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“Ahhhh ….” Tari  hanya bisa mendesah pendek karena kesal saat Saat suaminya sudah berejakulasi padahal penetrasinya baru berjalan kurang dari dua menit saja, sedangkan Tari sendiri baru mulai menikmati persetubuhan itu, bergegas tari ke kamar mandi dan memuaskan lewat jari.
Seharusnya Tari maklum karena pengalaman suaminya tidak semahir dirinya, suaminya terkesan hambar dalam berhubungan, kadang kala Tari ditinggal tidur ketika suaminya sudah ejakulasi.

Tapi ari sudah sangat mahir dalam berhubungan seks, semenjak di gangbang oleh 4 orang asing.
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Entah berapa lama Tari pingsan, dia tersadar sudah di kamar villa, tubuhnya telanjang tanpa pakaian, hanya celana dalam merah dan Bra merah yang masih melekat di tubuhnya, Tari memegangi kepala seperti merasa pusing mungkin karena terlalu kelelahan.
Tari melihat TV yang menyala entah dari kapan, terlihat raut wajah kaget bercampur kesal atas apa yang ia lihat di layar televisi.
Adegan Pemerkosaan oleh 4 orang asing tadi sedang ditayangkan di hadapan dia, dia melihat entah merasa jijik atau merasa senang atas adegan itu.
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Namanya adalah Aini Tari biasa dipanggil Tari. Berusia 29 tahun, telah dikarunia seorang anak berusia 3 tahun. Meski telah Bersuami, Tari nampak masih seperti seorang wanita lajang karena postur tubuhnya yang sintal dan tidak ada tanda-tanda kendor di bagian-bagian tubuhnya.
Sebagaimana kebanyakan wanita-wanita yang telah mempunyai anak akan terlihat kendor, tapi tari masih sangat Hot.

Terlebih lagi bibir sensual dan tubuh sekal yang dimilikinya menjadikan daya tarik tersendiri (sex appeal) yang membuat banyak laki-laki berangan-angan.
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Setahun sudah kisah Hipnotis yang andre lakukan kepada mbak ratih dan pembantunya Denok usai karena ya memang mereka sudah tidak ada, mbak Ratih S2 di luar kota, dan Denok kini sudah menikah lagi dan dibawa suaminya, akupun kini sudah mulai kuliah Semester 1.
Pagi itu matahari sudah tinggi saat aku bangun dari tidur, andre baru masuk kuliah siang hari nanti, oleh karenanya andre sengaja bangun agak siang. Rumah sudah kelihatan sepi, Mbak Ratih sudah di luar kota dan ayah sudah ke kantor, tinggal andre dan ibunya yang ada dirumah.
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Keesokan harinya siang menjelang sore
Mbak Ratih Pulang kuliah dianter ama pacarnya. Namanya Tono. Tampak mbak Ratih orangnya sangat tertutup dengan orang lain. Dan karena pakaiannya sopan dan sikapnya yang baik, orang-orang enggan berlaku tidak sopan kepadanya.
Tono pun orangnya juga baik-baik, tono adalah teman sekampusnya, baru jadian seminggu. Hari itu ndak ada ayah dan ibu. Ayah dan ibu pergi ke arisan keluarga, pulang baru hari kamis. Total seminggu di rumah mereka berdua, hanya ditemani Denok, pembantu mereka.
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Kisah ini berawal ketika andre mempraktekkan apa yang dia pelajari kepada pembantu. Kakak dan ibunya Iseng saja sebenarnya, dia belajar hipnotis karena belajar dari seorang master hipnotis. Kurang lebih sebulan setelah belajar, dia dirasa mampu untuk mempraktekkan ilmunya.
Awalnya andre praktek kepada seorang sukarelawan yang ditunjuk oleh masternya. Intinya hipnotis itu adalah dengan menggunakan objek, yang mana korban harus paling tidak konsentrasi ke objek tersebut.

