"Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio
has had three different legal names, court records show"
- New York Daily News
"...curious twist,
the application said the required legal notice disclosing the name change would be published in the weekly Boston Phoenix,
and not in a New York City newspaper.
In contrast, the legal notice of the 1983 name change was published in the New York Law Journal."
"...from 1995 to 2001,
the now-candidate for mayor was registered with the city Board of Elections as Bill de Blasio and voted 10 times under that name,
even though he had not yet petitioned the court to change his name from Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm."
"De Blasio's name changes did not become known in New York
political circles until a Newsday story on Jan. 25, 2002,
a dozen years after he entered the political arena."
"9 things to know about Bill de Blasio" – Center for Public Integrity
"He might decry the role of big money in politics,
but that hasn’t stopped de Blasio from collecting financial support from one of the biggest names in political spending.

Liberal megadonor George Soros and his sons, Robert and Alexander,
gave $12,400..."
"...The entire Soros clan —
including daughter Andrea, sons Alexander, Gregory and Jonathan, plus Robert’s then-wife — were even more generous to de Blasio during his first run,

when they collectively pitched in $29,875 to help him secure the mayoral seat."
"NY Mayoral Hopeful de Blasio
Has Sordid Past"
- Newsmax

"We know that his early political career was Marxist,
and not just in an academic sense.

He raised money for the Sandinistas, visited Nicaragua to align himself with the tyrants..."
"...to align himself with the tyrants, and worked to undermine the efforts of the Reagan administration.

No wonder he was endorsed by George Soros in August.

he decided to cover up his radical past: There is no mention of his extremist associations on his website."
"...In the 1980s, he was employed by the Quixote Center,

a fringe group of Catholics so radical that they were investigated by the Treasury Department for smuggling guns to their Sandinista friends."

"...also the subject of probes by the IRS and the U.S. Customs Service..."
"What the nation ought to know about Bill de Blasio"
"...the mayor still hasn’t come to grips with New York’s trio of scourges:

crumbling public housing,
chronic homelessness
and severe mental illness."

"Just as important,
he remains uninterested in the decaying mass transit system...

...'we will get Albany to fix' them."
"Between WWII and His Suicide,
de Blasio's Father a Cold Warrior"
"...A decade after his death, his son was in Nicaragua,
working in support of the kind of socialist government his father's old colleagues tried to prevent in Latin America."

"...about his 1988 trip to aid Sandinista-led Nicaragua or his 1991 honeymoon in Castro's Cuba."
"De Blasio said he was unaware of any ties between his father and the Ford Foundation,

which acknowledged in the early 1970s that it had served as a secret back-channel conduit for CIA funds routed to nonprofit cultural and social groups..."
"...'And certainly nothing about the State Department,' de Blasio said."

"As for his father's efforts in Latin America,
he said they were well-intentioned, but naive."
"New York mayor calls for
end of private property"
“If I had my druthers,
the city government would determine every single plot of land,
how development would proceed.

And there would be very stringent requirements around income levels and rents.

That’s a world I’d love to see.”
"NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Came After Your Guns,
Now He's Coming After Your Private Property"
"Bill de Blasio's socialist dream"

'Bill de Blasio
America's Marxist mayor'
'Quixote Center'
"...a social justice group in Maryland founded by Catholic priest William R. Callahan and Dolores C. Pomerleau in 1976."

"...support of the ideals of the Sandinista government..."

"...raised more than $100 million in humanitarian aid..." en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quixote_C…
"Current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio worked for the Center in 1988."

"The Latest Marxist Proposal from NYC’s Sandinista Mayor"
- The American Spectator
Bill de Blasio supported the Sandinista National Liberation Front, whose regime of Marxism terrorized and impoverished Nicaragua."

"...a political organizer for a group of communists and socialists called the Quixote Center...

