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Get ready for a very High risk High return portfolio.
Suppose I am a kind of risk taker who is very greedy and wanna make very quick money in no time.
So, I would love to gamble with my hard earned money for quick bucks.
But in the process, I may lose every penny I invested (1/n)
Beware,this is not normal situation.
I am a financially illeterate person who never take any kind of risk in #stockmarket .
But as some of friends R eager for a high growth #portfolio,I was studying some companies where money can be made huge or may be doomed completely!(2/n)
This is neither an #Investment advice nor a #portfolio per se, this is an out of box experiment for a coward and financially illeterate person, that's me to step out of his comfort zone.
Study every company in detail before any investment decision or consult your advisor. (3/n)
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As mentioned multiple times.
Raw material cost is on hike globally.
This is affecting not only #lauruslabs but also almost all COMPANIES in pharma n chemical sectors starting from #asianpsints to #deepaknitrite .
This will take more quarter to recover.
Another thing I feel (1/n)
Worth mentioning.
In AIDS,we have changed the modalities and drugs very recently to another genre.
Problem is that old medicines R soon going into oblivion which were made by #LaurusLab .
But while considering D new drugs for HIV AIDS, #lauruslabs will get (2/n)
First preference as it's the lowest cost producer in whole world.
Yes, #lauruslabs as a business is very strong.
Negatives R always here and there like low promoter holding of #LaurusLab along with it's a price taker as solely dependent on tenders by government as this (3/n)
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🌟Looking forward to #MuhuratTrading?

πŸ™ŒCheck out this thread to see what #Trinkerr Experts chose as their top #DIWALIPICKS! ✨

#StockMarket #stocks
✨@MoneyMystery's #DIWALIPICKS for #MuhuratTrading🎁


πŸ’«Checkout his complete #Trinkerr portfolio:
✨ @MarketScientist's #DIWALIPICKS for #MuhuratTrading🎁


πŸ’«Checkout his complete #Trinkerr portfolio:
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Diwali special portfolio.
Wait for muhurat #portfolio on Thursday at 6 PM.
Put your reminder on friends.
πŸ₯‚ Cheers πŸ₯‚.
As per #indian belief, today Ma #laxmi comes to bless her children and on this auspicious occasion, #investors generally #invest something as it is regarded as Shubh Shagun.
For this, #BSE n #NSE offer trading for 1 hour known as #MuhuratTrading .
It's not mandatory but (2/n)
If you have excess cash in hand,you may invest in the #muhurattrading2021 .
Never invest by expending ur emergency fund or by any kind of borrowing.
Normal investing principles must not change for any occasions.
Stick to basics.
Learn D company well,read in detail (3/n)
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A Detailed Thread on #JubilantIngrevia as Promised

Let's start with the #Technicals to time the Entry

A perfect VCP -3 + Shakeout and crawling near the ATH and awaiting a ATH Breakout

For Investment I use the Weekly Chart with 10EMA ImageImage
Let's Deep Dive into the Fundamentals of #JubilantIngrevia

Jubilant Ingrevia is an Integrated Speciality Chemicals Comapany

They are into Speciality Chemicals ,nutraceuticals and Life Sciences

Revenue Split and Region wise Revenue in the Below Presentation Image
Who are its Competitors ?

Closest peers - Laxmi Organic
Two major Products in Common Ethyl Acetate Diketene

Prices of Both have been on Steep Uptrend and Jubilant has not caught up with that

Its a competitor to other Speciality Chemicals like Balaji Amines also in some
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Welcome to study of an #undervalued company which may prove to be #MultiBagger if #Management walks the talk 🦜, #sectoral tailwinds continue and #China +1 policy runs like this.
Caution ❌
Study of a financially illeterate person, don't invest or trade on it,do ur own research.
I am a newbie and starting to learn about #StockMarket only about 2 decades ago,but when a company shows signs like this on #Technical #analysis,it denotes something brewing in the #company.

On hourly chart, I have found this interesting pattern.(2/n

After a bit of research,I have found that #DIIs and #FIIs are buying in huge amount in this #company!
Now when, strong hands buy like this within a span of few hours,that means it's a serious #business.
#priceaction very positive.
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My first 4 conviction bets were #DIVISLAB #deepaknitrite #bajajfinserv #astral and #TATAELXSI .

