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@tommy_cleary @BillyBostickson @SharriMarkson @gdemaneuf @Daoyu15 @jhas5 @FoolsMultiply @aemangus91 @capitolsheila @keverington @lissnup @R_H_Ebright @CharlesRixey @CentristXtreme @zhiyanle @Muller_Lab @Byron_Wan @franciscodeasis @GMWatch @MonaRahalkar @quay_dr @TheSeeker268 @Ayjchan @mattwridley @ianbirrell @Tantalite @joshrogin @AGHuff @samhusseini @NIH @sciencedirect @JVirology @jbloom_lab 26/12/2016, the 3rd experts group visit to Sierra Leone, flew back to China

Members were from China CDC and Hubei CDC(Where Wuhan Virology Institute is located)

WHO experts approved of the lab built by China for Sierra Leone

Among a number of affiliates, was @JohnsHopkins ImageImageImage
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Trying to be in the #WritingCommunity and wishing to write like @ramkid. Following story is fiction (well, at least some of it), so you all in China and CCP, just relax. Chill. Don’t try to erase me or my tweets. 1/16

All families are alike but each is strange in some way. For our family it's the annual tradition of having a seance in January. Little did I know what a shock awaited me this time. 2/16
This year also, in the first week after new year, we gathered together for dinner and then made ourselves comfortable for a long session. For some years now, my 76-year-old mom has been calling on my (deceased) dad's spirit for talks and for her comfort. 3/16
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Insensitive, abhorrent & uncalled for comment by Chinese mouthpiece on the death of #CDSGeneralBipinRawat.

How can any country show such lack of empathy & ethics?

But then this is China. They have a history of human rights abuse & war crime.

Let's take a look at some
1. Corona Virus aka #WuhanVirus

Millions of people lost their life due to Corona virus. Nobel laureates like France's Luc Montagnier have claimed virus originated from Lab.

Lab virus = Bio weapon

Such Army Professionalism??
2. Persecution of Muslim minorities in Uyghur

➡️China runs Nazi-style concentration camp in Xinjiang & carry out forced conversion of Muslims.
➡️Many western countries refused to participate in Beijing Olympics due to this reason

So professional of Chinese army.
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@InsightGL @MonicaK2511 @bkum2000 @kayjay34350 @rspathania @SolomonYue @SharadBishnoi05 @Vedmalik1 @TheSatishDua @asthana_shashi #JustAsking
Where Chinese not barbaric when #TiananmenMassacre happened in June 1989 with Government crackdown on university students demanding economic and political reform ? Did #HuYaobang the General Secretary, Chinese Communist Party not become victim to the #CCP barbarism ?
@InsightGL @MonicaK2511 @bkum2000 @kayjay34350 @rspathania @SolomonYue @SharadBishnoi05 @Vedmalik1 @TheSatishDua @asthana_shashi #JustAsking
Remember Chinese leadership did not allow the student unrest then go unpunished unmindful of repercussions and public perceptions. China has “grown” since then into a behemoth monster, a global power in all matters and is recognised by the other world powers too.
@InsightGL @MonicaK2511 @bkum2000 @kayjay34350 @rspathania @SolomonYue @SharadBishnoi05 @Vedmalik1 @TheSatishDua @asthana_shashi #JustAsking
Will be unwise to give ears to the Chinese propaganda well seeded and manicured to mislead the world. Did US succeed, no. Nor will Russia permit other countries to browbeat China or undermine Communist China’s emergence as a Superpower. Russian displeasure cosmetic.
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Chinese will feel bolstered by @JoeBiden openly stating commitment in #OneChina US Policy. So tighten your belts to witness more belligerence and aggressive postures from China in #IndoPacific. US allies must be in pain ! @india_narrative:
So are we a witness to the steady decline of United States Of America, its imposing economy, its power to influence world opinion & above all its capability and capacity to defend its interests at all costs. Has it not ceded space willingly to China despite no USSR ?
The steady decline of America a superpower, has many far reaching ramifications, both political and geographical within America & outside America too. Many a reasons added to the decline of US. Foremost was the decline & annihilation of its massive industry set up all across US.
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✳26May2021 #Covid19DeathRate Per Million Population:
1)Hungary 3077
3)Czechia 2802*
10)Belgium 2140
11)Brazil 2135
13)Italy 2083
17)UK 1873*
18)USA 1826
19)Mexico 1711
20)Spain 1708 ImageImageImageImage
24)France 1669
33)Sweden 1419
36)Switzerland 1239
40)Austria 1168
42)Ukraine 1155
43)Greece 1152
45)Lebanon 1133
46)Germany 1055
48)Netherlands 1025
50)Ireland 991
53)South Africa 936
54)Iran 934
57)Russia 822
65)Canada 668
73)Turkey 552
WORLD Average 452.3
107)Morocco 245 Image
108)Nepal 235
108)India 229
111)Saudi Arabia 207
115)Philippines 184
116)Indonesia 181
117)Finland 170
118)UAE 166
124)Egypt 143
125)Norway 143
129)Japan 100
132)Pakistan 92
140)Bangladesh 75
147)Myanmar 59
154)South Korea 38
155)Ethiopia 35
156)Australia 35*
161)Hongkong 28 Image
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@ishrakul @sampath_s @DrPareexitS @BhagwaanUvacha Ayurveda is called for an ordeal at every step. BUT for allopathy 100 mistakes are overlooked. In #wuhanvirus, hydroxychloroquine was considered infeasible.People worldwide went helters skelter to buy it then declared ineffective
@ishrakul @sampath_s @DrPareexitS @BhagwaanUvacha Sanitizer was advised to be kept all times, the dangers of its overuse were told silently. Then came the plasma therapy. The whole environment was created, research reports came, people again turned world upside down to obtain it.Even that was announced as ineffective.
@ishrakul @sampath_s @DrPareexitS @BhagwaanUvacha Now it has been said that black fungus is the result of arbitrary use of steroids. Remdesivir injection has emerged in the market with 'life saving' ornamentation. But after selling billions and trillions, now it is also called 'ineffective' and has quietly kept aside.
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40/n So here is Part-3 of story of #Biowarfare by #CCPChina

