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Huh? I deliberately did NOT Retweet the @AngusTaylorMP allegation thread because the allegations were unsourced. What’s going on, Angus?
2. Here’s the full letter from @AngusTaylorMP lawyers sent to @NoFibs which falsely claimed I tweeted a thread on allegations against him.
3. Wondering if a lawyer Tweep would agree to act for me pro bono to sort out this mess? I believe I did not Tweet or RT the thread in question.
4. I’ve asked Tweeps who live in #HumeVotes to tweet the campaign of @NoFibs-endorsed indie @Huw4Hume &/or report it for @NoFibs. Now I’m begging!

Sydney film maker @squig_ did a launch video for him pro bono, what can you do to rattle @AngusTaylorMP?

I have a lawyer, thank you all Tweeps who helped me get one. Hoping this will be resolved quickly.
5. The Angus thread mystery solved! His office sent reporter @lanesainty this screenshot.

I was right - I did NOT tweet the thread.

But Angus is right too - the tweet appeared on my timeline.

6. Screenshot is an automated tweet from @TwtTimes, which tracks most popular tweets of the people I follow & set to tweet when top tweet changes.

I don’t recall, but I would have deleted it as soon as I saw it because I deliberately did not tweet the thread in question...
7. Am trying to delete my Tweeted Times (having trouble because I used a defunct email to join).

So the question arises - can Tweeps be sued for an auto tweet they deleted upon seeing? The mind BOGGLES!
9. @lanesainty on the @AngusTaylorMP threats to @MichaelWestBiz and I over an Angus Taylor twitter thread-

10. A journo asks @AngusTaylorMP about #Watergate for the first time (can someone tell me who the brave journo is?)

11. @theprojecttv tackles #watergate - and no comment from Barnaby & a short statement from Angus Taylor that doesn’t say much.

This is now a test for the Press Gallery - can it extract detailed answers from Barnaby & Angus to the questions raised?

12. How about Labor promise a Royal Commission into water buybacks and the management of Murray-Darling Water? Remember the Govt refused to cooperate with the South Australian Royal Commission - I wonder why...


13. Anyone know which journos are on the wombat trail with McCormack? Time for questions on #watergate and what briefings he’s sought from Barnaby. Surely he’d be concerned on behalf of farmers? Surely he’d want an independent investigation?

#NewEnglandVotes #HumeVotes
15. National Party member calls for Royal Commission into water buybacks. #watergate

16. Over to you Labor: back rural and regional Australians and demand a Royal Commission into water buybacks. #Watergate


19. @TheAusInstitute backgrounder on Barnaby’s record breaking $80 million water buyback. #Watergate

20. Congratulations to Centre Alliance SA Senator @Senator_Patrick, who got the Senate to order the Govt to produce documents on #Watergate, leading to the story breaking after @TheAusInstitute research.




21. #Watergate has been simmering for a long time. Watch @MakeMayoMatter ask factual questions in Feb 2018 to current water minister David Littleproud. Normally mild mannered, he screamed political smears without answering in any way.


22. We were warned in 2015 about Barnaby’s integrity problem - by the then head of the Agricuture Dept. #Watergate


Vote 1 @adamblakester

23. Can someone explain why Barnaby paid top dollar to a company which structured its affairs to pay no tax on profits? That’s betraying his duty to taxpayers and against the public interest. It stinks. #Watergate

24. I suggest voters in #NewEnglandVotes & #HumeVotes read up on #Watergate so ready to ask Barnaby & Angus questions when you see them. ?s to Barnaby in this thread, ask Angus when he knew about sale talks & why he set up holding company in Cayman Is; Video or audio if you can.
25. #insiders has the perfect guest on Sunday, @Senator_Patrick, the Centre Alliance SA Senator who got the ball rolling on #Watergate with a Senate order to produce documents on the $80 million water buyback.

27. As I’ve said, #Watergate has been simmering for more than a year, yet the Govt refused to explain or investigate. Can’t get away with stalling now unless the media lets them.

