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🤦🏻‍♀️Oh man. I can’t help but see this in reverse as that is precisely how cabal works. Elijah Cummings dead at “68”. Reversed 👉🏻86👈🏻 = Urban: to get rid of. Meant “80 miles out & 6 feet under”. Coincidence?! Let’s see what comms come rolling in!
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001
2. And @JackalsLast blows it wide open with her decodes connecting more on Elijah Cummings! 💥💥💥💥
And @IvankaTrump ! “A son of sharecroppers...” #Corn #CIACorn 🌽 🧨💥🍿 Your Dad has taught you well!! 👍🏻
3. 💥 EYES! 👀 At minimum 3 references to Elijah Cummings as the NORTH STAR. Not by accident. 👇🏻
@paulacblades001 @JackalsLast @voeljegoed @donnie_maga
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In light of the Grain Stocks report, a comment was made a 'model' wouldn't have gotten you there for #corn. I found this presentation I gave at a Grain Stocks session for @AMISoutlook in China (of all places) in 2015 to talk about stock survey's vs feed demand surveys. #corn
@AMISoutlook It is definitely for the #WASDE nerds. This was also the same meeting where the China rep had 30 min to speak and who's whole presentation was 'In China grain stocks are a state secret, I cannot tell you them, any questions?" #corn #soybeans
@AMISoutlook So the presentation goes into the components of the balance sheet for #corn and tries to convince the Chinese to do a stock survey (even if just commercials) and ignore calls for a feed survey (who can count all those ducks?!) #corn #wasde. Again just for the #WASDE nerds.
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CBOT Dec19 #corn around $3.74/bushel today. Perhaps lower than what some had been thinking back in June but not "low" by any means - it's a 4-year high for the date. December corn hasn't been above $4 after mid-August since 2013.
Looking at 6 years of Nov #soybeans, there are 2 distinct packs, but 2019 is leading the lower one around $8.88/bu today. Last year was the lowest & we are above 2015. But if you look at supplies in late 2015 vs. now/2018, wow. By today's standards, is that beans in the teens? 😉
To elaborate, Sep forecasts, US ending stocks, s/u:
2015: 450 mbu 12% (final 197 5%)
2018: 845 mbu 20% (final ? but ~1 bln bu, 25% ish)
2019: 640 mbu 16%

By the way, back in 2015/16, 450 mbu was less than 7 weeks worth of #China's demand for #soybeans.
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5 part thread

Despite #ASF #China is still grain deficient and will need to rely on more and more imports to feed their people.

HIGHLY #RECCOREAD >>Propelled by U.S. Trade Talks, China Charts a Course to #Soybean Security… 1/5
In fact they have made recent deals with #Russia >>
China approves #wheat, #soy imports from Russia… 2/5
And Brazil >>
#China Ramps Up #Brazil #Soybean Imports, Rebuffing U.S. Crops… 3/5
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Town & Country Thread
1. Every time I see this mag I find a suspicious code or notable piece of info in it. I don’t believe Twit & pedowood is [their] only means to disperse info & coded messages. Let’s explore the September 2019 issue & see what we find, Shall we?! 😏
2. So let’s start with the cover. Lady Kitty Spenser, daughter of Charles Spencer 9th Earl Spenser, making her the niece of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Charity with Elton John AIDS Foundation #yellowbrickroad
3. Little tidbit on the Spenser Family. If you saw above in Kitty Spenser’s bio Charles Spenser (Diana’s Bro) married Caroline Freud.🧐😏 Yes #FREUD family line that we can connect to #SirJacobEpstein as well as Freud family to Clinton via a Sarah Latham
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Bad weather in the United States and disease in China are threatening food shortages globally and massive inflation. Our national security and stability is at stake over the next few years.
One of the biggest reasons inflation has remained so low over the past half decade is record growing seasons in the United States and Russia for #corn #wheat and #soybeans However this year is the worst season on record as cold, rainy weather delayed #plant19 by several weeks.
Planting progress for all three crops was beyond dismal this year. In fact, it was the slowest planting progress ever on record and many farmers simply chose to skip this year.
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Only 67% of U.S. #corn was planted as of June 2, well below the five-year average of 96%. That is +9 points on the week and below the trade guess of 71%.

