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❌ Algorithmic stablecoins
✔️ Over & multi-collateralized stablecoins

This intern loves $aUSD.

Here's how @AcalaNetwork can take it beyond @polkadot and @kusama, increasing the accessible active user base from 1 to 15+ million users.

#acala #AUSD #Polkadot
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama $aUSD is uniquely interoperable by nature, meaning it can transferred cross-chain to any parachain on Polkadot or Kusama.$aUSD can also be trustlessly integrated by any Polkadot or Kusama parachain DApp.
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama This is made possible by @polkadot and @kusama's #XCM, a is fully on-chain internal messaging protocol realizing the vision of "shared security".

Thanks to XCM $aUSD can become the defacto stablecoin of @polkadot and @kusama. But what about using $aUSD outside the #DOTSAMA? 🤔
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Hi #LUNAtics 🌕 and Blockchain lovers!

🔎It's been a while since we did the last on-chain analysis about the #TerraLuna Blockchain ⛓️
(Nov 2021 see here: ).

So, let's have a look how things have evolved. Time for a 🧵!
#cryptocurrency #blockchain

🚀Col-5 was launched on 2021 Sept. 30.

Since then
➡️2,392,470 blocks were produced
➡️97,347,793 txs were processed (523,375 in avg/day)

These transactions contained
➡️ 169,790,068 messages (kind of internal transactions) (912,849 in avg/day) Image
🔎Let's compare the amount of transactions in the last 24hs with others. (Thx @bscscan, @etherscan, @bitinfocharts, @polygonscan, @TRONSCAN_ORG, @solana )
1) BSC 5,1mio
2) Tron 3,5mio
3) Polygon 3,1mio
4) Solana 1,7mio
5) XRP 1,2mio
6) ETH 1,1mio
7) TERRA 0.6mio Image
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I have been so wrapped up in the excitement the last day or so, I wanted to stop and list some of the potential/rumored utilities and use cases that make me so bullish on $DRIP:

#DripNetwork #DeFi #Binance #BinanceSmartChain @DRIPcommunity
1. NFT's - partnerships for Celebrity NFT's have been confirmed to be in place ~ 7 or so celebrities so far if I recall correctly from one of the Forex AMA's during the 14 day Manor Farm protocol. Expanding into NFT's is HUGE & brings added utility to the ecosystem
2. Cross-chain bridge - Being able to buy $DRIP via alternative chains?? Awesome for exposure and accessibility
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As our platform launch date is approaching (Q2), we want to take this opportunity and introduce ourselves to the #World using this THREAD👇

#DeFi #Blockchain #Metaverse #NFTs #NFTCommunity #Ethereum #BinanceSmartChain #SolanaNFTs #opensea
What is @poolify_finance?

#Poolify is a hybrid multi-chain #DeFiProject that allows leveraged #YieldFarming and provides a Crowd Metaverse Marketplace for #CrowdInvestments.
We are a team of like-minded individuals that all share the same goal of revolutionizing the #DeFi and #Metaverse space by providing every single individual - no matter his/her financial power - the tools to join the game of the whales.
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$LUNA has added more than 13,800% to its value over the past 12 months, and predicted to grow 350% by the end of 2022.

Easy and simple explanation on why you should not underestimate the 2nd largest blockchain in #DeFi Today ! ⬇️🧵
1. The decentralized finance space is one of the biggest winners this year.
A recent report revealed that the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi #protocols rose by $100 billion in 2021. While $ETH remains the leading DeFi blockchain, Terra is the biggest winner.
2. @terra_money is an algorithmic #stablecoin platform that works on a Proof of Stake (PoS) #blockchain infrastructure.
$LUNA is the native #token of Terra and is used in the issuance of stablecoins, as a price stability mechanism, and also for staking and network governance.
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2⃣ Selamlar.. Bu floodda, Testnete katılarak #Airdrop alacağımız Moo Monster'dan bahsediyorum.

Detaylı ve uzun bir flood hazırladım, kimsenin aklında soru kalmayacak şekilde.

En son twitte önemli bir konu var, onu da okuyunuz..

Keyifli okumalar..

