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Sürekli kazandırabilen kazanç yöntemini anlatacağım bugün.

Yaklaşık 9 aydır bu sistemle kazanıyorum.
Boğa-Ayı demeden çorbayı kaynatıyor.

Basit yöntemler ile kümülatif büyümek isteyenler için;

Flood başlıyor 👇

#Btc #Pepe #Floki
1⃣ Bu yöntemi hep uyguluyorum, çoğu kez görmüş ve şahit olmuşsunuzdur.

''1x shortlamak''

Neden 1x shortluyorsun?
Kazanç getirisi ne oluyor?
Spottan ne farkı var?
İşleme girerken nelere dikkat ediyorsun?
Hangi borsada yapıyorsun?

Buyrun anlatayım 🙂

#Pepe #Floki #Trade
2⃣ Neden 1x shortluyorum?

Ben genellikle kamikaze işlem yapan bir traderim.
Setup kuracak vaktim olmadığı zamanlar piyasa dinamiklerine göre işlem alıyorum.

Hâl böyle olunca riskli poz taşımayı sevmiyorum.
Bu sebeple düşük kaldıraç kullanarak kasamı yönetmeyi yeğliyorum.
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Well, time to explain what we do with coins and why we deposit most of them on exchanges. Even #floki holders believe that we dump all the purchased coins, because we bought 81B #floki from and send them to exchanges. We just sent 57B floki to the on-chain wallet. @RealFlokiInu Image
The rest sit across exchanges, because as MM we must provide liquidity 24/7. Link to the wallet, feel free to check.…
Frankly, the most dumb thing that #MM could do is to leave all the purchased/burrowed assets in the #wallet. Because MM should create markets, provide #depth, improve order execution instead of doing nothing and waiting when the market is skyrocketing to execute its call options
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1/ Hey #Floki community! Have you ever heard of DEXTools' utility token $DEXT?

Due to the recent partnership I started thinking that you may be interested in discovering $DEXT, a token that has one of the most well-thought tokenomics I've ever seen.

Check this out👇
2/ So, what is $DEXT?

It's the utility token of, the leading platform in #DeFi analysis and trading tools. Holding $DEXT gives you access to premium features on the platform, as well as Dext Force Ventures, the $DEXT whale & investment club. Image
3/ But $DEXT is more than just a utility token. It lets you benefit from Dextools' revenues and growth simply by holding it. And let me tell you, Dextools has a diversified set of revenue streams that keeps the company profitable and growing.
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Breaking news! Elon Musk has announced that he's making #Floki the #ShibaInu the CEO of Twitter. That's right, a dog is now in charge of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It's a bold move, but Elon has always been a bit of a maverick. And with #Floki's popularity, he could be onto something big.

Of course, this raises some questions. Can a dog really run a company? And what does this mean for the future of Twitter?

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Is #BNB going to ZERO? Very important facts you should know 🧵

I see a lot of coordinated BNB FUD lately. What are the facts?

This 🧵 looks at:

- BNB vs FTT. Are they similar?
- BNB being an “exchange token”.
- The BNB Smart Chain.
- The BNB in #Binance reserves.

Read on 👇
The #BNB FUD looks coordinated for a couple reasons:

They are being pushed by the same accounts pushing the #Binance FUD which I already debunked here:

They are all comparing BNB to FTT. That’s either ignorant or intentional fearmongering, or both.
The basic narrative being driven by BNB fudders is that “Binance is insolvent” (all indications show that this isn’t true and Binance is a very strong exchange) and that BNB will crash just like FTT since it is just the Binance exchange token.

Except BNB is NOT like FTT...
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(1) DEFI
(3) NFTS


#Binance10M #BUSD #Airdrop $BTC
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After monitoring the initial #OKX NFT mint listing competition for #Floki, we realized that a lot of people were having difficulties minting the NFTs according to the initial instructions which resulted in these NFT mints not counting in favor of Floki.

As a result we've worked with the OKX team for a new procedure that should be much easier to keep track of and which will more easily benefit Floki.

PLEASE NOTE that you should follow these steps again (ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE) even if you followed the initial steps (as the MAJORITY of people who did weren't tracked in favor of Floki):
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Everyone compares $Floki to $Doge.

But that’s wrong.

#Floki is more like #Tesla.

Let me explain 🧵
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am not an adviser.

This is simply my thesis.

In short,

I believe Floki is going from “Meme” to “Moat”
Many think Floki is just a meme.

Or believe it’s not a serious project.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Another Major News for #Vikings 🚨

#Floki team have announced their latest strategic partnership with legendary Formula 1 Racing team Sauber Motorsport, the driving force behind Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team.

