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I'm excited to be a part of this! NYC, November 16.

What @AmishFoundation is doing to fight for the right of U.S. children to a decent education, uninhibited by the ideological biases of radical religious parents, is so important.

#WednesdayThoughts #EmptyThePews
@AmishFoundation Except for kindergarten and half of sixth grade, I was subjected to a far-right, indoctrinating Christian school elementary and secondary education. Young earth creationism. Right-wing politics being the only way to be Christian. Yet I got the elite version, so could get out.
@AmishFoundation That is, I had the intellectual skills necessary to test well, to excel in college at Ball State, and, with my high GPA and record of awards and achievements there, to go on to graduate school at Stanford. Yet I'm still unpacking the trauma from my #ChristianAltFacts education.
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Ha, I forgot that the Heritage Christian School yearbook is literally called The Patriot (or at least was). I did yearbook all four years of high school and was editor-in-chief my junior and senior years.

#ExposeChristianSchools #EmptyThePews
Also yeah I am still unpacking things. It’s only been like two and a half months 🤷‍♀️
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What kind of relationship should an organization representing religion journalism have with religious institutions and leaders? However we answer that question, RNA is past the point of being ethically compromised:…

#SundayThoughts #RNA2019 #EmptyThePews
To be fair, RNA is far from alone in having crossed what I believe should be bright lines. For example, @nytimes and @washingtonpost largely let evangelicals cover themselves, without including critical perspectives, which is wildly irresponsible.

#SundayMorning #EmptyThePews
And the U.S. flagship organization for the academic study of religion, the American Academy of Religion, like @ReligionReport accepts sponsorship from religious organizations, incl. highly problematic ones, and falls to draw a clear line between theology and secular scholarship.
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Evangelicals, whether they know the term or not, generally follow an authoritarian way of thinking called "presuppositionalism." They divide the world into competing "worldviews" grounded in different presuppositions. They reject neutrality…

They reject neutrality because they see their "Christian worldview" as the only true one. Even though other "worldviews" are consistent with their presuppositions, which leads them to shift from epistemological to moral consequentialist arguments. It's relativism on steroids.
But if you ever wondered how evangelicals can make the ridiculous claim that every other "worldview" is also "a religion," basically, leading them to conclude things like "public schools indoctrinate children into the religion of secular humanism," this is how that works.
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Earlier this year @RNS published a deplorable column about #ExposeChristianSchools with zero empathy for the queer kids harmed by them and the hashtag misrepresented as driven by “media elites” rather than survivors. That’s where ignoring leavers leads.…
If you see your job as celebrating the subject you analyze, you are not doing journalism or even commentary. You’re doing advocacy. Too often religion writing blurs this line; that column crossed it while pretending to objectivity and failing at due diligence.

Here’s the background on the #ExposeChristianSchools hashtag and how it was trolled and often misrepresented in the media. That happened largely because religion journalists exhibited bias toward even authoritarian religion and failed to do their jobs.…
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1. Per @ThePlumLineGS, "Trump has crossed over into a form of autocratic disinformation that is designed to render fact-based deliberation and argument impossible."

He's right. This is a deliberate authoritarian strategy.…

@ThePlumLineGS 2. Cultivating distrust of institutions might seem like a bad idea for someone who wants to govern, but it's quite effective if your goal is personal rule based on personal loyalty. The U.S. Right has tellingly sown distrust in the very possibility of good governance for decades.
@ThePlumLineGS 3. Disinformation combined with manipulative and corrupt means of gaining the personal loyalty of a population is an insidiously effective means of controlling people. I've laid out detailed thoughts on why alternative facts work for authoritarians here:

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So. I was born in 1976. I started school in August 1980, just before I turned 5, at home - my older brother had attended an ACE kindergarten, and it was deemed too liberal by my parents (his teacher wore PANTS when she wasn't teaching!) #thread CW: Abuse
I was literally part of the first wave of Christian Right-wing Homeschoolers; my parents had planned to homeschool us illegally, and it became legal that month in Louisiana because a legislator's relative wanted to homeschool.
I learned to read when I was 4. I also was acutely observant and aware - because by that time I'd already survived broken bones in my arm and neck, at least one rape, and an STD. This made me hypervigilant, and also primed me to be skeptical of everything around me.
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1. What are the ways that #EvangelicalismKills?

Conservatives love to say that ideas have consequences, but somehow they never want to examine the consequences of right-wing ideologies.

So let’s do that with this new hashtag coined by @Ashadahya.

#MondayMorning #EmptyThePews
2. Asha started the hashtag in connection with Renee Bach, an evangelical missionary in Uganda who, acting on a “calling”—rather than training and preparation—performed medical procedures only doctors are qualified to perform. And children predictably died.

2-a. If you haven’t read this on Bach’s story, do:…

#MondayMorning #EvangelicalismKills #EmptyThePews
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It is telling how the crowd that is so pearl-clutchingly concerned about a supposed lack of free speech on U.S. college campuses ignores the one area where there really is a censorship crisis—evangelical colleges.