...to participate in it's 'revolution'."
'Bill de Blasio'
- Good News Planet TV

"After returning from Nicaragua,
de Blasio moved to New York City where he worked for a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care in Central America..."
"De Blasio continued to support the Sandinistas in his spare time,
joining a group called the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which held meetings and fundraisers for the Sandinista political party..."
"De Blasio’s introduction to City politics came during David Dinkins‘ 1989 mayoral campaign, for which he was a volunteer coordinator..."

"In 1997, he was appointed to serve as the Regional Director for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)..."
"...for New York and New Jersey under the administration of President Bill Clinton.
As the tri-state region’s highest-ranking HUD official,
de Blasio led a small executive staff and took part in outreach to residents of substandard housing..."
"In 1999, he was elected a member of Community School Board 15.

He was tapped to serve as campaign manager for
Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s successful United States Senate bid in 2000."
"6 Things You Might Not Know About Bill de Blasio,
New York’s Mayor-in-Waiting"
– Mother Jones
"He worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign.

De Blasio managed Hillary Clinton’s first run for office,
but it ended poorly as the Clintons came to view him as
weak and indecisive..."
"From His Father’s Decline, de Blasio
‘Learned What Not to Do’"
- The New York Times
"A Mayoral Hopeful Now,
de Blasio Was Once a Young Leftist"
- The New York Times
"He also proved to be a skilled provocateur,

twice being arrested during rallies against United States foreign policy that were held in the Washington area."
'Bill de Blasio'
- Wikipedia

"...born Warren Wilhelm Jr."

"His paternal uncle,
Donald George Wilhelm Jr.,

worked for the
Central Intelligence Agency
in Iran and secretly wrote
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's memoir."
"De Blasio was an ardent supporter of the ruling socialist government,

the Sandinista National Liberation Front,

which was at that time opposed by the Reagan administration."
"In 1990,
he described himself as
an advocate for

democratic socialism

when asked about his goals for society."

"Add morning naps to list of things
de Blasio does instead of work"

"'We couldn’t plan our days that first year at City Hall,'
the source said.

'Regardless of what you think of Bloomberg... that guy was professional.

Now, we’ve got this incompetence.'" nypost.com/2017/08/07/de-…
"'Two o’clock, 3 o’clock would come around, and he would go home and take a nap,'
the source said."

"“By the third time, people were like, ‘Oh, for crying out loud. It’s a campaign. We’re not sleeping.’”"

"'He feels entitled to take a nap,'
the source added."
"De Blasio infamously blamed a lack of rest for his late arrival at a November 2014 memorial ceremony for the 265 people killed in the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 —

causing him to miss the tolling
of a bell that marked the
9:15 a.m. moment of impact in 2001."
'De Blasio defends decision to hide identity of Boston fundraiser'

"He’s all for transparency —
except when it comes to his own fundraising."
"It was left to reporters to come up with the identity of the developer since de Blasio —

who once pledged to run the
'most transparent'
administration ever —

refused to reveal it."

"'Are those the campaign-finance values you want voters to believe are progressive?'...
Lehrer pointed out that there’s nothing in the law that would have prevented the mayor from disclosing that developer John Fish was behind a $5,000-a-plate fundraiser that morning in ­Boston."
"Fish’s company,
Suffolk Construction, is looking to expand its New York City portfolio..."

"The company recently hired Shola Olatoye,
who resigned under fire last year as head of the city’s Housing Authority amid a lead-paint reporting scandal."
"Two years ago, federal and state prosecutors declined to bring criminal charges against de Blasio for campaign-finance violations during his first term.

But Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. said that didn’t mean the mayor was being cleared."
'De Blasio visited Communist USSR
in college'

"It was the same year that
President Ronald Reagan referred to the country’s regime as
'The Evil Empire.'"
'New York City's Next Mayor:
A Stealth Socialist Who Loved Sandinista Nicaragua and Castro's Cuba'
- Ron Radosh

“Their liberal backers argued that …

they were building a free society with broad access to education,
land and health care.”
"The backers of Ortega’s coup were not liberals,
but hardcore Marxists,
and other anti-American members of the New Left.

