIA believer for

Feeling a bit sick today seeing the after-hours of NVIDIA shares trade at $380

For reference bought a good amount below $16 back in 2015/16

Freaked out in the pandemic like most n00bs. Now days I just HODL

#NotFinancialAdvice ImageImage
I was on one of the largest finance pods in early April, and spoke loud about how NVIDIA is at the base of the pyramid here.

Everyone is placing large orders with Jensen. And Jensen loves selling to everyone…
Honestly I think this can go really far. IF the next paradigm in computing is largely GPU based, we only have AMD and NVIDIA as market leaders.

Will be interesting to follow.
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What in the damn world is this conglomerate that is happening called @HydroWhalesClub? #Hydrowhales is constantly adding more and more #value with real #nftutility. Let's cover some things real quick so you can #DYOR and see why this #opportunity is like none other.
Begin 🧵
1/ @HydroWhalesClub has #minted out and has built one of the strongest #NFTCommunities I've seen in #web3. They don't get involved with the #drama in this #space and always stay #professional. Hop into #Hydrowhales #discord and see how much of a #family this #community is.
2/ While the #NFTcommunity is one of the most important things to me, #Hydrowhales #nftutility is quite astonishing. #HWMC started with 305 #BTC #miners to provide steady #cashflow to this #NFTProject. Of course these #asicminers are held at a hydroelectric power plant.
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Investing in #crypto can be a bit tricky with all the different factors that govern a coin.👀

It's not only the price of a #coin that makes it a good #investment. There are other factors as well.💰

Read along to find out what to look for when buying crypto:👇

1. Circulating supply:💎

Circulating supply is the amount of #crypto that is already on the #blockchain.👏

The higher the circulating supply, the better.✨

Suppose a #cryptocurrency has only 50% of its total supply out.⚡

By the time the rest is mined, there will be a 2x inflation in the project's #ecosystem.👑

The lower the circulating/total supply ratio, the more #inflation there would be.📉
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🧵1/6 Have $ETH, don't want to lose your $ETH exposure. Follow the following thread. #GodHatesNFTees #ApeHaterClub @SrPetersETH @SrPetersLAB @GodHatesNFTees @AbsentFromThebs @Mouflon77 @TTRR00YY @veazydoezit
🧵2/6 First take your $ETH and convert this to $STETH using either or… check for the best rate. I like to use Cowswap as it doesn't use any Gas and provides MEV protection.
🧵3/6 Take your $STETH and deposit it as collateral on @AaveAave , this is a battle-tested Defi Borrowing/Lending Platform. After the Deposit of $STETH take out a loan in $ETH, your assets and liabilities are now correlated at 1 and there is therefore low risk of liquidation.
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Seeing some folks out there tout that Otherside Land will have a 10 - 15E floor. I think we should have realistic expectations of price once the initial hype dies down..

Yuga Labs has shown themselves to be excellent at brand building and biz dev, but building a metaverse requires a whole different level of execution capabilities. It's a very tough path to climb.
Companies like the Sandbox have been grinding away at it for years. Yuga is the new player here and has a lot to prove.

Doing valuation calculations of lands based on other metaverses like @TheSandboxGame is probably not the right mental model at this stage
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1/ Where can we find the best #investments of the next 10 years?

Simple. We need to look where the world’s wealthiest action groups plan on investing $7 trillion to achieve their vision of a new world.

Lucky for us, they lay it all out in their "#SDGs for 2030" agenda: 🧵 Image
2/ In September 2015, 193 countries of the United Nations endorsed 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be attained by 2030. 🌍

“The #SDGs provide a common and agreed upon framework to advance the world's future by resolving our most pressing sustainability issues.”⏳ ImageImage
3/ To put it simply, the #SDGs act as a roadmap, directing the efforts of countries and global brands to achieve the UN’s vision for a better world.


