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Definition på 'WOKE':
At forpligte sig til en kontinuerlig kritisk agtpågivenhed om ens implicitte meddelagtighed såvel som modstand overfor social uretfærdige praksisser og strukturer.
👉 En lille tråd 🧵
1/? #dkpol ImageImage
Lad os tage udgangspunkt i 'the wokes' egne ord:
Her er det fra @D_p_T_ om Social Justice i børneinstitutioner
2/? ImageImage
Kort opsummeret, så er der tale om STRUKTURER, i hvilke man 'altid allerede implicit' (se 👆 screenshot) enten reproducerer eller modarbejder.
Der er som Paulo Freire, og @cecilienorgaard siger her, ingen neutralitet i wokeness. #køn #ligestilling #normkritik 3/? ImageImage
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Just great.

I am certain that the jeering anti-everything COVID deniers will show up at the next school board meeting demanding that masking end "no later than February 15" with this toolkit in hand as evidence to support their demands.

This is so exhausting.
I am certain there will be no nuanced discussion of the reality of outbreaks or healthcare capacity. Or of our ethical duties to those most vulnerable among us.

There will be no real world data on whether “focused protection” is feasible or effective.

I am certain that the title of these doctors will be used to justify and normalize leaving our most vulnerable behind. Unnecessarily.

I want to get back to normal too. I agree it is urgent and I’m working hard to get us “there.” But we aren’t there yet. Things are #NotNormal
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I remember saying in a talk once:

“Bad intentions aren’t a prerequisite for something to be considered a #microaggression.”

Funny how our own words and lessons can come back to tap us on the shoulder.

Let me explain.
All of our luggage was clustered near the front porch. It was about five minutes to the hour that we had to be fully vacated from the house that we’d rented for spring break.

Everyone was scrambling about and making sure we had everything after a lazy week of relaxing.

The hatch was up on the back of my car and my teen son was loading in bags with me.

That’s when I noticed a gentleman walking toward me from what appeared to be a truck filled with cleaning items. I could see that he was accompanied by some others gathering what they’d need.
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想像してみろ。アリゾナ州マリコパ郡委員会は、選挙の証拠を発表することに同意しました....発足の1時間後。🙄 。#DoTheWork
遅くないよー 今からでもwe
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Don’t really need to see #MLK quotes today unless you are living and breathing the fight against anti-Black racism wherever you are. Good will on #MLKDay or any other day is grossly insufficient if you have a shallow understanding of the systems of racism at play. 1/9
In fact, as MLK said, this kind of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. So you must #dothework. Racism is embedded in every societal system. It is insidious and it takes time and effort to understand it and/or be critical of it 2/9
Black folks have to constantly do this work to fix a problem we didn’t create while we live in a system that is stacked against us so the least you can do is do that work as well. Doing that work is not simply soliciting feedback/perspectives or consulting with Black folks. 3/9
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Truth. #racism #america #dothework

#Repost @privtoprog with @get_repost
🗣 @jemelehill ➡️ Yesterday, @michellesaahene and I (@thewildsister) recorded an interview for @nbaontnt with the incredible disruptor @carichampion (Thank you, Cari!).
We talked about the calls for unity. And as I said on that interview, and will repeat as long as it takes, there can be no unity without acknowledgment, understanding, and intentional action to remake our systems that were built on white supremacy.
That’s a foundational human concept—in personal relationships and in society, no problems are ever corrected without doing the work to repair the wrongs. #ShowUp

PS the show airs Monday on @nbaontnt!
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So ready for this amazing #HDLS14 panel on "Race, racism and racialization in sign language research" organized by @linasigns and @jaceyhill starring @_CooLDP @munimuninianna and Dominic Harrison (are you on Twitter Dominic?)
.@linasigns starts of with a powerful reminder and acknowledgment about the constant presence of violence and oppression against BIPOC people in this country and how BIPOC scholars are forced to exist in spaces which thrive on white supremacy and settler colonialism #HDLS14
UNM's @_CooLDP situates us within Intersectionality Frameworks such as #BlackFeministDisbility (Bailey& Mobley 2018) #BlackDeafFeminist (Chapple 2019) & outlines different branches of #CriticalRaceTheory showing each highlights different facets of intersectionality #HDLS14
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Day 2 of #IDSARacialEquityChallenge. Today, I’m borrowing these great podcast recs:

@IDSAInfo @PIDSociety #dothework
Day 3 of #IDSARacialEquityChallenge.

With fellowship interview season coming up, time to look in the mirror and retake the Harvard Implicit Association Test. Takes <10 min, and IMHO should be required for all academic selection committees:…
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Make your point clear.
Help me hear you.
Don’t be mean.



That’s what I used to say to my sons when they were still early in their language development. I still recall the frustration that would wash over their young faces mid-tantrum.
Now they’re older & frustration looks different. But those same words still hold true. And here lately? I’m also saying them to myself.


Today, I’m reflecting on what it means to use our words.

Especially as it relates to how we #dothework of antiracism.
Like many trying to #dothework, I read this book. I’ve found a lot of @DrIbram's ideas thought provoking. Like this:

“What if we measured the radicalism of speech by how radically it transforms open-minded people? By how the speech liberates the anti-racist power within?”
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Q: What's in a name?
A: A whooole lot, man.

