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Stewart Rose on BBC Radio 4: “There is no shortage of food. Nobody will starve. There is a £1bn more food in people’s larders than there was a couple of weeks ago. What are they doing with it? How much do you need to eat? How much do you need to store away?”
So, saying there is £1 billion more food in than before - what _are_ people doing with it?…

There are 20 million households in the UK. So, £1 billion divided by 20 million households is £50 per household. Which seems a lot of unnecessary stockpiling. Yes, there is some of that going on, but...
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#Myanmar reports 1st 2 confirmed #COVID19 #coronavirus cases in nation after some 3 months since virus outbreak. Both appear to be imported from citizens returning from abroad. 1 reportedly returned from the #UK, other the #US. US has more than 41,000 cases, UK more than 5,900
This 1st #Myanmar report of #COVID19 #coronavirus is just beginning of potentially more to come as thousands head home from different parts of the world esp from #Thailand as many nations temporarily shut borders. Hope Myanmar can cope with #detection #ContactTracing #treatment
Already there've been complaints of poor #COVID19 #coronavirus facilities by at least 1 person under #quarantine in #Myanmar after flying in from the #UK few days ago. Experience posted on person's #FB described how there's no sleeping/showering privacy… ImageImageImageImage
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Even though #Thailand government has reassured people there's enough food stockpile in nation & urges all not to panic buy as #supermarkets remain open, people forming long lines at #Bangkok #grocery store buying up essentials like #rice #oil #eggs #sugar #COVID19 #coronavirus
March 22 to April 12, #Thailand #Bangkok will shut more venues like #malls #salons #beauty clinics this means thousands more employees now will have no work for some 3 weeks. Not sure how firms/businesses are going to deal with this greater economic impact #Covid_19 #coronavirus
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THIS picture of an elderly man in an Epsom supermarket this week via @MailOnline....

Professionally and personally I find it harrowing.
You find yourself creating a narrative ...
<thread> #coronavirus #stockpiling #panicbuyinguk 1/10
I don't know this man. I don't know his situation. But I recognise the posture. It's defeated.
As if staring at the list will generate some semblance of order as to what item to look for next. Which is likely to be a futile search in 🇬🇧 #supermarkets at the moment 2/
The #Supermarkets #panicbuying may have you feeling clever as you hoover up newly refilled stock to brag about later🙄
But next time, spare a thought for that elderly person. Perhaps someone with early #dementia whose routine of a little shop is now a nightmare + NO DINNER 3/
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Στις ΗΠΑ εκτός από τα κωλόχαρτα και τα αντισηπτικά ξεπουλάνε και τα όπλα. Μαχαιρώνονται και πυροβολούνται για κωλόχαρτα. Με το παρακάτω σκίτσο το αυστραλιανό περιοδικό Overland στηλιτεύει το #PanicBuying δηλαδή τις πανικόβλητες μάζες που παλεύουν να αγοράσουν... χαρτί υγείας.
Το κείμενο λέει:
«Οι εικόνες εργαζόμενων να τσακώνονται για χαρτί υγείας δεν πρέπει να σου προκαλούν περιφρόνηση ή αίσθημα ανωτερότητας επειδή εσύ δεν πέφτεις στο επίπεδό τους....
#coronavirus #panicbuying
...Θα έπρεπε να νιώθεις μια απέραντη θλίψη για το τί μπορεί να κάνει ο καπιταλισμός στον άνθρωπο όταν η αλλοτρίωση κυριαρχεί...
#coronavirus #covid19Gr #Covid_19 #panicbuying
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From fast-moving myths to an avalanche of news - #coronavirus has dominated the conversation online and off.

We’ve put a handy guide and answered your most-asked questions:

#COVID19 - A thread 👇
Why all the fuss? Isn’t the #coronavirus basically the flu?

Answer: No. While the far majority of cases reported so far have been mild, #COVID19 has a higher fatality rate than the flu.

Note: Mild to moderate includes mild form of pneumonia.
What are the symptoms?

While symptoms differ from person to person, a WHO-China report found typical symptoms to be:

• Fever (88% of cases)
• Dry cough (68%)
• Fatigue (38%)
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Hoard 1/10

Just witnessed the latest #panicbuying.

Unlike the typically unhelpful tabloids (the same hypocrites who tell you to go out to work while their employees work from home) I don't want to condemn.

I get it, you're concerned. I have kids too. Let me try to help.
Hoard 2/10

I'll cover a bit on what you're facing
How long we think it'll go on
And what that means for stocking up.

Sound good?

If you want more ask at the end, I'll try to help. God knows why our lousy Government isn't doing this.
Hoard 3/


Covid19 is not a Zombie Apocalypse.

Nooo, I'm not patronising you. I mean it. This isn't an overnight world ending event.

You need to pace yourself girl.
Chances are this is at least a few months and you can't go stuffing the car up each week.
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I’ve been out prepper shopping like the rest of you this week. Lots of fear in people’s eyes. If you’re a believer, you have a magnificent opportunity to serve OTHERS during this national crisis. These were some ways I found just today:
1) Start with offering a smile. Jesus is our hope and evening a smile can offer other a bit of what we hold on to.
2) Be a servant. Today while other were scrambling to “survive”, I had the opportunity to grab a few shopping carts from the back of the parking lot for some older people and ladies who couldn’t get one.
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Hey Australia, what are we #panicbuying tomorrow. I need a heads up.

#coronavirus #COVIDー19 #auspol
I might start #panicbuying avocados. If you're gonna go crazy. May as well do it right.
#coronavirus #Australia
Plus, I'll grow the seeds and I'll have all the avocados in about 10 years.
#coronavirus #toiletpapergate #Australia
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