Soured on Cuba,
they turned to Nicaragua as their new land of hope."
"...he accepted the Marxist jargon peddled by the regime’s junta while ignoring that the Commandantes like Tomas Borge, Daniel Ortega, and the rest of the bunch were lining their own pockets with the most valuable properties."
"...secret police,who were trained by the East German Stasi and quartered in a building with the sign reading 'Sentinel of the People’s Happiness,' they crushed dissent,closed down the opposition newspaper La Prensa,and instituted major steps towards building a one-party system."
'NYC Mayor Candidate De Blasio Takes Flak Over Pro-communist Background'

- The New American Mobile
"...President Obama publicly threw his support to Bill de Blasio...
joining Hollywood activists Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Harry Belafonte —
along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros,

and a host of veteran “Progressives” who are endorsing the former NYC councilman..."
"...particularly on his devotion to the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.
De Blasio also has been a big supporter of Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro and Zimbabwe’s murderous kleptocrat Robert Mugabe.
He also expressed his support for 'democratic socialism.'"
"...it would be interesting to read transcript’s of the Times’ editorial discussions and e-mails explaining why they did not publish this damaging material until after de Blasio had won the Democratic primary and, essentially, sewn up the mayoral race."
"The Times itself, of course, was on the same page with de Blasio and most other communists, Marxists, and leftists... supporting the Sandinistas...

...the Times also supported the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini...
and Castro’s overthrow of Batista..."
'Comrade De Blasio Takes the Helm'
- Ron Radosh

"...de Blasio is a certified red diaper baby, he was born and bred in an ideological cocoon of Marxism, and later, by his own word, was inspired by the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and Castro in Cuba."
'ACORN sowed seeds for de Blasio'
- New York Post

"The leftist group ACORN
has been plotting for more than a decade to install Bill de Blasio at City Hall,
a Democratic Party source has told The Post."

“'Without exaggeration,
ACORN’s long-range plan since 2001 was to elect de Blasio mayor,'
said the Democratic insider."

"'De Blasio was a big ACORN project.'"

"The Democratic mayoral candidate has marched in lock step with ACORN,

now renamed New York Communities for Change, even before he took public office in 2001."

"A key cog in the de Blasio political machine is Bertha Lewis, the former ACORN head who also co-founded the Working Families Party."

"'We’re baaaack.
The right wing will have to deal with it,'
she chuckled."

"ACORN's roots go deep with
Bill de Blasio and other city pols"
- New York Daily News

"ACORN, the nonprofit group whose workers were caught on tape
telling a "pimp" how to cheat the system, has a give-and-get relationship with several New York pols, the Daily News has found."
"As a councilman, the Brooklyn Democrat sponsored or co-sponsored

a total of $115,000 in taxpayer dollars for ACORN and an affiliate,

the New York Agency for Community Affairs."
'New York City to get ACORN mayor?' - WND

"Critics warn plan will
'sneak socialism' into U.S."
"As a councilman,

De Blasio steered $115,000 in taxpayer dollars directly to ACORN

as well as to the organization’s affiliate, the New York Agency for Community Affairs."
'De Blasio revealed!
Past shadows include Soros, ACORN'

"NYC mayor has history with radicals backed by billionaire"

'New York mayor's secret past
comes to light'

"De Blasio's unreported history stirring racial protests"

"Largely unreported in the news coverage...

...Bill de Blasio has a history of working with extremist activist groups to stir protests."
"In 2011,
using his position of public advocate,
de Blasio launched a nonprofit called the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending, or CAPS.

The group received its primary launch donation of $400,000
from Soros’ Open Society Institute."

"'I really didn’t know Soros
before this,'
de Blasio later stated.

'At the end of it, I talked to him a bit, and he expressed some appreciation for the notion of finding a constructive way to address this.