Sebenarnya sulit kalau menghipnotis seseorang apalagi yang tidak kenal.
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We’re excited to share that the @cheqd_io DID resolver is now publicly available on our @github.

We’re big fans of #OpenSourcing all that we can, and this is an exciting opportunity to share our work!…

But what does this mean?

Read on 🧵
A #DID (#DecentralisedIdentifier) is a unique identifier that doesn't require a centralised registration authority because it is registered with a distributed ledger technology or other form of registry.

This is known as a Verifiable Data Registry.
#DIDs are the cornerstone of #SSI and work closely with #VCs (#VerifiableCredentials)

Learn more in our example below which neatly uses James Bond's Aston Martin…
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I've been studying @blknoiz06 for the last week.

Here are the top things I've learned from him. 🚀

A thread 🧵 👇 "imagine letting n***** outwork you"
1. His background

He's a trader, researcher, analyst and shares his profound views on Substack and #Twitter @blknoiz06

Held #Altcoins when they crashed during the last cycle and wasn't all in crypto afterwards, until he realized how much money he was leaving on the table. 💰
He missed the #DeFi summer, because he wasn't paying attention in Bear🐻. As he saw the 2017 cycle, he wanted to fully take advantage of the next bull run🐂.

He nailed all the trades in 2021: @AxieInfinity, @solana, @avalancheavax, @harmonyprotocol, @terra_money
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To reserve or not to reserve, that is the question… and a question we are asked frequently by #VCs.

The answer? It depends on your investing strategy, but TBD on results.

#VCs take a couple different approaches in their initial check vs follow on strategies. Here’s what we see in our database ➡️

First off - what is the rationale for optimizing for initial dollars into a company vs saving follow on dollars in ‘reserve’?
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There's a carbon rush currently going on in the #Pacific. All sorts of shady characters are being drawn to countries such as #PNG in search of striking gold in the form of 'green' and 'blue' carbon offsets generated by the regions vast forests and oceans...🧵
The sudden demand for carbon credits appears to be at least partly due to the Australian government's continuing support for the gas industry, and the need for cheap carbon offsets to greenwash their image and claim #NetZero emissions.
The predatory behaviour of some #carbon #offset project developers in the Pacific is an inevitable consequence of countries and companies scrambling to buy cheap offsets instead of leaving fossil fuels in the ground or making real reductions in their carbon emissions.
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There’s a lot of strong opinions about VC’s from fellow #startups .

I don’t contribute much as my business is very young.

But here are some recent learnings that have really help me with #vcs

1) It’s competitive for VC’s

They are all looking for great #startups

We look for VC’s in predictable places, but they have to scour the world looking everywhere for us

A VC from another continent used a data scientist to find me this year. What?! 🔎
2) Understand what you need

Is it capital, networking or domain specific skills?

If it’s anything other than capital to scale, have a hard think about your team.

VC’s don’t build businesses, they invest in them.

We’re the experts of our businesses. 💪
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Crypto funds looking to transition into #RIAs:

@a16z, @Sequoia & other VCs have gone from ERA to RIA

• Registration is costly & time consuming but not end-all

• If your fund is valued >$150m this year, you must register by March/June next year.

More on this issue 🧵 1/x
2/ Crypto fund formations are often costly because of compliance

• In CA, the 'retail buyer fund' exception requires qualified clients—$2.2m net worth—to charge carry

• Federally, if your funds grow >$150m you must register.

But how does it work?

3/ As a CA-based investment adviser, your crypto fund will have regs you won't know about.

CA State non-VC ERAs require:
• PPM/disclosures
• Audits
• Qualified Clients

These regs won't bite until an LP receives a distribution YEARS down the road.😳

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Hey GPs - In the last few weeks I’ve had multiple asks about emerging manager benchmarks/what we are seeing for 2019 (and other recent) vintages.

So here’s a quick 🧵 breaking down what we see in the case of 2019 venture funds and the greater LP context…

Key point: 2019 funds, emerging or otherwise, are *really* new.

