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“Many of these programs now claim to be Christian boarding schools, a classification that means that in half of the country, they are not required to even tell their state education agency that they exist.”

Outrageous and shameful. Christian supremacism results in atrocities
Also, if you know anything about the history of adoption, you’ll have learned that the “Baby Scoop Era” ended in the early 1970s.

What more of us need to realize, however, is that right-wing Christians and their institutions kept right on scooping up and selling babies
Now these are the same people who claim Democrats are part of a demonic global child trafficking cabal??

It’s all projection, and it always has been.

#ExposeChristianSchools #EmptyThePews
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“Most Americans are still under the impression that Christianity equals good, no matter what brand they embrace.”

In this provocative analysis, @BrynnTannehill lays out why this misconception is harming America:…

A few things are overstated here. There’s some conflation of “religion” with Christianity, and “American Christianity” comes across as essentially white and authoritarian. Yes, those kinds of Christians have the most power, but still, no mention of the Black Church?
The nonreligious absolutely deserve more of a voice in the Democratic Party than we have, but we can’t demand that the party ignore its religious constituents, predominantly African-American Protestants. We need to work together. That requires a degree of nuance
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“Behind this demand for purity stood the institutional humiliation, degradation, and sexualization of students. In large part, this burden fell on the female students at the academy and it soon became a cornerstone of life at Grace Christian Academy.”

“Almost all of the female students recounted instances of having their skirts measured. Many said teachers and other staff members would tug or pull on their skirts, call them sluts… and police their behavior and appearance outside of school”

“One former student said that she was accosted and pinned against a wall by a teacher, who was well known for molesting and inappropriately touching students.”

The headmaster essentially laughed her out of his office when she complained

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Hahaha I could write several papers on the nonsense that went on at my Christian school but the one that always sticks out is when the students were forced to participate in a "holocaust recreation". #ExposeChristianSchools
Every week students would be randomly selected to be "Jews" they would be forced to wear yellow stars of David on their uniforms. These students could not sit with other students that werent "Jews" and we're treated differently by staff and students. 2/?
We also were instructed to build "hiding places" in our class rooms. They would be made out of cardboard and painted to look like the classroom walls. Upper class men and other teachers would simulate "raids" and the "Jews" would have to run and hide in the hiding places. 3/?
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So many of these stories are similar to my experience at Oklahoma Bible Academy. I was discouraged from science and math classes. I was shamed about my body. I was told my depression was a sin /my fault for not having better faith.... #ExposeChristianSchools
My principal threw a VHS tape at the class. A history teacher threw a textbook at a girl that fell asleep. Our middle school Bible teacher regularly told us about his "porn addiction" that God saved him from, but was caught watching porn at school. #ExposeChristianSchools
Skirt length checks were done by having girls kneel in front of teachers (measure from ground to hem). Catholics weren't "true Christians" and my faith was questioned when I dated a catholic. #ExposeChristianSchools
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So, the exvangelical movement has now got a Wikipedia page! So far it only mentions @brchastain and myself, and doesn't include hashtags beyond #exvangelical and #EmptyThePews.

Do we have any exvies or keen observers out there who are also established Wiki editors?
Because it would be great to see this article expanded some. I don't know what the norms and expectations are for someone who is mentioned in an article to make adjustments to it and have never made a Wikipedia login or ever done more than a couple edits:…
Obviously #ChurchToo and the people who started it should be included, and I'd love to see the #ExposeChristianSchools episode covered (of course I'm biased on that one), and there are other people and projects that ought to be there. But can I add stuff as an interested party?
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Frank Wright and @johnrabeFL of @DJKMinistries:

"Pull your children out of public schools and some private Christian schools, because they will be forced to shower with transgender people, and will lose their faith."

#exposechristianschools #exvangelical…
I'm going to tear this conversation apart bit by bit, fallacy by fallacy. I speak from experience as someone who was homeschooled due to the exact rhetoric that Frank and John are using. They make bad arguments in bad faith that are directly out of the reconstructionist playbook.
Frank claims that in the 1940's, public education was secularized. This is largely true. Mandatory compulsory prayer in schools is a violation of the first amendment, as well as the separation of church and state. It's never coming back, because it was always unconstitutional.
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I’m so glad to see that legal action is being taken against right-wing Christian colleges and universities with anti-LGBTQ policies. They should not have federal funding.

I have covered this issue over the years, and it’s been hard to get people to care…
Win or lose, this lawsuit exemplifies a powerful shift in the conversation.