He said, "Stay in touch," and we did.'"
'De Blasio among legislators who honored African tyrant'

"His trysts with tyrants didn’t end in Cuba and Nicaragua."
"De Blasio was in his first term on the City Council,

while Mugabe was already notorious for starving his people,
jailing or torturing his political rivals,
seizing land from white farm owners and promoting anti-gay policies."
"'Mugabe was thought of as a vicious despot who had no place being in New York’s City Hall,'
said Queens Councilman...

'Mugabe killed his opponents. He took away land from anyone who wasn’t black. He rigged elections. And Charles Barron welcomes him with open arms!'"
"De Blasio also admitted that,
'even based on the information we had six years ago, there was sufficient information to not have [Mugabe] in our chambers.'"
'De Blasio vs. the market'

"'Everything you heard about me is true. . .

I am not a free-marketeer. . .

I believe in the heavy hand of government,'

de Blasio stated matter-of-factly... to some of the city’s biggest real-estate developers."
"This is a guy who honeymooned in Cuba, gave aid and comfort to the communist Sandinista rebels and never apologized for his radical past.

In fact, he’s built upon it, advocating a distinctly far-left agenda —
further left, in fact, than any mayor since David Dinkins..."
"Comrade de Blasio:
'I Believe in the Heavy Hand
of Government'"
- Breitbart
"De Blasio hiked his own rents

while calling for others to freeze theirs,

new figures show" politico.com/states/new-yor…
"Why Is NYC Mayor de Blasio Punishing the Poor?"
– Catholic League
'De Blasio’s Nicaragua fling'
- New York Daily News
"After initially fleeing (literally) from reporters asking about the trip...

...and noting that the group he worked with was founded by
Jesuits and was helping
'needy people in Central America' along with
'leaders in the Catholic Church,'
much of it
'done by nuns.'"
'De Blasio Worked for Sandinistas, Honeymooned in Cuba'
- Newsmax

"He also honeymooned in Cuba

in violation of the United States'

ban on travel to the Caribbean

Communist stronghold,

The New York Times reported Monday."
'Bill de Blasio Should Ask Me
About the Sandinistas'

"The New York mayoral candidate still fondly recalls a regime that I fled in terror for my life."
"Lhota: De Blasio
‘Needs To Explain Himself’
Over Cuba Honeymoon,
Sandinista Support"
– CBS New York
'Bill de Blasio defends his past'
- Newsday

"Lhota said backing the Sandinistas 'was absolutely not the right thing to do during the Cold War. . . .

Going to Cuba illegally is never a good thing in this country.'"
'De Blasio must explain why he did not apply for security clearance'
"Consider this an informed theory, one that begins with de Blasio’s 1994 honeymoon in Cuba.

It was illegal for Americans
to make private visits to the Communist nation then without Washington’s permission..."
"...so de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray went first to Canada,

then to Fidel Castro’s island prison.

We know this because de Blasio’s daughter said during last year’s campaign that her parents had hidden the trip from their children, but that she had just learned about it."
"Assuming he did not have a federal license for the visit,
listing the 1994 trip to Cuba would have done more than raise a red flag.
It might well have disqualified him from getting the job."
'Host raps de Blasio
over Cuban honeymoon'
'New York City’s
Marxist Power Couple'
- Accuracy in Media
"Our review of documents concerning de Blasio’s involvement in the communist-front Nicaragua Solidarity Network confirms that notes of one meeting in 1991..."
"...say that he stated that Islam
was an emerging 'power,' and wondered if there were
'progressive elements' in Islam
'we can work with.'

