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The best time to abolish the filibuster and pass the #DREAMAct was when it was first introduced 20 years ago.

The second best time is today, July 17, 2021.

A pathway to citizenship for minors brought to the US as children has consistently been at least as popular in voter polling as legalizing marijuana. Again and again for 2 decades, Rs have consistently blocked, filibustered, and refused to allow it to the floor for an honest vote
Never forget that #DACA was not some radical act of Obama's executive whim, but a product of genuine frustration from a broken system's failure to protect a population which more than 2/3 of Americans rightfully understand is #HereToStay. Image
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The #First100Days of a president’s term are historically their best chance to enact their agenda. What has Biden done?
Biden and Harris promised to implement a public option and lower the age of Medicare to 60, policies that fail to cover the 92 million Americans who are uninsured or underinsured and save the 68,000 who die every year from a lack of insurance. #MedicareForAll
But Biden and the Democrats didn’t even live up to these moderate pledges. Instead, they expanded COBRA subsidies, funneling tens of billions of dollars to health insurance corporations that are already making record profits as they jack up premiums and increasingly deny claims.
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I've watched some version of the #DREAMAct pass many times in the last 15 yrs, w/Lucy's hand always ready to pull away the football as Charlie Brown makes yet another run at it. But I keep watching.

Your ball @SenateDems

#DreamAndPromiseAct #HR6
#DREAMandPromise presents the first new major pathway to residency and citizenship in 25 yrs. It is a chance to reconsider everything we think we know about immigration to the US--especially the current criminal bars to admission--and I hope the Senate takes it up in that spirit
We urgently need to give #DACA and #TPS recipients a chance to stay in the only country most of them have ever really had any life in. But that doesn't mean we have to cut & paste current bars to admission, most of which tie to bad late-1900s drug & mass incarceration policy
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🚨BREAKING: @RepRoybalAllard, @NydiaVelazquez & @RepYvetteClarke reintroduced the Dream & Promise Act today, which would permanently protect 3.1 mil. immigrants.

NILC has fought for #DreamAct since 2001 & won’t stop until ALL immigrants in the U.S. have the freedom to thrive. 1/ Image
#DACA recipients, TPS holders & immigrants covered by DED belong here: they're living, working & building their futures here.

In fact, more than 200,000 DACA recipients are essential workers, keeping this country afloat & helping in our COVID recovery. #ImmigrantsAreEssential 2/
❓Did you know? The average TPS holder has been in the U.S. for 22 years, and the average DACA recipient arrived at age 6.

The Dream & Promise Act is an important step toward stability & a permanent solution — and it’s long overdue.

#WeAreHome 3/
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Happening now! A briefing with @SenatorDurbin on DREAM Act and Immigration Reform. Follow this thread for details. #DreamAct #DACA #WeAreHome
.@RebeccaShi1985: "Americans are no where near divided on immigration" #DreamAct #DACA #WeAreHome
.@GreisaMartinez : "None of these [immigration] bills come at an exchange for more money for ICE or CBP" #DreamAct #DACA #WeAreHome
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🚨HAPPENING NOW: @MarielenaNILC is testifying before @HouseJudiciary.

Join us as we live tweet — we'll be here to remind you that #ImmigrantsAreEssential & that we need bold immigration reforms, starting with a path to citizenship.

“It is estimated that 3 in 4 undocumented workers are engaged in work that is deemed essential.” -@RepJerryNadler

“I am here today because my parents moved from Colombia to work in Rhode Island’s textile factories to give their 10 children better opportunities.” -@MarielenaNILC
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The #DreamAct has been introduced again. I lost count of how many times it has been introduced at this point. In 2010, we were so close to passing, and it failed in the Democratic lead Senate by 5 votes. McCain filibustered the bill. 5 Democrats voted no or didn't show up. Why...
... I'm I reminding us of this? Because it doesn't matter how many "path to citizenship" bills are introduced on immigration if Democrats don't have the will to do it. I have no faith in Republicans supporting anything that doesn't give them more xenophobic laws in return.
There is absolutely no reason why we should give Rs ANYTHING that has more "border security", more criminalization of immigrants and more money for ICE/CBP. Trump already did all of that for them, and it was an inhumane disaster.

So we need to call on Dems to keep their promise.
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Between August 2009 and January 2010, during @BarackObama's first year as President of the United States, Democrats held a 60-40 advantage in the U.S. Senate (when counting two independents, they being Bernie Sanders and--buerk—Joe Lieberman). Did they do it then? Nope.
Did they pass the #DREAMAct? Nope. Six Senate Dems killed it.

