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Ah, would that this be true... I've seen tweets from 2 Tory MPs this morning, trying to spin the story.
Guess we're finding out (again) who're in the Cummings coterie...
Going to make this a thread of MPs defending Cummings for "visiting" his elderly parents, then his sister, in Durham, all the while he was in bed, with muscle spasms due to #COVIDー19, and his wife was praying for him, whilst making a castle with their son.
So, who do we have first? Step forward Robert Halfon.
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So, @ScottMorrisonMP & @AlboMP within this focus on #CORVID19 is there time or room to consider other issues? I'm sure you must have watched #Revelation. You may also have watched #Spotlight, if not, please do yourselves a favour & watch the film. @FergusonNews #Revelation
We have one of our Major Institutions, the #Catholic_Church, exposed as a nestbed of #Pedophiles & #Sexual_Abusers, going back for decades, probably centuries, with a history of Denial, Cover-up & Lies! #Revelation @FergusonNews
The #Catholic_Church enjoys 'special' privileges in our society & communities. They are a Tax-Free megalith, despite the fact that their assetts are massive! @FergusonNews @abcnews #Relevation #Spotlight
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Do you 'personally' know someone who has contracted #Corvid19 (not a 3rd cousin your nan thinks has it) but actually confirmed, as having contracted it?

If you answer 'Yes' please share in comments, if they are well/okay (please no personal privacy info).

Bless everyone!
Today, in speaking with someone you all know ;) Neither of us know 'anyone' personally, nor 'anyone at all' we can verify, actually has contracted it!

Simply curious what your feedback is too!
Images like these, make me wonder why? MSM is faking!
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#Event201 October 18, 2019 in NYC. Included Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, the US CDC & China's CDC

Simulation for the #Coronavirus a high level pandemic exercise which predicted to last for 18 months with 65 million deaths.
John Hopkins conveniently maps the #Corvid19 pandemic spread.
20,000 American National Guardsmen from 23 US states, plus another 7,000 US troops already in Europe still engaged in a NATO mission called #Europe20 a large scale military drill, via U.S. Gen. Christopher Cavoli, U.S. Army Europe Commanding Officer…
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@ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP @abcnews @andrewprobyn @vanOnselenP #ScottyFromMarketing You've got to be kidding? You were expected to 'Clarify' the actions, decisions & recommendations of the #NationalCabinet". Well mate, you need better #SpeechWriters, cos it was another #EpicFail!
How can you claim to have a fully Representative #NationalCabinet without inviting ALL #Federal #Political parties to the table? @AlboMP & @AustralianLabor must be a part of your deliberations & represented directly in this forum.
All #StandingOrders & #Legislation unrelated to #CORVID19 in both Federal Houses should be suspended until this crisis is under control. #auspol
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In case any one is interested or very bored, I'm gonna thread my teaching adjustment plans/progress over the next few days. Today is the first day I've had without teaching or meetings since the crisis really heated up in Aus, so it's time to get stuck in. #highered #Corvid19
First up, some context. I'll be talking about two courses that are core to an urban and environmental planning program - Public Involvement & Community Development (PICD), and (Advanced) Development Processes Studio (DPS).
DPS is a double weighted, full day class. Yup, we spend 6-8 hours together in an overly full room, huddled over desks in small groups, reading things on each other's laptops, sharing materials. Not great.
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Hoard 1/10

Just witnessed the latest #panicbuying.

Unlike the typically unhelpful tabloids (the same hypocrites who tell you to go out to work while their employees work from home) I don't want to condemn.

I get it, you're concerned. I have kids too. Let me try to help.
Hoard 2/10

I'll cover a bit on what you're facing
How long we think it'll go on
And what that means for stocking up.

Sound good?

If you want more ask at the end, I'll try to help. God knows why our lousy Government isn't doing this.
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Covid19 is not a Zombie Apocalypse.

Nooo, I'm not patronising you. I mean it. This isn't an overnight world ending event.

You need to pace yourself girl.
Chances are this is at least a few months and you can't go stuffing the car up each week.
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If you’re looking for #COVID19 information might I recommend:


If you’re looking for #CORVID19 information, I, a corvid scientist, am happy to oblige. Here’s 5 things we learned about corvids in 2019:
1) Townsend et al. taught us that eating McDonalds burgers gives crows higher cholesterol.