Last I spoke about Shi Zhengli. In this part I'll elaborate about work of her team that caused confusion about #WuhanVirus too.

Please read on.
41/n 2003,SARS broke out. Scientists begin to find the source of the virus .

SHI Zhengli began extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. claiming that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat. Image
42/n 2008,Zhengli's team publishes new paper.

It found:first,both human SARS virus & 2019 #WuhanVirus use ACE-2 infect human cells.

The 3 major finds were:
1)Bat virus can't enter into human cells through ACE-2

2)Human SARS virus couldn't possibly be combined with bat’s ACE-2 Image
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1/n #COVID19 is a #Biowarfare crafted by #CCP.

In continuation to last year's thread (quoted tweet is last tweet of that thread) where I had exposed how @WHO was compromised by CCP, In this long thread I'll show how it was created by China.

In part-1 you will get basic dots. Image
2/n In 1980s China had realised urge to revamp Science & Technology.

In starting of 90s they realized lack of good Academic Leaders & in 1994, Hundred Talents Program" was initiated.

All details pulled from (few are untranslated) Image
3/n 14 people, including Zhu Rixiang, Cao Jianlin & Lu Ke, became the first group receiving the support of the program.

2 million yuan per talent fund was alloted.

It became one of the most imp project of CCP. ImageImage
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The New India with its aspirations will care 2 hoots - for the Western Media as well as the knaves in the Indian media world. The current India, unlike some of the diplomatic corps and bureaucrats,
led by its EAM, @DrSJaishankar will call spade a spade instead of hemming and hawing. If the #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus can threaten brazenly, India is not going to blink.
This is the new self-assertive India that, in my view will form an alternate alliance, a workable one, with equal minded partners such as Israel, France, Brazil and other countries, who want to economically grow to pull out its population from various levels of poverty.
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Many contracting COVID are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • NOVEMBER 5 2020


7,023,795 Active

48,394,420 Confirmed

1,231,934 Deaths

40,138,691 Recovered


1,226,375 Active

9,672,670 Confirmed

238,307 Deaths

8,207,988 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


49,016,479 Cases

1,239,375 Deaths

34,979,929 Recovered


152,507,113 TESTED

9,919,522 Cases

240,953 Deaths

6,340,472 Recovered

Positive results do not speak to severity/lethality…
514,983 New York 33,522

948,202 Texas 18,542

951,556 California 17,822

821,199 Florida 16,937

245,875 New Jersey 16,512

168,097 Massachusetts 10,035

437,566 Illinois 9,934

222,853 Pennsylvania 8,890

366,656 Georgia 8,082

212,161 Michigan 7,790

250,633 Arizona 6,059
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • OCTOBER 23 2020