Evangelicals—with their institutional deep pockets and powerful lobbying orgs, many SPLC-designated hate groups—are finally losing control of the narrative.

Those they harm are finally getting a voice
I’m going to highlight my work in this thread, but the students and alumni pushing for change are the heroes: @laurensotolongo @ErinGreenbean @mvsebastian @thatmaddiem @thatlizhunter @Gary2276 @CedarvilleOut and faculty allies @WheelerWorkshop @brianglenney, and many more
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So here's the thing.

For all of you looking on in bewilderment, shaking your heads, asking how ANYone can truly believe that 45 won the election, that massive voter fraud occurred, that Biden is a cannibal/pedophile/insert Q crap here...

Here's why.

(A thread.)
Dinosaurs and man co-existed; God created North America as a place for Protestants; all dogs come from one pair on the ark.

Note: *MY* pastor said dinosaurs were fake & that the commies buried the fake bones to prove evolution & make us all atheists. 1/
Having "learned" from ACE, aBeka, and BJU in my homeschool career, 100% can confirm.

Note: We were homeschooled because in the ACE private school where my older brother attended kindergarten, his teacher wore pants on her days off. 3/…
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It's silly to pretend that we don't use religiosity as a signal of political ideology and affiliation. We of course do, because it is: ImageImageImageImage
*Which* religion, the *denomination* of the religion, and *level* of religiosity all play a role in bias, because they all correlate with political ideology and affiliation. These are all signals.
I think it's undeniable that there is an anti-religious bias in elite media, but it manifests mostly when it is perceived that religion is being channeled into a conservative politics. When that happens, religiosity becomes incorporated into the assessment of the threat level.
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The US used to be a science powerhouse. Now this country has turned into a cesspool of anti-science, anti-intellectual ideologies. If it wasn't for international students studying at US universities, the US would be nothing in science and research.
More than half of US students live in places where they are taught the world was only 6,000 years old and other falsehoods. They are taught this by rabid Christians because science has directly contradicted the bible creation story found in the book of Genesis.
BTW, US students are not just taught this in Christian schools, but also secular public schools in states and cities where rabid Christians hold a majority #exposechristianschools
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@shanacarp @espiers It is a huge problem, one I've been working on for a long time, trying to shift the conversation by helping ex-evangelicals achieve collective visibility (via hashtags, etc.), and by relentlessly arguing agains the "fake Christians" dismissal of Christian atrocities.
@shanacarp @espiers It has made some impact, but the 4chan to FOX pipeline and the right-wing outrage machine managed to seriously dull the impact of the #ExposeChristianSchools hashtag campaign:…
@shanacarp @espiers Meanwhile, @laureneoneal's and my #EmptyThePews anthology has experienced a slump in sales, probably in part due to the pandemic and the cancellation of in-person events:…

But it did at least get a favorable review in WaPo.
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@kkdumez @JonathanMerritt @kathsstewart @KatelynBeaty @spulliam @PaulDjupe I’m just over here still 100% convinced that white evangelicals aren’t covered critically *enough.* They’re just beginning to be seen by the American mainstream as the malevolent political force they are, and we need more or it.…
@kkdumez @JonathanMerritt @kathsstewart @KatelynBeaty @spulliam @PaulDjupe As for backlash generated by the 4chan to FOX pipeline/the right-wing media machine, it can be extremely destructive…
@kkdumez @JonathanMerritt @kathsstewart @KatelynBeaty @spulliam @PaulDjupe FOX refused to treat #ExposeChristianSchools as expressing the concerns of real people; whined about a supposed attack on Christians:

Most of the “liberal” media didn’t cover it at all, and what coverage it got was heavily shaped by right-wing backlash
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Let me extend a friendly welcome to all you new followers who found me via my latest article, "Authoritarian Christians are Deliberately Undermining the Public Health Response to Coronavirus"…

Here's a thread about what I do with some recent highlights
In December of last year, my and @laureneoneal's Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church, an anthology of personal essays by former evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons, was published. This is my first published book project:…
One hope I have for the book is that it will help to secure a place in the elite public sphere for leavers from high-demand religions. Our "pundit class" and government have been coddling even authoritarian Christians for far too long. Former fundamentalists have key insights.
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So. I was born in 1976. I started school in August 1980, just before I turned 5, at home - my older brother had attended an ACE kindergarten, and it was deemed too liberal by my parents (his teacher wore PANTS when she wasn't teaching!) #thread CW: Abuse
I was literally part of the first wave of Christian Right-wing Homeschoolers; my parents had planned to homeschool us illegally, and it became legal that month in Louisiana because a legislator's relative wanted to homeschool.
I learned to read when I was 4. I also was acutely observant and aware - because by that time I'd already survived broken bones in my arm and neck, at least one rape, and an STD. This made me hypervigilant, and also primed me to be skeptical of everything around me.
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I'm still reeling from the information that the gunman in San Diego last weekend was home schooled Christian and knew his Bible verses and used specific Christian coded language. #ChristianExtremism
So, last year there were reports of multiple shootings by Christian Extremists/Home Schoolers. Obviously, there were others by people in schools, etc, but I'm not here to examine those.…
This was called out by various people already, and it's not a trend I want us to take lightly.