This may not seem surprising but very few studies have actually evaluated how eating trash affects the health of urban birds. What was surprising though is that it wasn’t a bad thing.
It was revealed that a high cholesterol diet resulted in study birds (i.e. those given a McDonalds burger everyday) having a higher body condition relative to control birds.…
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The words HERD IMMUNITY are bastardised - BigBrother Newspeak 1984

You do NOT get HERD IMMUNITY exposing the population. The OPPOSITE. You vaccinate everyone to ensure they are NOT exposed.

A Perversion - kill the MANY to help THE FEW.


Herd 2/7
Let's imagine we change #Covid19, and replace it with SmallPox.

Now Patrick Vallance says, we need to create herd immunity in the UK by slowly letting SmallPox spread through the population.

Feeling good about that?

Trolls now say I chose a sensationalist disease:
Herd 3/7
That's because they're muppets.
Smallpox is relevant because
a) we let it spread - for about 900 years,
b) it was the first disease we created a vaccine for,
c) it is the ONLY disease irradicated through ONLY vaccines…
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Pre-test and post-test probability for diagnosis (ping @Aidan_Baron) used:
B-lines are an unusual lung ultrasound finding outside of heart failure and dialysis with acute dyspnoea.
Which leaves acute pneumonitis.
If they have #CORVID19 symptoms and B-lines diagnosis highly likely
B-line numbers correlate with pathology severity in all diagnoses. More B-lines≊worse disease.
Can be used for severity assessment (triage) & afterwards response to therapies.
#CORVID19 also displays sub-pleural consolidation—easy to spot (ping @icmteaching @Wilkinsonjonny).
Pleural lines should be sharp and clear, ideally with A-lines showing good aeration. As lung disease occurs this will broaden (≠ pleural thickening from say asbestos, that looks different) and become thick and lumpy.
This is normal—
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1/x In an effort to understand the #OilPriceWar I dug a bit. Here is what I found & another resource thread for any students that are not in school & would like to learn a bit on #markets. #ResourceThread

A. It. began with the #Corvid19 = ⬇️ demand.…
2/x The #Corvid19 -> ⬇️ Dem. to level this ⬇️prod.

B. V. much like the rhyme there was an old woman who swallowed a fly, shell, and a host of other holiday spin offs, the⬇️ demand, would have resulted in a price crash. See #oilprice metrics.…
3/x #Oilprice is complex, here is a site that show some price charts that may be of interest. Here you can create your own dashboard.…
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A friend just went to 4 asian countries. He's back now and self isolating. His comment

"In every country we passed through we were strictly monitored at the border for contagion. Including IR fever technology.
Except one.
The UK.
Checks were completely lacking."
@patel4witham is content to play politics at the home office while forgetting her day job is to manage border security.

@BorisJohnson is writing a book in the full knowledge that the day job is protecting the realm.

How countries respond in first days defines viral spread
This is what happens when you elect people who have learned nothing about delivery.

Instead these populist idiots have learned everything about politics, bigotry and rabble rousing...

Just what you don't need in a healthcare crisis.
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We're seeing lots of reports regarding continued pilgrimage to #Qom, despite the #coronavirus outbreak there. It's horrible to watch Iran go through yet another crisis, but I also can't help but think about the historical parallels.
Pilgrimage & contagious diseases have history, and many of the 19th century sources I use in my research on these shrines mention disease, so here is a (brief) long view on pilgrimage in the time of #Corvid19
The most common disease in 19th-c. Iran was cholera, but there were also plague outbreaks, the worst being 1830-31. Of course, plague largely spread through movement of people, and pilgrims inadvertently took disease to the shrine cities, such as Qom and Mashhad, with them.
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The Chinese government officials in the city of #Wuhan have announced that they will build another 19 or so "emergency hospitals" for the treatment of the Wuhan Disease.

Okay. So now we know the game. Finally.
If we assume that the local government believes that it needs to build about 20 new emergency hospitals, it means that the situation is very bad in Wuhan. And that it is getting worse.
Every "emergency hospital" will be specialised to treat persons with the Wuhan Disease. And we know that the Chinese are a very practical people, so we can also assume that "they will not build mini-hospitals".
So every emergency hospital will have between 1' to 5' patients.
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