Marxists like de Blasio who were sympathetic to the Sandinista 'liberation' struggle in Nicaragua were typically active in support of the..."
"...Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a Soviet/Cuban-backed terrorist group.
Indeed, anti-Israel and pro-PLO material was found in the archives of the Nicaragua Solidarity Network."
"Another document regarding the 'vision' of the group says,

'End world capitalism and replace it,'

and next to de Blasio’s initials
are the words
'democratic socialism.'"
"Mayor Bill de Blasio
avoids corruption charges"
"Mayor Bill de Blasio and his aides will not be charged with federal crimes related to their fundraising,

the acting U.S. Attorney from Manhattan announced Thursday morning."
"No Charges,
but Harsh Criticism for de Blasio’s Fund-Raising"
Why was I indicted,
but not de Blasio?'
"In searing court papers,
ex-Nassau County executive
Ed Mangano cited last week’s disclosure that the star witness against him also admitted to bribing de Blasio with tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash."
"'The new revelations in this case demonstrate:
(1) that prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York had both ample evidence and authority to charge Mayor de Blasio; and
(2) that they nevertheless made a choice not to pursue such charges,' defense lawyer Kevin Keating wrote."
"...de Blasio said Singh’s sworn admissions didn’t prove anything, insisting:

'What he said happened did not happen,
'Mayor Violated Ethics Rules in Seeking Donations, DOI Finds'
"...de Blasio violated conflict of interest rules after being warned repeatedly not to solicit donations from individuals actively seeking tax breaks, deed transfers and other favors from his administration, according to a Department of Investigation report obtained
"The finding followed a two-and-a-half year DOI probe that ended in October but was never made public.

THE CITY secured the 15-page 'closing memo' —
which the DOI heavily censored —
via the Freedom of Information Law."
"The mayor claimed he wasn’t aware of such warnings –

and said he couldn’t recall any details of conversations he had with several developers who recounted his personal requests for checks."
'De Blasio’s Fundraising Group Faces Ongoing State Probe'
'Comptroller subpoenas de Blasio administration over $173M deal with notorious landlords'
- Curbed NY

"The subpoena came a day after the city closed a deal with developers to pay $30M above the appraised price"
"De Blasio Team Broke Campaign Donation Laws,
'Warrant Prosecution:' NYT"

"Published reports say members of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's team willfully violated campaign finance laws in 2014."
'Mayor de Blasio abruptly leaves city to protest G20 in Germany as city reels from Bronx cop assassination'
- New York Daily News
"Hamburg, the site of the international G20 gathering, has been rocked by clashes between protesters and police.
The protest de Blasio is attending bills itself on its Facebook page as a
'tolerant, diverse and nonviolent" event.'"
"...but the cost of the trip will be picked up by event organizers,
not City Hall.
He will also be accompanied by his NYPD security detail. Their costs will be paid by taxpayers —
and that price tag is typically not released for security reasons."
"Bill de Blasio Prefers
Rebellion to Valor"
"To prove his true affections
lie with those who embrace government-controlled wealth sharing,
one day after a New York City police officer was gunned down as she ended her shift,
Bill saw fit to leave town and head to a 'peaceful' protest at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany."
"However, Phillips did admit that the 'trip came at the invitation of
Andreas Dressel and Anjes Tjarks, the heads of parliamentary
groups of the governing
Social Democratic Party and the Green Party in Hamburg,
on behalf of the
‘Hamburg Zeigt Haltung’ coalition.'"
"Bill de Blasio, 'Five Families' unions often flex political muscle to enforce mayor's agenda: sources"
- New York Daily News
"City Hall insiders call them the
'Five Families' —
the politically plugged-in unions whose leaders often act as capos
to enforce Mayor de Blasio's progressive agenda."

"'It's SEIU 1199, 32BJ,
the Hotel Trades Council,
the UFT and CWA,'
said one veteran operative.
'They're the Five Families.'"