#Airdrops #NFT #Testnet #NFTs Image
1- Öncelikle cüzdanımıza #BinanceSmartChain test ağını eklemeliyiz. #pancakeswap 'ı kullanabildiğiniz tüm cüzdanlar geçerli.

Smart Chain - Testnet



Cüzdanınızın sağ üstten 'add network' butonuna tıklayarak yukardaki bilgileri girebilirsiniz. Image
2- Bende var diye uyarı veriyor görseli aldırmayın.

Sizlerde olmazsa google'a aratabilirsiniz. bsc test ağı metamask yazabilirsiniz mesela veya 'dan ekleyebilirsiniz.

Şimdi cüzdan hazır birde test bakiyesi alalım.
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Voy armar un 🧵 de como hacer tasa del 30% anual en #StableCoin #DeFi #Terra

Vamos a utilizar dos protocolos

(sigue ⏬⏬)
1) Primero debes depositar en @anchor_protocol tus ust en la parte de earn deposit (sigue ⏬⏬) Image
2)El protocolo por depositar $UST .e paga como interés anual 19,43%, además te entrega como garantía aUST

3) Debes dirigirte a @loop_finance y ahí ir a pool y agregar liquides en igual monto $aUST Y $UST. La pool esta pagando una tasa del 21%. (sigue ⏬⏬)
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Ever wonder how many daily transactions are being executed on blockchains currently.

In this thread, we look under the hood into some of the largest blockchain networks:


The first blockchain was and is of course #Bitcoin, and most transactions on the network relate to $BTC, the world's premier #cryptocurrency. Yesterday Dec 12, there were 214,808 transactions on the network, about 15% below recent averages.

What was #Ethereum's traffic like?

The first decentralized application-centered blockchain is #Ethereum. Yesterday Dec 12, there were 1.182 million transactions on the network, down from 1.511 million transactions on October 28.

What was the #BSC's network traffic like?

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1/47 If you're new to #cryptocurrecy, getting started can be quite confusing. Especially when you're having to use a #DEX to purchase your desired #crypto #asset because it isn't listed on a popular #CEX yet. So let me see if I can help you with this guide.
#CEX = centralised exchange, these are your typical #Mainstream #apps found mostly in the #app store
#DEX = decentralised exchange, these are more like a site that may host a broader range of projects not currently found on the #CEX. #LEONICORNSWAP falls into this category.
3/47 For the purposes of this tutorial, I'll be using the #binance #app. Some may not be able to use it in their countries so look around as they all basically do the same things.
- Register
- Verify
- Card crypto purchase
- Markets
- Withdraw/Deposit
- Wallets
& Extras
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#Crypto exchange Bitmart lost nearly $200 million in a hot wallet compromise hosted over the #Ethereum (ETH) and #BinanceSmartChain (BSC) blockchains.
The $200 million Bitmart hack was first revealed by Peckshield, a #blockchain security and data analytics company, who initially identified a transfer of roughly $100 million over the Ethereum blockchain.
According to Peckshield, the hack was a straightforward case of transfer-out, swap, and wash:
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1. مزایا و پتانسیل رو به رشد شبکه #VELAS

✅Fastest #EVM chain
(سریعترین بلاکچین منطبق با EVM)

🔵#بلاکچین Velas در چند وقت اخیر رشد قابل توجهی را تجربه کرده است.
🔵نکته مهمی که آنها را متمایز میکنه، سرعت بالای انجام #تراکنش ها و انطباق‌پذیری با اپلیکیشن‌های #اتریوم است. Image
🔵برای درک بهتر از بلاکچین #سولانا استفاده میکنم. سولانا سرعت بالایی در انجام تراکنش‌ها داره ولی از طرف دیگر برنامه‌نویس‌ها باید از زبان Rust برای توسعه #اپلیکیشن های خود استفاده کنند که مانند #سالیدیتی (زبان برنامه نویسی در اتریوم) همه‌گیر نیست.
🔵در #VELAS برنامه‌نویس‌ها به راحتی میتوانند برنامه‌های خود را توسعه دهند، مثل اتفاقی که برای #BinanceSmartChain و #Avalanche افتاد و Mass adoption خوبی رو برای آنها تا به حال شاهد بوده‌ایم.
🔵سرعت بالای تراکنش‌ها و #کارمزد پایین شبکه
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[#Thread] Ce soir, parlons #mining & #PlaytoEarn avec @MinesOfDalarnia

Désolé mon vieux @MiningTk, mais ici nous aurons juste besoin d'une pioche, de bottes ainsi qu'un peu d'oxygène pour parcourir le monde de Dalarnia.