Did they pass any federal minimum wage increases? Nope. The last one was signed into law (by George W. Bush) in 2007.

Did they pass health care reform with a public option? Nope. They let Lieberman kill it pre-vote.
Did they restore some form of Glass-Steagall after the Great Recession? Nope. It's still being proposed over a decade later.

Did they permanently codify reproductive + voting rights and eliminate the Pink Tax? Nope.

Did they codify substantive campaign finance reform? Nope.
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So ends a political career which proudly included, among many other things:

-voter suppression
-harsh drug prosecutions
-going absurdly hard on cannabis
-knowingly causing lifetime trauma to kids at the border
-trying to deport #DREAMers

Couldn't have happened to a worse person
Sessions could have retired yrs ago on his record as a racist paleoconservative Senator, but he'd had one career goal since the year I was born: running immigration enforcement.

Trump granted his wish, on the condition Jeff eat Trump's shit like it was Sunday dinner. So he did
Sessions was obsessed w/denying those brought to the US as children their #DREAM, and carried a unique hatred for the #DREAMAct. He lobbied Trump for the privilege of ending #DACA. And he happily designed Trump's family separation policy.

What does this man have against kids?
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Happening now! @SenatorDurbin is asking for unanimous consent to pass the American Dream & Promise Act which would provide a path to citizenship for #Dreamers.

Follow along for updates. #DACA #HereToStay #DreamAct Image
.@SenatorDurbin: "This woman risks her life every day for the pandemic. Can we, in the Senate, risk ourselves politically?" #DACA #HereToSTay
.@SenatorDurbin: "It is a high standard but it's one they are prepared to meet- and they should be able to meet- to become part of America's future."

#DACA #Dreamers #HereToStay Image
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1/ By amending no more than THREE WORDS of the Immigration & Nationality Act, Congress could amend a 91-yr-old law to grant a pathway to citizenship to millions of undocumented Americans in a piece of legislation shorter than this tweet.

Really: three words!

Here's how:
2/ Loosely speaking, the U.S. had virtually open borders for everyone other than Chinese/East Asians until 1917.

The visa system was then formalized in 1924 based on white supremacist "national origins quotas" explicitly designed to favor white northern/western Europeans.
3/ As strange as this is to think of today, we simply weren't keeping good track of who was coming to the country at a federal level until 1906 and there was no mandatory requirement that new immigrants register with the government once here.

There wouldn't be until 1940.
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we are now

as of today

133 DAYS

from the beginning

of the

[say it with me now]


post TRUMP



that is "post"

as in AFTER
So yes: a lot of bad stuff is happening this week, especially in #immigrationpolicy.

Just here to remind you that this rollercoaster is about to come to a full & complete stop, & that there is no irreversible damage he can really do in his last few months.

Next: the real work!
It's mid-November. All of the votes are finally in and accounted for, and Trump has just been trounced in an absolutely historic landslide.

Will he act out? Sure. Will he try to do as much damage as possible? Probably.

Will anyone take him seriously? No.
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Proud to provide some legal perspective in this conversation later today about the past, present, and future of #DACA and the #DREAMAct. Please join if you can!
Zoom link:

PW: 027029
This event has been slightly delayed with technical issues but we do expect to be underway soon!
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Here is a thread with a few thoughts on the immigration discussion last night…. /1
First, YES to more questions about President Obama’s catastrophic failure on immigration. There should be more discussion about his deportation policy, legislative approach, & political strategy. If we don’t get this empirical diagnosis right, we are doomed to repeat failure. /2
On this, if Biden is just gonna demur by claiming dude-bro level fealty to his former boss, then he needs to be asked what, if any, will be the proper role for his VP in developing and implementing immigration, refugee, and border policy. /3
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On the 7th anniversary of #DACA, we must keep fighting to protect our #DREAMers and DACA recipients. They are our doctors and our teachers, our students and our servicemembers. Simply put, they are Americans who may be forced to leave the only country they know as home.
I’ll continue to oppose the President’s heartless, irresponsible and potentially unlawful decision to rescind #DACA. We cannot allow Trump to break his promise to protect Dreamers, exposing nearly 800,000 of our neighbors to deportation, tearing families and communities apart.
Now the case will head to the Supreme Court, where thousands of lives, hopes and fears will hang by a thread. We need to pass the #DreamAct to protect these Americans from this Administration’s cruelty. #HereToStay
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THREAD: In 2018, NYers showed up and voted for Democrats to take control of the @NYSenate for the first time in a decade.