28. Labor presses the #watergate tax avoidance angle, and its policy to end the big end of town’s tax haven rorts (thread)

29. A deep dive by @Noodles_Romanov about how to interpret the @AngusTaylor responses to date and what questions remain to be answered - very legalistic, as Angus is being.
30. As journos on the Press Gallery twitter list tweet last week’s news and fluff, at least politicians are jumping into #Watergate. The Greens demand an urgent Auditor-General probe.

35. Hmmm, I thought truce was Easter Friday & Sunday, but no, it’s 4 days of happy snaps & apparently media has agreed to film leader’s advertising for 4 days too. Leaders can agree sure, but MEDIA too when a major scandal breaks. Gobsmacked. #Watergate

36. #Watergate (and it’s opposition to a #banksrc) is about how the Govt looks after the rich and well connected and trashes the rest of us, in this case real farmers. A thread-

37. Shorten demands answers from Morrison TODAY on #Watergate

First mention of #Watergate on the ABC.

38. Your #ausvotes Day 10 digest from @Qldaah, featuring Australia’s very own #Watergate.

39. Oh, an official #Watergate statements at long last, but not from Barnaby, but the Department, which is supposed to be in caretaker mode. Barnaby & Morrison gunna try to hide behind the Dept?

40. No surprise the Dept omitted key issues in its ‘let’s cover for Barnaby’ statement. Questions from @MichaelWestBiz -

41. Note Barnaby’s Dept says 0 about him paying a record water buyback price to a company which paid no tax on $52 million profit on the sale because it used Cayman Island tax haven. Disgraceful breach of duty to taxpayers & windfall gain to big investors

42. Now Barnaby, instead of fronting up and taking questions, is taking legal advice on #Watergate. They’re gonna do everything they can to close this story down, folks.

43. And here’s an Angus Taylor statement saying he had no knowledge of the water buy back till after it happened. Wasn’t the Wikipedia tampering during the buyback talks? Can someone advise? #Watergate

44. The MSM hasn’t bothered, but @NoFibs citizen journo @Qldaah has pulled out Shorten’s comments on #Watergate - he calls on Morrison to promise an audit and state clearly whether he can guarantee the probity of the ‘super’ deal.

45. Indie @Mack4Farrer, taking on Lib MP at #FarrerVotes, tells @NoFibs reporter @jansant farmers very, very angry at #Watergate: ‘We need to be strong, like we’ve done with banks, we need to understand whose fingers are in the pie.’


46. Tweet from the Senator who got the ball rolling on #Watergate - he calls for a Royal Commission.

47. Not one Shorten on-the-bus Press Gallery ‘reporter’ has tweeted Shorten’s red hot remarks on #Watergate. Not 1. It’s all froth and bubble. It’s up to Twitter, journalists outside the bubble and citizen journos to do the work. The PG media bus has broken down.
49. @drkerrynphelps, independent MP for #WentworthVotes defending her seat against yet another big spending Lib, on #Watergate


51. Thank God for the @GuardianAus! Refused to get on the bus, @annefdavies reported #Watergate on Wednesday, now the follow up.

52. Morrison #Watergate response:

1. FALSELY states all documents released (several redacted)
2. FALSELY blames SHORTEN for publicising scandal
3. Press Gallery AGAIN betrays voters - won’t focus
4. They AGAIN don’t tweet it, AGAIN @Qldaah does the job.
54. Interesting that the current Agriculture and Water Minister has been silent on #Watergate

55. Anyone seen anything in a Murdoch publication on #Watergate? #ausvotes
56. UNBLOODYBELIEVABLE! The Govt dealt directly with the Cayman Islands holding company and paid TWICE the figure the company had valued their water rights at. The ATO had investigated the company for tax avoidance.

A @MichaelWestBiz scoop.

57. Anyone tracked Barnaby down yet? Wonder why he won’t front up on #Watergate.

Wonder when the actual water minister and the actual National Party leader will say something?