"The mastermind behind
de Blasio’s shady finances"

"...a former political director
of the powerful SEIU 1199
hospital-workers union —
found ways for labor groups to funnel cash to de Blasio’s campaigns and causes in amounts above legal spending limits,
said a source familiar with the mayor’s campaign practices."
"Sam Nunberg:
Bill De Blasio Is a 'Communist'"
"De Blasio and ‘co-mayor’ wife have wasted $1.8B of taxpayer money"
"Bill de Blasio’s radical socialist ties"
The Daily Caller

"...Whatever de Blasio’s intentions may be,
a thorough Internet search shows reasons for concern."
"...a big reason why the
Nicaragua Solidarity Network supported the Sandinistas was because they were men of action. Some of the action taken included bombing Nicaragua’s only synagogue. Before that, the Jewish population fled Nicaragua due to the mounting political pressure..."
"...Bill de Blasio had a leadership role in an organization supporting men carrying out terrorist acts, destroying the only Jewish community in that country.
That’s a serious skeleton to have in your closet...
"...De Blasio has also been endorsed by SEIU 1199, one of the East Coast’s largest unions.
In addition to its size and influence, SEIU 1199 has communist origins, even going to far as loaning its space for an event honoring the life of alleged Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez..."
'The Real Bill deBlasio;
born Warren Wilhelm Jr.'
- A Nation In Peril

"Simply put,

'communist organizing'
in a foreign country makes

Barack Obama’s
'community organizing'

look like mere child’s play."

"...DeBlasio cut his teeth as a professional agitator and
political activist.

During his time in Nicaragua,

DeBlasio helped to supply
Marxist guerrilla soldiers with
money, clothing and medical supplies

in order to help them continue fighting on the front lines."
"...New York Times has even printed that
'a review of hundreds of pages of records and more than two dozen interviews suggest his time as a
young activist was more influential in shaping his ideology than previously known,
and far more political than typical humanitarian work.'"
"After standing shoulder-to-shoulder with socialist Sandinistas
in Nicaragua,
DeBlasio returned to the
Washington, D.C. area where he worked for an organization called
the Quixote Center
and continued to send food,
money and supplies back
to Nicaragua."
"It was here in Washington, D.C.
that DeBlasio participated
in rallies in support of the
Marxist (socialist) movement
and was arrested – twice – for supporting countries which
the United States called
'tyrannical and communist.'

After wearing out his welcome..."
"...DeBlasio moved to New York
where he fundraised for the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York City."

"...reported DeBlasio rubbed elbows and 'worked alongside peace activists, Democrats, Marxists, and anarchists.'

DeBlasio was a bona fide
Marxist sympathizer."
"In Mayor DeBlasio’s case,
his ties to an anti-American,
socialist Sandinista movement should have disqualified
him from the office."

"When the media finally reported DeBlasio’s history in the final few weeks of the Mayor’s race
it was too little, too late."
"...Saul Alinsky’s infamous advice:

'True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism.

They cut their hair,
put on suits,
and infiltrate the system from within.'"
'Comrade De Blasio Takes Over'

"And he shows no
signs of moderating."

January 1, 2014
- Matthew Vadum
Frontpage Mag
"Billionaire troublemaker George Soros,

an outspoken supporter of China's murderous Communist regime,

donated to de Blasio and endorsed his candidacy...

...who lives and votes in Katonah,
a suburb in Westchester County."
"He praised Bill Clinton, saying that 'over 20 years ago, when a conservative philosophy seemed dominant, you broke through - and told us to still believe in a place called Hope.'"
"He drooled over Hillary...for her communitarian monstrosity...
'Your groundbreaking commitment to nurturing our children and families manifested itself in a phrase that is now a part of our American culture - and something we believe in deeply in this city.
It Takes A Village.'"
"...Historian Ron Radosh describes
de Blasio as
'a far left radical whose ancestors
are the New Left and the Communists,' and
'a bona fide red diaper baby' who,
'like many of his generation...
kept his parents' ... pro-Communist politics not far from his heart.'"
'On Nicaragua,
the silence of the left is deafening'
- TheHill

"...brutal tactics of its president, Daniel Ortega."

"...his ability to get leading political and religious voices on the left
to take up his cause -
even in the United States."
"Despite the Sandinista's overt Soviet,

Cuban and East German ties,

despite the fact that it imprisoned 10 times more political prisoners than the regime it overthrew,

despite its destructive fiscal policies that shattered his country's economy..."
"..Ortega's regime received sympathy and support from many in the United States,
including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.),

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio

and former Secretary of State John Kerry."