…and It doesn’t take long to realize how massive this agenda is. #UnitedNations #Microsoft #Google #Samsung ImageImageImageImage
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<THREAD> Jared's Must Follow Crypto Influencer & #CryptoEducation Guide
1/ Background & motivation on why I've created this guide:
#crypto + #nfts have been good to me this. Outside of the excitement of actively participating & contributing to some truly societal level, paradigm
2/ shifting technology, falling deep down the #crypto rabbit hole was a tentpole contributor to my getting through the 2nd half of quarantine with my sanity intact. There is so much opportunity & different ways/strategies to make money in the space right now.
3/ The most effectively tool you can have in your toolkit that will help enable you to success is information.
There is so much noise & so many bad actors in the space.
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I've seen a lot of floor concerns today. Although nothing is certain in Crypto/NFTs, here are some regular patterns that VERY frequently repeat themselves. Good to know for any newcomers...

-Money flows out of everything and into #Bitcoin when the price is pumping.

Thread (1/5)
-When Bitcoin starts to trade sideways, money flows into #Altcoins.

-When Altcoins start to pump, money flows from #NFTs into the native coin to chase the pump. For example, selling a #Solana NFT when $SOL is pumping in order to take advantage of the price appreciation.
-When Altcoins, or for this example, $SOL slows and starts to trade sideways, money then flows out of $SOL and into Solana NFTs.

Once again, these patterns happen often in this space and they also frequently happen in this order.
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You can have unofficial United States Digital citizenship for about USD$1500.

This will give you access to 100s of online services, tax exemptions, and incredible income earning potential.
Growing up in Jamaica, migrating to the US was considered one of the best ways to find success in life. Just north of Jamaica lay the land of opportunity.

I had family members who took advantage of it and have benefitted greatly.
I also enjoy visiting the US, but I will paraphrase Ernie from Sesame Street, "I would like to visit the U.S. but I don't think I'd like to live there"
I'll never say never but there are things about life in the Caribbean that are difficult trades for me: culture, climate & beach
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MUST READ🔴🚀 @RumbleKongs fundamental thread🚀🔴.
If you're scrolling down your Twitter feed asking yourself, what is this Rumble Kong mania that everyone keeps posting about, below is a list of solid fundamental factors to help you make a wise decision.
The first celebrity to change their profile picture to a kong was @jarule He, and many of us saw this project's vision and potential to create network effects. It's never easy to break the ice, and for that reason, you J are an MVP!
One week ago, @RumbleKongleague released their Kong paper, and that was the affirmation.…. Everyone understood that this wasn't your average nft project with cool art and hopeless dreams. There is a solid economic incentive mechanism driving this project.
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Good analysis by @sergio_2098. I'll discuss the passive income stream side of $YAK here. #NotFinancialAdvice

@yieldyak_ daily rev. is (at least) $19K or 0.07% of its TVL.

Even w/o compounding, that'll be approximately $1.9/day/YAK or almost $700/year/YAK of passive income!
If you had participated in @yieldyak_ TG channel early, deposited some funds in $YAK pools and hit the "reinvest" button, you should expect to receive at least 5 $YAK in your wallet.

An airdrop that could yield ~$3500/year.
If $AVAX #DeFi continues to grow, not only @yieldyak_ mcap will grow but so will its TVL and revenues.

And that's all excluding compounding of the rewards!

As long as the bull run continues, with compounding, $YAK could prove to be a fantastic source of passive income.
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I might not be making money yet myself, waiting for my #ALTs to moon, but at least I'm useful to someone(my best friend since Jr. High and college roomate).

$PINK $PIVX $ONG $MTL $LIFE (I'll mention the other good coins when I'm able to get in on them 😀). Must pump these first.
#bitcoin doing well since my "extremely bullish" proclamation to my friend about 25 minutes ago at the bottom of the most recent short-term dip.

Give the fuck up, bears! You're done for! #MuellerMayhem incoming!

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We’ll be announcing a first wave of speakers over the next few days! Confirming more every day, and excited to have every one! For the most up to date list, check out #MITBitcoinExpo #TheNext10Years
Starting off, can’t wait to hear from @tdryja, research scientist and thought leader at @mitDCI! Co-author of the lightning paper and currently working on Utreexo, he has insights to share about the future of scalability! #MITBitcoinExpo Get your tickets:
@cathieyun’s absolutely blown us away with her cryptography for @go_interstellar - some might even say she’s bulletproof! Can’t wait to hear her speak at the #MITBitcoinExpo. #TheNext10Years Get your tickets here:
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