Stating the obvious here, but it’s worth reiterating.

In the olden days of venture, asking about benchmarks on funds <2 years old wasn’t a thing.
Cambridge specifically caveats that “research shows that most funds take at least six years to settle into their final quartile ranking.”

But what the heck...welcome to 2021! 😂
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#InvArch is an intellectual property & decentralized development network for #web3. InvArch is not just new to the @Polkadot ecosystem, but also a novel project throughout the entire #blockchain community.

This thread serves as a brief introduction to the project.

First, it is important to understand the three (3) key focuses of the network:

1.) Allow users to tokenize their ideas (intellectual property #IP).

2.) Provide a secure environment where ideas can be shared.

3.) Foster a network for collaboration and partnership forming.

#InvArch views #ideas as sets of non-fungible components. Specifically, InvArch introduces Intellectual Property Sets (#IPSets), which are collections of #NFTs called Intellectual Property Tokens (#IPT). These files are what help to describe and detail an idea.

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It’s September - time for the annual run to raise/close out #VC funds before the end of the year. For many #GPs - this means reaching out to an LP who passed on a previous fund.
This thread deep dives into what to keep in mind as you circle back and reach out to #LPs that passed in the past (which I *do* recommend doing btw)👇

(Note: Drawing inspiration from this wonderful thread by @dunkhippo33 on a similar dynamic when entrepreneurs are turned down by #VCs:)
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Are #Startup valuation any way justified?

Closing price of #Zomato on #BSE today was Rs. 132.60 at this price, Market cap of Zomato (Total valuation of Company) is at Rs. 1,04,027 Crores. Which means #Zomato is already in top 50 Companies of India market cap wise (1/n) Source: BSE India
#GodrejConsumer which was listed on 18-06-2001 and having a track record of giving constant profit for atleast 10 years (…) is valued just below #Zomato. despite comparatively much stronger performance and track record of Profit and Dividend (2/n) Source: BSE IndiaSource:
On the other hand #Zomato has accumulated loss of 56,00,30,00,000 INR (Source: Zomato RHP - in INR Million) as on 31/3/21 and still it is valued at such a higher price. Zomato is valued higher than #TataMotors #Britannia #BergerPaints to name few (3/n)… Source: Zomato RHP
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This thread will follow Feb 5 2021 thread [India
#FarmersProtests Goes Vogue] exploring sudden #celebrity uptake - as gov't struggled to contain #resistance.

Here we can study #GlobalCitizen & structure/mechanisms of such NGOs, financed to serve corporate/imperial interests. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic. Via partnerships w/ #Rihanna, celebrities, influencers, athletes, - it intends to become world's "leading international voice, educator, & influencer". ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen is the Global Poverty Project, Inc.
UK: "We are a sub recipient of funding from the #Gates Foundation (via Global Poverty Project Inc)."

