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1/12 Here are the Seth Rich records filed by the FBI on Friday night. The FBI has acknowledged it had Seth's personal and work laptops. The FBI wrote a report about Seth's work laptop but now refuses to disclose the report because...…
2/12...Russian collusion!! Yes, releasing a report about SETH RICH's work laptop would somehow jeopardize the non-existent prosecutions of the Russian intelligence agents indicted by Robert Mueller...
3/12 I've attached the declaration of Michael Seidel, the FBI official in charge of hiding public information from the public. He tries to explain why none of the records previously showed up in the five years that I have been requesting them. #EpicFail…
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Literally a swap every single day now...

When was the last time swaps were used so heavy?
The gfc...

yesterdays move was a swap BACK Image
you might want to read this a little closer.

Debt payments are too high to pay - so the govt is going to have to do some really weird shit now to cover these payments to treasury hodlrs.

OR its gun have to massively increase the debt ceiling.
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I trucchetti di @TIM_Official e il rispetto verso i clienti: un piccolo thread. 1/n
Se avete un numero #cellulare @TIM_Official e salite in #traghetto è possibile che veniate addebitati di decine di euro senza alcuna ragione e venendo perculati dal servizio clienti. Ecco come 2/n
Molto furbescamente nelle linee @TirreniaIT @GNVtraghetti e altre @TIM_Official attiva di default un servizio di #roaming dati in nave dai costi esorbitanti. In pochi minuti, solo con le app che scaricano in background, pagherete decine di euro. Nel mio caso: 61€. 3/n
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It's not breaking at all. It's business.

#HealthCanada is funded (90% or more) by the pharmaceutical industry.

#Children are not experimental subjects for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is no emergency to justify #EUA.

This is #criminal.

Nov 12, 2021 update.

Emergency use of unapproved experimental injections into arms of healthy children still cannot be justified.


Massive push for experimental #vaccines is not about protecting children. This is about protecting/expanding #capital markets & profits. Children & youth - experimental subjects for #biotech - a foundational bedrock of #4IR architecture going forward. 👇

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A ver, el presidente @lopezobrador_ le mandó una carta a @JoeBiden para decirle que si le meterán a la lucha contra el cambio climático.
El mejor portal energético de México, @energiaadebate sube la carta, pero vamos a revisarla un poco más.
Abro 🧵 para ir punto por punto:
1. El presidente dice que va a producir menos de 2 millones de barriles diarios de petróleo. Es cierto, pero no es por razones ambientales ni compromiso, es producto del fracaso de su proyecto petrolero. Ni a 1.8 millones llegará. Pero además dice que solo para consumo interno.
Y entonces dice que pretende dejar de exportar petróleo para refinar aquí. Eso solo significa incrementar emisiones ¿por qué? Porque mientras en Texas una refinería saca menos de 10% de combustoleo, en México @Pemex en momentos está produciendo más combustoleo que gasolina.
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We need two more religion stories: (1) The Rise and Fall of the Other Mars Hill (Rob Bell)” & (2) if we’re going to talk about the failure of YRR we gotta talk about the massive failure of what YRRers, & those pushing it, tried to do with Reformed Hip Hop. That too was a failure.
Many white leaders believed black people were so simple that you could use guys rapping Calvinist doctrine as a way to increase black numbers into Reformed Evangelicalism. Often using black men/women not from the black church to draw black folk raised in their grandmama’s church.
Ahh, no. That’s was an epic fail. White Reformed evangelicals forgot to address the history of their racial oppression *before* they reached out. Not realizing that black folks read books & don’t just dance, listen to music, & play sports, they weren’t prepared for questions.
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The #Taliban not only seized appr. a hundred US humvees and (MaxxPro) MRAPs at Kunduz airport, but also several US ScanEagle drones.
Billions of US tax payer $ going to Islamist extremists, thanks to the administration's hasty withdrawal without a peace deal or follow up mission. ImageImageImageImage
The sheer amount of vehicles raises the question if anyone ever used them after they were paid and transferred by the US ...
Now every Taliban fighter gets his own Ford, Toyota, Humvee or MRAP. Image
Counting the boxes, Taliban collected another five #ScanEagle drones in Herat, each costing around 4.000.000$.
Let’s see how much Iran or China pay the Taliban for them to investigate our western technology …
#EpicFail #Afghanistan ImageImage
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Abbott says the Texas Democrats who charted a private jet to DC to avoid voting on a state bill will be arrested when they return under a procedure known as “a call of the House” that allows law enforcement to arrest lawmakers who have fled the chamber.…
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Hey Switzerland

In terms of doses per 100 people, you are behind: The United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, Estonia and Iceland.

