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Thanks to @cvpayne for having me on to talk tariffs vs economy. Since it was short, or if you missed it, here are some key points. 1st, China is a problem, primarily because of IP and espionage. I give POTUS credit for having the fortitude to fight for that...
Where I disagree is tactics (I’d use counter non-enforcement of IP as a tactic), but can at least agree on the underlying need. Where I think people miss the argument is on trade/jobs. The reality is that US consumers want their dollar to stretch far...
They don’t want to pay $65 for a t-shirt or toy produced in the US that they could pay $15 for sourced elsewhere (China or otherwise). Bringing that job back to the US is a false choice and illogical thinking. You don’t want to double pay if it means paying triple for goods...
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Whatever happened to #HighStmosaics ,our 2nd whistleblowing episode in #GCCHighStcrisis ?

Never heard back from MPs who expressed outrage
New tenant moved into shop but no replacement of #HighStmosaics #CityPropertyLLP destroyed despite MD saying⬇ in July 2018

No reply to #CityPropertyllpPlanningEnforcement complaint submitted to @GlasgowCC in July 2018.We #whistleblowing twice & are paying for it
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#HighStAreaStrategy halted #Glasgow council landlord #CityPropertyLLP hiking rents by rent moratorium

Now CP must save HS est #smallbiz
Issues remain 2019➡'urgent action needed by GCC & Aleo #CityPropertyLLP under investigation' @SandraWhiteSNP May 13…
As @GlasgowCC haven't reformed council landlord #CityPropertyLLP as arts, #smallbiz & 3rdsector urgently requested 2018, our issues remain
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Do you run a small business in the UK or know someone who does? If so, read on: #SmallBiz #SmallBusiness
You have probably heard/seen/read a lot on TV, Internet and Radio about Brexit. What you might not know is how it could affect your business.
A 'Hard' brexit (i.e. a badly managed form of leaving the EU resulting in a distant relationship with it) could have several negative effects on small businesses - difficulty sourcing stock, delays in obtaining raw materials, missed deliveries and difficulties recruiting staff
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I've long worked to make health care more affordable for individuals, families & children across ND. Follow along to see some of my efforts to fight for North Dakotans' to have access to quality care.
In early 2014, I unveiled a series of commonsense proposals with 5 other senators to take needed steps toward making the health reform law work better for individuals, families, & small businesses across North Dakota & the country. Read more in @politico:…
To learn more, see the full timeline here of my work since 2013 to make the health reform law work better for families & businesses.…
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2/ How do you change the mindset of challenger brands always thinking about their competitors? #DENStartupWeek
A challenger brands’ competitors will often copy your strategy, but you shouldn’t waver. Be flattered. Don’t get demoralized, says a #DENStartupWeek panelist
Don’t change your business model to satisfy a unique need or small set of customers.

Understand why you’re special and put it into action.
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Did you know that over 80% of businesses are undercharging for their services?

Here's why you need to raise your rates:


#Sales #smallbiz
Raising Your Rates is a Sign of Professionalism:

If you pay rent, your property management company raises rent each year.
The cost of access to gas, electric, and other utilities also rises each year.

Your rates must rise to support cost of living expenses.
Raising Your Rates Signals High Value or Quality

Low pricing immediately raises suspicion.

Premium rates signify quality, prestige, and luxury for business services.
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Are you an online course creator who fears publishing courses because will download the info and ask for a refund?

Here are a few solutions:
*Clarify your course features and benefits
*Raise your rates
*Extend your money back guarantee

#contentmarketing #onlinecourses
Why do you need to clarify your online course features and benefits to reduce refunds?

Create a barrier to entry via #copywriting

Be clear about who your course is for
Be clear about who your course is not for
Why does raising your rates reduce the number of online course refunds?

At premium price points, the psychology of the buyer changes from impulse tire-kicker to Investor.

When your price feels like an investment, you'll attract a results driven consumer.

Raise your rates
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We can #SaveTheInternet if the House will take a vote like the Senate. ISPs should not have the last word in what any American can see on the internet. Congress has a chance to put consumers and #SmallBiz first. #NetNeutrality
Seventy percent of small business owners feel that they are at a disadvantage compared to larger businesses due to their size and market power. The internet gives them capacity to try to equalize that disadvantage. Congress should support a free and open internet.
This is a debate of whether we are on the side of big utility-type companies or individuals and small businesses to guarantee them equal access to this critical service. Almost half of consumers have no choice of ISP. This is not about competition but preventing discrimination.
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The most basic rule of maintaining customer trust since humans invented commerce: have the product available for the customer, at the right price. These timeless lessons are essential to #smallbiz success in the digital age, and both are empowered by #IBPlogix 1/
Now that the world is moving faster, and customers are increasing expectations, you need your #supplychainplanning to have HANA cloud power to meet these timeless baselines. Digital solutions like @BeeLogixCan 's #IBPlogix allow #smallbix to compete in this fast-paced world. 2/
Don't let the world pass you by because of you worry about investment size. By scaling digital solution to #smallbiz, #IBPlogix is the turn-key, easy implementation of @SAPIBP that empowers your future growth. See how we can help you @SAPPHIRENOW + @ASUG365 2018, booth 988A 3/
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The value & importance of building networks & support groups for Entrepreneurs and Top Notch Professionals.

#Networking #SMB #CRM

Breakthrough success in any endeavor requires the conscious cooperation of smart and talented people.

When you start a new idea, you ask “How can I get started?”

Top notch performers ask “ Who are the best people to help me make this idea launch successfully?” #SMB
As Innovators & Game Changers, eliminate the mindset of:

“Owning 100% of nothing”

💡Collaborations, Joint Ventures, & Partnerships are the fastest approach to growth, scalability, & getting wins on the board💡

#SMB #Startupgrind
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Why do your friends hesitate to support your ideas and your business?

These are details you need to understand about friendship that will save you time and heartbreak on your path as a Creator.

Based on a true story.

(Thread) #SMB
Success in small business requires the conscious cooperation of other people to succeed. We naturally rely upon the direct support of our immediate peer group.

There are 3 types of friends.
Only 1 type has the capacity to support your evolution.
Let’s go deeper.
The first type of friends you develop are your Rite of Passage friends.
You meet during moments of transformation. During times of stress, the mind seeks familiarity & comfort.
Common interaction points:
Bootcamp, Freshmen year of college, high school athletics, church choir
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1/ The next time the GOP says they are fighting for small business, know that’s a lie. They had an opportunity to prove their #smallbiz commitment & do right by entrepreneurs and small biz owners- the backbone of our economy- and punted.
2/ Private equity professionals, who earn $$ of off investing others’ capital will keep low “carried interest” tax rates, but professional service providers that own their own businesses & risk THEIR OWN CAPITAL w no guarantees at all, get higher ordinary income tax rates.
3/This isn’t a dig at PE- I think the less $ the govt gets the better- but in what universe does a private equity professional deserve a lower tax rate than accountants, lawyers, consultants, IT service providers, etc. that are business owners?
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