#MondayMotivation #ChristianPrivilege #ExposeChristianSchools
Let me point to a few more pieces on the issue I’ve published for those interested in learning more. Start here, with an exposé I did before @RDispatches became part of @Rewire_News:…
Then check out this piece I wrote for @Playboy, which examines evangelical colleges as microcosms of the authoritarianism white evangelicals seek to impose on the entire country:…

#ExposeChristianSchools #ChristianPrivilege #EmptyThePews
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1. “In God We Trust” should never have been our national motto and was only able to become so because of an early Cold War consensus around promoting religion in the public square in order to combat “godless Communism.”…

#FridayMotivation #EmptyThePews
2. While many promoters of this idea of a religious America meant for it to be to some degree inclusive--see popular Cold War notions like "Tri-Faith America" (Protestants, Catholics, Jews) and "Judeo-Christian"--it was always exclusive of unbelievers and many others.
3. In addition, the early Cold War moment, partly thanks to the uptick in apocalyptic thinking due to the advent of nuclear weapons, allowed radical right-wing Christians to come back into the mainstream of American life as scholars like Angela Lahr and Jonathan Herzog have shown
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Don’t take David French at face value on evangelicals (he is one) and fear. Authoritarianism being based in paranoia is no reason to be sympathetic to it. More importantly, don’t let folks like French fool you into thinking they’re moderate…

Reminder that French responded in a petulant and passive aggressive way to the very much necessary #ExposeChristianSchools discussion (which I hope we can revive one of these days). His own kids attend Christian school. He is as anti-LGBTQ as they come.

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1. For those not aware of the struggles of LGBTQ students for inclusion in evangelical colleges and universities and the pattern of administrative crackdowns, I’ve published several exposés.

Here’s the most comprehensive:…

2. Evangelical colleges are as a rule quite authoritarian institutions. Here I argue that if you want to understand how the Christian Right wants to run the country, you should look at how they run their schools:…

#ExposeChristianSchools #FridayThoughts
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1. Thanks for this thread, @jonrog1. For those interested in learning more and amplifying #Exvangelical work exposing the theocratic threat, check out #ExposeChristianSchools and #ExposeChristianHomeschooling. In addition to @PPact, an org that deserves support is @ResponsibleHS.
@jonrog1 @PPact @ResponsibleHS 2. For more on how homeschooling is used by the Christian Right to indoctrinate kids into extremism and what can be done about that, see my latest article:…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #ExposeChristianSchools #ExposeChristianHomeschooling #ExForcedBirth
@jonrog1 @PPact @ResponsibleHS 3. And if you're interested in the role played by evangelical colleges and universities in incubating future culture warriors, as well as resistance happening within those colleges, see this expose I did for @PRAEyesRight…

#ExposeChristianSchools #Resist
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1. #TeacherAppreciationWeek is complicated for me. Not in the abstract--U.S. teachers are woefully undervalued--but on a personal level as an alum of right-wing evangelical Christian schools.

I started the hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools b/c these schools have major issues.
2. In parts of America public schools often fail to be this, but schools should be places where kids learn to be good citizens of a democracy, a prerequisite for which is acceptance of pluralism. Christian schools explicitly teach rejection of pluralism:…
3. I went to Christian schools from 1st through half of sixth grade, then 7th through 12th. Mine were of the more "rigorous" kind. They teach creationism but still want high SAT scores and high college placement rates; they embrace Billy Graham rather than find him "too liberal."
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I'm still reeling from the information that the gunman in San Diego last weekend was home schooled Christian and knew his Bible verses and used specific Christian coded language. #ChristianExtremism
So, last year there were reports of multiple shootings by Christian Extremists/Home Schoolers. Obviously, there were others by people in schools, etc, but I'm not here to examine those.…
This was called out by various people already, and it's not a trend I want us to take lightly.

