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1.În momentul ăsta în timp ce scriu, majoritatea influencerilor din mediu românesc îți râd în nas că oameni precum #Burry și #Kiyosaki vorbesc de cea mai gravă recesiune urmează, iar tu ești un prost că te iei după ei și ratezi bullrun-uri la greu și n-ai acumulat și tu un #EGLD
2Uite cum e cu bullrunu de acum, majoritatea cripto monedelor sunt la low-ul din decembrie, știai? Nu știai, dar pui botul și îți faci sânge rău că n-ai cumpărat. #BTC și câteva proiecte mici AI stau mai bine, curând si ele. în rest gaură #matic #ftm #qnt #icp #shibainu #dogecoin
3. Toți cei care au cumpărat la sfârșit de ianuarie 2023, februarie 2023, toți sunt în minus 30%-60%, adică au rămas agățați și speră, au cumpărat topul cum s-ar spune. Adică fix toți cei care au crezut influencerii în perioada aia că urmează mega bullrun.
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The Rise and Fall of #Memecoins: A Brief History of #Crypto’s Most Hilarious and Controversial Trend Image
Memecoins are cryptocurrencies that are based on



🔹Cultural Phenomenon
They are usually created as a parody or critique of the cryptocurrency market

But some of them have gained popularity and value due to

🔸Online Communities

🔸Celebrity Endorsements

🔸Media Attention
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Do not worry, I will not share any shocking Twitter thread to clickbait you!

I will share the top 10 Layer-2 protocols that are set to disrupt the game in 2023!

Let's dive in! 👇

An unshocked thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Arbitrum ($ARB) 🌐

Features - Arbitrum High-speed transactions at 40,000 TPS & low fees, Arbitrum is EVM-compatible, making DApp development easy. Also, no need to learn new coding languages for devs!

🪙 Token: $ARB
💰 Market Cap: $1.5B
🔒 TVL: $2.26B Image
2️⃣ Optimism ($OP) ⚡

Features: Optimism uses optimistic rollups for increased Ethereum scalability & efficiency. A vibrant DeFi ecosystem with over $900M TVL, it's a promising Layer 2 solution.

🪙 Token: $OP
💰 Market Cap: $715M
🔒 TVL: $924M Image
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Breaking news! Elon Musk has announced that he's making #Floki the #ShibaInu the CEO of Twitter. That's right, a dog is now in charge of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It's a bold move, but Elon has always been a bit of a maverick. And with #Floki's popularity, he could be onto something big.

Of course, this raises some questions. Can a dog really run a company? And what does this mean for the future of Twitter?

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YOU know we might be onto something with this new project $TSUKA

The clues keep coming and the $SHIB rumours getting stronger & stronger by the day....

If true, THIS could be the biggest opportunity 👀

You need to take a look at this.... THREAD 🧵👇
The rumors are that this is the new #ryoshitoken token... eg the new #shibainu

At first I ignored thinking this was the usual larp... and still it could be, but as people kept showing me the facts... It is now something that is worth a discussion 👇
So firstly... Who is #Ryoshi & why should you give a fuck?

He is the #Shiba Creator/founder

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, he is anonymous, but has a massive following + community based around his work 👇
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My first withdrawal from the Mine Shiba app (Android) to Binance

THREAD #shibainu #Binance…
Mine Shiba app is one of the best crypto mining app on Android, it's user friendly, anyone can use the app due to it's simplicity. It's also a cloud mining app, one click, close the app and you're mining

Maximize your earnings (increase your mining speed) by referring others
As you can see in the 2nd frame, you can also participate in the SPIN OF WHEEL every 90 minutes to earn more, guess what? You always win
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #24 ✨🚀

(1/14) Hi there! I've been busy thinking through ways I can fight the patriarchy, but we just can't ignore the #Layer2 siren call, can we? Here's your weekly 🧵👇!
(2/14) @MetaMask announced they'll soon be rolling out a #Layer2 onramp for buying crypto on @Arbitrum and @OptimismPBC. Fantastic development for people who want an on-ramp that doesn't require a centralized exchange or a bridge!
(3/14) #Norway is embracing the #Ethereum #Layer2, @arbitrum to build a cap tables platform for unlisted companies. Amazing!
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#Catecoin with #CatPay token is set to beat #DOGE and #ShibaInu
The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past year, and the number of coins listed on CoinMarketCap continues to rise.
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#Alpha Hunting Thread 👇👇👇!

How do people keep finding these #100X Gems and sold out #NFT’s?

In this thread we’ll cover how to TUNE out noise in the market.

Let’s improve your alpha sharp shooting skills so you are in and out before it starts trending!

Remember the giga whale who turned $8K into $5 Billion last year on $SHIB?

What if you bought #ShibaInu at the time he did? You’d be set for life just with a quarter of the amount invested.

Alpha Hunting is very similar to sharpshooting, it is a skill that can be developed and improved over time.

Before we dive deep, let’s lay out the definitions.

Alpha Hunting:
1. Being aware of a potentially #profitable decision
2. Compounding your knowledge

3/ Image
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(2/147) know what? I'm tired. I have been browsing Twitter for the past couple days, looking at the NFT landscape and economics. I have seen many people promising money for everyone, so I bought an NFT for 186k dollars. I had to take a loan, but eventually someone will buy it
(3/147) for 500k, so of course it's worth it! But now I have found the other side of NFTs. There are many good for nothing villains out there saying that it's a bubble without understanding how they work. So many people who are jealous of the success of NFTs, and find joy in
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You wont catch me talking bad about #Doge maybe some of the influencers but not Doge ... I made my first $80,000 of Doge so its special to me even though I've moved on to #Shiba#MyFirstLove
Shiba will flip Doge in the coming days .....get in before it's too late and for the doge community that bought doge before the penny feels familiar right??? Jump in #Shiba #1CentDream #1CentDreamShib #Flip #ShibaInu #ShibaArmy #Doge
This is why @elonmusk out of all the times he was asked do he hold Shiba strategically tried to bury us with the nope answer #ShibaInu #Shiba #ShibaArmy #doge #ElonMusk
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[Thread] Dernière partie de la trilogie avec les 13 erreurs des débutants #crypto #investisseurs.

Orienté vers l'investissement, les erreurs peuvent être nombreuses et coûter très cher.

C'est #dimanche, il faut beau, profitez en pour vous détendre en terrasse bien couvert. ⬇️
1) #Investir des fonds que vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de perdre

C'est la règle d'or de tout investisseur et c'est d'autant plus vrai en crypto. Un simple hack de votre matériel et vous finirez #REKT.

N'investissez JAMAIS JAMAIS de l'argent qui vous est nécessaire.
2) #Investir de l'argent des autres

Vous avez réussi quelques #trades et prenez le melon ? Sachez que votre belle histoire peut couper court en cas de chute, #hack ou mauvais placement.

Qu'allez vous dire à ces personnes qui n'ont peut-être plus rien ? Ne faites jamais ça.
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Was this the top for #Bitcoin? Or just the start of something bigger?

A thread.

I will look at different factors (fundamentals & TA) for $BTC as well as #cryptocurrency in general and come to my own conclusions at the end.

First, the bull case:

- EIP 1559 coming up in Jul/Aug for #Ethereum.

Markets usually don’t crash before such a highly anticipated fundamental driver.

Counterpoint: could also see the complacency shoulder coming right into this event.

(2/15) Image
- Big players have bought the dip (or keep #HODLing) and seem positive about upside price potential.

Be it @michael_saylor, @CathieDWood, @novogratz or @elonmusk… just to name a few.

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