#Floki’s distinctive branding will feature on the rear end wing plates of both Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team ORLEN cars for the full 2022 season, with a record 23 rounds from March until November anticipated to reach an incredible 1.5 billion people.
This #Floki strategic decision is an economic master stroke because Formula 1 is broadcast to 170 territories with an average TV viewership of 87 million per race and cumulative audience of 1.5 billion people.

Imagine what that level of exposure could do for this project.
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Summary of #THIS spaces:

-Team with extensive advertising experience bringing their experience in the cryptocurrency industry

-Focus on community and culture building
The mechanism of the engagement contest
The owners are Electors and curators (incentivized)
-Several projects have contacted white labeling our mechanism for EaaS

-Negotiate deals with GREAT Youtubers

- Expects to grow SO well beyond CT.
-SocialFi has all the tools to drive cryptocurrency integration. Artists can use #THIS for crowdfunding. Celebrities can use $THIS for charities. Communities can use $THIS to address urgent needs.
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A quick 🧵 thread 🧵explaining why I believe $MRI will be the #1 traded #memecoin in 2022… 👇🏽
1. The Team : $MRI dev team has made it clear that Actions, speak louder than words.

They rallied a community of #Crypto investors OVER NIGHT towards one vision. #FightingForFighters Image
2. Community : in under a week the $MRI holder count went from 0-4000.

The $MRI Fighters have been attacking Twitter aggressively, making $MRI one of the most mentioned coins next to $LOOKS & $MCC

Let’s not forget, organically Trending on @DEXToolsApp every day since Launch. Image
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The #FLOKI Ecosystem: The Bullish Case (a thread)

This thread looks at exactly what the #FLOKI ecosystem is and what it means for the future of $FLOKI token.
To understand just how important the #FLOKI ecosystem is, we need to first look at the projects FLOKI tend to be most commonly compared to:

- $DOGE: $21 billion market cap
- $SHIB: $16 billion market cap

The above 2 projects complete the "memecoin trilogy" with $FLOKI.
So exactly how does $FLOKI compare to $DOGE and $SHIB in view of the ecosystem being built -- especially considering that both are valued at least 20x more?

Let's start with #DOGE:

- $DOGE's only utility is as a currency and that's it -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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Some of the 🎯's achieved during 2nd half of 2021:

At this stage, we had ALL moon-boys calling 200k in 2022 and cons like @TheMoonCarl calling 300k, then 700k, and then 200k.

Around here, we knew market was ♨️and profits were taken. Image

This one is pretty self-explanatory. #BTC did 39,000$

Note that ALL gurus were calling UpOnly. Some were calling Up, Down, or Sideways ("Wow. No shhh!"...)

Their only goal is to bring more followers into their "kingdom" Image

#Solana had a MASSIVE run since early 2021 and most investors were not buying afraid of a crash because "it has gone up too much".

There was quite a lot of fuel in this train. Still, buying for 5$ and not taking profits on 100$+ is the dumbest thing an investor can do. Image
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@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla and all the other $FLOKI #FLOKI Vikings, we congratulate you over the bridge at #Wanchain for the great successes into #DeFi with @InverseFinance…
@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla @InverseFinance If you'd like to connect to discuss expanding your cross-chain capabilities to #wanchain #avalanche #fantom #moonriver #polygon #bsc #Polkadot with your current $FLOKI vastly expanding chains and possibilities. Considering connecting with our Ambassadors.
@RealFlokiInu @0xDeXHawk @SabreEthereum @100bviking @FlokiViking456 @wenEthmoon @RajveerJolly @FlokitoValhalla @InverseFinance To connect with us, many are regularly available on Twitter, and Telegram - also for getting streamlined bridge building there is a form here as well for #wanchain this is for ERC-20 and other EVM…
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The Metaverse Case for #FLOKI -- and Why it is Significantly Undervalued (a thread!)

The #Metaverse industry is projected to be a $1 trillion industry according to crypto giant Grayscale.

This thread looks at the Metaverse trend and what it means for #FLOKI as a cryptocurrency.
I’ll start with the disclaimers:

1. This is not financial/investment advice.
2. I'm a core team member at $FLOKI and actively involved with the project.

Let’s start by looking at the Metaverse trend…
Facts and data:

- The #Metaverse industry is a $1 trillion annual revenue opportunity according to Grayscale!

- Metaverse games will benefit mostly from this growth - with a projected annual revenue of $400 billion by 2025.