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People rightfully throw shade at Fox News calling Latin American nations "Mexican countries," but, listen, I grew up being taught by people who said shit like that to a majority Latin student population. And it was legal. #ExposeChristianSchools
Let me tell a story: one time, my guidance counselor was teaching, and the topic turned to immigration. We students liked getting our bigoted or opinionated teachers off on rants to distract from boring lesson plans. It was really easy to get them going.
He eventually started talking about his Spanish wife. Spanish. Pure European. White as fuck. Let me emphasize: not Latina at all.
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TW. Abuse, Child Abuse, 'discipline', ableism, mute if nec.

I'm continuing my live-tweet of To Train Up a Child by the Pearls

I ought to take a break, but I honestly only have a few more things to say about this *six thousand tweets later* and just one more thing...
I'm cooking some rice right now, chopped up some peppers and onions, gunna mix myself some spicy rice in a minute. I have the whole day off today, and going for a walk in a bit.
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TW. Abuse, Christian 'discipline', ableism

I'm continuing my deep dive into both To Train Up a Child, by the Pearls, and my own childhood experiences of so-called Christian discipline.

Do mute this thread if it is going to be too much. I get it.
Take a minute to breathe. Have you had breakfast? I'm just finishing some toast. I'd take a deep breath but, toast crumbs. Go ahead, stretch and bbrreeaathheeee.
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TW. For abuse, 'discipline' and stories of child abuse. Do mute this thread to avoid.

Thread 2 of my live-tweet reading of To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. #exvangelical #ExposeChristianDiscipline
Before I go into Chapter 5, its worth asking the question, do these Christian Extremist parents actually like children? As in, children for who they are, what they bring, the way they see the world, their frustrations and playfulness, their insights and annoying traits.
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I live in the fastest growing school district in MT. We are trying to pass a bond the next 2 weeks to build two more schools cuz our schools can't hold everyone. You know who is actively campaigning to tank our bonds? HOMESCHOOLERS. #ExposeChristianHomeschooling
You know who is helping them? THE FUCKING CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS. They are actively posting on social media and trying to stop people from voting for our bond. #ExposeChristianSchools
The homeschoolers and private Christian school-goers are working against their own community to stop us from passing the bonds we need to make our community thrive. So next time you adopt a live and let live attitude toward them, remember this.
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So great to see #ExposeChristianSchools getting the attention it deserves.

Here's more context: Many of these schools now receive public funding through vouchers. Their textbooks call slavery "black immigration," say Satan hatched the idea of "psychology"…
I created a database of every voucher school in the country. I found AT LEAST 33% of schools use these extremist curriculums.

They teach kids to see other religions as evil, women as lesser. Textbooks call civil rights activists "black supremacists"…
At least 14% of these voucher schools actively advertise policies that ban LGBTQ staff members and staff. I wrote about a school that expelled an 8-year-old because she wasn't "feminine" enough.

Taxpayers are supporting these policies.…
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I'm sick today so I'm feeling grumpy and my concentration levels are low, but just about right to shred this article here.…
I'll start with the headline. "Why freaking out about Christian schools proves evangelicals’ irrational fears"
The first thing that jumped out at me: you can't prove something irrational. EITHER their fears are irrational, OR they have been proven -- what?
True? Even more ridiculous than we thought? Full of cheese?
There's something missing here. Missing on purpose I think. It's supposed to imply the answer is "true" without committing to that.
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Maybe it's just me, but it seems like #ExposeChristianSchools is getting more & higher-profile pushback than things like #EmptyThePews or #ChristianAltFacts -- and I wanted to explore some reasons that might be.
I grew up in evangelical-land during the 70s and 80s, and left the church in the 90s, so my experiences were before a lot of the other people who share their #Exvangelical stories on here.
I ~saw~ these changes happening in the church -- the move toward right wing politics, Christian patriarchy, anti-demonic paranoia, etc. -- but I saw a lot of them in their early, nascent forms
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