58. Key point by @Senator_Patrick - how could the Govt knowingly pay big bucks to a tax haven company #Watergate

60. @Mack4Farrer, mountng a big challenge to the Lib MP in #FarrerVotes, goes off on #Watergate and the water problem generally in his @NoFibs podcast interview with @jansant.

62. Watcha reckon, Twitter? I’m thinking I’ll do it to show rural and regional Oz that city people are with them on #Watergate and want an inquiry to clean up the water buyback mess. You?

63. #Watwrgate ain’t going away, despite the silence of #Murdochmafia. The @GuardianAus summary of a fast moving story already shaking up #FarrerVotes

65. #Watergate Question for Morrison, by @samanthamaiden.

My add - who are the financial beneficiaries of the Cayman Island holding company?

66. Experts unanimous Barnaby paid way to much to a tax avoiding investment company for stored water buybacks. #Watergate

69. Morrison lied, of course, when he said the Govt had released all #Watergate documents. Not challenged by reporters, of course. And the Nats’ Matt Canavan signed off on the multiple redactions, of course.

70. A taste of the many #Watergate documents NOT released to the Senate despite its order that the Govt do so.
73. Where is Barnaby and why won’t he face the people? #Watergate


74. Labor demands Morrison release ALL #Watergate documents by 5pm tomorrow.

77. City, regional and country independents, most endorsed by @NoFibs as committed to climate change and honest politics action in safe Coalition seats, unite on #Watergate

78. Thrilled that many @NoFibs endorsed independents in safe Coalition seats committed to strong action on climate change and honest politics have backed rural Australia on #Watergate.

Joint statement:-

80. Morrison avoids the key #Watergate questions, blames Labor, no surprise.

81. The Press Gallery’s most experienced and respected journos are taking charge of #Watergate reporting. @PhillipCoorey - Shorten will pledge a Royal Commission unless Morrison releases ALL documents.
83. Young @smh Press Gallery reporter @fergushunter with an extremely valuable history of Labor Govt buy backs.

Love it when Twitter owns the story, and pro and citizen journos work out the truth together. We know the Govt won’t tell us. #Watergate

85. Stunning thread by @funintherun about a corrupted public service and why public servant whistleblowers believe we need a very big light shone on #Watergate.

86. He was water minister so he know this rodeo: @Tony_Burke brings the heat - demands the Dept release key, named documents to prove the truth of claims the department made in its press release defending #Watergate.


87. First Twitter poll on whether Shorten should pledge a Royal Commission into #Watergate

89. #LyneVotes indie @JeremyforLyne, taking @DaveGillespieMP in a safe Nationals seat, on #Watergate. What is your response to #Watergate, Dr Gillespie?

90. #WATERGATE ALERT, via @workmanalice:- Barnaby and Water Minister Littleproud together in Tamworth on Tuesday. #NewEnglandVotes.

@adamblakester @burgewords

91. @MalleeRay demands a Royal Commission on #Watergate and the entire Murray Darling Basin Palm.

He standing for one the nation’s safest National Party seats. #BiharRejectsModi #IndependentsDay #ClimateElection #ausvotes

92. Barnaby forced to defend #Watergate to #NewEnglandVotes major daily @The_NDL. A good idea to follow the reporter @jamiesonmurph - there’ll be action aplenty now. The indie taking Barnaby on is @adamblakester

The Nats candidate at #GilmoreVotes, as a NSW minister, altered water buybacks to favour big cotton - a pattern emerging? #Watergate

94. Indies @MalleeRay in #MalleeVotes and @Mack4Farrer in #FarrerVotes will add their signatures to the Independents’ #Watergate statement.

