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@DefendAssange Yesterday the world watched as brave truth teller, editor of Wikileaks, Julian Assange was carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy by Metropolitan police in hand cuffs and placed into a police van. The police were let into the Ecuadorian Embassy by Ambassador Carlos Abad Ortiz.
@DefendAssange The new president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, revoked Julian’s political asylum under false pretenses in violation of international law.
The arrest warrant and extradition was issued under the Trump administration.
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I was told yesterday that when Issac Kappy was in Australia he was working with Eliahi Priest to frame ritual abuse/mind control survivor and brave whistleblower Fiona Barnett under Australia’s Fixated Persons act.
This would have caused Fiona grave harm.
Australia’s Fixated People’s Act gives NWO Gov the legal authority to pick up anyone, any time, anywhere and incarcerate them in a psychiatric assessment ward for observation.

It’s time to wake up now.
The pretext of the Fixated People’s Act is that the person has shown themselves to be unnaturally fixated on a politician or a political topic — in other words, on something that the government doesn’t want exposed like,
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1• The term sex trafficking is often a “foreign” term that most people feel they can’t relate to but think about it this trafficking of minors is a severe form of child sexual abuse. The majority of victims were ...

2• sexually abused before they were trafficked. We believe all community members should be trained on the red flags of child sexual abuse, in order to help prevent the further victimization of any child.

According to Darkness to Light ...

3• “Many victims of trafficking live at home and attend school. In the U.S., there are many children who are sexually exploited by their families or family friends for monetary gain, but still live at home. Despite the exploitation, these children ...

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🏴 Rachel Chandler: Beautiful People 🤨
Chandler says, “the culture that surrounds me is different than it is for older photographers. I’ve a different perspective to offer.”

🇺🇸#ProjectSafeChild 🛑#TraffickStop@POTUS
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 This is Rachel's husband Instagram page, Tom Guinness
🧐 Do you know where your children are ???

🏴#EndHumanTraffick 🇺🇸#Vets4ChildRescue
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Rachel Chandler Guinness . . .this is her husbands company

Many big names from Politics & Hellywood on this site
🍕#Pizzagate #NXIVM #ChildSexTrafficking
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@floatingskyy @B91827364 Link from my tweet…
Hugh Hefner = White Rabbit.
He was one of my Handlers from childhood onward and was friends w Roman Polanski.
I told LA DA in Oct 2017 Hefner probably had photos of me Polanski took.
As a little girl onward I was used in the
Hugh Hefner/Playboy C(I)A Honey Pot Operation.
This was unto creating blackmail material.
It was a criminal operation run at U.S. tax payers expense.

#childsextrafficking #CrimesAgainstChildren
#TheGreatAwakening #geopolitics
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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1) Our systems that should be safe for children are failing! This young girl went to school covered in dirt and urine and wearing high heels AND DHS had over 21 reports made and yet this child wasn’t protected ...

2) and was left to be forced by her own family to do things children her age shouldn’t even know about. This story makes us so angry, and so sad for this girl. If you think this story is too heinous to be happening in the US, you’re incorrect. This is also happening in Colorado.
3) We know from law enforcement that children as young as babies and toddlers are being sold for sex and/or sexually abused by their own fathers and mothers in our neighborhoods. We have worked with several young ladies who have experienced this type of severe abuse at the ...
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Alan Dershowitz is the same level of patriot that
Jeffery Epstein and Hillbillies are.
Facts matter and the facts show that
Mr. Keep His Underpants On is a #pedopredator.
Prove otherwise Q and I will tweet it.
Alan Dershowitz, long time friend of #childsextrafficking
Jeffery Epstein and also his previous attorney, has filed motions in Los Angeles on behalf of #pedopredator Serial Child Rapist Roman Polanski.
Dersh has sought to help fugitive Polanski escape US justice. #DarkToLight
Qmap pub “players in game” has misinterpreted Q drops on #DirtyDirsh.
Fact is Alan Dershowitz is comped big time and everything he says is made out of whole cloth.
Trump ought to disavow Dersh and his tidy whities
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Why were operatives like,
Jeffery Epstein and Hugh Hefner,
who were running
honey pots protected for decades?
Why was the DOJ complicit and why did they violate the law in Epstein case?

This is why👇🏻
FBI files on Jeffrey Epstein show he served as an informant to Robert Mueller’s FBI in 2008.
This is another reason why there was a #PerversionOfJustice in regards to Epstein’s crimes as a #pedopredator and his
#ChildSexTrafficking 🍯honeypot operation.…
The list of powerful friends and associates that are on #pedopredator #childsextrafficking Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flight logs include former US President Bill Clinton and more...…
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Blackmail makes the world go around -

#geopolitics #ForeignPolicy
I have previously stated what I was subjected to and how I was used by those in control of my life since childhood.
Parts of my system were trained in many different functions among them extreme sex acts and spy craft.
This was unto using me as part of a scheme to procur blackmail material on various people from politicians to heads of movie production companies.
Hence why (Heinz) Henry Kissinger is so powerful.

#DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening #geopolitics
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⭐️Brand New YUGE Q!!⭐️ #QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA!

*Article link in post: “The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats”…
#QAnon⭐️ #StageIsSet #DarkToLight #WWG1WGA

Stage set?
Public border-wall fight necessary to bring public awareness re: true intentions of D party.
Anons knew?
Narrative Fight.
Dark to Light.
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List of things I’ve been called repeatedly
since I spoke out publicly regarding
crimes perpetrated against me as a child:

Honey pot
Disinfo agent
Co Intel Pro
Agent Provocateur
Fake Victim

#childabuse #childsextrafficking #ritualabuse #mindcontrol
If you consider yourself a supporter of child survivors of #childabuse #childsextrafficking #ritualabuse #MKultra #mindcontrol and other henious crimes, please report accounts that attack survivors.
It’s hard enough to speak out w/out more cruelty levied against us.
Thank you.
What hurts more than the cruel words about me is seeing my fellow survivors bravely put themselves out there, publicly sharing their histories, and trying to bring public awareness to the crimes we endured and then be treated w cruelty.

We live in a world filled w psychopaths.
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Speaking out about #pedopredator serial child rapist Roman Polanski sexually assaulting me as a child was something I was emotionally able to do because of
brave @rosemcgowan and the other women who put themselves at risk speaking out about Harvey Weinstein...
@rosemcgowan If Hugh Hefner, one of my childhood #mindcontrol Handlers, hadn’t died in September of 2017, I definitely wouldn’t have dared to risk saying anything about #pedopredator serial child rapist Roman Polanski photographing me naked and sexually assaulting me when I was a little girl.
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New documents released under #FISA prove that the
#CIA conducted #mindcontrol on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part of top secret, illegal project #MKUltra. #HumanRightsViolations -…
Here is the link to the Black Vault with current documents regarding #MKultra #mindcontrol received under freedom of information act:…

#CIA #CrimesAgainstHumanity #CrimesAgainstChildren
#CIA created remote-controlled dogs (#animalabuse)
with brain electrodes for Project #MKUltra #mindcontrol.
They hired scientists to develop dogs that could be controlled from a distance by electrodes embedded in their brains:…
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As victims of RAMC we’ve all experienced the worst of human behavior but, I’m blown away by the incredible cruelty of the recent attempt to discredit Fiona Barnett.
It is clearly orchestrated to not only silence Fiona but also silence those us who have bravely come forward...
in the public eye as RAMC victims recently with our own histories which, more often then not, corroborate each other’s experiences.
This ripping apart of Fiona Barnett will undoubtedly cause #ritualabuse #mindcontrol victims who’ve not spoken out publicly to stay silent for fear of the same cruel treatment.
This is exactly what the perpetrators of this cruel attempt to discredit Fiona Barnett want.
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Everyone Forgot the Day @realDonaldTrump went to CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia,1.21.2017 #Q never posted about this, CIA connects to making of ISIS, Drugs to kill control US human race. Especially at #Bush41 CIA headquarters
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NEW @intheMatrixxx Thread... I have done some research into The real him... #JefferyPedersen is his name... Let begin with how I found out his real identity... #QAnon #PayTriots #DigitalSellouts #CIA/#MOS #Crowdsourcing #QArmy
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @FBI
2/ The First Time I saw the Name #Pedersen Dropped was here...
The 1st Name Drop came from @ratisbonejr Who is “IN FACT”
💥💥 A Retired Law Enforcement Counter-terrorism Agent... 💥💥
HE KNEW SOMETHING!!! #QAnon #Paytriot
3/ I took that name straight to Livid & asked if it were him... For the record @Livid2point0 refused to partake in any Doxxing... But after name was dropped, aprox 5 women immediately came forward to confirm @intheMatrixxx was infact Jefferey Pedersen... #Paytriot #QAnon @FBI
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@intheMatrixxx @shadygrooove @POTUS It’s surreal that you’re teamed up w John B Wells who has spewed lies about survivors of #ritualabuse #mindcontrol!
You can’t bring #DarkToLight and join yourself w EVIL.
Maybe you were unaware he’s against us not for us?
Read & listen:…
@intheMatrixxx @shadygrooove @POTUS Fiona Barnett, David Shurter and I all know each other.
We can corroborate much of each other’s history/memories.
We are victims/survivors of Lt. Col Micheal Aquino’s horrific #mindcontrol/training and other #CrimesAgainstChildren that make grown men cry.
@intheMatrixxx @shadygrooove @POTUS I hope you will do the right thing here and apologize to all victim/survivors of #childsextrafficking / #ritualabuse / #mindcontrol for your mistake of hitching your wagon to John B Wells and completely distance yourself from him...
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Is this what > [THEY] < Really Look Like,
when disguise comes off ?

#Satanic QUOTE #Witch Movie:
"1 Child a Week is No Good to me!
I demand MAXIMUM results!
My orders are EVERY CHILD be Destroyed, Eliminated; Do I make myself clear!"

#Pizzagate #ChildSexTrafficking #Cannibalism
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