5,348,851 Active

41,781,763 Confirmed

1,140,534 Deaths

35,292,378 Recovered


851,340 Active

8,506,544 Confirmed

226,368 Deaths

7,428,836 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


41,994,442 Cases

1,138,882 Deaths

31,017,086 Recovered


127,825,177 TESTED

8,661,651 Cases

227,516 Deaths

5,612,505 Recovered

Positive results do not speak to severity/lethality…
489,536 New York 33,348

887,418 Texas 17,381

871,489 California 17,198

226,358 New Jersey 16,371

762,616 Florida 16,213

153,679 Massachusetts 9,780

355,217 Illinois 9,345

191,296 Pennsylvania 8,562

338,035 Georgia 7,710

167,966 Michigan 7,421

233,912 Arizona 5,854
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The Honourable Prime Minister must have got reports about Tamil Nadu ,like Sri Kumaran Silks, and ofcourse about @BJP4TamilNadu , with as I saw it in Tirupur, an opening of Mandal office and none were bothered about social distancing - few had masks on , needless to add the tour
2. Of the whirlwind kind by @annamalai_k (these people fail to understand that they're needed and for that they need to take care of themselves - leave alone setting an example )! Added to these woes , I wonder which bird brain thought of training of #Karyakarthas when the
3. Pandemic, is still working hard to beat us , there are visible images from atleast 4 points - a clustered room, with limited ventilation, and the poor karyakarthas hanging shoulder to shoulder , (social distancing - what's that 🤔), is the party willing to take care of medical
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • OCTOBER 17 2020


4,839,355 Active

39,568,765 Confirmed

1,109,559 Deaths

33,619,851 Recovered


780,088 Active

8,209,945 Confirmed

222,578 Deaths

7,207,279 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


39,801,919 Cases

1,112,140 Deaths

29,790,121 Recovered


122,665,398 TESTED

8,313,754 Cases

223,951 Deaths

5,405,946 Recovered

Positive results do not speak to severity/lethality…
481,674 New York 33,316

834,333 Texas

871,489 California 16,908

217,909 New Jersey 16,330

748,437 Florida 15,831

149,327 Massachusetts 9,672

336,170 Illinois 9,165

184,130 Pennsylvania 8,458

338,035 Georgia 7,558

159,119 Michigan 7,321
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • OCTOBER 10 2020


4,399,548 Active

37,119,943 Confirmed

1,073,519 Deaths

31,646,876 Recovered


704,265 Active

7,822,541 Confirmed

217,860 Deaths

6,900,416 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


37,238,283 Cases

1,074,353 Deaths

27,959,834 Recovered


113,347,658 TESTED

7,912,262 Cases

218,878 Deaths

5,068,912 Recovered

Positive results do not speak to severity/lethality…
472,207 New York 33,266

850,565 California 16,513

803,858 Texas 16,581

212,167 New Jersey 16,285

728,921 Florida 15,186

143,002 Massachusetts 9,565

313,519 Illinois 8,943

174,291 Pennsylvania 8,308

330,705 Georgia 7,367

147,818 Michigan 7,207

224,084 Arizona 5,746
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • OCTOBER 3 2020


4,146,107 Active

34,829,857 Confirmed

1,033,706 Deaths

29,650,044 Recovered


678,005 Active

7,487,124 Confirmed

212,752 Deaths

6,596,367 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


34,838,209 Cases

1,033,356 Deaths

25,898,926 Recovered


106,940,107 TESTED

7,549,323 Cases

213,524 Deaths

4,776,824 Recovered

More positive results don't speak to severity/lethality…
462,229 New York 33,160

206,728 New Jersey 16,251

826,494 California 16,075

775,884 Texas 15,983

711,809 Florida 14,557

139,150 Massachusetts 9,480

297,640 Illinois 8,744

166,197 Pennsylvania 8,179

128,113 Michigan 6,979

321,780 Georgia 7,113

219,763 Arizona 5,693
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#WuhanVirus this has caused emotional turmoil, to me personally. I've lost so far, 9 people due to this pandemic, in spite of all of them being extremely careful and being as safe as possible. I'm tweeting this , not share my sorrow alone. After hearing the passing away of #DrKVT
I studied the national figures , statewise in India and compared it with a few other nations stats - we have done a tremondous job in stunting it's normal rapid growth and I must add people have been careless and looks like they continue to be careless - no economy can revive
3. If there are no people around to help it stabilise ; as such , even after testing Covid negative , a few days ago, I've gone back to lockdown mode ,simply to safe guard myself. I've been reading the tweets of @Mahesh10816 and all I can say is #People #StaySafe follow rigid
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • SEPTEMBER 26 2020


4,055,409 Active

32,755,714 Confirmed

993,962 Deaths

27,706,343 Recovered


647,326 Active

7,171,099 Confirmed

207,556 Deaths

6,316,217 Recovered ImageImage
John Hopkins University COVID19


32,915,647 Cases

996,012 Deaths

24,309,127 Recovered


99,488,275 TESTED

7,255,926 Cases

208,710 Deaths

4,499,014 Recovered

More positive results doesn't speak to severity / lethality… ImageImage
454,560 New York 33,100

202,178 New Jersey 16,222

802,818 California 15,494

742,017 Texas 15,286

695,887 Florida 13,915

135,544 Massachusetts 9,362

283,843 Illinois 8,563

158,974 Pennsylvania 8,081

133,377 Michigan 7,030

313,521 Georgia 6,879

216,367 Arizona 5,587 Image
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China already had the coronavirus vaccine days before the first death in US.