The planting pace has been RECORD slow for 2.5 weeks now. #plant19
U.S. #soybeans were 39% planted as of June 2, now the SLOWEST on record and well below the average of 79%. That is +10 points on the week. The trade was expecting progress at 42%. #plant19
#Corn planting, June 2 (5yr avg):
Illinois 45% (98%)
Indiana 31% (94%)
Ohio 33% (90%)
Iowa 80% (99%)
Minnesota 76% (98%)
Nebraska 88% (98%)
S Dakota 44% (96%)
Michigan 42% (87%)
Missouri 69% (97%)
Wisconsin 58% (91%)
N Dakota 81% (93%)
Kansas 79% (93%)
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A view of the #CropWatch19 #corn field in southern Illinois. Half of the 90 acres needs replanting but it is far too wet to attempt that now. And more rain may be coming early next week. Planted May 18.
Here's the end rows on the higher ground. #Corn in this part of the field is looking average at best right now.
The #CropWatch19 #soybeans in southern Illinois, right next to the corn, are in better shape than the corn but at least 10 acres of the 90 need replanting - if it ever dries up.
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USA planted 8.4 million acres of #corn in the week ended May 26, but there is still almost 39 million to go. Illinois planted the most (1.2 mln acres) but they still have the most to plant (7.3 mln). South Dakota still has 4.5m to go and Indiana 4.3m. #plant19
Nebraska's final planting date for full insurance was May 25, as was most of North and South Dakota. Just the corn-heavy southeast portion of SD, as well as a couple counties in SE ND, have until May 31. All of IA, MN, WI. MO, and KS will also be at the cutoff by May 31.
As of May 26, U.S. farmers still had 60 million acres of #soybeans left to plant. North Dakota planted 1.43 million acres last week - the most by far of any state. Illinois has the most left to do at 9 million. Insurance dates are still 2-4 weeks away. #plant19
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Only 58% of U.S. #corn was planted as of May 26, the slowest pace on record. That is only +9 points on the week and drastically lower than the average of 90%. The trade was expecting 63%. #plant19
U.S. #soybeans were 29% planted as of May 26 versus 19% in the previous week and an average of 66%. Trade expected 31%. Spring #wheat was 84% planted versus 70% in the previous week and an average of 91%. Trade expected 83% on spring wheat. #plant19
#Corn planting progress, May 26:
Illinois 35% (5yr avg 95%)
Indiana 22% (avg 85%)
Iowa 76% (96%)
Minnesota 66% (93%)
Nebraska 81% (94%)
Ohio 22% (78%)
N Dakota 63% (85%)
S Dakota 25% (90%)
Wisconsin 46% (82%)
Missouri 65% (95%)
Kansas 70% (88%)
Michigan 33% (73%)
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After multiple years of relatively problem-free global crop production on a large scale there are 3 big stories developing simultaneously:

1. #noplant19 in the entire #Corn Belt of US.

2. Developing drought in Canada. #wheat

3. Hot and dry conditions developing in China.
Yet a couple more to add:

5. Hot and Dry in southeast US already doing significant crop damage. #drought19 (see below)

6. Continued long-duration drought in parts of Australia.
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U.S. planting progress, May 12:
#Corn 30% (23% last week, 66% average, trade guess 35%)
#Soybeans 9% (6% last week, 29% avg, trade guess 15%)
Spring #wheat 45% (22% last week, 67% avg, trade guess 35%)
Notable delays, #corn:
Illinois 11% (5y avg 82%)
Indiana 6% (avg 57%)
Iowa 48% (76%)
Minn 21% (65%)
Ohio 4% (47%)
Nebraska 46% (72%)
N Dak 11% (43%)
S Dak 4% (54%)
Michigan 5% (34%)
Wisconsin 14% (46%)
Missouri 52% (87%)
Notable delays, #soybeans:
Illinois 3% (5yr avg 34%)
Indiana 2% (26%)
Iowa 13% (31%)
Arkansas 21% (53%)
Mississippi 33% (69%)
Louisiana 53% (75%)
Minnesota 3% (36%)
N Dak 5% (20%)
S Dak 0% (19%)
Wisconsin 4% (17%)
Michigan 3% (17%)
Ohio 2% (20%)
Nebraska 20% (32%)
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I think we can all agree that food is pretty important for survival.

Climate Change is already impacting food security- it is not a distant, ambiguous concern: 

More than 1 million acres of US cropland ravaged by floods

#ClimateActionNow #foodsecurity
Cascading impacts of deadly flooding around the world includes "food supply shocks"

"A “whiplash” between very dry periods, followed by very wet periods, is exactly what we can expect from climate change"

#foodsecurity #ClimateChange #agriculture
...North America is not immune -

Already ‘There’s bleeding going on’ in U.S. farm economy, ag lender says, due in part to extreme weather

A prolonged downturn “has impacted farmers of all ages, experience levels and sizes”

#extremeweather #farming #farm
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🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 🇮🇷 #Canada arrests #Huawei’s global chief financial officer in Vancouver – The Globe and Mail…
A gauge of #technology shares on the MSCI #Asia Pacific Index slid as much as 3 percent before paring some losses - Bloomberg
🇺🇸 #SPX ⬇ as much as 1.9% from Tuesday’s close, before paring some losses. Selling pressure early in the session was so intense that it forced CME Group to intermittently pause trading, according to a spokesperson for the exchange - Bloomberg
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