Source: Bloomberg @business

@LeroyBaechtold… Image
Switzerland, in terms of doses per 100, you are also behind: Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco and Bahrain.

Source: Bloomberg @business

@JoelThuering… Image
Hey Switzerland
Hey the EU, France and Germany and others

This video is from December 20th in Israel.

By failing to roll out Covid-19 vaccinations fast you are failing to protect the health of your citizens.

It is a #fail of epic proportions.

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#EpicFail. We are not a #SovereignNation anymore. We are not a #Democracy anymore. #Insurrection will be repeated at every election, but they won't wait till then. This was just the rehearsal. #Republicans did this because they knew they could never get legit elected again. #Coup
Why don't you give the rest of those #CapitolPolice & your 400 intimidated staffers more medals? Lots of good that will do when someone comes to kill them! You sweep it under the rug. No wonder some police felt so betrayed they went home & killed themselves. They should all quit.
@LeaderMcConnell says "Prosecute him!" b/c that way, the full extent of #McConnell's involvement in the #coup will not be laid bare. Sure #ProsecuteTrump, that ought to be easy after #MAGATerrorists come back w/30K guns in May as they promised & #QAnonShaman is confirmed as #AG. Image
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Have you all read .@michaelgove's Ditchley Lecture?

"The Privilege of Public Service" runs to 139 paragraphs over 69 (double-spaced) pages.

The main topic is civil service *reform* —but it covers so much more & raises interesting QUESTIONS...

MG quotes Antonio Gramsci,"The crisis consists precisely of the fact that the inherited is dying—and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."

In our case the inherited was assassinated, the loss an uncompensated diminishment...

Brexiters have put NOTHING forward to compensate for stripping 66m of us Brits of our #FreedomOfMovement — a FREEDOM millions in service industries rely on it to do our jobs. Without it, we're less competitive on our own Continent.

Govt isn't even being honest abt it...

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@ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP @abcnews @andrewprobyn @vanOnselenP #ScottyFromMarketing You've got to be kidding? You were expected to 'Clarify' the actions, decisions & recommendations of the #NationalCabinet". Well mate, you need better #SpeechWriters, cos it was another #EpicFail!
How can you claim to have a fully Representative #NationalCabinet without inviting ALL #Federal #Political parties to the table? @AlboMP & @AustralianLabor must be a part of your deliberations & represented directly in this forum.
All #StandingOrders & #Legislation unrelated to #CORVID19 in both Federal Houses should be suspended until this crisis is under control. #auspol
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1. [thread #decoro]
L'ultima newsletter di @ComuneMI recita: Comune, MM e i Comitati Milanesi insieme per ripulire le case popolari da scritte, scarabocchi e tag. Per chiarire che l'attività nasce genuinamente in periferia allegano questa img e segnalano il contributo del Rotary.
2. Poi peggiora, a indicare che il progetto coinvolgerà "i cittadini e chi abita nelle #casepopolari", responsabilizzando nell'exit-strategy da una situazione compromessa (da incuria, corruzione, servizi assenti..) le stesse vittime degli enti che gestiscono il patrimonio.
3. "Partner dell’iniziativa sarà #MM che insieme al Comune ha individuato gli edifici, ripetutamente imbrattati, da ripulire". Nell'era della partecipazione la #trasparenza sta a 0, non è dato sapere quando, dove, su cosa interverranno..nonostante #epicfail sul tema si sprechino.
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"During the call, KISYLAK asked FLYNN to set-up a VTC between President-elect Trump & Russian President PUTIN on January 21st"

"FLYNN volunteered that after the election, he had a closed door meeting with Kisylak & Jared KUSHNER at Trump Tower in New York City"

“FLYNN explained that other meetings took place between the TRUMP team and various other countries took place prior to the inauguration, and were sensitive inasmuch other countries did not want the then current administration to know about them.” #MbZ

"FLYNN described SERGUN as someone the U.S. could work with."