Timeline: (Note the dates. Join the dots.)

20.01.03 #LiWenliang was reprimanded by #Wuhan police for "publishing untrue statements about seven confirmed #SARS cases at the #Huanan #Seafood #Market." 1/
20.01.05 @WHO reported a "#pneumonia of unknown cause" in #Wuhan and advised against #travel or #trade restrictions at the time.

20.01.15 @realDonaldTrump and #China's Vice Premier #LiuHe signed the US-China Phase One #tradedeal in #Washington DC. 2/

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus
20.01.20 #XiJinping issued the FIRST public warning about the #coronavirus to Chinese citizens.

20.01.23 #China shut down #Wuhan. It also kept refusing to share the #viral samples. 3/

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus #COVID19 #DistrustAndVerify
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • SEPTEMBER 20 2020


3,982,529 Active

30,997,331 Confirmed

961,895 Deaths

26,052,907 Recovered


620,028 Active

6,909,199 Confirmed

203,014 Deaths

6,086,157 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19


31,121,242 Cases

963,363 Deaths

22,718,218 Recovered


94,211,463 TESTED

6,985,816 Cases

204,006 Deaths

4,236,258 Recovered

More positive results doesn't speak to severity / lethality…
448,957 New York 33,060

199,390 New Jersey 16,190

782,654 California 14,975

703,948 Texas 14,741

681,233 Florida 13,287

133,670 Massachusetts 9,269

272,844 Illinois 8,436

154,253 Pennsylvania 7,956

128,113 Michigan 6,979

305,039 Georgia 6,605

213,551 Arizona 5,467
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people had been “jailed or detained for speaking out” against the official line in this “#opaque, #authoritarian, #military-style society, under the control of one person’s will,”

@AiWeiwei’s #Covid19 lockdown film traces #China’s ruthless efficiency…
#Coronation” by @aiww examines the political specter of Chinese #CCP state control from the first to the last day of the #Wuhan lockdown. The film records the state’s brutally efficient, militarized response to control the #virus.

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus
#Coronation” by @aiww clearly depicts the #Chinese crisis management and social control machine—through #surveillance, ideological #brainwashing, and brute determination to control every aspect of society.

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus #COVID19 #CoronaVirus
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Many contracting COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • SEPTEMBER 16 2020


3,914,242 Active

29,907,220 Confirmed

941,625 Deaths

25,051,353 Recovered


612,156 Active

6,408,598 Confirmed

199,299 Deaths

5,921,949 Recovered ImageImage
John Hopkins University COVID19


29,999,937 Cases

944,200 Deaths

21,767,394 Recovered


89,987,708 TESTED

6,825,170 Cases

201,260 Deaths

4,101,872 Recovered

More positive results doesn't speak to severity / lethality… ImageImageImage
446,087 New York 33,014

197,499 New Jersey 16,169

768,459 California 14,615

687,551 Texas 14,236

668,846 Florida 12,788

132,505 Massachusetts 9,224

264,211 Illinois 8,332

151,008 Pennsylvania 7,875

124,975 Michigan 6,936

297,009 Georgia 6,403

209,209 Arizona 5,344 Image
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Happy birthday @narendramodi ji!! Make China pay for screwing 2020 for us. #LadakhStandoff #WuhanVirus
Since you are here and @harshmadhusudan must have deleted this tweet, here is an inspiring tweet on @narendramodi ji on his birthday!! #motivation Image
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@Twitter suspended @LiMengYAN119 after she made 3 twits only. Why, @jack?

One of @LiMengYAN119’s three twits links to her paper that she likes the world to know/read. Let’s keep spreading it. 1/2

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirus #COVID19 ImageImage
Let’s keep spreading it. 2/2

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

#CCPvirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirus #COVID19 Image
“A Chinese doctor who fled her home country under threat has claimed #COVID19 originated in a military #lab and #China and the @WHO covered up facts about its human contagion early on.” ~ @candacesutton1

Doctor who fled China to reveal virus truth…
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