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1. As usual w/ these stories, most reporting on Taylor University students objecting to Mike Pence as commencement speaker is sloppy. Let me explain how and add some context to this story in terms of the bigger picture of Christian higher ed. #Exvangelical #ExposeChristianSchools
2. First, we don’t know how many graduating seniors object to Pence being commencement speaker. It is surely a minority. It may be a solid plurality, but most of the students opposed to Pence being invited to speak are likely to remain discreet and circumspect about it.
3. Secondly, the petition was started by alumni. I spoke with a Taylor alum recently, and what she found most remarkable was that a majority of the faculty immediately registered their opposition to the invitation to Pence with the administration. That was a brave stand to take.
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People rightfully throw shade at Fox News calling Latin American nations "Mexican countries," but, listen, I grew up being taught by people who said shit like that to a majority Latin student population. And it was legal. #ExposeChristianSchools
Let me tell a story: one time, my guidance counselor was teaching, and the topic turned to immigration. We students liked getting our bigoted or opinionated teachers off on rants to distract from boring lesson plans. It was really easy to get them going.
He eventually started talking about his Spanish wife. Spanish. Pure European. White as fuck. Let me emphasize: not Latina at all.
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1. Attention people of Twitter, ladies, dudes, and enbys, children of all ages (ok actually not for kids)! Embark with me on a journey into a bizarre parallel world often hidden in plain sight, a dark dimension whose denizens seek to transform our own. Let us enter: #TheJesusZone
2. This is going to be a primary-source-based thread focusing on the evangelical children's book Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards, by creationist Duane T. Gish, who got a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Berkeley in 1953 and died in 2013. But before I dive into it, some background.
3. Most of my threads I write more or less spontaneously from ideas I've worked out in my head to varying degrees. This one I've actually been working on, on and off, for weeks. Taking pictures of the book and organizing them, reading up on the history of creationism in the U.S.
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1. While there hasn’t been much recent media attention to the #ExposeChristianSchools hashtag that went viral in January, the discussion continues, along with #ExposeChristianHomeschooling and threads on primary sources. I want to share some highlights and ideas in this thread.
2. Why do Christian schools need exposing? Short answer: the Christian Right has radicalized the GOP and is in power. It is the single greatest threat to democracy and human rights in America today. And private schools and homeschooling are part of its long-term plan.
3. To understand how Christian Reconstructioists/Dominionists played and play an active role in creating evangelical school and homeschooling curricula as a means of radicalizing children and mobilizing them to impose theocracy, read @julieingersoll's book Building God's Kingdom.
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1. I appreciate being discussed in this @lgbtqnation piece on people leaving evangelicalism. I wish the author had reached out to me for an interview, though, because the piece represents me and the #Exvangelical community with misleading language.…
2. John Gallagher's piece strongly implies that all exvies remain believers. "As it turns out, some believers–especially young believers–want to go to church to worship God, not Trump."

This is true of some of us. Some of us are done with church and belief in god altogether.
3. It's actually sort of a running "joke" among exvies that while we don't know which group is more dominant, atheists/agnostics or those in the #StillChristian crowd, whichever group you're in, you think the other one is predominant. A weird quirk of confirmation bias, it seems.
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If you wanna go down this road, let's fuckin go. The way I replied was kind of joking, but I'm proudly #queer. *Cracks knuckles* also gonna tag @C_Stroop because he's kind of the reason I discovered the #exvangelical and #ExposeChristianSchools side of Twitter.
1) I attended Christian college for 3 years, and was raised in the church. I've read the Bible pretty extensively. I've also studied translations, corruption surrounding what books got "approved", corruption in the church over time, and lemme tell you right now context matters.
And before you say "no it doesn't" in order to justify your homophobia, you don't get to pick and choose where and when historical context and the original translations matter. Which is one of the reasons I hate topical preaching, but that's another story.
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1. People of Twitter, join me, if you will, on a journey into another dimension—a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of middle America. We call this dimension: The Jesus Zone.

Episode 1: Faith and Fast Food in Deepest Suburbia

#Exvangelical #TheJesusZone
2. If you find yourself in need of lunch deep in rural and suburban middle America, you may be in a bit of a bind. With so little on offer, you may be tempted to stop at an establishment like this one, a properly patriotic McDonald’s franchise that appears normal at first glance.
3. As you go inside, however, you recognize that a few things seem off. No, it’s not just that the franchise, despite signs indicating it is constantly hiring at a rate above minimum wage, is so understaffed and slow that people are giving up on the line and walking out.
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I’m proud to have exposed this campaign in my recent reporting on the crackdown on LGBTQ students at @azusapacific. Please share this far and wide to keep the pressure on them and @FoothillChurch.

#ExposeChristianSchools #Exvangelical #MondayMood #FaithfullyLGBT #LGBTQ #Resist
Here’s my article for @PRAEyesRight in which I quote from Ryan Montague’s email calling for pressure on @azusapacific’s board to reverse its move toward LGBTQ accommodation. This and similar materials were passed to me by sources who requested anonymity.…
After publishing that exposé, a concerned APU faculty member reached out to let me know that things are even worse than I knew, with a purge of “liberal” and LGBTQ-affirming faculty brewing. Please let @azusapacific know what you think of this shady move.…
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1. Alright, let’s unpack in some more detail what’s wrong with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee’s recommendations in response to the concerns @jdgreear raised about sexual abuse in particular churches.

#Exvangelical #ChurchToo #EmptyThePews #SundayMorning
2. The SBC’s Executive Committee recommends making clear that “the Convention does not, and will not, cooperate with a church that clearly evidences indifference to addressing the crime of sexual abuse.”

This *sounds* good, but much hinges on what’s meant by “clearly evidences.”
3. Things quickly get iffy, defensive, and then downright dubious with respect to the meaning of “clearly evidences.” Note how quickly the Executive Committee’s moves to emphasize not presuming guilt, as opposed to framing things in terms of taking accusations seriously.
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