Enfilez vos bottes, serrez votre ceinture, ça se passe ⬇️
Dans ce #PlaytoEarn d'action et d'aventure en 2D, vous incarnez un #mineur et devez le guider dans différents niveaux aléatoires.

Le but est de casser des #blocs de pierres afin d'extraire des minéraux de différentes raretés ainsi que des reliques et des artefacts rares.
Grâce aux différents minéraux collectés, vous allez pouvoir faire évoluer votre #personnage ainsi que son équipement.

Ainsi, plus votre équipement et votre personnage auront des attributs élevés, plus vous aurez la possibilité de #miner des #pierres rares.
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Ayer di una clase de DeFi en el ITBA. 🤓 Aprovecho a puntualizar algunas cosas.

Así que sale hilo🧵

TEMA #DeFi: qué es, cómo nació, qué ofrece, redes más importantes, cuidados, dónde informarse, comunidades, etc.

2/ DeFi = Decentralized Finance = Finanzas Descentralizadas.

Para comprender esto creo que es importante tener presente nuestras experiencias previas con finanzas tradicionales, que casi todos conocemos: Bancos, remesadoras, casas de préstamos, etc. 🏦

Las llamaremos #TradFi
3/ Digo esto porque tenemos que comprender que las #DeFi son un cambio de enfoque. Así como #Bitcoin viene a plantearnos un nuevo paradigma como instrumento financiero en su sentido estricto, DeFi viene a proponer un ecosistema financiero sin intermediarios sobre blockchain.
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(1/17) Selamlar dostlar, herkese mutlu haftalar diliyoruz.🍀🍀 Bugün sizlerle NFT pazarı olan bir P2E 🎮🎮oyun projesi olan #WonderHero $WND ’yi inceleyeceğiz. 🔎🔎
(2/17) Peki nedir bu #WND ❓❓
$WND ne işe yarar ❓❓
Partnerleri kim ❓❓
Gelin beraber inceleyelim.
(3/17) ⚠️⚠️ Öncelikle belirtmek isteriz ki, incelemelerimiz kesinlikle yatırım tavsiyesi içermemek ile birlikte, amacımız sizleri projeler hakkında bilgi sahibi etmek ve bilinçlendirmek. Artık projeye geçebiliriz. ⚠️⚠️
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Hilo sobre #METAHERO y su token $HERO.

Un proyecto interesante, en mi opinión, que puede darnos mucho más beneficio del que nos ha dado ya.

Si te interesa, échale un vistazo y apoya el tweet si te gusta. Image
¿Qué es Metahero?

Se encarga de generar avatares 3D ultra realistas, además de elementos virtuales para juegos mediante una tecnología de escaneo y modelado 3D. Además, puede aplicarse también a la realidad virtual, moda y otras redes sociales.
Esa tecnología también permite generar NFT que provienen de obras de arte y coleccionables del mundo real. Son socios del líder mundial de escaneo en 3D: Wolf Studio.

Muchos conoceréis esta empresa por el juego “CyberPunk 2077”.
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(1/17)Herkese tekrardan merhaba, iyi haftasonları diliyoruz. 🍀
Güzel ve büyük bir borsada listelenmesi de bulunan bir play2earn ve #metaverse projesi olan #LFW $LFW @Legend_LFW projesini inceleyeceğiz.
Nedir bu #LFW $LFW ?
Hangi borsalarda listeli?
Buyurun beraber inceleyelim🔥 Image
(2/17) Öncelikle belirtmeliyiz ki #gem piyasası hayli yüksek riskli bir piyasadır. Sizi zora sokmayacak, uykularınızdan etmeyecek miktarlarda alım yapın ve unutmayın ki hiçbir şey sürekli yükselmez. Arada kar almak en doğrusu ve mantıklısıdır.
(3/17) #LFW $LFW Legends of Fantasy War, 3 boyutlu, sıra tabanlı ve kendi evreninde kullanıcılar arası etkileşime girilebilen ve sanal gerçeklik sunan yani bir #Metaverse 💵💵 oyun projesidir. Bunun yanında #LFW #BinanceSmartChain ağında çalışıyor.🔥🔥 #bsc #bnb $BNB $BTC Image
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Thread - @MyEvidenZ & $BCDT
Today I am going to present to you a French #blockchain company existing since 2017 with a project and a crypto very under quoted in the crypto sphere

