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Are you tired of the limitations of traditional financial systems?

Ergo is a blockchain platform that prioritizes safety, flexibility, and accessibility.

Let’s dive in👇🏼🧵

#Ergo $ERG @Ergo_Platform Image
What I will be covering in this thread:

-Ergo's Self-Amendable Protocol
-UTXO Model and Transaction Cost Predictability
- Sigma Protocols and Contractual Money
-Storage Rent and Real-World Financial Agreements
-Research-Based Approach and Ergo Mining
#Ergo's Self-Amendable Protocol

@Ergo_Platform is a self-amendable protocol that can absorb new ideas and improve itself in the future.
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I have done the hard job of creating an ERGO MEGA THREAD for you guys.

I will be highlighting ERGO's key security & privacy features.

$ERG #ERGO @Ergo_Platform

Let's dive in👇🏼🧵 Image
@Ergo_Platform In this overview thread, I highlight Ergo's key sercurity features👇🏼🧵
@Ergo_Platform This is an overview thread about Ergo & in this thread, I highlight Ergo’s key security features👇🏼🧵
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Last chance to make that #100x flip with $ERGO before the bullrun.

#Ergo is considered a good invest by many investors for a reason.

Here's why ergo might stand out as a good investment for the future.

@Ergo_Platform thread 🧵 👇
$Ergo has several compelling reasons why it could be a wise investment.

By drawing on the best attributes of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the platform is well-equipped to mitigate potential issues.
If you prioritize transaction privacy, $Ergo is a strong choice for your cryptocurrency investments.

The project is not receiving any backing from venture capitalists who prefer transparency.
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🧵Ergo Manifesto
#Ergo $ERG @Ergo_Platform
The Ergo Manifesto…

…hopes to educate and offer a vision of what blockchain technology can achieve. We hope to build society through horizontal cooperation through production under the division of labor, trade and exchange, and solidarity and mutual aid.

#Ergo $ERG
We believe this is achievable while maintaining basic principles that benefit the well-being of all humans. Core principles that have been central to human rights and values must be maintained as our technological capacities evolve.

#Ergo $ERG
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The #Ergo ecosystem is gradually building out the core fundamental dapps required to become comparable to leading blockchains in crypto

#Ergo can offer users the same products as others, while also being hosted on a secure and decentralised L1, using modern eUTXO design

#Ergo now has a number of wallets to safely store your $ERG, the basic starting point, hodl

Notable examples include Terminus wallet on mobile (iOS and Android), and @NautilusWallet on desktop

Wallet choices are growing and more can be found here:…

@NautilusWallet You may want to start your journey in #Ergo in the NFT scene

For that we have @skyharbor_io and @auction_house_ giving you choice of great NFT projects to trade 🔥

Too many projects to namedrop here, but check out the NFT stores and see what you like, the scene is booming

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Many of the significant crypto hacks have been characterized by bridge exploits. They often contain lots of money & have few trusted key holders. Hacks such as the wormhole exploit encouraged the creation of a #Ergo centric bridge put forth by @mhs_sam.
Some of the advantages of the Rosen bridge are
⁃Ergo centric
⁃Other chains only need multi-sig to support Rosen
⁃No smart contract logic in other chains
⁃2 layer architecture
⁃Audits are only needed on ergo
⁃Easy configuration for other chains
Let’s take a high level overview of how the bridge works.
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Projects like $ERGO that continue to build in the bear market are likely to #100x in the future.

Here are some major milestones you may have missed during the festive season.

#ERGO #erg $erg Image
Although crypto markets and failing centralized exchanges continue to dominate the news, there are corners of the blockchain industry that are generating encouraging stories.
For those who have been active in the #Ergo ecosystem over the last year, you will no doubt be familiar with Chris Ray and his work on DeCo and EXLE.

DeCo continues to promote and educate the technology of Ergo to prospective students and developers.
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Ergo's incredible features, including it's price and market cap make it very attractive to investors.

The project continues to build and improve on existing technology.

Let's get some more insight in the thread🧵 below.

#ERGO #erg $erg $ERGO Image
#Ergo is backed by intense academic research, drawing on decades of blockchain development and integrating tried and tested mechanisms to build a solid blockchain foundation and implement newer, innovative cryptography.
The research found the $ERGO platform to have powerful fundamentals. Below, we’ve discussed some of Ergo’s top features.

Efficiency and Reliability- For investors looking for support in real-world financial transactions, #Ergo is the ideal platform.
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How to understand why @Ergo_Platform is uniquely amazing without spending 100’s of hours researching.

I spent the entire weekend making this the EASIEST #ERGO thread out there.

Let’s dive in 🧵 Image
What I’ll be covering:

1️⃣ What Is Ergo (ERG)?
2️⃣ How does Ergo work?
3️⃣ Notable Ergo dapps
4️⃣ Tokenomics
5️⃣ Ergo Team
6️⃣ My personal thoughts
1️⃣ What Is Ergo (ERG)?