2019: $8,445,887.00 "To mobilize global public support for the Sustainable Development Goals" #SDGs… ImageImageImageImage
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1/10: Do you want to know a little secret regarding how I build conviction during my #startup diligence process? Do you want to know something that I spend time on that many early stage #VCs brush under the rug as silly and unnecessary? Short thread:
2/10: The answer --- I spend time digesting a company’s financial forecast and then review it thoroughly with the Founding team. “Team + TAM rule!” investors think I’ve lost my mind and that it’s a pure waste of time. Hogwash I say. Why ignore a great learning opportunity?
3/10: To set the context, I rarely focus on going forward projections during the first or second meeting because I need to understand the opportunity at a pretty deep level before running through the forecast. More on this here:
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1/23: One #startup trap to avoid (founders and VCs) is to fall in love with a value prop that can’t be delivered IRL now. Good diligence will surface disconnects but they’re often brushed under the rug by #VCs who believe fixing delivery over time will be fine. Unpacked:
2/23: The foundational reason why this matters from day 1 is that building a franchise of loyal customers is difficult for any #startup to pull off but the challenge is amplified if the #startup has to rebuild its franchise as it scales.
3/23: Broken or unfulfilled promises lead to customer behaviors that have real consequences. Poor ratings and reviews. High customer service costs. High complaint volume. Low engagement. High attrition/returns/cancelations. Low organic growth.
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1/23: One #startup trap to avoid (founders and VCs) is to fall in love with a value prop that can’t be delivered IRL now. Good diligence will surface disconnects but they’re often brushed under the rug by #VCs who believe fixing delivery over time will be fine. Unpacked:
2/23: The foundational reason why this matters from day 1 is that building a franchise of loyal customers is difficult for any #startup to pull off but the challenge is amplified if the #startup has to rebuild its franchise as it scales.
3/23: Broken or unfulfilled promises lead to customer behaviors that have real consequences. Poor ratings and reviews. High customer service costs. High complaint volume. Low engagement. High attrition/returns/cancelations. Low organic growth.
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Because our feed has been blowing up about the injustice of Zebras Unite (uh, that's us) being erased from this article about...uh, us in @TechCrunch we are going to do a thread about what we know and how this happened. tl;dr: Follow the money.…
First off: hello! @marazepeda here. I used to be an economic reporter for places like @planetmoney & @Marketplace. (If credentials are your kink I even graduated at the top of my class from @columbiajourn 🎉) Follow along, friends, as we attempt to unravel this rat's nest.
We get this message: "Uh, WTF there is an article about Zebras without mentioning Zebras." This happens more often than you might think. (What's the best is when men tweak your ideas and then put another name on it like camel and publish in @HarvardBiz)…
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A long thread about funding & tough decisions:
😔 Covid is having a huge impact on our sector. We are #nevermoreneeded but many orgs will shrink or disappear
😢 We aren't going anywhere we promise but that has meant some v.hard decisions.
😢 But #VCS is used to hard decisions
💜 Lots of you won't remember but The Cellar has been at rock bottom lots of times. When I arrived nearly 6 yrs ago we were v.close to closure.
💪🏼 Getting to where we are now: a strong, sustainable, award winning org took a brilliant team working v.hard
💪🏼 But we also had to take a lot of hard decisions then too. That has usually meant closing things which lost a lot of £ & threatened the stability of the org.
😔 But closure is NEVER a sign of how much things are valued.
🤔 The thing is that some things are easier to fund...
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1/n #Covid19 #WorkFromHomeNOW
We @primevp_in had a call with about 30 of our founders today - glad to say most companies are taking the problem seriously. @MyGate_com with an AirForce Officer at the helm naturally has thought through & already actioned amulti-step plan.
2/n They are going to share this plan - I will post it here by the weekend.

A couple of others @SunstoneEdu & @IncRecko have already moved to 100% #WFH.

Most of the other 25 companies have already started splitting their teams across office spaces & days of the week.
3/n What I've concluded is that we HAVE to ACT NOW!

Everything I've understood about exponential math and the medical capacity says that we have to slow down the growth of #Covid19 so we don't overburden the healthcare system. #SocialDistancing is pretty much the only tool now
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29th January ...
Thread for yr commute to work ⏩ thanks to our #armedforces keeping us safe.
On this day 29/1/1856 Queen Victoria instituted Britain’s highest military decoration, the #VictoriaCross #VC.
Awarded for outstanding bravery ‘on the field of battle’.
#NeverForget 1/ Image
The metal from which the medals are struck is either from Russian cannon captured at the Siege of Sevastopol or other cannons.
Only 1355 #VCs have been awarded since 1856.
11 were awarded for the defence of #RorkesDrift in the Zulu wars on 23/1/1879 - 141 yrs ago this week 2/ Image
Bravery comes in many forms. Locally in #Northumberland I commemorate Private Fred Dobson of #Ovingham.
A 27-year-old private, with the #ColdstreamGuards he twice volunteered to go out under heavy fire to bring in two wounded men at Chavonne in France on 28 September 1914. 3/ Image
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