- #FLOKI is building a Metaverse game named VALHALLA.
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CryptoCart integration finalized!

Exactly 4 months ago we announced a strategic utility partnership with CryptoCart that will let you be able to use your $FLOKI tokens to make a purchase on over 1,700 stores and platforms worldwide. Image
These platforms include:

- PlayStation
- Amazon
- Uber
- Apple
- Netflix
- Walmart
- XBox
- Airbnb
- And much more!
Ever since that announcement, we've been inundated with requests from Vikings who are so eager to see that integration go live.

In fact, "When will CryptoCart be live?" is the single most popular request from the Chinese #FLOKI community.
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In line with our vision to achieve world dominance and further push $FLOKI mainstream, we would like to announce FLOKI's entry into La Liga through a strategic partnership with Cádiz CF.
Cádiz is one of the oldest football clubs in La Liga and a very familiar brand in Spain.

The #FLOKI logo and website will be featured on their Jersey sleeve for the rest of this season (which lasts until May 2022).
There will also be a LED display of #FLOKI's brand and website during all of Cádiz's home games as well as on their fan-focused promotional assets.
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As part of our strategic moves to ensure complete real-world dominance, $FLOKI will lock down Nigeria for a full 3 months with an aggressive digital marketing campaign!
The #FLOKI campaign in Nigeria will see $FLOKI featured in premium positions on the biggest news platforms, business and finance publications, and mainstream investment publications in Nigeria.
Combined with a strategic marketing partnership with some of Nigeria's biggest and most respected digital influencers, the Nigerian campaign will see #FLOKI completely take over the Nigerian digital space and be front and center in the mind of every Nigerian youth.
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In what will be a first for cryptocurrency projects in our category, and indicative of #FLOKI's plan to be the top memecoin, we are excited to announce that $FLOKI tokens can now be used to buy real estate in Miami.
This is made possible through a strategic partnership with Real Estate Empire Group (REEG) which will see them start to accept #FLOKI as a payment option to buy and lease real estate in Miami going forward!
While #FLOKI has always been particular about our focus on utility being a main differentiator, this is a turning point for the $FLOKI project as it further legitimizes the FLOKI token and enhances its utility.
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In what will be one of our most aggressive marketing campaigns yet, symbolic of our intent for true world domination, $FLOKI has locked down Australia.
Starting November 15, #FLOKI will be featured prominently on 30 digital landmark screens across major Australian cities that include New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Adelaide, and Perth.
This campaign will run for four weeks and is expected to reach 34.2% of Australian adults, making $FLOKI a dominant cryptocurrency in the country.

The #FLOKI marketing campaign in Australia will generate over 44.4 million impressions and push FLOKI mainstream in Australia.
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In what is a landmark deal indicative of $FLOKI's intent to corner every sphere of the world and be a dominant cryptocurrency, we'd like to announce a strategic partnership with the Gypsy King and Undefeated World Boxing Champion Tyson Fury!
Tyson Fury is the current world boxing championship holder, ranked as the world's best heavyweight, and has never been defeated.

The partnership with Tyson Fury is strategic and sends a strong, clear message about #FLOKI's intent to be everywhere... and in every sphere!
He's not only our ambassador or just someone who spreads our movement, he actually thrives on our story.

He is a living example of getting back up when you've been knocked down, a literal fighter in every sense of the word. Like we fought our way to the top.
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In furtherance of our plans to completely take over Europe, $FLOKI has locked down a campaign to completely take over the Heathrow Airport.
The #FLOKI Heathrow campaign is an extension of $FLOKI's aggressive and super effective London Campaign that has seen the FLOKI brand featured in the Underground and on over 300 buses all across London.
The Heathrow campaign will have the #FLOKI brand featured strategically in 329 locations around Heathrow Airport, run for 4 weeks, and is expected to be seen over 32.6 million times.
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This is about Elon Musk


Some will like it
Some will fight it
Some will have a 💡 moment

Let me explain 🧵
1/ This thread is the sequel.

A sequel that goes deeper than the original.

Here's part 1 👇

2/ After studying Elon Musk's tweets the past 4 months, I had my "Aha" 💡 moment.

Me when I realized it...
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I studied the last 3 years of Elon Musk's tweets

What I learned 👇

Elon's playing Twitter Chess while everyone else is still setting up their Checkers board 🧠

Let me explain 🧵
1/ Elon Musk is very deliberate with his tweets

He understands the exponential power of memes

What he says, he memes.

2/ He's constantly leaving clues to what his moves are in the future.

March 5th - $Floki reference

May 20th - #Floki reference
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