"Even after the Sandinistas were voted out,
Bill De Blasio kept the flame alive..."
"...Mr. de Blasio learned to cause a stir.

He and a ragtag team of peace activists, Democrats, Marxists and anarchists attempted to bring attention to a Central American cause that, after the Sandinistas lost power in a 1990 election, was fading from public view..."
"Politicians who shilled for the Sandinistas in the 1980s should have condemned their human rights violations then,
and certainly should do so now...

...Bill De Blasio,

Bernie Sanders,

John Kerry and Tim Kaine

cannot maintain silence on this matter and moral credibility too."
"Silence on Nicaragua from
Sanders and Di Blasio
Helps the Regime’s Repression"

- Council on Foreign Relations
Blog Post by Elliott Abrams
July 14, 2018
"Mayor de Blasio to attend reunion with left-wing group that supported Nicaragua's Sandinistas"

APR 13, 2018 
"Like de Blasio today,
all these people —
the Castros,
the Sandinistas —

also claimed to be standing up for the poor and marginalized."

'The meaning of Bill de Blasio’s radical past'

By Post Editorial Board
September 25, 2013 google.com/amp/s/nypost.c…
'Hillary Hosts Fundraiser for
De Blasio Co-Chaired by
Convicted Criminal'

"...one of the main figures at the event is a convicted financial criminal, and another has come under the glare of federal authorities for alleged financial malfeasance." breitbart.com/politics/2013/…
"It’s a curious embrace of terrorism and anti-Semitism from a recipient
of a $500,000 taxpayer grant
from Mayor de Blasio,
as Sarsour’s group..."

'Linda Sarsour:
NYC’s queen of hate' nypost.com/2017/04/03/lin…
'New York gives pro-terror activist $500,000'

"...selected as one of 14 groups by the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York to receive $10 million over the course of the next five years so as to integrate mental-health services into community programs..." israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx…
'Campaign Donor Pleaded Guilty to Trying to Bribe Mayor de Blasio'
"The court documents said that the mayor took steps to benefit Mr. Singh in exchange for the contributions,

and that an unnamed senior aide to Mr. de Blasio arranged a meeting to pressure a city agency to offer more favorable terms to Mr. Singh."
'FBI probes if group linked to
Mayor Bill de Blasio
EXTORTED Christine Quinn'
- Daily Mail Online
"...also reportedly revolves around a $175,000 donation made by a union linked to Mayor de Blasio's cousin John Wilhelm to the animal rights group NYCLASS..." dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…
'Taxpayers should not be funding this
anti-American hate-spewer'

"Sarsour, a Muslim activist and
ally of Mayor Bill de Blasio..."

"President Obama named Sarsour one of his 'Champions of Change.'" 
"Terror-linked CAIR & NYC's de Blasio team up for ‘social justice’"
- Conservative Review

"Ten AMPLIFY posters will be put on display by the New York City Department of Transportation Art Program (DOT Art)."
'Inside my nightmare working in
de Blasio’s government'

"In addition to the increase in the homeless population,
waste is on the rise in the de Blasio administration,
especially when it comes to the legal department."
"...my job changed radically.

I had no contact with the new commissioner who appeared to be disengaged from substantive discussions about social-services programs for an extremely vulnerable population. In fact, she was much more preoccupied with
renovating her office..."
"...I heard her new desk alone cost thousands of dollars.
...requested that a private bathroom be built for her.
...attitude of an oligarch and was disturbed that she had to vet invitations to galas through legal
and City Hall.
...wanted carte blanche to attend expensive events."
"Today, I can’t go into the subway without seeing mentally unstable homeless people. I also feel that the demographic of the New York subway is changing rapidly as more and more of my friends take Ubers because they cannot guarantee they will get to work on time."
"Sunday Schadenfreude:
Seems working for socialist Comrade de Blasio isn't much fun for a SJW"
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