📌1/3/16: Igor Sergun, the head of Russia’s secretive GRU military intel service died of unknown causes just weeks after reportedly being sent to Syria to negotiate with President Bashar al-Assad.
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@dmccallie @HealthPrivacy @rickybloomfield @CommonWell Oh, my dude. So "nope" on that. If provider-provider solutions were either (a) present or (b) possible as solutions, woulda happened by now. But we're still in the clutches of Capt. Click, were dropdown menus proliferate but actual data/work flows are frozen sludge /1
@dmccallie @HealthPrivacy @rickybloomfield @CommonWell Dirtiest of dirty secrets in this arena is that there's no money in interop. Duplicative processes, rabbit holes where handoffs should be, all in service of preserving ever'body's revenue flow. NO ONE wants to give up their slice of ... /2
@dmccallie @HealthPrivacy @rickybloomfield @CommonWell That almost-$4-trillion-with-a-T cash hose that continues to crush all sectors of the US economy. Outcomes suck, but shareholder value is LIT AF, FAM! It's head/desk all day long in patient-ville. And it's literally killing us. /3
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In case @hmkyale + @drjrums wonder why I got so shirty about JAMA article calling for #SDOH mining from social networks like, say, Facebook (shirty evidence here:…) allow me to expound. #cyberwoke
First, ICYMI, Facebook's treachery against patient + #MeToo communities in wake of Cambridge Analytica cock-up reveal. PHI revealed in what members thought were walled gardens? NOPE.… #HBOC #cyberwoke
Then there was the #MeToo community - 10s of 1000s of members - that got its plug pulled when they complained:… #cyberwoke
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Did Trump’s tweet give RU the green light to interfere in US Elex again?

Trump still accept’s Putin denial RU interfered in the 2016 over our own intel community.🙄

Justin Kennedy was one of Trump’s most trusted associates for 12 years while at Deutsche Bank.

is the crackdown on illegal migrants an intentional distraction from NatSec threats, child pornography & TOC?

Hmmm...”if your son is working for a bank moving dark money around and you write a Supreme Court decision about dark money, is it still valid?”(EG)

Special counsel eyeing Russians granted unusual access to Trump inauguration parties

Manafort is begging the DC Circuit to let him out of jail while his appeal is pending, Nope!

North Korea continues work on nuclear facility despite agreement
Anyone surprised?
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🌿Buckle Up!🌿

The whole world sees it:
👉🏼Trump is doing lasting damage to the global order that made the US a superpower

Israeli firm under FBI scrutiny re targeted BDS activists via Black ops.

Brexit was a massive decision and people were targeted, lied to & ill-informed.
🌿Buckle Up!2🌿

The speed of this administration’s moral descent under Trump is breathtaking.

In a matter of months we’ve gone from PBO’s that stood for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness to a admin that tears children from their parents & puts them in cages

🌿Buckle Up!3🌿

“There is an int’l understanding that people fleeing for their lives can’t follow all of the normal processes that may take months or years to work out, they have to get to safety immediately.”

’‘We are conducting death penalty cases in a traffic court setting”
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It's excruciatingly embarrassing that our press has pumped out so much bilge about the EU that .@EUlondonrep had to have a page on its website dedicated to "A-Z of Euromyths".

As it's Friday, I've picked out my top-ten stupid stories by the British press on the EU #Thread
In at N°10 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The S*n claimed the EU wanted to ban BAGPIPES. I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen would have had something to say about that, of whom more anon...

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
At N°9 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The Daily Telegraph, which is now almost as bad as red-tops for fake news when it comes to the EU, claimed the EU wanted to ban that most famous of British icons, the doubled-decker bus.

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
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