Take a few minutes to find out and maybe invest in this huge project!
Crypto part -> nº17
1 / What is EvidenZ? allows you to certify all kinds of documents on the #blockchain!
Diplomas, certificate of work of art, deed of ownership, etc.
And you will see that it is solid! The company is surely a leader in its field
2 / A first use case?

The project focuses primarily on diplomas. We are talking about the BCdiploma Dapp which was created and which allows institutions and professionals to create, issue and share thousands of diplomas in just a few clicks.
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Sale hilo 🧵 con sitios web que tenes que tener agregados a tus favoritos, si es que estás en el mundo de las #Criptomonedas

Coingecko es una página donde vas a poder encontrar todos los proyectos #cripto del mercado, con datos oficiales como página web, redes sociales, smart contracts, etc.
También vas a tener datos de exchanges, y mucha información más.

Un sitio donde vas a poder encontrar un calendario con fechas importantes de miles de proyectos.
Lo bueno es que tiene varios filtros para el caso de que quieras ver algún proyecto en particular.
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1/ Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"In @futureswapx V4, traders can go long or go short up to 30x on any asset with a @chainlink Price Feed and a Uniswap liquidity pool on @arbitrum"

High throughput, capital efficient leverage trading on L2 💱…
2/ "We are excited to announce that @dexkit has integrated #Chainlink Price Feeds on the @0xPolygon network to enable the creation of a crypto asset-based prediction market game called Coin Leagues"…
3/ "We’re excited to announce that @HyperJumpBSC—a gamified #DeFi (GamFi) platform—has integrated #Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the #BinanceSmartChain mainnet"…
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So you want to transfer your $TLOS from #Gateio to staking @ 13% on REX?

I'll start by showing how to get your $TLOS from to your #Telos -account.
Here is how I (finally) did it:


First you need to withdraw your $TLOS from
They are not supporting native withdrawal so we use #BinanceSmartChain (BSC) instead.

Insert your BSC-adress and hit "withdraw":

After a couple of pushups your $TLOS will now appear in your BSC-account.

So far so good.
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Bridge your assets to @SecretNetwork and get earning on these juicy rewards! 💦

Bridges to BSC, ETH, & XMR LIVE! More under construction 🏗️

Use the bridges🌉

Learn more 🧐…

Get earning with 🤑 Image
191% APY
$1,327,606.67 TVL

$XMR @monero #Monero #XMR $SEFI #SecretFinance #YieldFarm #LiquidityMining Image
166% APY
$1,445,499.14 TVL

#USDC $USDC #PriFi #DarkFi #StableCoin #YieldFarming Image
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1/ Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"We’re delighted to announce that @Protofire, a blockchain development service provider, has been awarded a community grant to natively integrate @Chainlink oracles into @klaytn_official—Kakao’s global public blockchain platform"…
2/ "By integrating #Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, @FarmPulsar now has access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to ensure that #NFT characters and pets complete the missions & fight randomly and fairly"…
3/ "We’re excited to announce that @Holdefi — an innovative multi-chain money market protocol — has integrated #Chainlink Price Feeds on the #Ethereum and #BinanceSmartChain main-net"

Lending 🤝 Borrowing…
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1/ Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"The team at @VenraiHQ are excited to announce the launch of an official @chainlink node that will make key Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance data accessible to #DeFi platforms operating on leading blockchains"…
2/ "@hellofamwines are excited to announce that we have officially integrated #Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to add a layer of fairness and accountability to our new project that combines real world physical assets with digital NFTs!"… Image
3/ "We’re excited to announce that we have integrated #Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the #BinanceSmartChain mainnet"

Verifiably random coin flips 🪙…
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