95. Sensational endorsement of @MichaelWestBiz - subscribe to thank him for #Watergate?

98. Barnaby is on #RNDrive with @PatsKarvelas imminently for #Watergate. Suggest you add #RNDrive to your tweets.
99. Yep, Angus Taylor was just another overpriced suit selling rich people exotic tax avoidance plans. Wonder why he entered politics? #Watergate

100. Asked why Barnaby paid $80 million to a tax haven company, he does anything, EVERYTHING, to not answer the question. He’s raving, yelling. #Watergate #RNDrive.
101. Asked who are beneficiaries of the tax haven company! Barnaby refuses to answer, and talks about Penny Wong.

Did you try to find out who was selling the water, where the money would go? He refuses to answer.

#Watergate #RNDrive
101. Who made profits! Barnaby, not then, but said he he knows now.
Decision wrong? Barnaby won’t answer, says Labor bought money off same people. So refuses to answer.
Who benefitted in the company? Yet another pivot, does not answer the ? Yet HE KNOWS NOW!
#Watergate #RNDrive
192. Barnaby says he doesn’t care if there’s a #Watergate Royal Commission, because he claims Labor would be in trouble too.
Says that if who gets the cash is relevant, it’s relevant for Labor too. #Watergate #RNDrive
193. Barnaby waffles when asked if he knew the water sale price doubled in a year. Maybe there was a drought, he says.

Says he asked questions before signing off on the deal but he won’t say what they were.

#Watergate #RNDrive
F194. Barnaby says he signed deal because Qld Govt recommended the deal. IMPORTANT TO CHECK THIS, Tweeps.
Says QUEENSLAND should have told him it was ‘a trust account in the Caymans’.
Any beneficiaries linked to Govt? Won’t answer.
#Watergate #RNDrive
195. Why are there so many redactions to the released #Watergate documents? Doesn’t know. Should ALL documents be released? Said that was a question for the current Water Minister, @D_LittleproudMP

Says “I don’t care” if all docos are released.

#Watergate #RNDrive
196. Barnaby says he made no mistakes on #Watergate, in retrospect he’d win every Melbourne Cup.

UTTERLY BRILLIANT @PatsKarvelas interview - asked straight questions, got enraged non answers in return and asked again.

@michaelwest on now.

#Watergate #RNDrive
199. I’d wager this is a very common reaction to Barnaby’s contemptuous refusal to answer relevant @PatsKarvelas questions and to instead blame LABOR for #Watergate

202. Relive the high five accountability journalism by @PatsKarvelas on behalf of all journos trying to get Barnaby ‘in range’ and the enraged ranting of a deeply unsettled @Barnaby_Joyce facing that music. #Watergate #RNDrve

204. I’m thrilled to see the Press Gallery dramatically lift its game on #Watergate - a quick and info filled yarn on Barnaby’s “explosive” #RNDrive interview by @smh reporter @nicole_hasham

News voters can use!

206. Telling indeed. A summary of the #RNDrive questions Barnaby went to great lengths not to answer, anyone?

207. Strong remarks on Barnaby’s integrity by @Indy_Ally, independent candidate at #MacKellarVotes


2018. @Mack4Farrer tells Twitter he’s signed on to the indies’ demand for a strong #federalicac to investigate #Watergate

209. Experienced public servant and Turnbull adviser @Indy_Ally bells the cat on how the Government corrupts the system for its mates. She’s standing against the Lib MP at #MackellarVotes to help clean up politics. #Watergate


211. Revealing thread by former senior infrastructure public servant &adviser to the elected PM @TurnbullMalcolm on her fears about Barnaby’s probity. She’s standing in #Mackellarvotes to help clean up politics. #Watergate


2013. Wanna know how corrupt and decadent the National Party has become? It opposes any integrity commission unless Nats exempted from inquiry for infrastructure projects delivered against expert advice. #Watergate


2015. The dam is beginning to burst on rampant Govt corruption. THIS from former @TurnbullMalcolm adviser @Indy_Ally, standing in #MackellarVotes against a non-event Lib MP.