#Ergo is a PoW smart contract platform known for its start.

It had no pre-mine and no initial coin offering;
it’s also very related with the Cardano network.
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Low-cap projects may provide some of the highest gains in today's cryptocurrency market.

After covering more than 100 projects 💎

Here are some of the top low-cap initiatives that you should not pass up.

A thread 🧵
Before we dive in..

Here is a FULL strategy that will help you out with finding your next 100x gem.
The first project on my list is $SMR

A new network and token $SMR to advance major innovations of
@iota. The future of #Shimmer is up to you.
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Not a lot of people know this

But Babel Fee is an innovation that will make #Cardano future proof

And Babel fee is already live on #Ergo Image
Babel fees coupled with a communication protocol similar to IBC of #Cosmos

That will be a game-changer for #Cardano

Hint: App chains/sidechains
If you want to know more

Here's a fantastic educational content by @InputOutputHK that explains the tech behind babel fees.👇
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Komme mir komisch vor, #Rewe zu verteidigen, aber dass sie das Ende der Zusammenarbeit mit dem #DFB vorgezogen haben, macht ihr Zeichen nicht nur zu "billigem Marketing". Sie stellen auch das Sammelheft ein & Spenden alle Einnahmen. Klar ist es PR. Darf aber auch gelobt werden?
Ihr habt Recht, dass #Rewe als Unternehmen zuerst auf Profit schaut. Gefällt mir auch nicht, aber ist halt ein Unternehmen. Aber immerhin eins, das mal ne gute Geste macht. Das mal zu loben ist nicht gleich "kapitalistische Propaganda". Ist euch lieber, sie hätten nichts gemacht?
Und es ist ja nicht auch so, als ob sie das jetzt nichts kostet oder es jetzt so ein Plottwist wäre, dass sie eh vorhatten, die Zusammenarbeit zu beenden. Hat ja keiner verschwiegen. Die Geste war, es vorzuziehen auf eigene Kosten und Einnahmen zu spenden.
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You've heard of $ERG but not sure what it is up to?

I'll make sure you know all about #ERGO and why is it gaining all this attention. 📈

Let's see what you could be missing out on with @ergoplatformorg! 🧵👇

#ERG $ERGO $ADA #Cardano
#Ergo is a next-generation layer 1 #blockchain that builds upon the UTXO model to serve as an efficient, decentralized, and secure, smart contract platform (without gas fees) and provides optional privacy.
Let's get some of $ERG's high praise out of the way, namely, the praise received from #Cardano $ADA (also a co-founder of Ethereum) founder Charles Hoskinson, who called $ergo a "technical marvel".
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DAOs have become extremely popular in today's crypto market


Because it offers what groups need, in short, it’s security, transparent governance, user-friendly software, and lower costs

#Ergo #Ergonauts
These features enable ordinary people to band together and leverage their skills and resources, often as part of a global community.

@PaideiaDAO is a DAO software suite for the #Ergo blockchain.

DAOs leverage blockchain tech to help people work together toward common goals.
A proof-of-work blockchain like Ergo provides a solid, secure foundation for a DAO.

It is possible to build multi-signature wallets, smart contracts, and other types of security software that are necessary for a DAO to work.
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Después de esta votación:

decidisteis que el próximo hilo fuese sobre #ERG, esto es todo un reto para mi porque #Ergo es algo tan extenso que me va a costar ordenar toda la información para que no sea un caos
probablemente tendré que hacer mas de 1 Hilo para terminar de Juntar toda la información
Ya os digo que no será facil, ergo, no es facil

🕚Tiempo de lectura: 8 minutos
📈Nivel de dificultad: Avanzado
Vamos a empezar por el principio para los mas nuevos
¿Que es #ERGO ?

Ergo es una Blockchain programable L1 PoW, pero tiene unas cuantas peculiaridades que los diferencian del resto de L1
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After 24 hours of researching about #ergo's security and privacy

Here are some impressive things you SHOULD know about #Ergo , privacy and it's blockchain 🧵

#Ergo $Erg
Considering the whole point of crypto is to not to make people only rich but also free.

#Ergo has been able to maintain it’s standard as a very secure network protocol

Lets take a quick dive into Ergo, the block chain and privacy.
It’s no secret that over the last couple of years, numerous reports from government regulators.

The mainstream media have painted a bleak picture of the cryptocurrency industry.

True crypto enthusiast are aware of the untruthfulness of this narrative.
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What is Ergo?

Ergo is a programmable PoW #blockchain like #Ethereum, without gas fees and builds upon #Bitcoin's UTXO model.

#Ergo serves as an efficient, decentralized and secure, smart contract platform, with optional privacy.

