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Hi everyone!👋 Gill Andrews here. I'm a conversion copywriter and a UX specialist who turns underperforming websites into slick lead-generating machines 💪

I'm here to talk about 6 mistakes of #smallbiz websites that kill your business.


#SEOThread @StoriesWithGill
Before we dive in, here's what your prospects need to understand ab. your offer to give you their $:
* What it is
* How it helps them
* How it works
* What they need to invest
* Why trust you
* Why choose you

☝️At least 1 violation = website mistake
#SEOThread @StoriesWithGill
With respect to your website, it means that your prospects need to:

* Understand what you're saying

…and find it:

* relevant
* valuable
* specific
* trustworthy


Or else they'll walk away & take their $$$ with them.
#SEOThread @storieswithgill
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During today's US Senate HELP hearing on #retirementsavings and #emergencysavings, we'll hear testimony from @AspenFSP’s @idarademacher, @WISERwomen’s Cindy Hounsell, @GROUPIRA’s Petros Koumantaros and @TIAA’s Doug Chittenden.…
The US House is also scheduled today to vote and pass on bipartisan HR 2954 - Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021 - also known at #SECURE2.0 - sponsored by Reps Neal (D-MA) and Brady (R-TX).…
#SECURE2.0 builds on the 2019 SECURE Act - which enabled (a) pooled employer plans #PEPs that enable smallbiz to pool their purchasing power for workers retirement and (b) lifetime income solutions.
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Thread by @JessicaMeigs (THANK YOU THANK YOU!)

➡️ Hey #entrepreneurs, #TwitterMarketing, and ANYONE who is #selfemployed

‼️EVERYONE should know this information that's being buried in the news cycle:

‼️The PRO Act, or HR 842‼️👎

The voting date is scheduled for 03/08! (aka THIS Monday!)

🚨Remember the heavily OPPOSED smack-down that #California imposed on millions of #independentcontractors?

That they are ‼️STILL‼️ fighting? The law that says you cannot even do #Rideshare unless @uber, @lyft, @Grubhub
... EMPLOY you as an official employee of the company. 😱

Even IF they could afford to do that (and these companies have ALREADY said they CANNOT,) you could not:

🔸set your own schedule
🔸where you want to work
🔸or any other #sidehustle - GONE

Not sure if you’re in this 📦?
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The #COVID19 crisis put millions of Americans in financial peril, hitting households of color particularly hard and moratoriums on utility shutoffs instituted in many states to #ProtectConsumers have already expired. 1/6…
Millions of utility customers face the threat of shutoff due to the inability to pay their #energy bills and unpaid #utilitybills are accruing across the country. #COVID19 #LIHEAP #HomeworkGap #Lifeline #ProtectHomeowners 2/6…
New analysis from @NCLC4consumers finds that without additional aid and flexible repayment programs, millions of families and #smallbiz will face or are already facing a mountain of debt that they can’t pay, placing them at high risk of disconnection. 3/6…
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TONIGHT 5:30pm: I am observing the #SanFrancisco #Police Commission for @lwvsf on this thread. 📢Big Change to the agenda: PUBLIC COMMENT will now open the meeting! How to join:… Round image. Top two thirds red. Bottom two thirds white. Lo
The meeting hasn’t started yet, but it looks like all are present in Webex: President @MaliaCohen, VP Cindy Elias, @DJYBG, @HamasakiLaw, Petra Dejesus. Also present are @SFPDChief Scott & @SF_DPA Department of Police Accountability Executive Director @PaulHendersonSF.
While we’re waiting, here’s the agenda:… and the supporting documents:….
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If you need a mental / #SelfCare break, tune in to something uplifting ... We're staaaaarting! First up, @USChamber Pres. Suzanne Clark is interviewing @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC & Annette Bening. #StarringRole…
LOVE @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC comment about how the arts unite us. It's true!! ♥️ #StarringRole
By definition, they require imagination and expanding one's mind. For example, when you see an actor, you're picturing them as the person they're depicting — not solely thinking: "Hey, that's ____!" #StarringRole
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#STIMULUSPACKAGE negotiations update: “Dear Democratic Colleague” letter from @SpeakerPelosi outlines key Trump shortcomings that actively harm the American people; vows to pass relief. 🧵
#STIMULUSPACKAGE: “the Trump Administration’s latest offer shortchanges state and local governments that provide most services Americans depend on.” @AppropsDems Chair Nita Lowey…
TRUMP “refuses to put a national testing, tracing and surveillance plan in place ... delays funding to states ... does nothing to address barriers and needs of communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted by #COVID19.” -@FrankPallone…
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#HeroesAct2 — LiveTweeting Legislation

Like many #smallbiz attorneys and advocates, I’m spending most of tonight and tomorrow reading over the Democrats newly-released #COVID19 #stimulus package. As I review, I’ll share some insights and discoveries. Stay tuned!
Congress proposes three #setasides for #PPP funding:

(1) at least 10% for #smallbiz with fewer than 10 employees OR for certain loans made to biz in low- and mod-income areas

(2) < 30% for nonprofits, housing coops, and hotels/restaurants

(3) < 50% for supplemental PPP loans.
Also similarly reserves the lesser of 25% or $15B of the unused #PPP loans appropriations for loans by Community Financial Institutions.
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Quick #SmallBiz Overview on #HeroesAct2:

- #PPP extended until 12/31/2020
- New PPP #SetAsides for: (A) Businesses with fewer than 10 employees (including self-employed); (B) Nonprofits, Hotels, Restaurants, Franchisees, and SBIC-funded; and (C) Supplemental Draws on PPP . . .
- PPP Reserve for Loans from CDCs
- #EIDL Reform
- Fee Reductions and Subsidies (e.g., Debt Relief Payments) . . .

- Reallocation of #PPP funds recovered from #SBA audits.

- And, broadly, a whole lot more congressional oversight.

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Despite weeks of stalled negotiations, Congress seems poised to agree on a #COVID19 relief package in the coming days. The deal would likely provide additional disaster funding for #smallbiz, including targeted relief for restaurants, hotels, theaters, and the airlines . . .
. . . as well as another opportunity for #PaycheckProtectionProgram loans. Individuals may also see extended unemployment benefits and possibly another stimulus check. There’s also separate legislation extending #CARESAct subsidies Keep an eye out for more signs of compromise!
Some predict that a vote on the new stimulus package may come as early as Friday, Oct. 2, while others are hedging, saying a vote may be next week. Either way, with new targeted #PPP relief for certain industries, #smallbiz likely won’t see the relief until mid- to late-October.
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Twice this week, Sec. Mnuchin and @federalreserve Chair Powell have expressed the need for additional aid for #smallbiz, including a second disbrusement of #PPP loans — even suggesting targeted aid for restaurants, hotels, and other specific industries . . .
The next #COVID19 stimulus will likely have additional aid for #smallbiz, but with additional segmentation and requirements.
- Biz with less than 20 ppl
- Restaurants & Hotels (i.e. Sector72)
- #MinorityOwned & Rural Biz
Each will likely have a specific carve out in the bill . .
Specific to @federalreserve’s #MainStreetLending programs, we may see modifications on eligibility, personal guarantees, and lender requirements to help unclog this funding channel for #smallbiz and “larger” #SMBs . . .
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NEW THREAD: The impact of #COVID19 on #smallbiz has been catastrophic. According to 2 new analyses from @SHamiltonian and @HamiltonProj:
From mid-March to mid-May 2020, > 40% of all small businesses closed, causing revenues to drop 40% on average #COVIDEconomy
By mid-July, more than 420,000 small businesses had permanently closed—equivalent to the # of failures typically seen over a whole year. #COVIDEconomy #SmallBiz
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During prayer this morning I rejoiced because I'm not #homeless. The last time we had a politically motivated #financial recession, the pres bailed out banks & big corps instead of the citizens. Contrast 2009 with this year. And, yes, it should be obvious to any thinking person
that we have a severe economic disruption every decade. Why is that? Is it b/c there's a new admin every 8 years? Yes and no. Perhaps we should amend the law so @realDonaldTrump can remain in office until Jan 2029 so we can KAG permanently. Make it so, LORD God Yehovah!
@realDonaldTrump Americans are waking up to realize how blatantly demonic, lifelong politicians mess around with the country's financials to create the appearance of disaster so they can shuffle #money where they want it. This one backfired big time, though, b/c DJT loves the country and people.
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Excited to participate in @CathULaw’s #COVID19 and Rescuing Small Business alongside Prof. Megan La Belle and @PilieroMazza’s Cy Alba. Join us on July 30 at 5:30PM as we discuss the #CARES Act, #PPP, #APA, and other legal topics. For more info, visit….
@ABAAdLaw Hope our colleagues focused on administrative law issues can join us on Thursday! The #CARES Act waived APA 553’s notice and comment, but what about APA 552? Does #PPP’s economic need prong contradict the Act? Tune in to hear more!
@TheBigBidTheory Looks like another round of #PPP funding may become available for millions of #smallbiz under Sens. Rubio and Collins’ plan. Hopefully we can avoid the administrative pitfalls we saw in the first attempt.
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Btw, speaking sending stuff and sharing things ...
I don't think I've yet shared the news (on Twitter) that I'm speaking at @TheHPAlliance #CampGLA on Saturday @ 1:30pm!!! Soooo looking forward to this. Image
If you're not familiar with @TheHPAlliance, they're a great groups of folks who use the power of #storytelling & #popculture to make activism accessible & sustainable. #CampGLA
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I've worked in #ReproductiveHealth / #ReproductiveJustice for more than a decade — including multiple women's rights organizations (both internationally & domestically focused).
Disclosure: I know several current & former employees — including folks in leadership — of many ethnicities, including white folks, at IWHC.
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Looks like it's going to rain outside & @lifetimetv is currently airing a kink-friendly movie about open marriages. So, now I know exactly what I'm doing for the next 2 hours. 🍿
Couple A about Couple B's #OpenMarriage: "I didn't think they were the type." Well, sir, that's the thing ... You never really know who's kinky and who's vanilla. 👀
Everything is contextual anyway. I'm considered ...
✅ Vanilla AF among kink-friendly friends
✅ Kinky AF among vanilla crowds
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I ❤️ #Costco cakes. 😢 For my debut one-woman theater show — I Füçkèd Your Country — that's where our production manager place the launch party cake order. Sad the cakes are no more. #ACreativeDC #202Creates… Image
For my 2nd one-woman theater show, we supported a local bakery that was a fellow woman-owned, #BlackOwned business: Diva Kakes. #202Creates #SmallBiz #ACreativeDC #ShopLocal Image
Details, press, reviews, photos, etc. about each of my shows are available online. #202Creates #ACreativeDC…
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We talk a lot about growth, marketing, SEO & all the fun sides of #startups and #entrepreneurship, but there's more to online business than that.