2016. WHOA! The Herald Sun, the only decent big paper in Murdoch’s stable, weighs into #Watergate with a political donations BANG. Congrats to @Gallo_Ways

2013:- @TonyHWindsor to attend tomorrow’s voters forum in Tamworth with Barnaby and current water minister @D_LittleproudMP #Watergate


2024. THIS is #ausvotes journalism voters are looking for: The great @annefdavies fact checks Morrison’s #Watergate claims.

@GuardianAus well placed with Anne, former @smh investigative star & @gabriellechan, #rustedoff country Australia expert

225. Shocking facts about the price Barnaby made taxpayers shell out under #Watergate deal.

226. @RobOakeshott1 notes @Indy_Ally revelation that @TurnbullMalcolm did not trust @Barnaby_Joyce & wound back his ministerial discretion #Watergate

#CowperVotes Nationals candidate @patconaghan1 silent on #Watergate - why?

227. AAP on today’s #Watergate developments:-

228. Another contender for best Barnaby #RNDrive quote:-

230. Indie @adamblakester #Watergate presser Tamworth 9am tomorrow morning.

Barnaby & water minister @D_LittleproudMP hold a water forum in Tamworth from midday - @TonyHWindsor to attend.

Big day at #NewEnglandVotes!

Please live tweet using #Watergate & #NewEnglandVotes
232. Top #watergate thread from SA Centre Alliance @Senator_Patrick, who got the Senate order for the Govt to release all documents (it redacted many but Morrison falsely claims all docos were released)

235. Anyone got a photo or any evidence of Barnaby and Angus Taylor in the same place before Taylor entered Parliament? Barnaby claims on #RNDrive #Watergate interview he had never heard of him or met him in the ABC interview. @TonyHWindsor?
236. #Watergate is now the top story of #ausvotes. As for Twitter, we own it :)

238. It’s getting VERY personal in #NewEnglandVotes after Barnaby’s #RNDrive #Watergate interview:-
241. @samanthamaiden on Barnaby’s “train wreck” #RNDrive #Watergate interview

243. @hamishNews challenges Barnaby’s claim that the #Watergate deal was ‘arms length’ from him.

244. Tony Burke’s take on Barnaby #Watergate interview:-

248: Barnaby lied on #RNDrive, of course; he took a personal interest in the #Watergate deal. Lucky for citizens that @GuardianAus picked up star Fairfax investigative reporter @annefdavies when the @smh called her ‘redundant’.

249. Why do I put this sensational Fairfax story - #Helloworld gave Liberal Party ***$200,000*** during the tender process for its Government travel contract - in the #Watergate thread?

250. Updated list of the independent candidates who signed a statement demanding a #federalicac with power to investigate #Watergate

251. Of course #murdochmafia tries to pin the #Watergate blame on Qld. And of course it is lying - Qld played NO part in negotiations, for a start. Then there’s this:-

254. 3 ways to find out who got the profits from #Watergate, by @simonahac:-

255. The actual Water minister @D_LittleproudMP comes to life with a weak attempt to do something on #Watergate that looks like it might be in the the interests of serving National Party constituents.


256. Of course Water Minister Littleproud doesn’t want a #Watergate Royal Commission, just like Morrison told farmers no need for #banksrc. Barnaby said OK to no release all docos, up to Littleproud. So, nothing to hide, Mr Littleproud? Realise the docos!

257. Barnaby just loved a no tender secret water buyback policy. Wonder why.... #Watergate

258. And here it is. Before #Watergate Banaby insisted the buck stopped with him on water policy. Not Labor. Not Dept. Not Qld. HIM. We have failed as a democracy if we can’t get truth on this scandal before #ausvotes. This is now a #Watergate cover up.

259. Media test now on - who benefitted from #Watergate? Will Govt release all #Watergate documents? Why WASN’T #Watergate at arms length from Barnaby? Why did the Govt pay too much for too little?
260. 5pm today is Labor’s deadline for the Govt to release all #Watergate documents. Then what? The case for a Royal Commission is becoming compelling given Govt lies, obfuscation and cover up.

We need a #federalicac!