For the last few years, at the start of intern orientation, I ask residents to answer these questions:

1. My name is ____.
2. It is pronounced ____.
3. I prefer to be called ____.
4. I'd actually prefer you not call me _____.
This isn't just for "ethnic" names. It's for ANY name that is yours.


I kick the FIRST meeting off this way because folks seem to believe that there's a statute of jacking-up-names limitations that can't be overcome.

Which reminds me. . .
It is NEVER too late to pop the chain back into the bicycle that is your NAME. Nope. Even if it's been your whole life.


Since we ALL know about how inertia can be, the same happens with names. Folks just keep it going. And, often times, it isn't intentional.

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#Speakingof COVID
The Pandemic has exposed the depths of health disparities present in America

As data on these health disparities emerge it has revealed this issue is #PERVASIVE

Let's Discuss!
#ShareTheMicNowMed @typicallysilent
#Dothework @FutureDocs @nytimes @NOLAnews
#SayhisnameGeorgeFloyd was found to be COVID+ on his autopsy...what?!?! Yep @RUBraveEnough @arghavan_salles…
Large cities have major Disparities in-terms of COVID-19
@EmoryDeptofMed @EmoryRollins now has a data tracker to track COVID across a number of categories @CarlosdelRio7 @JenniferSpicer4 #ShareTheMicNowMed
@EmoryNews @EmoryDOMRyse @docwithapurpose…
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Today’s resources as we #dothework includes 2 recommendations.

1. “Pose” (the television series)
2. “Moonlight” (The Academy Award winning movie)

Bottom line: Stories humanize and counter the ignorant narratives often shaped by society about people. ImageImage
The protagonist, Blanca Evangelista, on Pose is, hands down, one of my sheroes.

As a mom, a sister, a woman, a leader, a protector, a human.

I’m a cis-het woman. I needed to see this. So grateful for this brilliant celebration of black and. brown #translives.

#teamblanca Image
Moonlight was more than just a movie. It was a pivotal moment. Beautiful Black same-gender loving boys . . . and underscoring that we all want the same things—love and support.

The last scene makes my heart stop. The tenderness, the complexity, the unspoken and spoken parts. Image
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1/ I'm committed to promoting equity in medical education. Reading this article in NEJM today encourages us all to reflect and #DoTheWork. These last few sentences are particularly powerful.…
2/ "Standardized exams can be the great equalizers they are purported to be only if everyone has access to the resources required to excel on them. Otherwise, they remain markers of generations of unequal opportunities for underrepresented students...."
3/ "...Ultimately, physicians’ skill and quality are defined by the care they provide to patients over the span of a career — a value that no three digit test score can anticipate."

Thank you Drs. @UREssien @DrQuinnCapers4 & @QuentinYoumans for sharing.
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Okay—adding to the resources for all who are looking to #dothework to be anti-racists.

I’ve suggested all of these before—but not in this current context. In medicine, we know that background knowledge serves as the foundation for foreground.

This is no different. 👉🏽
This series is absolutely essential to anyone wanting to #dothework of wondering how we got where we are. @SceneOnRadio Seeing White is nothing short of brilliant.

I’ve listened to it 3 full times. 👉🏽
This eye opening documentary by @ava on @netflix is a perfect companion to @SceneOnRadio’s Seeing White.

It will hurt your heart and open your eyes about the atrocities of revised US slavery (aka mass incarceration.) It is a must for those who are serious about allyship.👉🏽
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Hey there, are you a white person wondering what to do as an ally for Black people right now? A lot of my white friends have been asking, you’re not alone. Let’s get you going on doing some work! (thread)

#BlackLivesMatter #DoTheWork #allyship A list of 20 Things you can do as an ally, each is covered in the following threads.
First off: don’t get analysis paralysis. It can be overwhelming. Yes, it’s a big problem: correcting systemic racism. But the thing is, we all have a role to play, and nothing changes until WE create change. Start by taking one action. Then take another, then another.
🔑 Silence is complicity. “The opposite of racist isn't 'not racist.' It is 'anti-racist.’ ...One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an anti-racist. There is no in-between safe space of 'not racist.'”― Ibram X. Kendi
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One year ago today, a wave of constituent pressure crashed in the Senate well -- saving health care for 23 million Americans and denying Trump a top legislative priority. 1/
We didn't build that wave overnight. It started little by little, when people like you showed up at town halls around the country to hold Republicans accountable for trying to repeal the ACA.… 2/
Republicans got scared off. They even pulled their first repeal vote in the House. But they didn’t quit -- and neither did we.… 3/
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THREAD: Are you excited about @Ocasio2018's overwhelming victory tonight?

Good. You should be.

Now here's what you do next.

The first thing I need you to understand is that @Ocasio2018 didn't win because of a viral campaign ad (though it was a pretty kickass ad). She won because a tiny band of fiercely dedicated people BELIEVED she could win.

That's your first task: #Believe
.@Ocasio2018 also didn't crush Crowley because the establishment media suddenly decided to pay attention 3 weeks ago.

Team Ocasio, along with @BrandNew535 & @justicedems who jointly launched her campaign, have worked around the clock to make this, and other victories possible.
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