But real story starts here!

I first time invested in #DivisLabs on recommendation and sold it on recommendation on another person to buy some cheap PSU companies (1/n)
In which I got some lessons.
Then I started to study companies, business model and management.
After that I bought #DIVISLAB #deepaknitrite #bajajfinserv #astral n #TATAELXSI .
#nestle n #hindliver were in my portfolio brought on tips but later realised these 2 were (2/n)
Great #companies.
"Build your conviction first."

I'm still holding #DIVISLAB #deepaknitrite #bajajfinserv #TATAELXSI #astral #nestleindia n #hindliver because I feel a part of their #business.

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Alert: 1. long 🧡 ahead.

2. This is a study of a financially illeterate person having no finance or stock market background that's me.

Study the companies in details before any investment decision.

Not any recommendations,for educational purposes only. (1/n)
How much companies should one hold in his #Portfolio?
The million dollar question.

Over the years,after making huge losses in #market being a financially illeterate person, I started studying some great authors.
From their teachings, what I have learnt I can share with you.(2/n)
David Einhorn mentioned that as Joel GREENBLATT pointed out,holding minimum 8 #Companies in your #stock #Portfolio reduces D concentration risk more than 80%.

I personally never had a portfolio less than 8 #stocks .

But your study may vary as I am financially illeterate.(3/n)
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1. Bulk chemical section: #EBITDA #Growth 250 times in last 4 years.

2. Entered into #deepakphenolics ,a fresh ocean,like higher studies.

3. Fine ORGANICS n #speciality Segment: #forward and #backward #integration complete.

4. #Phenolics
QOQ growth 300%. (1/n)
5. Normally a great #company utilises maximum 95% of plant capacity,but in #deepakphenolics utilisation is now more than 125%!!!!!!!!!!
6. #deepaknitrite #phenol #EBIT increase 250%.
7. Basic chemicals sales rise 200%.
8. Basic chemicals #margin 24 to 33%.
9. Very very very low cost #company #deepaknitrite .
10. Loss making fine chemicals sector growth 80% YOY .
12. #dasda and #oba is their point of concern.
13. 11000 crores #capex like a brand new company πŸ€”.
14. Fresh subsidiary!
15. #deepakphenolics (3/n)
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There are different phases of Bull πŸ‚ market.(WILL discuss in detail later)
In this particular phase of Bull πŸ‚ market, it's better to park your money a bit (rather 1:1 to be on safer side to large blue chip stocks to that of mid and small cap for at least 1 quarter)
You can allocate accordingly after result of next QUARTER.

Probably you have observed #HCL is performing better than #newgen or #deepaknitrite performing better than #cleanscience or #BajajFinance performing better than #manapurum finance.(2/n)
Thanks for your time βœοΈπŸ™.
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Having your own conviction in #investing is important.

Would like to share views of an #opportunistic #investor ,that me.

I bought #divislab when I found a small fish in a big pond: added more #DIVIS after now when they transferred themselves as a big fish in a big ocean (1/n)
Bought #lauruslab when I found #laurusbio a small fish in a big ocean.

Bought #deepaknitrite when #china announced #bluesky policy .

Added more #deepakntr when covid19 #disrupted China dependence and formulation of china+1 policy.

Added more #deepaknitrate when they (2/n)
Transferred themselves into a big ocean proving to be big fish recently.

Bought #saregama when there was a #turnaround story.

Bought #tatamotors when their management changed.

Bought #jubiliantingrevia when #demerger took place.

Added #tatapower when they are transferring (3/
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Here are some downstream derivatives for #phenol
#Deepaknitrite will be doing 700 Cr capex for the products which are used in paints & coatings , lifesciences.
Check the following list & comment what can be downstream derivatives of #phenol ?
Like and retweet for more learningsπŸ§ͺ
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#jubilantingrevia is creating buzz all over.
In Bull πŸ‚ market everyone forgets the risks.
So,let us discuss it's key risks:
1. Government regulations on its factories.
2. Margin is either low like #laxmiorganics or moderate like #artiindustries and not like High margin as (1/n)
Of #DeepakNitrite

3. It's margin is cyclical.
Sometimes only 4%.
Sometimes #jubilantingrevia margin 10%.
4. #jubilantingrevia has overdowersified portfolio like #ITC which may be huge impedance for growth in future.