261. No surprise, @D_LittleproudMP is just another National Party con man on #Watergate - already slated for audit after the election. He’s done nothing. Zilch. Just found an excuse not to say anything. Come on, Press Gallery, get some #Watergate ANSWERS!

262. No surprise, Barnaby lied when he said the Qld Govt recommended the #Watergate deal. It suggested buying the properties, idea lapsed, Barnaby decided to buy ghost water rights instead & no Qld Govt involvement in neotiations.

264. SA Centre Alliance @Senator_Patrick bells the cat on David Littleproud’s #Watergate con on voters


265. Barnaby lied, of course, when he said he didn’t know the #Watergate company was based in the Cayman Islands when he did the deal. Come on, Press Gallery, hold this cover up con man to account. It’s you REAL job, on behalf of THE PEOPLE.

266. So basically the Govt has so far successfully covered up #Watergate. It won’t tell us who got the cash, it won’t release all the documents, it won’t justify the OTT price. Barnaby & Morrison lies & deflection beat the people and the media. Now what?
267. ?s for water minister @D_LittleproudMP - have YOU reviewed #watergate? Do YOU think fair price paid? Do YOU think taxpayers shou pay big bucks to a company that avoids paying tax? Do YOU know who got windfall? Will YOU release all docos? Anyone ask?

268. Is anyone in the Press Gallery on the Wombat Trail? If so, has National Party leader McCormack said anything on #Watergate? Been asked anything? National Party voters might be interested...
270. What will Labor do when Govt doesn’t release the #Watergate docos it demanded by 5pm? Listen to @PatsKarvelas with @Tony_Burke at 6

271. @Indy_Ally, Government infrastructure specialist and adviser to Turnbull when he was PM, speaks out on soft corruption and #Watergate. She’s standing at #MackellarVotes and spoke to me today for our @NoFibs podcast.

272. So what #Watergate documents
won’t the Govt release? Oh, the independent valuations and the due diligence report on the company. Thanks, @Senator_Patrick. #afternoonbriefing
273. Former Lib Senator Bill Heffernan blasts #Watergate deal - the water “does not exist” & deal ‘cooked the books’. So, taxpayers paid a Caymans Island tax dodging company with unknown big end of town investors $80 million to cook the bloody books!
274. Greens offer Labor support for a bill ready to pass immediately if Labor wins #ausvotes for a Royal Commission into #Watergate.

276. No surprise the Govt #Watergate cover up rolls on with refusal to release key documents.

@Tony_Burke says Labor will announce details of inquiry if Labor wins #ausvotes tomorrow. Problem: unlike all other buybacks, Labor & Liberal, “This transaction does not make sense.”
277. @Tony_Burke: Barnaby rejected Qld proposal to buy the farms, then chose to just buy low quality water without tender at an inflated price.

This buyback is unique, he says. No other water minister, Labor or Liberal, behaved in this way.
278. Pressed on why not an inquiry into all buybacks, he says Labor’s Federal Integrity Commission can look into others if serious allegations like #Watergate arise.

Need an inquiry to find out mystery beneficiaries of a no tender decision to OTT pay for low quality water.
279. @Tony_Burke: Audits already held onto Labor’s buybacks.

He says Labor’s judicial inquiry is effectively the same as a Royal Commission in terms of powers. An audit can’t compel questioning of Barnaby or find out the secret beneficiaries of Cayman Islands company. #RNDrive
280: Today’s #RNDrive news: Labor will tomorrow detail the judicial inquiry into #Watergate it will establish if it wins #ausvotes.

Reason: The Govt has refused to release all docos as demanded.

So the Govt’s #Watergate cover up succeeds unless Labor wins office.
281. #Watergate mentioned on #NewEnglandVotes TV news and indie @adamblakester gets a run on water policy!