🧵👇 Let's Explore
Fair launch, no pre-mine no #VCs

"#Cryptocurrency should provide tools to enrich ordinary people. Small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet, not big depersonalized financial capital. This is what inspired me. This is my dream"
#Ergo has taken a research-driven approach led by some of the smartest minds in the industry

This research has led to Ergo implementing numerous unique features

Let's touch on some key features
🔸#ASIC resistant
🔸Sigma Protocols
🔸Storage rent
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A New Era for #Ergo: EIP-27 EXPLAINED 🧵

#Ergo #erg #Ergonauts @ergoplatformorg
On the 21st of June marked an incredible milestone for the #ergo network and ecosystem.

Nearly 8 months ago, core developer, Alex Chepurnoy, proposed an adjustment to the emission schedule of $ERG.
Why ?

The reason for this is simple: extend the mining rewards beyond the original eight year schedule.

This would give the #ergo team more time to effectively develop the necessary crypto economic SECURITY for the long-term sustainability of the blockchain.
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#Ergo an AMAZING project that has been developing it's product

WITHOUT any VC's involved.

Could $Erg be one of the few alt's to jump into the top 10?

Let's find out 🧵

#ergo #erg $Erg @ergoplatformorg Image
What I'll cover in this thread

1️⃣ What is #Ergo
2️⃣ The team's background
3️⃣ What sigma protocol
4️⃣ Storage rent & NiPoPoWs
5️⃣ #Ergo's use case
6️⃣ Ergo's scalability
7️⃣ why UTXO
8️⃣ My closing thoughts

Let's dive in 🎯

#Ergo is a next-gen proof of Work smart-contract contract platform that enables new models of financial interaction.

It's underpinned by a safe and rich scripting language and flexible and powerful Zero-Knowledge proofs.
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I got into a bit of a tiff yesterday with a bitcoin maxi.

The argument was staking #Cardano is idiotic b/c Charles and IOG will use us as exit liquidity, rug/dump/scam.

I used my rebuttals to build awareness and Ada respect in the btc crowd, hope it helps others too:👇
Argument points for Ada:

> One of the most fair launches for POS (fair launch was scoffed at).

> Staking is self-custody, goes to your wallet (not Charles), no lock

> All early miners and adopters are whales, less relevant over time.

> Btc has centralization concerns too:
> btc minimum attack vector (MAV, or 51% attack) is ~3, Ada is ~22, Ada more dec. in pools

> btc chip makers will lock up deals for best chips with big contracts from big $ miners only

> btc MAV of 3 easy to co-op, concerns of centralization by miners themselves
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A pitchdeck / presentation to 'What is Conceal Network'?👇

$CCX #Privacy #Crypto #Blockchain #DeFi Image
What is Conceal? Image
The Conceal Mission Image
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Djed was the Quintessence of ''stability'' in ancient Egypt

The symbolic backbone of the god Osiris, the god of Afterlife & Ressurection

And Stability is what Djed is bringing to the #Cardano ecosystem

Here’s a deepdive on the tech behind Djed, stable coin on #Cardano🧵👇
So what is a stable coin?

A stable coin is a price-stable digital asset

that behaves like a fiat currency

but maintains the mobility and utility of a cryptocurrency

It offers a way to bridge the gap between fiat currencies like the U.S dollar and cryptocurrencies
Stable coins are important for crypto markets

Because price stability is built into the assets themselves

It opens up many opportunities for DeFi and value transfer without the risk of price fluctuations

They achieve this price stability is through the underlying collateral
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🔔What are NIPoPoWs?

This thread is intended to describe and simplify one particular innovation on the #Ergo #blockchain: NIPoPoWs.

#NiPoPoW stands for Non-Interactive Proof of Proof of Work. Let’s break this down one piece at a time.

PoW sitting at the end of #NIPoPoW signifies that this concept is grounded in a proof of work consensus mechanism

Ergo relies on #miners to solve cryptographic puzzles that give them the right to verify transactions and add blocks to the #blockchain

Po in the center of NIPoPoW stands for Proof of.

Having proof of proof of work means using cryptography to abstract away from the blockchain in a mathematically verifiable way.

In other words, PoPoW is a lightweight, yet provably accurate, representation of the blockchain

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This is a 🧵on how to build a mining rig. I will include all of the required components to build a rig manually, links to pre-built rigs, & how-to guide to get started mining $ERG - the cryptocurrency built for the future.
Please keep in mind, this is a baseline list of parts. You can choose any manufacturer & upgrade performance based on personal preference. I also kept budget in mind. The parts listed here will run a very efficient rig.
Required components:

1. Frame
2. Motherboard
3. PSU
4. CPU
5. Hard drive
6. RAM
7. GPU risers
8. Fans (depending on the frame)
9. GPUs
10. Operating System (Windows or Hive OS)
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