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The best time to abolish the filibuster and pass the #DREAMAct was when it was first introduced 20 years ago.

The second best time is today, July 17, 2021.

A pathway to citizenship for minors brought to the US as children has consistently been at least as popular in voter polling as legalizing marijuana. Again and again for 2 decades, Rs have consistently blocked, filibustered, and refused to allow it to the floor for an honest vote
Never forget that #DACA was not some radical act of Obama's executive whim, but a product of genuine frustration from a broken system's failure to protect a population which more than 2/3 of Americans rightfully understand is #HereToStay. Image
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We are trying to declare the fire "safe" for people escaping the firing pan.

This is it. We're done. We are the baddies.

I hope I live to see my country recover from the shame of this
A "regional issue"?!

Imagining burning down an entire neighborhood and refusing to help the displaced victims. Making them house and care for each other. Torturing and bullying them if they have the temerity to come to you, the perpetrator, asking for help.
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One year ago today, President Trump announced he was ending the #DACA program. With the stroke of a pen, he could fix it and give #Dreamers the future they deserve in the only country they call home. #SaveDACA
Since President Trump announced he was ending #DACA one year ago, he has rejected at least 6 bipartisan deals to give #Dreamers a future here in America. He’s proven time and again he has no interest in solving the crisis he created.
Instead of working with Democrats, Trump has sabotaged every effort to save #Dreamers and tried to put his entire hardline immigration agenda on their backs. We need bipartisan action, not hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric. #DreamActNow
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UPDATE: Paul Ryan is shopping around his immigration proposal as a “fix” to family separation. That’s a lie. It does NOT solve this Trump-created crisis. It only makes it worse. Here’s what this bill would 𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 do:

#KeepFamiliesTogether #FamiliesBelongTogether
❌ Jails families together — i.e., bigger cages for families
❌ INDEFINITE detention of children while parents are being prosecuted
❌ Would still result in separation of families if parent is sentenced to jail time
The bill also does NOT provide security and relief for DACA recipients. It creates a long, complicated process that does not guarantee that Dreamers will 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 obtain permanent relief. In short, it leaves many in the same limbo they’re in now. #DreamActNow
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On this day 6 years ago President Obama established #DACA. This program gave young immigrants the chance to come out of the shadows and be part of the only country they’ve ever called home.
In September of last year, President Trump made the cruel decision to end #DACA. Now, 800,000 Dreamers face deportation to countries they have never known.
I’ve been urging Republican leaders in Congress to do the right thing by these kids and pass the bipartisan #DreamAct. It’s the only way to protect these talented students, teachers, nurses, and a whole host of others who love this country as much as anyone.
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I've posted a little bit about exploring Twitter threads as a new and emerging genre, and people have seemed interested in how that works (including some #HISDELA teachers and #ILAChat members), so here's a general overview!
First and foremost: the reasoning. Research shows that more and more people are getting their news from social media (…), which also means that more and more people are getting their news with a heavy dose of commentary.
Whether you agree with that or's happening. And it's happening to our students. So our job is not to judge them or belittle them or shame them--our job is to meet them where and when they are and teach them.

See also: my thread re: cell phones.
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As Trump’s March 5th deadline for #DACA fast approaches, #DREAMers remain in limbo.

3 Court decisions to block the Trump admins phase out of #DACA give recipients temporary relief, but those cases can be reversed at any point!

DC, March 5th:
I urge you to call your representatives and tell them you demand protection for #DREAMers

The fear these Americans feel as their own nation refuses to act is too painful to bear. Imagine your life hung on the thread of GOP indifference.

Demand your reps pass the #DreamActNow
Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of calling your representatives. They work for you!

Here is a short primer on how to make the best calls.

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The current dialogue about #DACA affects everyone in the US. How?

#Racism & #scapegoating & affect all minorities.

Deporting #DREAMers & undocumented #immigrants will have very negative impacts to the #economy. That affects everyone else. THREAD 1 #DreamActNow #immigration
The sociological concept of the “other” is important to this discussion. If you haven’t heard of it before, here is a brief overview from…. 2 #identity #race #sociology #Science
People in power define social identities as they have the means to control the narrative – news coverage, platforms to broadcast their platforms, & the power to influence law enforcement and legislation. Social identity affects how people perceive themselves and others. 3
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UPDATE: We are walking 250miles from NY to DC for the #DreamACT We and 86% of Americans want a #DreamActNow SHARE!…
PLEASE SHARE: My friend Fernanda has walked about 12miles supporting herself with a cane. I was going to ask why she’s doing it, but I feared what she said would make me cry... so I’ve just been walking with her in silence. We need a #DreamActNow folks ✊🏽😢❤️
“The reason why we have the Statue of Liberty on an island is because we welcome immigrants... we all came here from somewhere.” We met Mrs. Johnson in our path and she said this to us before heading in for service. She did not stutter! #DreamActNow
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1. FACT CHECK: Dreamers DID NOT break the law. They were brought here BY THEIR PARENTS as children. They are not responsible and should not be penalized for someone else’s wrong. #basicethics #nosoullesspolitics #TruthMatters #DreamActNow
2. FACT CHECK: Dreamers DO PAY TAXES. Under DACA Dreamers are able to work, pay taxes, Social Security, build businesses, pay business registration fees, etc. #TrumpShutDown pitting Dreamers against “tax paying Americans” is ignorant as hell. #nosoullesspolitics #DreamActNow
3. FACT CHECK: Who is holding whom hostage? #TrumpShutdown is holding America hostage—trying to force us into #humansacrifice ritual: “Choose white children over brown immigrants. Dems said #NO! #ShutItDown #WeSeeYou #DreamActNow #nosoullesspolitics .@chuckschumer @NancyPelosi
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All votes are in, and the Senate Continuing Resolution cloture vote has failed. This means that the government is not funded and the #TrumpShutdown is officially in effect.

Republicans let CHIP expire to pass the #GOPTaxScam. Trump ended DACA. The GOP caused the #TrumpShutdown and refused to put a bill that could pass to a vote. They can only fix it by cleaning up their mess— which has already upended millions of lives.
This isn’t easy, but it is NOT. OVER. Nearly 9 million children, over 800,000 Dreamers, and all of their loved ones are counting on YOU to fight back. #DreamActNow #FundCHIP
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Breaking: federal judge has granted a pretrial injunction on Trump's rescission of the #DACA program. Here's what it means. (Thread)
The US government MUST accept DACA renewals, which means those whose DACA protections are expiring soon, or has already expired, may apply for renewal.
Remember, the Trump administration eliminated the DACA program and stopped accepting renewals a couple of months ago.
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Seeing a lot of people giving @SenSchumer love for voting against the CR tonight over #DreamActNow. Let’s clear something up: He may have *personally* voted against the CR tonight, but he is most responsible for it tonight. Here’s why: 1/
He’s the Dem Leader — his most important job is to keep Democrats together, especially on tough votes. He deserves a lot of credit for keeping Dems together on healthcare and taxes (made possible by grassroots opposition) 2
He decided tonight that he wanted the CR to pass, and then manufactured it. Republicans needed 9 Democratic votes in the Senate and they got 18. 3/
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My thread re news that @SpeakerRyan tells conservatives that #DACA will be part of spending deal
This is a great 1st step by the Speaker. It's clearly a trial balloon but also critical that he's being proactive & starting discussions
As always, the devil is in the details. We @NILC_org & @ImmJusticeFund remain steadfast in our commitment to achieve a real clean #DreamAct
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