284. The Dept letter refusing to release all #Watergate documents. Why won’t Water Minister @D_LittleproudMP do so?

285. Yes, Angus Taylor was a tax avoidance practitioner before he got into politics. #Watergate

287. The Qld Gvernment had nothing to do with the #Watergate deal.

288. Great to see my former colleague @annefdavies on #thedrum. We’re lucky to have a 2 forensic, former star @smh investigative journos covering #Watergate. The other - @michaelwest. Fairfax made them redundant. Not to citizens!

289. Rural independent @MalleeRay joins the 13 other indies signing up to a serious #Watergate investigation

292. A @nicole_hasham explainer on the water politics underlying the #Watergate scandal:-

293. Coming up on RN, three top regional independents taking on the Coalition in safe seats:

@RobOakeshott1 #Cowpervotes
@HelenHaines1 #IndiVotes
@Mack4Farrer #FarrerVotes

295. A detailed history of water buybacks by Economics Professor @LinCrase. And why this Govt ending competitive tenders and doing private sales instead is a problem:- #Watergate

296. It’s a conspiracy! We’ve been exposed, @MichaelWestBiz. Hope to speak to you one day, maybe even meet? #Watergate
298. It’s official: A Labor Govt would establish a judicial inquiry into #Watergate.

Will press gallery keep asking the big questions till answered, & ask @D_LittleproudMP why he won’t release key docos like independent valuation & due diligence report?

299. So, members of the 1% behind the Cayman Islands company which bought up properties to profit from water rights and scored big time from Barnaby are starting to be uncovered. Little people don’t have a chance, do they? #Watergate

303. Oz investigative journo @Anthony_Klan is on the #Watergate case. He had questions to Angus Taylor last night but the minister wouldn’t go on the record. How about being gutsy like Julia Gillard’ was with her all-in presser on the AWU saga?

394. This investigative journos’ race to discover secret beneficiaries of Barnaby’s #Watergate deal reminds me of 2003, when Abbott refused to obey an AEC order to reveal donors to his Honest Politics Trust, formed to destroy Hanson in the Courts. Journos got 3 names, eventually.
399. #watergate is a scam. Former EEA director and Angus Taylor business partner Mr Reid commissioned fatally flawed over- valuations to increase water buyback price.

401. Independent candidate for #FarrerVotes @Mack4Farrer on #Watergate - the @NoFibs podcast.

402. #Watergate just the beginning - there’s more dodgy water buy back deals for the very big end of town served by the same consultancies and overseen by Barnaby. No wonder farmers are angry:-

403. Unbelievable. There’s STILL no proof released that the #watergate water left the property after taxpayers paid $80 million for it! Starting to look like a pretend buy back to ‘comply’ with the law.
404. Someone slipped truth on #Watergate and Climate Change into #MurdochMafia’s lead attack dog newspaper today :)

405. I’ll say it: The #Watergate deal is either profoundly corrupt or profoundly incompetent. Either way, Barnaby, then Nats leader and deputy PM, is responsible and has misused taxpayers money. And the National Party is complicit.

406. An expert explainer by @MaryanneSlatte1 on the #Watergate water taxpayers bought but never got. UNREAL.

409. This @NickFeik#Watergate deal is a con’ scenario is starting to gel with me. Is it a giant National Party taxpayer funded scam on the Murray Darling river system and downstream farmers?


#FarrerVotes #MalleeVotes

410. More from @NickFeik on the dynamics of water policy, and how Wilcannia became the town with no water. #Watergate.

I’ve changed my mind on Labor’s limited judicial inquiry - we need a Royal Commission into the entire MD plan operation. It STINKS.

411. Hi @Tony_Burke. I reckon you’ve got to bite bullet, make #Watergate centrepiece of a Royal Commission into operation of the Murray Darling Water Plan. Looks like National Party got water off Turnbull & abolished competitive tenders for a corrupt reason - to fiddle the books.
414. So you know what the #murdochmafia and One Nation ‘think’ about #Watergate. Shut eyes, close mouth, block ears. At least we now 100% know One Nation’s proclaimed care for battlers is bogus.
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