@AndreaSCousins became the first woman to lead a legislative chamber and the first black woman to lead the Senate.

Here's what we were able to accomplish:
@NYSenate @AndreaSCousins After many years of advocacy, we passed the #ChildVictimsAct, granting survivors of child sexual abuse the opportunity to seek justice against their abusers and the institutions that harbored them.…
We passed sweeping new reforms to expand and protect the right to vote:…
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The Public Protection and General Government #nybudget bill was amended. Does this mean the finish line is in sight?
Now let's scroll through the updated #nybudget text...
As expected, the PPGG #nybudget bill includes language "Protecting the Personal Privacy of Union Members." This is in response to the #Janus decision.
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The path to a #BlueWave runs through the Golden State. Meet the candidates in key flippable California districts. #CApol (1/9) NXTGN.US/fii
#CA10: “He’s a newb, but a smart one.” Josh Harder supports the #DreamAct, #MedicareForAll, and debt relief for college students. NXTGN.US/fic
#CA21: TJ Cox has helped bring $40 million worth of investments and over 700 jobs to the district and wants to develop improved clean water infrastructure in the Central Valley. NXTGN.US/fid
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Exactly a year ago, @realDonaldTrump made the cowardly decision to terminate #DACA but sent AG Sessions to face the nation. Sessions glowed as he delivered the hate-filled news. 1/
Within hours, our courageous plaintiffs Martin Batalla-Vidal @elianadreams @antonioalarconc & many more members of @MaketheRoadNY courageously sued to block Trump's decision to end #DACA 2/
We @NILC_org have the great privilege of representing them along w/ @MaketheRoadNY & @WiracYls. Since then #DACA recipients have also courageously sued as have @DemocraticAGs & our civil rights partners like @NAACP & @MALDEF are also defending #DACA 3/
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One year ago today, President Trump announced he was ending the #DACA program. With the stroke of a pen, he could fix it and give #Dreamers the future they deserve in the only country they call home. #SaveDACA
Since President Trump announced he was ending #DACA one year ago, he has rejected at least 6 bipartisan deals to give #Dreamers a future here in America. He’s proven time and again he has no interest in solving the crisis he created.
Instead of working with Democrats, Trump has sabotaged every effort to save #Dreamers and tried to put his entire hardline immigration agenda on their backs. We need bipartisan action, not hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric. #DreamActNow
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6 years ago, the government began accepting the first applications for the #DACA program, changing the lives of 800,000 young immigrants who could now receive temporary protection from deportation, study, and legally work in the only country they have ever known. #ProtectDreamers
I was there when #Dreamers came to Navy Pier by the thousands to apply for #DACA. They just wanted the chance be a part of America’s future.…
Gloria was the 110th #Dreamer whose story I shared on the Senate floor. She’s a medical assistant and studying to be a clinical psychologist. Her story:…
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The Trump Executive Order to stop separating kids from their parents is classic lipstick on a pig. Their border policy is still an immoral and un-American pig.
There is apparently no plan, nor ability, to reunite parents and kids that are now separated. Some parents have been deported without their children and it may be impossible to identify other children who are being held. The damage already done is deep and long lasting.
The Executive Order will permit indefinite detention of families with their children in internment camps, even though that’s illegal under existing law. The Flores case prohibits indefinite detention of minors, accompanied or not.…
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On this day 6 years ago President Obama established #DACA. This program gave young immigrants the chance to come out of the shadows and be part of the only country they’ve ever called home.
In September of last year, President Trump made the cruel decision to end #DACA. Now, 800,000 Dreamers face deportation to countries they have never known.
I’ve been urging Republican leaders in Congress to do the right thing by these kids and pass the bipartisan #DreamAct. It’s the only way to protect these talented students, teachers, nurses, and a whole host of others who love this country as much as anyone.
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UPDATE: We are walking 250miles from NY to DC for the #DreamACT We and 86% of Americans want a #DreamActNow SHARE!…
PLEASE SHARE: My friend Fernanda has walked about 12miles supporting herself with a cane. I was going to ask why she’s doing it, but I feared what she said would make me cry... so I’ve just been walking with her in silence. We need a #DreamActNow folks ✊🏽😢❤️
“The reason why we have the Statue of Liberty on an island is because we welcome immigrants... we all came here from somewhere.” We met Mrs. Johnson in our path and she said this to us before heading in for service. She did not stutter! #DreamActNow
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