Study well before INVESTING (2/
Thanks for your time βœοΈπŸ™.
Not a recommendation for educational purposes only.
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For your information, Mr. Uday Kotak is the promoter,MD OF #KOTAKBANK
#KotakMahindra (2/n)
SRI Ratan naval Tata is the head of #TataGroup .
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Do you agree?

Not a recommendation for educational purposes only.
BAAP hamesha BAAP hi hota hain
BAAP hamesha BAAP hi hota hain
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Mera dost DEEPAK shadi manaya LAURUS se.
Baap ma nahi mani kyunki inter religion marriage!
To MOTILAL ko ana pada.
Woh FINANCE deke dono ke liye ek NITRITE LAB khola.
Result day.
Not a recommendation for fun ONLY
Laurus bahut gussewali ladki hain.

Wo hubby Deepak aur dost Motilal ke upar gussa kiya aj bahut.

NOT a recommendation for fun ONLY.
Lekin akhir Deepak ne Laurus ko hara diya.
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A new sun 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 will rise on Monday in Indian CAPITAL market.

Will discuss about it later in details.

For the time being,some key fundamental facts for you guys:


1. Company has reduced debt over time.


2. Company has delivered excellent profit growth of 50% CAGR over last 5 years (12% is great)

3. Company has outstanding return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 45%(15% is great)

4. Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 50.24% (20% is great)

5. Now it's debt free

6. Amazing management

7. Unique business model

What is your view friends?


NOT a recommendation for educational purposes only.
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Valuation of stocks is a very vast subject.
You have to spare at least a decade to realise that.
A few days ago when I mentioned #deepaknitrite as undervalued,1 oversmart brat trolled me badly.
Today disclosing some more names.
#Larsen and toubro
Now have some funda regarding debt to equity.

A debt free company nowadays are treated by #Robinhood traders as volatile and bad.

Today I conducted a poll where they voted for #unilever as high debt company where the main competitive advantage of HUL is cash cow πŸ„ nature.

Again when I asked about #saregama they answered it highly unreliable,high debt and dangerous with no future!

@NeilBahal !

May be I know nothing.

BUT balance sheet of @saregamaglobal says it's a debt Free company!

Guys,if you wanna stay in market for decades n Don't wanna
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Info Thread on DN
Deepak Nitrite Upcoming Expansion Plans for next 6 months
1/Large CoGen Plant to help margins.
2/ Brownfield expansion for Pharma and Agro intermediaries
3/ New Phenol Derivative products.
4/ IPA Capacity to double 60,000 TPA.
Important Event -> Anti Dumping Duty on Phenol can be a huge game changer (Currently provisional anti dumping duty has been imposed ). Can add about 100 - 150 crores to bottom line if it gets approved.
Deepak nitrite already has bough 125 acres of land for future expansion.
Technically currently its bearish but right at support levels of 750 - 755.
Q2 numbers should be healthy with speciality chemicals and phenolics perfroming well . Performance products should be laggard again but better than Q1. Expecting an eps of 10 plus this quarter.
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To all the Serious investors, I am sharing a method to calculate.

Future Stock value, based on the PE-EPS model. There are many complex models available. But, I follow a very simple method.
We know that

Stock CMP=PE*EPS.πŸ˜€

In order to find the future value of the stock, we need Future PE and Future EPS. Right!!!!


Future Stock Price=Future PE * Future EPS.😎
So, let us do it for my favorite stock

I collected the stock price monthly data from by clicking the following link. You can also download it from here.…
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#DeepakNitrite manufactures Basic #Chemicals, Fine & Speciality Chemicals and Performance Products.
Major products of the company are #Phenol #Acetone #Cumene #DASDA #Inorganic Salts #Xylidines #Toluidines
#Revenue Mix and #Location details as below:
Company’s turnover entails from the Domestic Revenues which stood at 58% of Total Revenues and the rest 42% came from Exports
Recently company has started commercial production of #Isopropyl Alcohol #IPA.
Isopropyl alcohol is mixed with water for use as a rubbing-alcohol antiseptic. It is also used in aftershave lotions, hand lotions, and other cosmetics.
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