Let's take a crash course in financial statements, shall we?

The 3 financial statements businesses issue to report their financial performance are:
1⃣ Cash Flow Statements
2⃣ Balance Sheets
3⃣ Income Statements

@freshbooks has a good tutorial on how to read each of these statements.…

#Accounting #SmallBusiness
1a) The cash flow statement shows actual cash inflows and outflows of a business over time. 📈

It basically measures how well a company manages its cash. @noahparsons and @Bplans explain cash flow statements in this article:…
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#SBA issues new regulations, FAQs, and other guidance on #PPP each week, leaving many #smallbiz with their heads spinning. Until 6/1, I'm taking questions via Twitter on #forgiveness, #audits, and other #PPP issues to help make sense of it. Comment or DM with your questions . . .
Check in each day for more #PPPAnswers. I can't guarantee that I'll get to everyone's #PPP questions, but we'll tackle as many as we can!

#Remember, don't submit confidential information. These Q/As don't constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship . . .
Issues with #PPP applications, #forgiveness, and #audits can be complex and fact-specific. Before you decide to act on any information provided in these Q/As or on twitter, please seek professional advice.
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Town hall on #COVID19 financial services relief & the Black community.

Presenters: Kim Saunders, @Sifill_LDF, @ItsLisaRice, @ACHesquire, Nikitra Bailey. Moderated by @AprilDRyan and comments from @RepMaxineWaters. Image
"We have these positions in Washington, DC and we're going to use them. We're going to tell the story of the disproportionate number of African-American, Latinos and others who are dying...and we are going to force them to deal with the economic issues."

-@RepMaxineWaters Image
.@RepMaxineWaters is explaining how small business owners of color have largely been excluded from #CARESACt and paycheck protection program relief funds.

To equip #smallbiz owners with information to receive relief, LDF published a CARES Act guide:…
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On 5/13, #SBA provided some relief for #smallbiz concerned with possible SBA audits, particularly related to “economic need” certifications and the “good faith” safe harbor. But, #PPP loan recipients did not receive a full reprieve from all challenges.…
Despite the grace for “economic need” certifications, #SBA audits and post-hoc reviews still present significant risks for borrowers and even lenders, regardless of the #PPP loan amount.
Borrowers of less than $2 million should still prepare for potential #SBA audits and post-hoc reviews, particularly if they apply for #PPP loan #forgiveness. These reviews will likely require borrowers to substaniate size, #affiliations, #NAICS code, and even #creditworthiness.
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In today’s installment of “How can we use COVID as a way to ban abortion?" the bodyguards of misogyny in the Senate are proposing that paycheck protection expands to churches like The Little Brothers of the Pray-the-Gay-Away and explicitly excludes abortion providers. Image
Yep. Providers of abortion, an essential medical service that 1 in 4 women will get in their lifetime, are SHUT OUT while the youth minister organizing the protests outside of these clinics is all… #Covid19 #PPP…
So if you have a pin left in your political voodoo doll, stick it in hard knowing that in the game of who gets a paycheck and who doesn’t, politicians wanna make sure the CHURCH THAT PAYS NO TAXES, gets help before the small business that does. #smallbiz #smallbusiness
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11 days ago, Democrats denied additional funding for the #PaycheckProtectionProgram.

And 4 days ago, it ran out of funding.

Every job lost until this crisis has passed is because of job-killing Democrats.
In Nancy Pelosi's backyard, in San Francisco, CA, the owner of a small graphic design firm “is doing what she can to keep her employees paid but just found out the $349 billion stimulus fund called the #PaycheckProtectionProgram is already out of money.”…
In Columbus, OH, a hair salon “applied for the #PaycheckProtectionProgram to keep their workers on payroll and pay other bills. The problem is, the $350 billion dollar program has run out of money.”

That's because of Democrats in Congress.…
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